Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 19 / Chapters List

"This.... this matter is between the two of you and it's not right that I get involved." Chen Ruo Yu began to find reasons for her refuse him.

"Who are the 'two of you'?" Meng Gu's voice sounded unpleasant.

"That is..." Chen Ruo Yu felt a bit scared of him but gritted her teeth and still said. "That is.... this matter is between you and SiSi."

The other side of the phone went silent for two seconds.

"Chen Ruo have been having very comfortable days recently, is that it?"

Chen Ruo Yu kept quiet for two seconds.

"Dr. Meng, your occupation is a doctor, not a bully."

"Thank you for reminding me. As to your deep understanding of me, please tell your friend clearly that the harassment she is causing me with her behavior has caused me extreme unpleasantness."

Chen Ruo Yu sighed in her heart. When has this man ever felt happy?


"I am thinking."

"About what? Me?"

"Yes. I have the impression that Dr. Meng has not felt happy before, so there is no need to place emphasis on this normal mood. I don't know how to tell SiSi, so Dr. Meng I think you should tell her yourself."

"Who said I have never felt happy before? When I read the text message that one of my own people sent me, telling me that I was invited to a sweet dinner at the romantic garden restaurant, I felt extremely happy."

Chen Ruo Yu stiffened. He even dared to mention this matter. When she thought of this, she became angry. "When Dr. Meng felt happy, would he send a beautiful woman to drive away one of his own people? Ah..... yes, speaking of this, Dr. Meng really likes to let a woman help him to reject another woman."

"What did you say?" Meng Gu's voice was low and he slowly spat out each word one at a time. Immediately Chen Ruo Yu felt the situation had changed, dangerously.

She did not dare to reply.

"When Nurse Tian went down to help me pass you the message telling you that I was not free, I still had not seen your text message."

If he did not see the message, why did he let Nurse Tian come over to drive her away? If he did not see the message, why did he let Nurse Tian read the message?

Chen Ruo Yu became angry again. She bit her lip and could not help but criticize him again.

"Of course, Dr. Meng is a very busy man overseeing a million matters and needed a close-assistant nurse to help you deal with phone messages."

"It cannot be said that I am very busy overseeing a million matters but indeed I have to deal with many emergencies." Meng Gu's words were very cold and hard.

"I can also understand that Dr. Meng is busy." Chen Ruo Yu's voice also did not sound good. Obviously, he was in the wrong but he still acted so arrogantly.

"I was busy. That day, in the afternoon, a scaffolding collapsed at a construction site. While you were waiting for me downstairs, I was busy thinking of how to deal with a steel pipe that had penetrated the abdomen of a construction worker so he could survive."

Chen Ruo Yu remained quiet. Meng Gu continued to explain, "When I looked at the clock on the wall, it was already past the appointment time, so I called the junior nurse to tell Nurse Tian to check whether you have arrived and to check if there were any missed calls from you on my phone. She was told to let you know that I was busy so could not go out with you and to cancel our appointment. Because Nurse Tian recognizes you, so I asked her for this favor. Is there any problem? Or do you think I should have simply ignored you and it was better to let you wait for me?"

Chen Ruo Yu's anger vanished and she felt guilty.

Both ends of the phone were quiet and in the end, she could not help but ask. "When did you see my message?"

"Middle of the night."

Now she understood. When he had called her to teach her a lesson, he had actually worked from afternoon until early the next morning.

She could not stop herself and ask again. "Was the operation successful?"


Just as Chen Ruo Yu heaved a sigh of relief, then she heard Meng Gu's low and heavy voice say, "But he was unable to survive for more than five days in the ICU."

She became quiet and did not know what else to say to him.

After a while, when she was about to open her mouth to speak. "That....." She had not even finished her first word, Meng Gu had already resumed his brutal, bully normal self again.

"Remember to talk to Liang SiSi clearly. If she still bothers me, I will deal with you."

What? Isn't that being unreasonable?

Although Chen Ruo Yu still felt a bit sad at this time, she still retaliated against being oppressed. "What should I tell her? I don't know how to tell her!"

"Tell her directly."

How to tell her directly? Tell her not to harass the nurses, because the nurses will harass him and it annoys him?

"Why don't you tell her directly yourself? I will give you her number. No, wrong..... you have her number. Tell her directly yourself."

"She is your friend. If I tell her directly, it means I am not giving you any face."

"Then that time, why didn't you tell Lan Lan to tell me directly?" It had caused her to look like a fool to go there so often and became a joke for the nurses.

"Lan Lan is Yin Ze's girlfriend. I am not familiar with her."

"But then I am still Lan Lan's friend and so Yin Ze's girlfriend's friend and so we are even more unfamiliar. I cannot help you to pass the message."

"Are you a hedgehog? According to what you say, that means Liang SiSi is the friend of Yin Ze's girlfriend's friend. That too is very unfamiliar, so I can't tell her directly and can only look for you to pass the message. You are more familiar to me."

"Are you a tyrannosaurus? I don't care." She still will not get involved in his affairs.

"Chen Ruo Yu, have you forgotten that we still have unsettled accounts between us?"

"Do we? What accounts?"

"Do you need me to count them one by one? hot and cold emotional switches, mood swings, harassment in the middle of the night, hanging up calls, owing me a dinner, writing nauseating text messages to disgust me, lying to me that you are pursuing me, always giving me trouble and also even daring to tease me."

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned. What kind of a person is he? Let's not comment on whether it is right or wrong. To be able to spit all these out with one breath, how is he so clear on so many minor things ane able to keep them all in his heart? How much does he hate her? Or is his IQ too high and his brain storage is relatively large enough for him to automatically store every information inside without any effort?

"Regarding this matter about you pursuing me. As the man you're pursuing, I have the right to ask you to protect your pursuit."

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was dumbstruck.

How did the topic change so quickly? He also requested her to protect him as the target she's pursuing. Is he giving her face or sticking gold on his own face?

**(Sticking gold on his own face means.. to put a high value of himself or praising himself.)**

"Honestly speaking, Liang SiSi is considered your love rival. You should stop her from approaching me." He could still continue with his twisted words. "I have confidence in you."

Chen Ruo Yu finally gathered her senses and if she did not say some derogatory remarks, she really could not stand it any longer. So she told him the truth. "When SiSi sees the more of you, she will naturally give up. Dr. Meng, you are really not a good candidate. You must understand yourself clearly."

"I don't need to. I have you. As long as you understand clearly, then it is alright."


He replied swiftly and also very powerful indeed. His thick skin really could not be undervalued.

Chen Ruo Yu was trying to organize her words and was prepared to fight another 300 rounds with him when in the distance, she could hear someone calling him. "Dr. Meng...." She heard the voice talking to him but she could not hear what they were talking about. Meng Gu answered the man and turned back to speak to her. "I'm busy, I have to go now." Before she could reply, she heard the dead tone of the call. He hung up on her.

Chen Ruo Yu was taken by surprise. She really wanted to put her hand through the phone to pull him back because by right she should be the one who hangs up on his call.

She sat there for a while in trance. When she thought about Nurse Tian, she understood he did not purposely make her look bad and it seems she had wronged him again.

In fact, he is not as bad as she imagined him to be. After all, only his mouth is poisonous, his temper is bad, other than that everything else about him is not bad at all.

His patient had passed away and he must have been feeling bad about it. It seems she was wrong for blaming him for standing her up.


"Chen Ruo Yu, have you sorted out your customers' list? Before you get off from work today, you have to hand in your monthly report!"

The Manager shouted loudly and Chen Ruo Yu was startled, bringing her thoughts back to the present. Correct, she should not be bothered whether he is wronged or not. All She should care about now is to work hard and earn more money.

Yesterday, she should have sent money home but she did not have any money left. She didn't know what to do. Originally, she wanted to call home again using this matter as an excuse but the last call she made still hurts her. She was very scared that if she told them she could not send money home this month, she would get more scolding and hurt more. So she wanted to delay for a little longer and wait until she has the money to send home before calling her family again.

Chen Ruo Yu started to concentrate on her office work. The paperwork was complicated but it still had to be done. When she saw her Manager was not paying attention, she secretly made a call. She called her friend who's working with her in the condom business to use her account to make a few more shipments. She said she needed the money urgently. Although her friend promised but even if her part-time sales showed higher profits this month, she would still unable to get the money immediately.

Since it's an emergency, that friend wanted to borrow her money but she refused.

The busy day quickly passed and she was getting off work soon. Then Chen Ruo Yu received a call from the police station informing about the case of the two men who had assaulted her. The police told her that the two men were going to pay her compensation and this made her happy. She was told to go to the police station tomorrow to go through the relevant procedures.

Chen Ruo Yu completely did not except this. Those two men had shamelessly refused to pay before and she couldn't do anything. The police had ignored this case and let them do what they pleased but now why did the two men suddenly became so humane and pay her?

In any case, she was about to receive the money, she considered herself lucky and it was a good thing for her too. That day, She worked overtime rushing to complete her work. The next day, she found time to go to the police station.

The incident went smoothly and the policeman's attitude who attended to her was also very courteous. Chen Ruo Yu was overjoyed, surprised and suspicious. Finally, it was the policeman who helped her sort out her confusion. "Miss Chen, you are a friend of Police Officer Lei, we will try our best to settle this matter for you as soon as possible. You can see we have a lot of things to handle and we cannot take care of everything, right? And also, you should ignore the things I told you earlier on about being compensated and to forget this matter, it was not to deceive you but this kind of street fights often end up without closure. Even if they are put into jail for two or three days, in the end, they will still be released. So don't think too much about this. At least you have received the money and it's better than getting nothing at all, right?"

Chen Ruo Yu realized that suddenly receiving care and attention from the police was all due to Lei Feng. But she never talked much with Lei Feng and had never told him about this matter.

She thought for a moment and called Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze were the ones who knew about this matter. If they did not tell Lei Feng, then it had to be Meng Gu who told him. She wanted to find out.

"Lei Feng? No... I didn't know. You still have not solved the problem until now?" This was the reaction from Gao Yu Lan when she heard the news. Chen Ruo Yu already knew in her heart, if Yin Ze had come forward to help, he would definitely tell Gao Yu Lan. If he ever had to do a deed to curry for someone's favor, he would certainly own up to it.

So it must be Meng Gu.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed in her heart. She was really disturbed by a pool of spring water again. She asked Gao YuLan for Lei Feng's phone number but she didn't have his number so she asked for it from Yin Ze, then gave Lei Feng's number to Chen Ruo You.

"Why did you want his number?"

"His family has helped me and so I would like to thank them. So I would like to invite them to dinner."