Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 10 / Chapters List -

Chen Ruo Yu is missing!

Chen Ruo Yu only discovered this matter after Gao Yu Lan found her in the hospital.

As expected, in her hometown C city, Qi Na had happily and rapidly spread the rumors and added extra details to make it more juicy. The rumors portrayed her as an insurance saleswoman who was in dire straits and one who also fawned over others to curry favor. When Chen Ruo Yu's parents heard about it, they were shocked and tried to call her, but her phone line was suspended for several days and later, her line was disconnected, so this terrified her parents.

Since the old couple could not contact their daughter, they had to ask her friends for help. So they contacted Yang Yang who after thinking of how to locate her, finally summoned her courage to go to Gao Yu Lan's family to get her phone number and called her. Gao Yu Lan was also staying in A city and so was the best person to help look for Chen Ruo Yu.

When Gao Yu Lan received the news, she was also shocked. They had not seen each other for a while, how did Chen Ruo Yu end up missing? Therefore Yin Ze, Lei Feng and Meng Gu were also alerted to the news and everyone searched for her through various channels and finally located Chen Ruo Yu in this hospital.

"I changed to a new number and didn't have the time to inform everyone yet." When Chen Ruo Yu said this...she felt very guilty. The truth is she had dragged her feet on the matter for so long that her company became involved, they had asked how can she conduct business without a cellphone? How was she going to contact her customers? After being reprimanded and after procrastinating enough, she finally went to register for a new number. She couldn't tell them that she had developed a ringing phone phobia and didn't want to own a phone anymore. In the end, she had gastroenteritis attack and collapsed in front of the reception at the mobile phone office she went to.

Chen Ruo Yu was embarrassed. She knew that cutting off contact with everyone was irresponsible of her, but she didn't expect it to develop into such a big matter.

Even if this developed into a big matter, but to involve Meng Gu in this and even having him come over too, really made her feel particularly awkward.

This time, his impression of her in his heart must have certainly gone down by at least another two levels.

Fickle, reckless, childish, unfilial, brainless...ah...

Meng Gu's expression did not look good, but in front of Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze he didn't say any harsh words to her. He just went looking for her attending doctor to discuss her condition and when he came back to the ward, he told Chen Ruo Yu that she could be discharged.

"Ah? I asked the doctor today and he said no, that I have to wait until tomorrow."

"Are you a doctor or am I a doctor?"

"Of course, it's you." Chen Ruo Yu's lips twitched, although she was not convinced, but she did wrong first and felt guilty and so did not dare provoke him.

"This doctor and your attending doctor carried out a technical discussion and concluded that your reason for your continued stay in the hospital is to pay more money, so you can actually be discharged today. Do you want to be discharged?"

"Yes, I want to." Of course, she wants to be discharged now as she's too poor to even cry and she wanted to save a little.

So Chen Ruo Yu got discharged from the hospital.

Meng Gu drove and sent Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze home first, before sending Chen Ruo Yu home.

Chen Ruo Yu was very nervous and didn't dare to suggest that she be sent home first before them. She knew that she had made them worried and that they were tired from looking for her. She felt so guilty and so did not dare to raise any objections on anything the entire ride.

Fortunately, Gao Yu Lan talked with her all the way. The two women decided to work hard together to make progress in their careers. From the front, Yin Ze voiced his protest and strongly demanded that Gao Yu Lan must not neglect him. The young couple started to argue and banter flirtatiously which made Chen Ruo Yu smile to herself, while she was smiling, she accidentally met Meng Gu's eyes in the rearview mirror and she subconsciously shrank.

Meng Gu calmly looked away, but Chen Ruo Yu's heart was fiercely beating faster.

After Meng Gu had dropped off Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze at their home, he didn't drive away immediately, but just sat in the car. Chen Ruo Yu wanted to ask him what he was waiting for but thinking about it, she decided to just keep quiet and wait with him calmly.

After wait for quite a while, Meng Gu suddenly spoke up, "Come and sit in the front. What? Are you treating me as your driver?!"

Chen Ruo Yu immediately realized and blushed. She quickly opened the door and moved to the front passenger seat and sat down, after waiting for another while, Meng Gu still did not move the car.

Chen Ruo Yu felt a little uneasy and covertly glanced at him, she saw him staring at her, then he said, "Are you not going to fasten your seatbelt?"

"Oh, Oh..." She quickly fastened the seatbelt.

But Meng Gu still did not move. He took out his cellphone and handed it to her.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at the cellphone suspiciously. Taking it didn't seem right and not taking it also didn't seem right. Finally, she said "I have my own cellphone."

Meng Gu gave her a look.. "Did I say I'm giving you my cellphone?"

Chen Ruo Yu blushed and said "Dr Meng's cellphone is really a high-end product." He handed her the phone and did not say anything else. Only a ghost would now what he wanted, so she simply praised him.

"Thank you." Meng Gu did not seem annoyed, "Please enter your new cellphone number into this high-end product."

"I won't go missing again" she replied.

"That's good but that does not have anything to do with my request for your number." He simply dropped his cellphone on her lap.

Chen RuoYu bit her lip and stared at the phone for a while and then finally admitted, "The new number hasn't been done yet."

"What is in your head?!" This fierce attitude made Chen Ruo Yu somewhat disgruntled.

"The cerebellum and brainstem."

Meng Gu Heng gave her a look. "You're quite knowledgeable, huh?"

"It's common sense."

"You can do things like this and still claim common sense." Meng Gu started the car and quickly got on the main road.

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and resisted the impulse to retort. One should have restraint for there to be hope in life.

Meng Gu gave her another look, and she wanted to glare back, but...Hold back, restrain.

When she saw Meng Gu drive up to the telecommunication business office, she was dumbfounded. It was impossible to restrain herself.

"I..." as soon as she opened her mouth, she received a glare.

Meng Gu stopped his car, got down and went to her side and opened her door. "Get down and do the registration for your cellphone number. Don't make excuses and don't delay, get down!"

She had already gotten down from the car but he was still scolding her.

"It's alright if you lose contacts with your friends, but also dared to lose contact with your family, have you ever thought of your parents? Even if you wanted to hide from something or someone, canceling your cellphone number, is it really useful? You're an adult, not a child, what were you thinking of? You can even do such a naive thing, not only was your family worried about you, but your friends were also worried. You've made everyone so worried, don't you feel bad about this?"

"It's because I feel bad that I'm willing to stand here for you to scold me, otherwise, I would have walked turned around and left a long time ago." Chen Ruo Yu's voice was very low, she did not dare to speak those words loudly.

"What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything."

"Chen Ruo Yu."

"I said Dr. Meng is really a good person. A doctor who has the heart of parents*. Now I truly understand." A 30-year-old man thinks of himself as a father to her.... nagging, nagging and nagging endlessly.

**(A doctor who has the heart of parents means.. a doctor who cares for his patients like parentscare for their children)**

Chen Ruo Yu did not dare to loop up, but she felt Meng Gu glaring at her from the top of her head. After he had enough of staring, who took her into the mobile phone store to register for a new number.

Chen Ruo Yu stood in front of the service counter and listened to Meng Gu confidently tell the salesperson to register a new number for her. She didn't speak at all, and just pulled out her purse, silently took out the money she had in it, which amounted to RMB21.5 and showed the smiling salesperson.

The salesperson's face stiffened and then subconsciously looked at Meng Gu for a moment. Meng Gu without speaking pulled out his credit card and handed it over in front of Chen Ruo Yu.

"You owe me this money now." Meng Gu announced. Chen Ruo YU was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond, so she just kept quiet.

The new number was finally registered and Dr. Meng's high-end cellphone also stored the number and so he took her back to the car.

"When you reach home, remember to give your family a call, do you understand?"

"Oh..." Chen Ruo Yu frowned as she did not really know how to make this call home. When she thought of her family's reaction and the upcoming bombing towards her, she felt her head going numb.

"Treat me to a dinner tomorrow night. I'll be off duty at six."

Her facial expression immediately changed from anxiety to horror.

"What? Don't want to? Just think snuck out from the hospital after I had treated you. I have been a doctor for so many years and no patient of mine has ever snuck away, I have now lost face because of you. You also said you considered me as a friend...Do you treat your friends like this? After that, you did not answer my calls so I didn't even know whether you had died on the street. Then, you went missing and I still had to assist in looking for you. You can do the calculation yourself, how much do you owe me? Is it wrong for you to treat me to dinner?"

Chen Ruo Yu didn't dare to argue her case, so she said, "Dr. Meng, I am very poor recently.

"Why are you poor?"

"I have stayed twice in the hospital and so spent a lot of money. In addition, because of my client's accident issue, these two months I have been going through a lot and have been reprimanded by the company and so I have not been able close any deals, I barely even received my basic salary. I don't have much savings and I still owe someone money. I really don't have any extra money now. When I return home tonight, I will only eat instant noodles...I am really poor. Besides, I have just changed to a new cellphone number and I still have to contact all my clients and people on my contact list, I will be very busy."

"Poor, is it? Busy? It's all your own doing, and so not worthy of any sympathy."

Chen Ruo Yu sighed and started to negotiate, "how about, you wait until I have the money, then I'll definitely treat Dr. Meng to a good meal then."

"Wait until you have money? Do you think that hope will materialize in this life?"

"I..." Chen Ruo Yu glared at restraint, self-control.

"I have gastroenteritis, I can't really eat. Why don't we change it to another day?"

"You're not eating, you're inviting me for a meal. If your stomach is not well, you can eat little."

Listen to him! Is it possible for him to even be more overbearing than this?!

"That...6pm is exactly peak hour and traffic is really bad. Coming to pick me up at that time will be inconvenient for Dr. Meng. It is better for us to change it to the weekends, we can make an appointment then."

"Inconvenient to drive? I didn't know you could be so considerate. Well, then you come and pick me up instead. You can come early and wait for me in my office until six o'clock."

Just kill her! Ni, kill him!

What kind of person is this?!

Chen Ruo Yu felt even more distressed. What should she do? How's she going to handle this meal?