Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 1 / Chapters List

"Chen Ruo Yu, I am sick."

"Congratulations, Dr. Meng."

"Come and help me cook."

"Dr.Meng, goodbye"

Chen Ruo Yu quickly hung up the phone and was happy for her calmness. This damn Mongolian doctor must not be allowed to think that he can tell her to come and go as he likes.

Chen Ruo Yu threw her phone into her back, hoping she could also throw these subtle feelings and relationship between her and Meng Gu to the clouds.

The phone is ringing again, and the caller ID is still Meng Gu. Chen Ruo Yu took out the phone and looked at it, hesitating, but after it started ringing again for the second time, she couldn't help but pick up.

"Chen Ruo Yu, come over now and cook for me, or you can wait to collect my corpse. Of course, there is the second option, if unfortunately, I get better, you can wait for me to come to collect your corpse."


Such a boisterous voice, it doesn't sound like he is going to die, this scourge of the millennium, he will definitely be able to live to come to collect her corpse.

Chen Ruo Yu was somewhat afraid.

As for what she is afraid of, she doesn't know. Although he will not really collect her corpse, as he wouldn't use violence against her, but every time he threatens her, she would still be a little afraid.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed, she is really sick!

Of course, Meng Gu is not normal either.

Yes, that is probably the reason, she is afraid of him because of his mental issues.

Chen Ruo Yu holding a bag of groceries frowned as she pressed the doorbell of Meng Gu's house. After waiting for a long time, she almost thought that she would really be collecting his corpse, when the door opened.

Meng Gu shirtless, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs answered the door. Chen Ruo Yu did not want to look at his body, but she could see that he has strong toned muscles, his face was flushed and haggard.

He's really sick.

"How come you are so sick?" Chen Rou Yu walked forward, reached out and touched his forehead.

Meng Gu took the opportunity to lean over, hug her waist and put his body weight on her and quietly responded: "Did you think I lied to you?"

"You obviously sounded very spirited on the phone."

"I used the last of my strength on the phone, still not hurrying up to thank this Lord."

This low person does not deserve any sympathy.

Chen Ruo Yu pushed him away, threw the ingredients on the table, and then pulled him into the bedroom.

"You have such a high fever yet you're not dressing properly?"

"Why should I dress properly to sleep? I wouldn't even be wearing underwear If I didn't have to open the door for you."

These words have another meaning, right? Absolutely!

Chen Ruo Yu started to blush and bitterly shoved onto the bed and covered him with the blanket. Why don't you just die?

"You're having exciting thoughts about me, right?" Meng Gu still had enough energy to flirt, "but I still have to say these ugly words to remind you, don't harbor any thoughts towards me. Although today I have a sexy, lazy appearance today and it must be fascinating to you, but my spirit and stamina is really not good today."

Chen Ruo Yu didn't know what to say, she quickly removed her hands and took two steps back, withholding herself from grabbing a pillow and pressing it down on this loathsome man's face.

"You don't have to be too disappointed." Meng Gu waved his hand, "Go and cook quickly, after I take the medicine and sleep, then eat again, perhaps I could use it."

Can use it?!

Chen Ruo Yu turned around and rushed to the kitchen. She knew that coming here was a mistake. But why is she still here making porridge for him? She should just let him die of his illness, if that doesn't kill him, then he could die of hunger and if that still doesn't kill him, then he could die of anger.

The result? Now the reality is that she's the one being choked to death!

It must be bad karma, bad karma!

Chen Ruoyu picked up a small onion and threw it on the chopping board.

How did she get into this mess? She clearly understood the situation early on and resolved to keep her distance, but every time she became determined, how did she end up going around and associating with him again?

It's very unclear!