Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 22 / Chapters List

There were no birds chirping but there was the floral fragrance.

The evening golden sunlight shining down into the garden created a unique warm atmosphere.

Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu sat down together on the bench and ate their bread. While they were eating, Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt the situation was very funny. In the beginning, when she started to pursue Meng Gu, she had tried lots of ways to go out for a meal together with him. At that time, if she had the opportunity to sit down and eat buns together with him, she would have died of happiness.

But now, she is really sitting down together with him as if they are on a date. On the contrary, now she did not feel any anxiety or shyness, there was no such mood at all.

Meng Gu didn't speak and after he had finished eating the red bean bun, he titled his head up and emptied the water bottle.

His actions were elegant and his side view was pleasing to the eye while the sunset rays wrapped him.

She looked at him for a long time and could not help but ask. "Dr. Meng, why don't you like SiSi?"

She had wanted to ask him this question for a long time but did not have the opportunity. Right now, the atmosphere is just right as they feel like old friends. It seems this is a good time for chatting. So it must be true that sweet foods can make people feel relaxed.

"Why don't you ask me why I don't like you?"

"..." She was wrong, sweet food also cannot soften his poison.

"Don't you like me? I thought you liked me very much?" He said.

She gave him a blank look. This man is really too much! Why can't he speak in a more polite way? She looked at him with an imitation of his own shameless Mr. Tyrannosaurus expression.

"Oh, it is like this? Then I like you, so I don't like Liang SiSi."

Shoot! This evasion trick is too crafty!

"I am serious." She bumped his shoulder.

"Why are you so serious about me?" He said.

She gave him a light kick.

Will he die if he speaks seriously.

"She is not suitable for me." He said.

Not suitable? Chen Ruo Yu blinked and thought about this. "But why do I think she is very suitable for you? The two of you are the same type of people. The male is handsome and the female is beautiful, similar characters and the two of you should have many common topics of discussion."

"Do you think people who are of the same type are suitable? People with common topics of discussion are suitable?" Meng Gu smiled, leaned back against the chair and stretched out his long legs. "Chen Ruo Yu, have you ever had a boyfriend?"

"Of course." Chen Ruo Yu straightened her back. She was not that bad. Of course, someone had pursued her before.

"Was he the same type as you? Were there any common topics of discussions?"

She seriously thought about the matter and nodded.

"Why did you break up?"

"He felt that I was boring." When she thought of the reason she was dumped, she forcefully squeezed the bread in her hand. "He was the one who chased me and we were together for more than a year. We lived in the same area and he was working as an accountant. When I was at the local university in my fourth year, I went to his workplace for an internship. I had also planned to work there after graduation. Our qualities were similar and our work was not too busy. Our families were on equal standing, so when he chased me, I agreed. I felt he was very good, practical and hardworking. Although he was a quiet person, we could talk to each other and be able to live well together so it was enough for me."

"Then the result is that you were played by the man who was good, practical and hardworking." Meng Gu broke out in loud laughter. "He did not dislike you for being prickly but instead disliked you being boring?"

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him. "What is so funny? When a man wants to break up, he can come up with a variety of reasons. What about you? When you wanted to break up with your girlfriend, what reasons did you give?"

He has such a poisonous tongue, his words will certainly be harsh.

"I didn't. I was the one who was dumped."

Meng Gu crossed his legs, relaxed and had on a satisfied expression that said he was not bothered at all.

"You were dumped? Really dumped?!" Chen Ruo Yu was astonished and felt excited. "Which woman had such foresight?"

"The one who dumped me has foresight, then the one who chased me is blind, right?..... Miss Blind?"

"Humph....." Chen Ruo Yu shook her head. "Later, didn't I wake up in time and in my heart, I dumped you too" She raised her chin and displayed a proud expression on her face." Hahaha.... finally vented my frustration!

Meng Gu grinned and ignored her.

Chen Ruo Yu asked with enthusiasm. "Dr. Meng, what was her reason for dumping you?"

Poisonous mouth? Impolite? Inconsiderate? Domineering? Busy? Did not keep her company?

Meng Gu titled his head slightly to the side and thought for a long time. Chen Ruo Yu waited for so long that she thought it was difficult for him to explain when he suddenly asked, "Which one of them are you referring to?"

Chen Ruo Yu gaped with her mouth opened and asked. "How many?"


"Did you fall in love three times or were you dumped three times?"


"Every time you fell in love, you were dumped?" Chen Ruo Yu excitedly pulled at his arm and her eyes flashed brightly. She had already said it, if a woman stays with him for a long time, she will eventually find out his true colors and if she is able to tolerate him, then she must have extraordinary endurance, right?

"Even if you want to gloat over my misery, at least practice some restraint, okay?"


"Your hand is oily from the bun and you have stained my sleeve. I have to buy another shirt again. This time, you have to pay for it."

She withdrew her hands and said. "I want to hear about the three times you were dumped."

"Why should I tell you?"

"You said we are friends." Chen Ruo Yu smiled brightly and happily. "Look, we are friends. I also went shopping with you to buy clothes, also treated you to a meal and now I am chatting with you. I am also helping you to relieve your worries and sadness."

Meng Gu cast her a sideways glance and laughed. "Chen Ruo Yu, gossip can really make a person's skin instantly thicken, isn't that so?"

"I don't know about other people but I will listen with a sincere heart."

"What are you going to do after listening?"

"Nothing. I'm just helping you to analyze the situation and see whether you and SiSi are suitable for each other. The two of you are my friends and if there's any problem, I being in the middle of this, it will be very troublesome for me.

"You don't have to worry about this. Now you can straight away and dispel all her thoughts. Don't waste everyone's time."

Chen Ruo Yu frowned. "Dr. Meng, why are you so sure? I think SiSi really cares for you. Look, she had tried all possible ways to know more about you and try to understand your temperament. She knew she could not approach you directly and asked your nurses for help so she can understand you more. She is also very considerate, she knew surgeons need hand creams and wanted to buy it for you. I think if someone did so much for me, I will be really touched. Dr. Meng, you have not really got to know her so you don't understand her. She is actually a very adorable girl and since presently you don't have a partner, why are you rejecting her? Is it because she is my friend and you don't want me to be involved in this matter? You can rest assured that I have thought this over and I think both of us being friends like now, is pretty good."

Meng Gu shook his head. "You think too much. This does not concern you."

"Then why are you rejecting her so quickly? What I mean is that you should try to understand each other first."

"What is there to understand?"

Is he seriously asking again? Chen Ruo Yu titled her head and stared at him. "Understand her background, her character, her preferences, her career and find out whether you and her are on the same path. As for me, I also enquired about Dr. Meng's basic information before I decided to pursue you. Then after knowing more about you, then I understood that we are not suitable for each other and I gave up. Dr. Meng also knows about my situation, then only you made your own judgment, right? I mean excluding other external qualities such as my appearance. SiSi is different from me. She is beautiful, has a good temperament, elegant and candid. All these external qualities should not be a problem and so you should get to know her better to understand her internal qualities, right?"

"I don't need to understand so much. I just need one thing."

"What is that?"

"Chen Ruo Yu, do you really think she likes me?"

"If she doesn't like you, why would she spend so much effort on you? I know her. She does not waste time on people not important to her."

"I don't feel it."

"You don't feel the effort she put into you? Then why did you call me to make her stop?"

"What I mean is that I don't feel that she likes me."

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised.

"If someone loves you, you will know." Meng Gu smiled softly. "I can't feel that she is genuinely interested in me, so I don't want to play along with her. I am no longer a hot-headed youngster. I don't have the time nor the interest to play this type of game with her."

Chen Ruo Yu blinked, leaned back and thought for a long time. She felt something at the bottom of her heart began to stir, what he said made sense. Suddenly, she felt ashamed. It seems in the beginning, she was also like this. She still had not fallen in love but based on his appearance and his external qualities, she decided to pursue him.

He must have also been aware of this.

Therefore, before considering whether the woman's qualities are suitable for him or not, there must be emotional sincerity. Otherwise, Yin Ze and Lei Feng will not say that he has a lot of 'rotten peach blossoms'. Although this man looks very cool on the outside, he is also very particular about this and hoped to be treated with sincerity.

"Dr Meng, actually the road through the Peach Blossom Forest is also a difficult path, isn't it?"

She had in a daze entered his forest and when she realized that she was not a flower but only a branch, it was already too late. She sighed and felt a bit sad.

"Chen Ruo Yu, are you sure what we are talking about is the same topic?"

"Yes. Are we not talking about your peach blossoms?"

He stared at her for a long time. "Why is it that when anything reaches you, it will be transformed?"

"How can that be?"

"What cannot be?" The corners of Meng Gu's mouth curved. "I have seen a lot of people throwing temper tantrums as a result of unsuccessful pursuits but when it reaches you, it became a funny comedy. Everyday, I always see people who are filled with sadness and feel heart-broken but you are like a comedian. About that sweet dinner in a garden restaurant, I was extremely curious and had tried to guess for a long time about what you will be able to come up with. In the end, you were able to set up such a stylish dinner which is so inelegant and void of atmosphere, this is actually not easy. In fact, Chen Ruo Yu, you are really a talented person."

Chen Ruo Yu was also so surprised that she gaped at him. He is able to humiliate people with subtle praises, he is truly that talented person.

"Dr. Meng, there is something I really need your help."

He lifted his eyebrows. "What is it?"

"If there is a day that I am hospitalized and need surgery, I beg Dr. Meng not to perform the surgery yourself."

"Why? Afraid I will take revenge?"

"No, I am afraid that while Dr. Meng is performing the surgery, you will recall my humorous past on the operating table and laugh. While laughing, your knife may accidentally curve sideways. Dr. Meng must have seen a lot of patients whose lives depended on the surgeries. I don't want to be the only one that's going to die because the doctor had accidentally stabbed me on the operating table."

Meng Gu stared at her and suddenly burst into loud laughter.

She boldly stared back at him!

After a long time, Meng Gu stopped laughing but his eyes were still smiling. She twitched her mouth and was dissatisfied with his attitude.

Their eyes met and the two of them faced each other for a long moment. Meng Gu's eyes were clear and deep. Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt confused, felt her heartbeat become irregular and was about to speak when she heard an old man's voice call out. "Meng Gu."

Meng Gu and Chen Ruo Yu turned their heads together, standing there was an older doctor.

Meng Gu stood up then walked over to greet and speak to him. Chen Ruo Yu thought it must be a professional discussion between the doctors. She was not bothered and pulled out the last piece of bread to eat. Just as she had taken a big bite, Meng Gu turned around and spoke to her. "Chen Ruo Yu, this is my father."

His father?!

Chen Ruo Yu was startled and froze. The big piece of bread was stuck in her mouth. She was unable to swallow it neither could she spit it out.