1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku Chapter 39 / Chapters List

39. Dawn Approaches

Duke Roberto suddenly felt the presence of other people so he immediately got up..

Although his skills as a warrior have dulled, his perception was as sharp as ever.

He quickly unsheathed the sword that he kept concealed near his bed.

If an enemy appears he'd cut them down with a single blow.

Without any careless movements the Duke opened his bedroom door a little.

For some reason the presence of other people hang in the air along with the fragrance of a bittersweet flower.

However, there was no sign of anyone hiding inside the room.

(What kind of person could infiltrate this deeply!?)

Roberto then left his room while feeling a little confused.

What he found was a regular soldier standing guard outside.

He was the soldier whom Salyut ordered stand guard at Roberto's room.

"Ooh, I seemed to be disturbing you while you're busy keeping watch. Tell me, has anyone entered my room recently?"

The soldier shook his head in denial.

"Negative, I've been standing here for half an hour after receiving General Salyut order, not even a rat has gone in!"

"Is that so..... No, sorry for troubling you. Don't lower your guard and stay alert."


Roberto then return to his bedroom, before closing his eyes while sighing.

"It could be my age. This room doesn't even have any windows, nor a place to hide. Even if there was an intruder, it's impossible for the guard to not notice them. To begin with, it is impossible to scale the castle wall and break through the multiple guard patrols. I suppose it would be possible if they could become invisible or transform into a soldier. No, that is simply impossible. Though if instantaneous movement was possible it could probably be used instead of any of those" \\useless:Lol, he named every single ability of the girls participating in the infiltration.\\

After muttering to that extent, Roberto then said "Ridiculous" as he laugh at himself in self-mockery.

"What a funny thing.There is no way that such unexpected things can happen. Growing old is making me paranoid. Let's hand over the family's properties to Salyut soon."

Making up his mind, he decided to head back to bed.

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"Ahh, that was dangerous."

Taking a large breath was the girl with grey hair and pale skin that now was paler than normal.

The three other homunculi nodded in agreement.

"That Roberto-san is no ordinary person. When he noticed our presence he woke up right away."

"Even I might lose a fight with that person. I could win if he was a reasonable opponent but, I can't understand him at all. A draw could be considered a good enough result..."

"In my case, it is a question whether or not I could kill him with a single blow after teleporting to his back. If that fails, I'd die."

After saying that, all the girls sigh, "Fuuuhhhh".

They were currently in one of the room in the government office of Jirumu.

They covered the one month long on foot trek from Reignite using Violet's <Teleport> in an instant.

The teleportation was invoked just before Roberto had entered the room, so they barely made it.

If Biblioteca's storing of the book had been a second late, they would have been caught despite their invisibility.

Well, Violet just shrugged it away.

"The operation was a success. The information regarding Reignite's war potential is already in Biblioteca's Great Library. Later on Nii-sama and Hime will take the information into consideration."

Though the operation was complete and the meeting had been adjourned, but there was no sign of anyone leaving.

"Well, you girls can head back to your rooms. I'll catch you later."

Violet gave the others a shooing gesture as she spoke. \\useless: shooing gesture, something like 

"Aaah, Violet-san. Where are you going?"

"Right. That's unfair, simply unfair."

"It's not right for one person to get a head start, right?"

The moment Violet heard that, she froze and awkwardly started laughing "Whahaha", with a cramped expression.

"Don't say such stupid things. What head start?"

However, the sharp gazes of the other three had already honed in on her unnatural behavior.

"Your scheme is already exposed. I'm going to report the results of the operation to Kanchou myself."

"Uwahhh, one person getting a head start over the team that went through a life and death situation together. That's the worst!!"

"I would never do such a thing."

Violet was getting flustered because of the other's criticism.

"St-stupid. I-It's not, it's not like that..., there is, ummm, ...,Fine! Then let's all go together, together!!"

When the other three heard her they clapped their hands as if receiving a revelation, and immediately ran towards the door.

"O, oi, hey! What happened to all that talk about not getting a head start!!"

The three homunculi run with all their might down the corridor towards Isshi's room, pretending not to hear her.

"Uwaahh, they already so close. I got left behind!"

Violet said so as she begun to run.

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"...... What in the world are you girls doing, do you know what time it is"

Late at night, four of the girls abruptly slipped into Isshi's bed, and he was complaining about it while rubbing his tired eyes.

... but, he understood that they did their best to accomplished their duty,

"I'll hear the report later, but for now get some sleep."

Instead of driving the girls out, he wound up indulging the girls desires and let them sleep in his bed.

Needless to say, Premier was enraged at the scene when she came to wake up Isshi in the morning.