The Ability to Make Town!? ~let's Make a Japanese Town in Different World~ Chapter 17 / Chapters List

Chapter 17: two years later 2

"Fuwa~a..." I woke up around noon, and looked at the calendar while yawning.

April 12.

It was the day on which I arrived in this world. This means that this town has reached its 2nd birthday today.

Yes, this is indeed a happy occasion. That is why I intend to hold a banquet today. Even though I have been always carefree, I planned on announcing the banquet while  watching everyone work after a long time.

I ate [Soba] for my late breakfast, and wore  my equipment besides my headgear, and went to town on Catherine's back.

The inflow of immigrants to the town had stopped suddenly a year ago, and the sudden population growth disappeared. But  since then, the town was slowly growing.

The town's industry isn't just agriculture anymore. The manufacturing industry and building trade were entrusted to the Goblins and Kobolds who are skillful with their fingers.

After all, I can't always provide the insufficient things forever. Now, I would hand over the materials to them, and let them make the necessary things with it.

"Yo, how's the progress?" I called out.

"Oh, Fujiwara-sama." The Kobold's chief looked up.

The place was immediately outside of the west gate. The Kobolds had laid sun dried bricks there, creating several rectangular houses.

"How are the houses?" I asked.

"Yes, I think the durability has become much better. However, as expected, I can't say anything until the ground shaking actually happens." He reported.

The brick house they had completed last time had been easily destroyed when a small earthquake happened recently.

So this time, they added an improvement - placing lumber between the bricks when building the houses.

There's a reason to build the houses in this way. If it was only to build a sturdier house, I would only need to provide a large quantity of lumber for them to build the wooden houses.

However, it would cost money. Considering the saturation of the population in the future, we would need to find a cheaper building method.

"If it is still useless, maybe it would be better to consider something like a tent." I suggested.

"Eh, a tent?" The chief was a little surprised when he heard the word tent from my mouth.

Perhaps in his mind, he was imagining a three pole pillar covered with animal skin, which looks like those shabby conical dwellings.

[TL: like this]

However, what I was thinking was the Yurt which the nomadic Mongolians use. It's a dwelling that has nothing to criticise on, a truly splendid building.

By bundling up thin timbers for the framework, it becomes flexible and strong against shaking. We don't have wool to make curtains to cover the house, but raw cotton is being grown.  The cotton will be  enough as a substitute for the sheep's wool.

Even if it collapses during an earthquake because the structure used was light weight, the residents will not be harmed.

"Well, anyway, can I entrust the designing of the houses to you?" I requested.

"Yes, leave it to me!" The chief replied enthusiastically.

"Ah, that's right. A banquet will be held today in front of the north gate. After the bell signalling the end of work rings, those who want to participate can come to the gate while bringing their own glasses. Please inform everyone in your tribe." I instructed.

"Is that true?! I understand!" He was very excited.

After informing him about the banquet, I pulled on Catherine's reins and left the place.

"Oi, it seems like there is a banquet today! We can drink liquor free of charge!" The chief announced.

"Uhyo~! Thank you very much, Fujiwara-sama!"

I could hear the joyful voices of the Kobolds behind me.

What came next was a pasture next to the place where the Kobolds were building the  houses. Several dozens of camels were kept there.

Now then, the story was from last winter. It dates back to a chilly morning day.

I was sleeping soundly like a log when my telephone rang suddenly. According to the explanation, the camels were eating the crops. Because the person who found about the problem knew I was taking good care of Catherine, instead of handling it themselves, they reported it to me.

Of course, I forbid them from harming the camels immediately. And then, the camels became holy creatures and partners to the  townspeople.

[TL: the church of camels, was established that day on the southern town.]

But, camels have rough tempers. It can be said that Catherine is a graceful lady and was attached with me immediately, but, the other camels weren't so quiet.

[TL: fck, am I translating camels road story?]

As a result, I made the Goblin tribe create a pasture outside of the town first. I personally hand feed the camels in order to get them used to people.

When the camels got used to people, it's when they show their true value. The camels are wonderful They could plow the fields, carry heavy baggages, and let people ride on them. Camels' milk is also very nutritious. I don't have anything to say anymore.

Furthermore, the dry feces of Camels can be used directly as fuel. When there are a lot of people using firewood, the cost isn't something to be sneezed at.

There were some people that showed disapproval at first, but when I began to sun dry it, the others started to follow. In this way, the town obtained another source of fuel aside from firewood.

[TL: oh god.... Another feces....]

The camels were not only a source of labour, but also a source of energy. They had already become a necessary friend to this town.

Getting back to the subject...

The pasture was divided into eight fields, and the camels that each tribe keeps spend their time leisurely.

By the way, there are nine tribes inside the town, but the number of ranches was one short. This was because the goblins' group has small bodies, so I judged it as dangerous.

The Goblin tribe enviously opposes the  Kobolds, saying [We want camels too!], but of course, I couldn't approve of it. At that moment, they have shown a vexed expression.

Nowadays, I have been wondering if I could have gotten them ponies instead.

"Yo, how are the camels?" I called out.

"Ah, Fujiwara-sama. All the camels are doing well." The one who just spoke was a man from the Deer tribe who had just returned  with the camels tied in tow.

The camels were brought to feed on the grass of lands planned for agriculture.

"How is it? Is there any promising stock suitable to become Catherine's groom?" At the same time, I asked so.

"GUEEEEE!!!" Catherine cried out.

Then, as if to escape Catherine, all the camels in the pasture moved to the corners.

"Hahaha...."  The man smiled wryly.

This was the response. The other camels only had one hump. However, Catherine's body is much bigger than other camels, and  has 2 humps too. All the other camels feared Catherine.

"Alright, alright. You still have me." I consoled.

While patting Catherine's scruff, I conveyed that I will hold a banquet today, and left the place.

Next, I went to the farm. The farming zone spread all over the east side of town. Due to the vast area, the people in charge of the distant farmlands could be seen using the camels every morning and evening.

This place was used as a crop rotation field, and has some irrigation.

I had intended to prevent the salt accumulation on the land with the incorporation of salt absorbing plants in the crop rotation, but, this was a story for the future.

During harvest time, the crops collected will be stored inside the high wall that I had built recently at the back of my home, where I was secretly [selling] them afterwards.

Every month, I [purchased] [rice] and distributed it equally to the people of the town Like this, the troublesome tax management was simplified.

But, if it remains like this, the townspeople  wouldn't feel right about it. For that reason, I had discreetly prepared a field for each tribe which they could use as they pleased.

Of course, I will be troubled if they only work on their own fields, so the size of the fields will be adjusted depending on the number of people inside the tribes.

In addition, when I distributed the food, I also circulated some [Japanese Yen]. With this money, they can use it to buy luxury goods like liquor in the town.

By the way, introducing Japanese Yen would not affect the [Time Period]. This would not mean that it equals to the [Buying] of the [Japanese Yen], but rather a [Cashing] of the currency of the world's data.

In the first place, all of Edo period's things were bought with the currency value of a modern world. In regards to the currency used, it is obvious to say that the [Time Period] would have no effect on it.

The ones in charge of agriculture were the beastmen. I looked over everyone farming while being jolted on Catherine's back, and I returned after informing everyone about the  banquet today.

Finally, after I arrived in town, I went to visit the Goblin tribe. The 16th district was formerly a vacant land, but now, several shacks have been built, and the goblins were working outside.

The goblins were basically the town's handymen. They create and repair the stuff that the townspeople requested and ordered.

During their free time, they made the stuff that I had ordered.

"Ah, Fujiwara-sama." Upon noticing me, the chief came and greeted me.

"How is the spinning wheel?" I asked

What I had asked was regarding the spinning wheel that was to be mass produced. The spinning wheel was used to create yarn. Once, India launched a Swaraj Campaign against a large country like Britain. It was also a famous symbol used by Gandhi.

"There are no problems as far as for the manufacturing goes. However, if we need to provide one for each family, it will some take time, as expected." He reported.


I  looked at the people who were working From the looks of it, the members of the Goblin tribe seemed to be making one machine each.

"Then, how about making it like this?" I gave a suggestion.

It's work allotment. Select a person to make each part, and each person will produce that part only. Afterwards, a different person will assemble it. Well, it's common sense in the modern era.

"Hmm..." The chief seemed to be thinking.

As people who have strong spirits of craftmenship, I have heard that they were eager to do it by themselves from the beginning to the end.

[TL: I am beginning to wonder whatever the author is mixing a goblins with dwarf]

"It is simply an idea. If you are reluctant about it, you can do it as it is now."

"No, let's try it. If we don't try it, we will not know if it is good or bad." The chief decided.

Oh, he said something good there.

"Then, I'll be counting on you." I stated.

Finally, I conveyed that I will hold a banquet and left the place.

In the evening, a banquet to celebrate the  second anniversary since the town was built commenced.
They showed great excitement for the party. However, the fact that the town hit its 2nd anniversary was only known by me.