Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa Chapter 1 / Chapters List

Chapter 1:

My father was an elite salaryman that worked for a pharmaceutical company, and my mother was a housewife with the cooking skills that would make any professional chef lose in a competition. I was born in this family of upper middle class with two other brothers. Our mother supported our father with all her heart and raised us three brothers.

My face was normal, but I was good at sports especially kendo. I was able to go to the national tournament in high school. My grades were pretty good if I do say so myself, I was in the upper rank around 30 always. I am not a leader type person, but I was trusted by a lot of people and helped them out a lot. My reputation among the guys and girls was not bad, and I was appreciated by both seniors and juniors. If you look at me, you could see that I am a true man inside.

Moreover, I was a person that see things objectively and passed my university exams with ease. I joined the kendo club in university and had a girlfriend in the club as well. I also had a part-time job and was really good friends with this one guy from my club.

I had 3 months until graduation before looking for a place to work. Though a recession was going on in my country, I was able to get a job at this middle level company. After my graduation thesis was approved, I went to my workplace. It was one sunny-day when some idiot with a truck slammed into me and a dozen other people in the café. - Poof! - There goes my 21 years of life.


"My precious Doyle, what's wrong?" 
"—-Nothing, It is quite delicious, Mother." (Doyle)

while I was sitting up on the bed, I was being fed. A woman with purple eyes, who was as beautiful as the goddess Venus, was feeding me grated apples.

What happened could be explained if I go further back, about 30 minutes ago.
I woke up in a room that was quite red enough to be called crimson. 
"Oh, what happened, where am I?" (Doyle) 
My body felt terrible, and when I got up from the bed and looked around the room, I discovered that the room had the same feeling and design of a medieval castle room. I feel uncomfortable, but I struggled to get out of the bed in order to look around the room some more. I heard the door open and saw my 'mother'.

"Doyle, you're finally awake!" (Mother)    

I saw a woman, whose beauty and sliver silky hair were something that would light the darkest night, rush towards me while shouting her previous words. I saw tears in her eyes as she tightly hugged me, and felt that her tears had wetted her clothes.

"Oh my god! I don't know if I could go on living if you died, Doyle!" (Mother)
"Someone! Call the master and the doctor! Young Master Doyle has awakened!" (Maid)
"Madam, Madam please calm down! The young master has just woken up, and he looks like he will lose consciousness again!" (Maid)

While they were screaming, I realized that I had reincarnated, and from the high fever, I had remembered all the events in my previous life. 
Afterwards, a doctor came with my father, who walked towards me the same way as my mother and also hugged me very tightly. The doctor examined my body and told my parents that I still had a slight fever, but I am fine for the time being.

Honestly, I don't know why I reincarnated since I died a very normal death.
However, whether this is a mistake made by God or just the reincarnation that was stated in the sutra of Buddha, it is certain that I have been reincarnated with some purpose.
I say this because even though I have memories of my past life, I also have memories of Doyle as well. I can easily state the names of my friends, the feeling of being surrounded by strangers is not there either, and the common sense of this world being unknown does not apply to me. I am unified with both my past life and the existence known as Doyle. 
The memories of Doyle still remain within myself as I remember the feelings and various situations I had experienced in the past. I don't have any reservations when calling this woman, who I still cannot believe has the appearance of a twenty year old, is my own mother.

"Ok, if that is the case, then all is fine. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, so eat this and do not push yourself too hard. Doyle-chan was asleep for an entire week." (Mother)

And so now you know what happened to me.
I was actually shocked to find out from my mother, who had eyes of a saint, that I was in bed for an entire week. 
Since I still have a slight fever, I don't think that she will notice my condition right now. 
I want my beautiful mother to think of me as Doyle, since it would be annoying for me as well if she thought I was someone else. I want this saint-like mother to think of me as her own son, I respect mothers who take care of their children so devotedly.

"—-Really? I am so glad I was saved." (Doyle)

My mother, who looks like a saint, is actually a saint in this world. She stroked my cheeks and my hair. I can feel the anxiety she felt even now. However, her smile was a smile that would tell anyone that everything will be fine. Such is the woman who is my mother, Serena Von Agnes. 
She is a saint who had received the blessing of the goddess, and is unparalleled in using recovery magic. She and the Duke of Agnes departed on a journey twenty years ago to defeat the Demon Lord. After a great battle with the Demon Lord, they had successfully vanquished him and brought prosperity to the land. After her journey was finished, she married the hero, the Duke of Agnes, and became the Duchess of Agnes. 15 years ago, she gave birth to me.

"Seriously, I was worried what would happen to you since Serena's magic was not working on you." (Father)

While saying those words, the man stroked my head. Looking at my back, I saw a smiling man, whose looks was not inferior to Serena, with blond hair and deep blue eyes. My thoughts about my mother was similar to this man. He looked like he could not possibly be someone who had a 15-year-old son. With a body that could match the god of war, Ares, this man was my father, Alan Von Agnes.

20 years ago, my father had inherited the Sacred Spear from my grandfather and became the Hero of the Spear. With my mother beside him, they both went to defeat the Demon Lord and succeeded. Now he's working as the captain of the king's guard. 
Of course I feel proud that I have such a father, and I hope that I could be like him. I want to inherit the Sacred Spear and become the next Duke of Agnes.

As you can tell I have a lot of famous of people in my family. I am the grandson of the former Hero of the Spear and the current son of the great Hero of the Spear, Alan. I am also the son of the woman who was called the Goddess's Chosen Saint, Serena. I am the boy who will become the next duke of the domain of Agnes, Doyle Von Agnes. 
The living legends who cherished me with all their hearts and parents that I feel extremely proud to have. I have the genes of the two most successful people in this world and also have the looks and money. 
I, who is envied by everyone in the world... actually have a serious problem. But for now, let's leave it aside because....

"Thank you for being alive Doyle-chan!" (Father) (Mother)

I have two people who are just happy to see me survive in this world, and hugging me just for existing like before in my past life.