Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 15 / Chapters List

The celebratory welcome dinner and secrets exposing session finally ended at 10 pm that night.

During the second half of the dinner, everyone's fiery attention was focused on Lei Feng. Yin Ze and Meng Gu talked about how cold Lei Feng was as a child and how he had racked his brains to coax and trick Xiao Yun. They also talked about the shady things Lei Feng did behind Xiao Yun's back. They definitely added extra spicy bits of information and spilled everything out in front of Xiao Yun.

Ding Xiao Yun smiled shyly as she listened. She didn't hide or got angry, she was graceful. Chen Ruo Yu felt that this girl really lovable, beautiful and cute.

Lei Feng frowned from time to time and would argue with the two men but his hand was tightly holding on to Ding Xiao Yun the entire time, very arrogantly announcing that she was already his and he did not mind whatever they say to discredit him.

In the end, the final words were Ding Xiao Yun's she said. "Don't make a fuss anymore. In fact, Lei Feng has many hidden secrets that he never told you."

"Just say he's boring"

"What you know are just the small details." Ding Xiao Yun winked and smiled sweetly.

"Is there a big secret hidden from us? Xiao Yun, tell us quickly."

"No." Ding Xiao Yun smiled even sweeter. "It's late already, this meeting is over."

"What?" Yin Ze clutched his chest. "This is too poisonous. The most poisonous is a woman's heart, keeping me in suspense and she also announced the meeting is over. We have made a mistake, it's Xiao Yun who is the mastermind behind the scenes and our Lei Feng is innocent."

Ding Xiao Yun laughed out loudly. Lei Feng kissed her cheek and pulled her up. Then he said loudly. "Well, this meeting's over. It is late and my family's Xiao Yun is tired."

Meng Gu smirked. "If she follows you home, she will feel even more tired."

These words were really indecent, even as an observer, Chen Ruo Yu blushed slightly.

But the person involved, Lei Feng did not shake. He retaliated by saying. "Everyone return to your own home. If you have a wife, you can hug your wife. If you don't have a wife, you can hug your pillow. Goodnight!"

Poisonous, really poisonous, ah....!

Yin Ze immediately turned around and asked Gao Yu Lan. "I don't have to hug a pillow, do I?"

Gao Yu Lan blushed and ignored him.

Meng Gu smirked. "When I go back, I will name my pillows... One 'Feng', and the other 'Yun' and I will sleep in the middle, hugging one pillow in each arm."

Lei Feng gave him a kick, then said goodbye to everyone and left with Ding Xiao Yun.

Yin Ze, as the boss had to stay back to monitor the tidying up of the restaurant. Yin Ning was carrying the tired Niu Niu who had fallen asleep and of course, Gao Yu Lan had to follow them and take care of the family.

Chen Ru You was left alone.

Under such circumstances, naturally, Meng Gu should send her back. Meng Gu did not say anything from the beginning to end, he acted as if he didn't make that phone call last night. It was as if he didn't send any scary text messages and had nothing to do with Chen Ruo Yu at all.

Chen Ruo Yu felt a little embarrassed in her heart and could only stare. She pretended nothing was amiss and followed Meng Gu down the stairs. In fact, she really wanted to tell him she can go home on her own but it was so late and the buses were no longer operating and so she would have to spend money to take a taxi. For the sake of her poor wallet, she decided to take the risk of sitting in Meng Gu's car.

Originally, it was peaceful all the way. In the beginning, Chen Ruo Yu wanted to thank him but after saying thank you, what would she say? She had not decided and so she hesitated....and hesitated.... and the time slipped by.

In the car, it was very quiet which made her feel nervous.

When the car was halfway through the journey, Meng Gu suddenly asked. "Have you called home yet?"

Chen Ruo Yu froze and could not answer. She did not want to lie nor dare to say 'what has it got to do with you?'

She secretly snuck a glance at him and saw Meng Gu was looking at her. She quickly lowered her head. Fortunately, Meng Gu did not speak and only continued to drive quietly.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed in relief. In her heart, she was thinking, perhaps just now he had used up all his brutal energy and was now recovering. This is also good because soon she will reach home and maybe she can escape.

Just as she had finished thinking, she saw Meng Gu stop the car by the roadside. He stared at her for a moment and suddenly said. "I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes. Wait for me in the car."

Chen Ruo Yu responded with an 'Oh' and was just about to nod her head when Meng Gu said. "When I come back after buying the cigarettes, I hope you will have finished calling your family."


"I have seen a lot of people like you. If there's no one to force you, you will procrastinate till the end. It's still not considered too late in the night. Are your parents asleep? Just make a phone call and tell them you're safe. It's not that difficult at all."

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbstruck and stared at him.

"Did you quarrel with your family?" She shook her head.

"Did you break off with your parents?" She shooked her head again.

"Then call them. Don't let them think you have died outside." After speaking, he opened the door and went out of the car.

Chen Ruo Yu's eyes followed him as he walked into the convenience store by the road. Soon after he walked out holding a bottle of water and what seemed to be a pack of cigarettes. He walked to the flowerbed beside the road, leaned against a tree and lit up a cigarette. She saw the cigarette light up in the shadow of the streetlights, he exuded a light feeling of otherworldly mystery.

Seeing that he would not be returning to the car for the while, Chen Ruo Yu thought for a while before she finally pulled out her phone.

In fact, he was not wrong on this point, she even thinks he got it right. If someone did not force her, she does not know how long she will delay calling home.

She dialed the phone number and listened to the ringing tone. After three rings, the phone was was picked up.

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and encouraged herself to go on. "Mom, it's me."

In the beginning, the answer 'Wei' sounded particularly loud and after hearing her voice, the other end was silent for a moment. Then Chen Mother answered her daughter. "You still remember to call home."

"I.., I had gastroenteritis a while ago and was hospitalized. Then my cellphone number was changed..." She did not know what else to say. She had lied to her parents and now she was looking for an excuse for herself.

"Is that true?" Chen Mother's tone was a bit harsh.

"Mom, I'm very sorry. I didn't want you to worry so I told you I was working in a trading company."

"Is that all? If there's nothing else, I will hang up now. I'm playing mahjong." Chen Mother's voice was very cold and She did not wait for Chen Ruo Yu to answer and just hung up the phone.

Chen Ruo Yu froze with the phone to her ear and listened to the dead tone, her mind was blank. Then she felt a sting in her eyes and it seems that something was flowing out from them. She bit her lip tightly, closed her eyes and forcefully blinked her eyes. Suddenly she felt as if she could not breathe, pushed the door open, and stepped out and took a deep breath.

Meng Gu was still leaning against the tree, smoking his cigarette. He saw Chen Ruo Yu's actions, he did not speak nor did he come over.

All of a sudden, Chen Ruo Yu felt that this man is not so bad after all, not so annoying too. She was grateful that he ignored her at this time and gave her the space to be alone.

The two of them, one leaning against the car and one leaning against the tree. The distance, not too far nor too near and their figures could clearly be seen but their expressions were hazy. The yellowish streetlights shone down on them as the sounds of footsteps of passerbys and cars wheezing by wrapped around them as if they were in their own small world.

Chen Ruo Yu was looking at Meng Gu but he did not look at her. He was gazing at the cars on the streets as if he was counting the number of cars passing by. This gave Chen Ruo Yu some relief and she stared at him in a daze as her mind went blank.

She had summoned the courage to call home and had imagined various scenes of being scolded but she did not expect to receive such a cold reception.

Chen Ruo Yu knew her mother was angry, very angry. She felt the sting in her eyes again and forcefully blinked her eyes to clear the gathering tears.

Meng Gu seemed to have seen enough of the passing cars and walked over. "Handsome?"

Chen Ruo Yu blinked.

"You have been looking at me for a long time. Isn't it because I'm handsome?"

Finally, she understood what he meant. She cleared her throat and nodded her head. "Handsome."

"How handsome?" Meng Gu actually asked.

She was still in a bit of a daze and wanted to tell him that his handsome look is comparable to how thick his skin is. But before she could open her mouth, a white car sped past them behind her and grazed the body if Meng Gu's car, and knocked off the side mirror and then screeched to a sudden stop. Meng Gu narrowed his eyes and with a dark face, rushed towards the white car.

The white car's windows were down and loud music could be heard coming from inside. In the front seats, there were two people with confused expressions on their faces. After they had hit Meng Gu's car, they stopped and then revved the car's engine again, getting ready for drive off. Chen Ruo Yu was afraid Meng Gu would be at a disadvantage and quickly followed behind him.

The people in the car saw Meng Gu coming up to them and laughed loudly. One of them even raised his middle finger at Meng Gu. Chen Ruo Yu caught a wisp of strong alcohol and saw Meng Gu furiously rushing towards them and shouting loudly at them to stop and get down. Of course, the two people didn't listen to him and in the midst of shouting profanities and loud laughter, they sped off.

Then just like a scene in a movie, everything unfolded in front of her eyes. The white car sped past a red traffic light at the intersection in front, as it turned, it nearly knocked into a passing car. The white car slammed on its brakes, spun around and swept past the side of the car and then immediately knocked into the traffic control booth located in the middle of the intersection with a thunderous 'bang'.

Meng Gu rushed over to them and without thinking, Chen Ruo Yu followed.

The front of the white car was wrapped around the booth. In the car, the two people's faces were covered in blood. The man in the passenger seat was shouting in pain and the man in the driver seat was in shock and did not move.

"Can you talk?" Meng Gu quickly looked at the two people and then asked the driver. The man with an ashen face laboriously shook his head and it seems like he could not breathe. When Chen Ruo Yu arrived, she was not sure what was happening. At the same time, Meng Gu shouted at her. "Go to my trunk, bring the first-aid kit!"

She did not know how to respond, only instinctively followed his instructions and rushed back to his car. Frantically, she hurried to the car but could not open the trunk. She was anxious and did not know what to do when a passerby pointed out to her that there's a switch near the driver seat. When the trunk was opened, she saw a big first-aid kit, picked it up and ran. The passerby shouted after her. "Miss, you didn't lock the car."

Chen Ruo Yu's head became hot. She ran back, pulled out the key while hugging first-aid kit and ran towards Meng Gu. When she arrived, she saw Meng Gu had already placed the man from the passenger seat on the ground. She handed him the first-aid kit and without speaking he took it, opened the bag and took out a tube. He tore off the driver's shirt and stabbed the tube into his chest, the man twisted his face in pain and soon his ashen face returned to normal. His breathing started to become lighter and Then he nodded his head.

"Don't talk. Don't move. Stay still. You're lucky, I'm a doctor." Meng Gu was so cool and Chen Ruo Yu could only look on blankly.

"Call for an ambulance." Meng Gu gave instructions again, Chen Ruo Yu only remembered about this now. The passerby who had followed behind her shouted. "I have called. I have called."

At this time, Meng Gu took his first-aid bag and rushed to the side of the wounded passenger lying on the ground. The man's lower leg was injured. There were also other injuries on his body and blood were flowing out from his wounds. Chen Ruo Yu seeing so much blood, she felt a bit dizzy, She is afraid of blood.

At the same time, Meng Gu had started his emergency treatment. He shouted at Chen Ruo Yu. "Come! Press down here!"

Both her legs were weak but she gritted her teeth and did as instructed and pressed down on the spot Meng Gu indicated. She vaguely understood that this would slow down the rate of blood loss. She took deep breathes, closed her eyes and endured the strong feeling of discomfort.

The injured man appeared to be more energetic than Chen Ruo Yu. He shouted loudly. "My leg is broken! Don't you dare f***ing touch me, ah.....!" His cries sounded exceptionally tragic and Chen Ruo Yu closed her eyes, feeling even dizzier.

"My leg, don't touch me! I told you not to touch me....!" The man's struggled and this caused Meng Gu to give him a slap, immediately the man quieted down.

She wanted to laugh but she could not. Although her eyes were closed, She could still smell the blood and coupled with the sticky feeling on her hands, she was going to faint soon.

This time, the wounded man again shouted. "F*** you! Just wait... wait for me to break your leg!"

"You want to try?" Meng Gu's voice sounded cool and calm. "I don't break people's legs but I have always used the method of amputation. My skill is excellent."

She wanted to laugh again but could not, and just kept in. She took a deep hard breath and didn't know whether her words actually came out, "Dr. Meng, I'm going to faint."