Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 14 / Chapters List

In the end, everyone did not drink but the atmosphere became boisterous. The way the three men expressed their friendship was a bit strange. They talked about awkward incidents that happened to them in the past with the intention to bring down the other party by embarrassing them.

"Lei Feng is the coldest and the sneakiest man in the whole world." Yin Ze concluded, "Xiao Yun, you must be careful of him, he has a belly full of evil tricks."

"Thank you for your concern but instigation is not needed." Lei Feng was unperturbed. "XiaoYun is clear about our bottom line. Among the three of us, I'm the only one who has my first love as my only love. I have only one special love which cannot be compared to you two scums."

"Damn! You're actually the one instigating now." Yin Ze turned to face Yu Lan and with a sincere look, he said. "Don't listen to him. I have the purest heart. In fact, the most despicable is Meng Gu, his women are innumerable."

"Get lost!" Meng Gu threw a handful of soybeans across the table.

Yin Ze held his hands out to count on his fingers. "Liang Xiao Xia, Ren Mei Hua, Wang Fang, Liu Ying.... The women I know are around ten of them and what about those I don't know about?"

Chen RuoYu listened with her ears perked up. This big flowery radish*.... really despise him. He's really unreliable. Fortunately, she had turned back in time and was not in deep trouble.

**(Flowery radish means.. a man who's fickle in love and unfaithful, a player)**

This time, Ding Xiao Yun sided Meng Gu and said, "Those people can't be considered as Meng Gu's girlfriends. They were the ones who chased after him. In the end, when they couldn't get him, they spread unkind and bad words about him. I think Meng Gu is the victim here."

"Correct." Meng Gu grinned. "Only Xiao Yun understands me, that's why the one I love the most in this life is you."

Chen Ruo Yu's heart jumped, raised her head and looked earnestly at Ding Xiao Yun. Delicate and lovely, beautiful and poise, these qualities were all found in Nurse Tian and Liang SiSi. They were all the same type.

Lei Feng glared at Meng Gu. "Do you want to die?"

"One to one?" Meng Gu lifted his eyebrows and challenged him.

"Damn! At that time, I should not have helped you and left this scum to wander around until you died." Lei Feng retorted.

"At that time, it was Xiao Yun who found me. What the hell does it have to do with you?"

"Xiao Yun only looked for you because you're my friend. It was all because of me." Lei Feng said.

"So, you're really in love with me? Xiao Yun is only a shield?" Shamelessly Meng Gu leaned forward and hugged Lei Feng. "My Dear, you should have told me earlier. I also have the same feelings for you."

"Me too. I really love you, Brother Feng." Yin Ze placed his hand over his heart. "Just listen to my heartbeat."

"Damn!" Lei Feng couldn't stand it any longer. He jumped up and gave each of them a few punches.

The three big men went to one side and fought it out. Xiao Yun and Yin Ning gave the other two women an explanation to clear up the confusion.

When Meng Gu was a child, he had a very bad temper. His rebellious stage arrived a bit early and was especially long. He was always having arguments with his family because his father was the Deputy Dean of the hospital, so he hoped that Meng Gu would inherit his position. Since Meng Gu was young, it was his father's wish that he would become a doctor in the future but Meng Gu's father's methods of teaching were a bit too harsh so Meng Gu's relationship with his father was not good, so he did the opposite. He did not study well and insisted on not taking his exams, which would have helped his entry into Medical University seriously. Later they had a big quarrel and he ran away from home.

That time, when he left, he caused an upheaval in his family. His parents were afraid that he would mix with the gangs and get into trouble. So everyone was looking for him everywhere but they never found him. Finally, Xiao Yun's friend had sent her a photo and coincidently the photo showed a view of Meng Gu in the background. So everyone went to look for him there and brought him back.

Initially, Meng Gu was unwilling to return home, but his mother who had been worrying about him eventually fell seriously ill and was admitted into the hospital. As soon as he found out, he raced home. Because his mother became seriously ill and nearly died, then only did Meng Gu repent. Since then, he became conscientious and steady. His father also reflected on his own way of treating the child and their family became harmonious. Meng Gu also adhered to his family's arrangements. He was later admitted into a Medical programme in University and later became a doctor.

Meng Gu was smart and he studied hard. Later on, when he graduated from University, he obtained a top grade, coupled with his good reputation and his great results. Not only did he participate in several research projects at a young age, he was also invited by several hospitals to join into their medical team. This made his father very proud and added more glory to his father's face. With this, it can be considered that he has made up for the past mistakes he had committed when he was young and arrogant.

As Chen Ruo Yu listened, she finally understood why he reacted so strongly towards her disrupted communication with her family. When she thought about it herself, she felt very guilty towards her family.

When Yin Ze and his friends came back to the table after playing around, he heard Ding Xiao Yun and Yin Ning praising Meng Gu. He felt dissatisfied. "Why should you praise him? This guy must not be praised otherwise he'll act arrogantly. You should talk more about how uncouth he is, getting us into gang fights and how many people he had offended with his mouth. Thinking about it, I realize I don't have such deep feelings for him as a friend. Several fights were instigated because his uncouth mouth had offended those bullies."

"Get lost! You were the one who got into the most trouble."

"The two of you shut up. I'm the only one qualified to say that." Lei Feng pointed at both of them. "These two were troublemakers. Do you remember that time when we went to Meng Gu's school to look for him? There was a girl who wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. These two rascals were speaking and echoing each other, mocking the girl. I felt so embarrassed at that time."

"Shut Up! You just stood there eating potato chips and drinking coke, watching the show. We were the ones who lost face."

"Correct. And in fact, it's thanks to all us, didn't you see that in the end, she decided she didn't want to die?"

"Yes, she didn't want to die. She had wanted to kill both of you first before she dies."

When Yin Ze thought of that incident, he laughed. "What's that girl's name? Every day she would come to seek revenge. But I was never there and so she finally fell in love with Meng Gu. That incident really moved heaven and Earth. Ha, ha, ha.... it's so funny when I think of it. Her mother also loved Meng Gu saying he saved her daughter. She insisted that Meng Gu became her son-in-law. That time, Meng Gu was very popular in school."

When Lei Feng thought of this incident, he also laughed. Only Meng Gu's face turned sour and blackened.

Yin Ze patted Meng Gu's shoulder and said. "Brother, in fact, your life is not easy. There are so many good women, it's a pity that you always attract rotten peach blossom relationships. You have extensive experience of being stalked and vast knowledge of the tricks used for chasing men and you're already so old, have you ever had the chance to experience true love? I really sympathize with you."

The person had unintentionally spoken those words but Chen Ruo Yu who was listening to the conversation immediately placed herself in that situation. Isn't she one of those women who had chased Meng Gu? Based on her conditions, she could not even be called a rotten peach blossoms, at the most, she could only be a rotten peach blossom stem.

At that moment, she heard Ding Xiao Yun asked. "How come I didn't hear about this incident? What did you all say to convince the girl not to commit suicide?"

"I didn't say anything." Yin Ze displayed an innocent face. "I only said I have not seen anyone jump to their death before. It's fortunate that now I have a chance to witness it."

Really uncouth!

Chen Ruo Yu quietly lowered her head to drink water and held her thoughts down.

"Then what did Meng Gu said?"

Meng Gu thought for a while and then remembered. "I said since you want to die, why don't you sign a consent letter first so that we can use you practice anatomy dissection?"

This is even worse!

Chen RuoYu choked and coughed a few times.

"...after that, she didn't jump and so I said... I have waited for so long, now I don't want your corpse anymore. Then I left."

The most uncouth of them all!

Chen Ruo Yu could not restrain herself and continued to cough.

It turned out that he was already considered to be behaving moderately towards her. Is it really because he has aged and the years of discipline has made him more matured?

"Chen Ruo Yu, why are you continuously coughing? Is it to attract my attention?"

Forget it. Just take it as she didn't have those thoughts. Has he really matured?

This time, Yin Ze sprung to her defense and said. "Chen Ruo Yu, just ignore him. He will not change his rotten abominable behavior until the day he dies. Serves him right for attracting rotten peach blossoms. How can a good girl like him? Only an abnormal person will pick someone abnormal like him. Look, Lan Lan likes me and Xiao Yun likes Lei Feng. Where's his?" Yin Ze said shamelessly and received a glare from Gao Yu Lan.

Chen RuoYu continued to bow her head and coughed even more.

What about her? She had picked..... It turned out she was not only a rotten peach blossom stem... but she was also abnormal.....

She was wrong. The most uncouth of them all is not Meng Gu. It is definitely Yin Ze.

**(LOL Yin Ze what a way to subtly insult someone to their face ...)**