Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 2 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu met Meng Gu through her good friend, Gao Yu Lan. Meng Gu is a close friend of Gao Yu Lan's boyfriend, Yin Ze. On that day, Yin Ze and his friend were involved in a fight and went to the hospital where Meng Gu worked to look for the outpatient doctor to tend to their wounds.

Chen Ruo Yu followed them and met this Dr.Meng, who whether in name or attitude, did not seem like a doctor at all.

He said that his father's surname was 'Meng' and his mother's surname 'Gu'.. so he was named 'Meng Gu'.

When Chen RuoYu heard this, she had wanted to laugh because a person with the name of 'Meng Gu' coincidentally became a doctor, combining it, he's called... Doctor Meng Gu.. a doctor with such name, isn't this a tragedy?

**(in Chinese 'Meng Gu' means Mongolian Doctor. In Chinese history, Meng Gu was the wife of Nurhachi, the founder of the Later Jin Dynasty. She was born in 1575 and died tragically in 1603 at the young age of 28 yrs)**

Chen Ruo Yu's first impression of the Mongolian doctor was...he's handsome and humorous.

Chen Ruo Yu likes men who are lively and humorous because she's the bold and carefree type, a bit on the rough side, so the gentle and sensitive type do not appeal to her.

But she made a mistake, she couldn't tell the difference between someone who is lively and humorous...and someone who is think-skinned with an uncouth mouth.

At that time, she was in a critical stage in a woman's life. She was of marriageable age, but she didn't have a boyfriend...she was struggling alone working in a foreign city and she needed to receive love and care.

Looking back at it now, she had to admit that sometimes women at that stage of life, when a woman longs for emotional attachments, it is easier to make mistakes. She was like that, at that time.

She had made the mistake of seeing his uncouth mouth as humorous...from then on, her life has been molded by this mistake.

At that time, she had set her sights on two men to choose her target from. The first was another of one Yin Ze's good friends, Lei Feng, a policeman who was stable, generous, polite and sincere, and the other was the Mongolian doctor, Meng Gu.

Although she set out the two choices, in fact, Chen Ruo Yu did not fall in love with either one on first sight. She simply saw them as two men with very good qualities, she was overwhelmed in her heart and was indecisive, this is the problem of being an ordinary woman. She admits that there are a lot of problems on her part, furthermore, she is also very ordinary.

In short, Chen Ruo Yu did not know who she should choose at that time, so she made another mistake by asking her friend, Gao Yu Lan to help her gather some information from Yin Ze regarding the two men. She just wanted to know about whether they were single, their hobbies, interests e.t.c As a practical modern woman, she thought she would feel more confident after getting the information and can then decide who she'll pursue.

Yes, she does not mind being the one to take the initiative, she's not a feminist but neither is she a weak woman who would obey without opinion. She just wants to be an ordinary woman who can have a good relationship with a man, hold a good job and live a peaceful life.

She strives hard to live a happy full life, works hard at her job and she does not mind working hard to take the initiative to establish a relationship.

So after learning that Lei Feng already has a fiancee, Meng Gu naturally became Chen Ruo Yu's target.

This was the biggest mistake she made, mistakes followed one after the other.

She committed all these mistakes believing in her first impression of Meng Gu. She was totally unaware of the true nature of this jerk, which caused her to experience a series of unfortunate events.

Letting Yin Ze know she was interested in two men at the same time, obviously, Meng Gu would also find out, and this is the important point that Meng Gu used to ridicule her.

Her biggest mistake was that she had settled on the wrong target, and so ran in the wrong direction and later when she wanted to make her retreat, she found out that it was too late.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at the pile of onions on the chopping board and then realized that before she chopped the onions, she forgot to wash them. She also remembered that when she bought them, she clearly saw mud sticking to them.

What should she do now?

It's not clean, won't he be sick after eating this? But it's for a sick patient, will it really be alright?

Chen Ruo Yu hesitated for a while, should she throw all the onions away? but Meng Gu likes to east onions and meat porridge without onions will not be fragrant.

She furrowed her eyebrows, feeling irritated. This is obviously a minor problem, why is she hesitating so much?

Her head felt hot, she took a bowl, filled it with water and put the onions in it. At least, it can be considered that she washed them. The chopped onions floated in the water and the dirt sank to the bottom...then she scooped them out.

Really stupid!

Chen Ruo Yu hit the bowl, regretting that she had obediently come over.

She was still angry with him and had decided to ignore him but with just a phone call, she had rushed to him immediately!

Actually, How did all this happen? She leaned on the tabletop and stared at the pot of porridge cooking on the stove and seriously reflected.

Initially, when she decided to pursue Meng Gu at that time, she had seriously planned it all out.

The first step...of course, was to create a chance encounter and then try to get close to him to foster understanding between them.

The second step was to adapt to his preferences and seize his heart.

The third step was to stabilize my presence and consolidate their feelings.

If all went well, the fourth step was to get a marriage license, get married and lead a happy peaceful life....

...and if it continues on smoothly, the fifth step was to give birth to a child and she'll not have to worry anymore for life's necessities.

Look, that is the life.

But Chen Ruo Yu did not expect that when she had launched the first step, she would meet with defeat.

Meng Gu was on duty one day in the week at the outpatient clinic, and on other days, he was on duty in the hospital ward. In order to pursue him, Chen Ruo Yu did everything possible, calculated her timing and pretended to be sick. She registered herself for treatment and then sent him flowers and food to express her thanks. She also used their friends, Gao Yu Luan and Yin Ze's names as an excuse to meet him.

She thought that she was being very obvious and that he must have figured out her intentions, but Meng Gu did not accept or reject her. It seemed as if he didn't understand what she was doing, he was innocent and oblivious.

At that time, Chen Ruo yu was foolish as she was not seasoned in playing this kind of game. In fact, this was the first time, she was actually actively pursuing a man, so she was not aware if she was doing it right, and thought, maybe it was because she was expressing herself in the wrong way so he didn't feel it, or perhaps, it was because of their friendship through Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze's relationship, that he did not think of it hinting at a relationship with her.

In short, at that time, Chen Ruo Yu was very foolish. Although, she was a bit shy, reserved and for a variety of other reasons did not dare to clearly express her intentions to Meng Gu, but after becoming more frustrated with her failure, she became more courageous. So every day, she would think up ways to express herself to meng Gu, until one day, she happened to overhear the conversation of some nurses in the hospital.

" can that Chen Ruo Yu be so shameless? Dr. Meng has made it clear that he is not interested in her, yet she still hangs around him."

"Based on her qualities, it's must not be easy for her to find a boyfriend. She's not beautiful, she sells insurance and mentioning this is already shameful. I think it's because she thought that because she is familiar with Dr. Meng's buddies so that makes him an easy target. She should take a look at herself first to see whether she can match up with him."

"That's right...I think Dr. Meng like Nurse Tian. They often talk and laugh with each other."

"It should be...the other day, Nurse Tian had also complained to me about Chen Ruo Yu, maybe Dr. Meng had told her something. I just don't want to meddle, otherwise, I would have told Chen Ruo Yu not to come anymore. It's shameful for a woman to pursue a man to the point of him having to bitterly complain to another woman. 'Where in the world is there no grass?'. 'The lid must fit the pot'. One must be able to understand the situation to save themselves from shame, don't you think so?"

**(Where in the world, is there no grass? means...there's men everywhere so she should move on)**

**(the lid must fit the pot's qualities must match that of their target for it to work out)**

"True...whatever Chen Ruo Yu gave Dr. Meng, he did not keep and gave them away to others. I think the bouquet of flowers was given to Nurse Tian and those Durian candies were all given to the other nurses. If I were Chen Ruo Yu, I won't even dare to ever come again."

Chen Ruo Yu shrank around the corner as she listened to their 'earnest' sympathy and disapproval of her. She really did not have the face to walk by in front of them. She reached into her bag and held the durian candies she had bought earlier. This is her favorite candy and it's very expensive too. When Meng Gu accepted the candies from her, he had smiled and she thought that he liked it too...but turns out, he didn't.

Actually, if he didn't like them, he should have told her directly, why didn't he say anything? If he had wanted to give her face, he should have at least given her some hints, she would have understood. But he had not said anything in front of her and then turned around and complained to others, what's all this about?

Chen Ruo Yu's mind was blank, she felt so embarrassed and humiliated and she couldn't move an inch. Suddenly she realized the nurses' had stopped talking and when she looked up, she saw that they had walked around the corner and were now standing right in front of her.

The faces of the nurses looked conflicted. It was clear that they did not expect the leading lady of their gossip to actually be standing nearby listening in. Chen Ruo Yu's wide eyes met theirs for a moment and when the nurses were on the verge of saying something. Chen Ruo Yu gathered her thoughts, gave a straight face, nodded at them and said, "Thank you." Then she turned and left.

Thank you?!

In fact, she didn't know why she had said this. Anyway, she will not meet Meng Gu again.