Amagi Brilliant Park Volume 1 Chapter 2.1 / Chapters List

Part 1

When Seiya woke up, it was already morning.


He got up from his bed, only to realize that he was still wearing his outfit from yesterday.

How was I brought back here...? Damn, I can't remember a thing.

He glanced at his watch. It was only a little past 7 in the morning. He had originally planned to challenge some people in an online game (of a grand strategy genre) last night, but oh well. He made a mental note to send an apology to his opponents later and headed for the bathroom to prepare for school. He intended to make use of his time in the shower to examine his current situation. After all, too many things had happened—he visited some pathetic theme park, met a princess named Latifa, been asked an absurd favor, and been kissed. It all seemed too surreal.

"Damn it... Just what am I supposed to do about this?" Seiya pouted. And when he opened the bathroom door—

He saw Isuzu, half-naked, putting on her clothes. Actually, one could argue that she was completely naked, save for her knee-high socks. Though Isuzu had her back to him, he was still able to see the outlines of her breasts as she put on her striped bra.

What a strange order of dress.

That was the first thought that came into Seiya's mind. Following that were 'Nice ass you've got there''Why do you smell so good?', and 'So you're into stripes, huh?'.

Naked>socks>bra. Certainly a sequence that Seiya could not comprehend. Why on earth was she taking a shower in the house of a complete stranger, anyway? Seiya decided to leave such questions for later.


Isuzu looked over her shoulder and stared at Seiya with a mysteriously calm expression.

Completely dumbfounded, he slammed the door shut before she could say anything. He tripped back a couple of steps and banged his back against the wall.

"...H-Hey! Aisu-neesan!"

Moments later, Kyuubu Aisu came crawling out of her bedroom.

"Ngh...What do you want so early in the morning? For god's sake, I'm dead tired from that all-nighter."

Although Seiya addressed her as 'Nee-san', Aisu was actually his aunt. She was 26 years old with short, black hair and wore a plain T-shirt. She had considerably huge breasts, currently worked as an editor for a certain publishing company, and lived her life like an outlaw. She also reeked of alcohol and tobacco, yet she had a strangely youthful complexion.

"Oh, Seiya. You're awake."

"Nee-san, why is there another woman in the house!?"

Seiya frantically pointed towards the bathroom, but Aisu remained calm.

"Another woman? Oh, you mean Isuzu-chan? Is she in the bathroom?"

"Just answer my question! Why the hell is she in the house!?"

"......Last night, she brought you all the way to our doorstep, saying that you suffered a light concussion when you tripped and fell during your date. After determining that it was nothing serious, we decided to let you rest. I offered to let her stay the night since the last train had already departed."

Well, I suppose that's just her style.

After all, Aisu-neesan never paid attention to anything, apart from her work. Even if a burglar knocked on our front door at 2 in the morning claiming to do "repairs," she would simply respond saying, "Ah, Seiya called you guys, right? Come in!" and go right back to sleep. And that was precisely why—

There's gotta be a limit to how dumb she can get! Did she seriously believe such a blatant lie?

Seiya was completely appalled by her nature. But as he was thinking, a strange phenomenon occurred.

(Would you look at that, my dear Seiya's finally gotten himself a girlfriend! Seeing how he's matured so much and that he no longer resents girls makes me so happy as his guardian~)

Aisu's voice resonated within Seiya's thoughts. However, her lips remained sealed. Even then, Seiya was absolutely sure he just heard her voice. "What..."


"Hey, Sis. You didn't just say something strange, did you?"


"You just said I became more mature."

Hearing that, Aisu's eyes widened. "I-I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Your mouth was closed, but you outright told me yourself just now. You said that I've matured, I no longer resent girls, and something about...being happy as my guardian."

She immediately covered her mouth with her right hand and tried to conceal her shock. "Huh, but I didn't say anything at all. Quit pulling off jokes like that; it makes me sick."

"That's my line. I don't know if you used ventriloquism or whatever, but don't tease me like that."


"You just used it, didn't you?"

Wait, to think of it, I never knew she could do such a thing.

"How would I know? Oh, right, maybe I'm still sleepy and not thinking straight. Guess the alcohol from last night hasn't fully dissipated yet. At any rate, I'm going back to sleep. Don't be late for school." And with that, she returned to her bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Before Seiya had time to reflect on what just happened, the door to the bathroom opened.

"Interesting conversation there."


Sento Isuzu peered out of the bathroom, already dressed in her school uniform. She did not appear to be bothered by the incident from earlier.

"There was a small gap in the door, and I managed to overhear the conversation between the two of you."

"And what of it?"

"I think I've figured out what your magical power is."