Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 11 / Chapters List

That night, Chen Ruo Yu did not sleep well.

It was not only Meng Gu that had made her worried but also her family. She held on to her cellphone and thought for the whole night but in the end, she could not work up the courage to call home. She told herself that it must be because she is so stressed about Meng Gu's issue, it is not only because she does not have the money to spend on a dinner, but also his attitude. Why is he bothering about her? It would be good if he just left her alone. Her heart was already chaotic enough thinking about how to talk to her family, she really wasn't in the mood to think about anything and so she decided to slow down and not think of anything.

After eventually falling asleep, she had a dream.

In her dream, her mother was chasing her with a rolling pin and hitting her hard while shouting, "Are you not concerned about your face? You even dare to tell this kind of lies, our old faces have been shamed by you, and you still dare to come back home!"

Chen Ruo Yu ran like the wind, racing through the trees, there were so many trees on both sides, but on closer inspection, they were actually people, not trees. She did not pay them any attention but then noticed that she could no longer hear her mother's voice, she looked back and found her mother was gone, she thought it was strange and then suddenly she stumbled on something and fell down. She fell face flat in the mud, she sat up and spat out the mud in her mouth, turned around and saw that it was Qi Na who tripped her. A fire ignited in her heart, this shameless person dared to trip her! Chen Ruo Yu jumped up and fiercely pounced on Qi Na, pinned her on the ground, sitting on top of her, Qi Na struggled and yelled for help, she gave Qi Na two slaps on her face and then grabbed some mud from the ground and stuffed it into her mouth.

She was stuffing and stuffing, then she felt something was not right. She opened her eyes and looked again and found herself sitting on top of Meng Gu, she was not only sitting on top of him but she was also clutching his collar, plus all his clothes were stripped off and she could see his strong and toned chest.

Oh.... his figure is really good.

Chen Ruo Yu's face began to heat up and redden, she couldn't dare to continue to look at his chest and shifted her eyes to his face. She was startled when she found Meng Gu fiercely glaring at her. She was so scared that she dropped the mud in her hand and before she could speak, a group of women rushed over, "Chen Ruo Yu, you even dared to act like a rogue towards Dr. Meng, you're looking for death!"

Chen Ruo Yu was shocked. Oh, my God...! Looking at the number of women, it's true that they could form a queue from the hospital's main entrance to her doorstep. She quickly jumped off him and ran away while shouting back, "I didn't act like a rogue, how can I act roguish towards a rogue?!"

Suddenly Qi Na appeared again, looking glamorous and beautifully dolled up and was grinning at her, "Ruo Yu, don't overestimate yourself. Even if you're willing to be a rogue, do you think you have any chance? Do you think others will be willing to let you? You're so shameless!"

Suddenly, a lot of people appeared all with Chen Ruo Yu's face, continuously repeating "Really, she does not have money, no career, no man, so pitiful...No money, no career, no man, so pitiful...No money, no career, no man, so pitiful..."

Damn! Does this really need to be continually broadcasted to her?!

Chen Ruo Yu felt her head going numb, she looked at the growing crowd that was about to drown her. Then her mother suddenly appeared with a smiling face, she was gently holding Meng Gu's hand and said, "Since my daughter had done that to you, let her take responsibility."

What? She does not want to!

Before Chen Ruo Yu could protest, she saw Meng Gu's face turn pale, then he swept a glance at her and then turned and fled in a panic.

Wait a minute, why are you running away? She didn't say that she wants to cling to him, if anything, the matter can still be discussed and resolved...

Chen Ruo Yu watched his retreating back as he frantically ran away and then woke up....

After waking up, it took a while for her to calm down, she was still gasping for breath and her heart was still beating erratically. It was really tiring running the whole night. Chen Ruo Yu was truly terrified, and the fear lingered in her heart for a long time, she pulled the quilt over her head, she really wanted to bury herself now.

Suddenly a light bulb lit up in her head, she stuck her head out of the quilt as she remembered Meng Gu's retreating back...yes, she has found a way to deal with him now.

He was afraid she would cling to him, he said he only wanted them to be friends. She was too subtle before, and then hid from him, this made him feel safe and superior which made act arrogantly towards her. If she also acts arrogantly and clings to him tightly, this will definitely make him feel afraid, as soon as he feels scared, it will be his turn to hide from her, then wouldn't she have peace?

Being thick-skinned is very powerful! Life has hope...


The next day, Chen Ruo Yu arrived at the hospital at 5:58 pm. She was not so stupid to go and wait in his office, so she went straight to the hospital atrium garden, found a bench with a good view of the garden, sat down and sent a text message to Meng Gu.

"~Dr. Meng, I have arrived. I have decided to take you to a place where the birds are chirping and the fragrance of flowers fills the have a sweet dinner with you in a romantic garden-style restaurant. Come down quickly, I am waiting in the atrium~"

After thinking for a while, she added another sentence...

"~If we don't meet, I will not leave!!!~"

It's disgusting enough, she doesn't believe it won't shake him.

She added heavy exclamation marks to emphasize her flirtatious tone.

She went over her message three times, gritted her teeth and sent it.

Meng Gu didn't reply to her text message. Chen Ruo Yu looked at her phone, imagining the shocked look and frown on his face when he sees the message and smiled to herself.

Hahaha...who asked you to force me to treat you? Now I'll torment you.

After waiting for quite a while, Meng Gu did not come down. Chen Ruo Yu looked at the time and decided to wait until 6:30 pm, if he still did not turn up, she will send another "love" filled goodbye message and then leave.

There were children playing around the atrium, Chen Ruo Yu looked at them happily and also teased them a bit. As she was using a childish tone to chat with the children, she suddenly heard a female voice shouting, "Chen Ruo Yu."

Chen RuoYu turned her head around and saw Nurse Tian.

Beautiful, poised, gentle, elegant and slender Nurse Tian. It was said that Dr. Meng always laughed and talked to her and they both had an unusual affection.

Chen Ruo Yu stood up, alert.

Nurse Tian looked at her from top to bottom, her expression did not look friendly at all. Her voice also sounded cold, "Dr. Meng is not free now. Your romantic sweet dinner is canceled. He told me to inform you."

With one blow, she was taken down. Very good, this wretched man sent a stinky woman to blast her. Is she really that easy to bully?

Romantic sweet dinner?... obviously she had seen the text message. Chen Ruo Yu was furious. That dead Mongolian doctor actually let her read the message, He even sent this woman to drive her away.

What's this supposed to mean? He calls, she must come..... waves, and she must leave?!

Chen Ruo Yu silently took a deep breath, smiled and said to Nurse Tian, "It doesn't matter being a doctor is always busy. I understand. Is he in an emergency operation again? It's nothing at all, it's only a dinner. The other night, after he had finished an emergency operation, he called me at 4.00am in the morning and caused me to lose my sleep.. but I didn't blame him."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled and put on a generous and tolerant appearance. She was actually gritting her teeth in her heart. How is it? Was she ambiguous enough? Did that annoy her?

Nurse Tian's face stiffened.

Chen Ruo Yu felt slightly satisfied. She smiled and continued, "Since he's busy, I'll not go up. You can help me to tell him that the next time he wants to have an appointment with me, he should make sure it's his free time. This way it can save my time, I'm not always free.."

'Next time he wants to make an appointment with me.....'these words were said with emphasis. She did not lie. It was indeed that dead Mongolian doctor who had wanted her to come, she did not want to come at all.

Nurse Tian's face paled, she tried to open her mouth to say something but decided to keep quiet. Instead, she glared at Chen Ruo Yu, scoffed, then turned wanting to walk away.

"Nuese Tian." Chen Ruo Yu called after her and said. "I'm really sorry that I have troubled you to run around passing messages between us. I will talk to him later."

Chen Ruo Yu grinned and looked at Nurse Tian's face which turned uglier and felt satisfied.

Nurse Tian stormed off in anger. Chen Ruo Yu sat down on the bench and took out her cellphone with the intention to message Meng Gu.

Letting others see, huh? Deliberately embarrassing her, huh? She will not cower!

"~My dear, carry on with your work and pay attention to your health. The beautiful, gentle Nurse Tian had delivered your message to me. Why did you trouble her? You must thank her properly. I'll go for dinner at the garden restaurant by myself. Don't go hungry and don't think of me too much~"

This time, she did not even look over the text message and happily pressed send.

Then she took out a bottle of water and two bread buns from her bag and ate it. While eating, she was thinking she should have bought a steamed bun instead. A steamed bun cost RMB0.50 and a bread bun cost RMB5.00, she has really suffered a great loss.