Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 16 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu was admitted to the hospital again.

Ever since she met Dr. Meng Gu, it seems to have become a regular thing for her to be admitted into the hospital. Chen Ruo Yu sighed and thought of the past, she was so healthy that she didn't even suffer from colds.

This time, Chen Ruo Yu's blood phobia was so bad that she had fainted. She felt ashamed When she woke up in the hospital. In fact, she has had this blood phobia since she was young when she would see chickens and ducks being slaughtered, she would feel sick and nauseous, usually, after resting for a while, she would feel better. Also when at the hospital, when the nurses drew her blood or when she bled due to injuries, she would just turn her head away without looking. She would only feel a little dizzy and it was nothing serious.

But this time, she didn't know why..... maybe it because she had never seen a car accident with serious injuries before or maybe it was because of stress. In short, as she pressed down the victim's wound and watched Dr. Meng giving treatment in front of her, she fainted.

This was what the kind passerby told her. When she came to, the passerby stayed was at her side and told her the ambulance was coming. He helped her and also followed her to the hospital. When the police arrived, he had also given his statement.

"Police?" Chen Ruo Yu was a bit surprised. The efficiency of the police was really high.

"I called the police." Dr. Meng Gu wearing his white coat walked in.

Chen Ruo Yu blinked and remembered what the kind-hearted passerby had told her of the scenario when she fainted. Forget it, she sighed in her heart. Anyway, she never had a good impression to Dr. Meng and she did not intend to correct it.

"They were drunk driving and it is a criminal offense. Fortunately, they did not hurt anyone otherwise I would have..."

"Dr Meng!" She suddenly interrupted him. This man's mouth is poisonous and he never bothers to curb his poisonous words when people are around. What if he says some shocking words and scares people and damage his doctor's reputation?

Meng Gu stopped talking and stared at her.

She quickly smiled and said, "I forgot to express my gratitude" She turned her head avoided the Mongolian doctor's eyes, faced the passerby and said, "Thank you for saving me. Thank you very much."

The man was embarrassed and repeatedly waved his hand."It's alright. It's alright. I was just passing by. Do you want to drink some water? The doctor said that you should drink warm water and rest more. If you still feel uncomfortable, you must call them."

"Thank you, it's alright. I'm fine." The man was so warm-hearted that Chen Ruo Yu could not resist smiling.

"Then...." Mr. Passerby was about to continue to speak but he heard Meng Gu cough twice on the side.

Chen Ruo Yu and Mr. Passerby both looked at Meng Gu who raised an eyebrow and said, "I want to remind you that I am a doctor. So it would be more appropriate for me to give her the doctor's advice. This gentleman has been through a lot of trouble, thank you for your help. Now it's very late and you should return home quickly. Leave this to me."

**(LOL marking his territory and taking out the competition before...)**

The man thought for a while and realized it seemed like he was the third wheel obstructing the way of the main characters. He felt slightly embarrassed and after saying goodbye to Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu, he left.

"That man is really warm-hearted." Chen Ruo Yu said fishing for a topic for conversation.

Meng Gu didn't reply, came over to her and poured out a glass of water. "Drink this."

The water was not too hot, just right.. warm. She took the glass from him and drank a few mouthfuls.

"Where else do you feel uncomfortable?" His tone sounded normal like a doctor and she felt at ease. She shook her head. "I'm fine, only that I feel a little weak."

"Does your heart still feel flustered and do you have a cold sweat?"

"Well, my heart still feels flustered but I don't have a cold sweat."

"Do you feel dizzy and nauseous?"

"I don't feel it now."

"Have you had these symptoms before?"

"I'm a little phobia of blood."

"Have you fainted like this before?

"No." Chen Ruo Yu answered subconsciously and she was afraid that Mongolian doctor would take this opportunity to get back at her, so she quickly said. "Dr. Meng, I am fine. Blood phobia is not a serious problem. After I have taken a rest, I will be fine. In fact, in the past, I would normally feel uncomfortable but it would soon pass. This time it's because I have never had the experience of witnessing a car accident and so I fainted because I was frightened. You'd better not write me a prescription for a check-up, I really don't have the money."

Meng Gu's eyebrows did not even lift and he didn't seem to pay attention to her words.

Chen Ruo Yu thought for a while. It was embarrassing to explain that she had fainted because she didn't have any experience witnessing a car accident before. Anyway, he knows she did not intend to spend money and so she simply kept quiet.

Then, Meng Gu took out a blood pressure monitor and gestured for her to stretch out her arm. "This is to measure your heart rate and blood pressure."

Chen Ruo Yu just noticed that she was wearing patient clothes. As Meng Gu pushed her sleeve up, he said. "Your clothes were stained with blood. I told a nurse to help you change."

She thanked him in a soft voice and she could feel the temperature of Meng Gu's fingers. She looked down and noticed Meng Gu's fingers were long with clean nails. His movements with the blood pressure monitor band were swift and skillful. She stared at his hands blankly and felt her heart beating faster.

The electronic blood pressure monitor completed its work quickly and tweeted twice.

Chen Ruo Yu came back to her senses and saw Meng Gu looking at the figures on the screen with a frown. She quickly asked. "Is the result bad?"

"Blood pressure is fine, heart rate is too fast." Meng Gu removed the blood pressure monitor band from her arm. He turned his wrist and looked at his watch, then reached out his hand to her, "Give me your hand."

When she heard this, her heart beat even faster. She could not help but feel worried. Now that he was asking for her hand, she subconsciously drew back. "Why?"

"Your heart rate is too fast. I need to confirm it again."

"Oh.." She had thought too much. Chen Ruo Yu hesitantly stretched out her hand.

His slender strong fingers rested on her wrist. His hand was very large, so large that his hand could cover her entire fist. She stared at his hand and remembered his cool handsome image when he's giving emergency treatment. He had used these hands to save the lives of those two men.

"That..... what was wrong with the man in the driver seat? Why did you stab him?"

"Pneumothorax deflation."

"What does that mean?" She was really curious.

"The car accident caused him to have lung damage and ruptured lung tissue causing gas to build up in his chest. The air circulation in his lungs was not functioning so he couldn't breathe which is very dangerous. So the pressure in the chest cavity had to be released immediately." After his explanation, he added, "Can you understand?"

"Oh.." In fact, she did not understand much. Did he need to be so sarcastic? She continued to ask, "What about the man who had lost a lot of blood?"

This time, Meng Gu didn't answer but stared at his watch.

Chen Ruo Yu added, "The one who howled in pain and said he wanted to break your leg. Did he really break his leg? When I fainted, did I fall on him? Did I hurt him?"

"Chen Ruo Yu..."


"Do you want me to keep holding your hand?"

"Ah?" How could she possibly think of this?

"How can I monitor your heart rate when you keep on talking endlessly?"

She blushed. He was actually holding her hand and it's true that she was talking endlessly. It can be suspected that she's delaying the doctor in his duties and at the same time taking advantage of him.

Chen Ruo Yu did not speak and Meng Gu continued to look at his watch. He displayed an expression as if he understood everything clearly in his heart which was unacceptable to Chen Ruo Yu. "Just conversing those few words with you and you're unable to monitor my heart rate. Could it be you're not skillful enough? Those Chinese medical practitioners are able to use both their hands simultaneously to check heart rates."

Meng Gu raised his head to look at her and she quickly shut up. He gave a light smile as if laughing at her. Fortunately, she did not speak and continued to keep her head down.

Chen Ruo Yu was a bit annoyed. The atmosphere here seemed to be a bit or was she too sensitive? Either way, her heart was jumping very fast. Her dizzy symptoms should have already diminished, right?

Meng Gu finally released her wrist and stared at her with a frown and asked, "When you were admitted into the hospital the last time, were there any other problems besides gastroenteritis?"


"Did the doctors find any problem with the electrocardiogram?"


Meng Gu did not speak. He took out an electronic thermometer, placed it near her forehead and checked her temperature. It was normal. He put the thermometer back on the table and said to her. "I suggest you do another electrocardiogram."

She felt a little nervous. "I... I, the palpitations was only because I was dizzy but after resting, I'll be fine. The last time when I was hospitalized here, an ECG was done, the result was okay. Then when I was admitted at the other hospital, an ECG was also done and the result was also normal."

"But your heart rate now is exceptionally fast. From a doctor's point of view, I would suggest that you do another ECG test to feel at ease. Find out the actual problem and it will be easier to receive the correct treatment. We can also check whether you need medication for your problem or if your blood phobia is really serious, you may need to go for psychiatric treatment."

"It's not serious, it's really not serious. I have never fainted before. This is definitely an accident."

"Then how about doing another electrocardiogram?"

Chen Ruo Yu blushed. "Dr. Meng, can I not do an ECG? Change it to something that I don't have to spend money on, something like taking my pulse and others... Otherwise, I can just rest and my heart will slow down."

"How do you know that I will not charge you for taking your pulse?"

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded. He will not really ask her for money, will he?

Meng Gu laughed at her expression. When he laughed, Chen Ruo Yu knew he was teasing her again and her lips twitched, this made Meng Gu's laugh become more boisterous. After he had laughed enough, he finally said. "Well, actually I don't want to do this but if you want to use an inspection method that does not cost money, Then there is only one way."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded. "Whatever method will be alright."

Then Meng Gu took out a stethoscope from the pocket of his white coat and pulled the curtain from the side to encircle the bed. Chen Ruo Yu who was lying in bed immediately understood and blushed.

Her red face made Meng Gu smiled. "Look at you. How can a doctor be able to do a diagnosis like this?"

She bit her lip. She really would like to take Meng Gu as a simple normal doctor but her face continued to redden and redden. If he took her heart rate now, won't the monitor break?

"It's so late, only the emergency department is available. In the emergency department, the doctors on duty today are all males. The doctor on duty in the ECG department is also a male. So you can make your choice."