Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 25 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned.

Why did his words sound like she was a mentally ill patient who had run away?

She was stunned silly in her seat. Even in her wildest imagination, she could not even imagine Meng Gu would be able to come up with such a scenario.

He is really talented.

Chen Ruo Yu felt regret and she reflected on herself. She was really mistaken, she should not have any misconceptions about Dr. Meng Gu. What conscience? What compassion? All these qualities are beyond him.

Tang JinCai looked surprised and Tang Mother's expression was even more surprising.

"Xiao Yu, what illness do you have?"

Chen Ruo Yu looked at one person, then looked at the other person, she opened her mouth but was speechless. It was Meng Gu who was calm and collected and answered, "She has hemophobia and needs to go for psychiatric consultation. Sorry, it is difficult to make an appointment with Doctor Liu and it is even necessary to book in advance, she is very late for her appointment and I have to take her to the hospital immediately."

Tang Mother's expression was extremely ugly. Chen Ruo Yu knew in her heart that the elderly woman might not know what hemophobia was but she would definitely know what psychiatric meant. So the thoughts that were going through Tang Mother's mind, Chen Ruo Yu could vaguely guess.

In addition, just now she had gone to the restroom several times, then she had stuttered and looked nervous. In the end, she had also said she suddenly remembered she had something to do. Yes, as she said this, Tang Mother now would be thinking that she was going to the hospital for her appointment.

In short, with all this added up, it was enough to give anyone wild imagination.

Sure enough, Tang Mother coldly said. "Miss Chen, your memory is so bad that you can even forget your doctor's appointment. Then we will not hinder you. Ah Cai, let's go."

If they had left a minute before this matter happened, Chen Ruo Yu would have clapped her hands happily. But now as she watched Tang Mother leading Tang Jin Cai away, she actually wanted to pull them back and seriously explain to both mother and son that hemophobia is not a mental illness. And also the psychiatric department is not just a place where the mentally ill patients seek treatment.

But she could not say anything as she watched the retreating backs of the Mother and son disappear from her sight.

"It's done. You should thank me." Meng Gu actually had the nerve to take credit for his deed.

Chen Ruo Yu gave Meng Gu's arm a hard slap. "Didn't we arrange beforehand that someone is about to die and we have to hurry back to take a last look before they die? Why did the excuse change to this?"

Meng Gu frowned and rubbed his arm where her slap had landed. He sat down opposite Chen Ruo Yu and said. "Your curse of someone about to die is too sinister."

"Can my curse be more sinister than yours?" Chen Ruo Yu really wanted to give him a few punches and then bite him a few times more! "You destroyed my reputation and my image. You are really the king of the poisonous."

"I have only added in a few extra artistic twists to the basic facts except for the fake appointment to see Dr. Liu, everything else is the truth. You have hemophobia and you should really go and see a doctor, you should learn to relax to relieve your abnormal mental stress. I have not even mentioned your elder phobia to that old woman. During your conversation with her, you experienced symptoms like heart palpitations, stomachache, cold sweats, cold hands and feet including numbness in the face. Look, all these are facts, right? In conclusion, if you really want to see Dr. Liu, I can help you to register and jump the queue."

Chen Ruo Yu really wanted to scream and flip the table in frustration. "Dr. Meng, how did you cultivate this ability to help others and also at the same time make them want to give you a thrashing in return?"

"It's good, as long as you know I have helped you." Meng Gun said calmly, "...Look, with just a few words, everything was settled. You don't even have to leave in a hurry. His mother had pulled him along and retreated. They can't even accuse you of doing anything wrong and they will not cause any trouble to your friend."

Chen Ruo Yu opened and closed her mouth. Then she opened her mouth again but did not know what she wanted to say, closed her mouth again and drank some water to calm herself down.

"When you mention going to see a psychiatric doctor, it sounded like I am mentally ill. What if she blames my friend for introducing a mentally ill woman to her son?"

Meng Gu replied confidently. "That's easy to handle. Let your friend clear out the doubts regarding your psychiatric appointment with her and they will also understand the meaning of hemophobia. Then you can tactfully tell them that leaving you behind like this was very impolite of them. So in the future, your friend will not dare to introduce any more of her friends to you."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him and was speechless. Finally, she managed to say. "Dr. Meng, do you know that if a person stays with you for too long, the person will eventually develop mental illness?"

It's like sitting on a roller-coaster. One moment, you will like him so much then, the next moment, you hate him. One moment, you think he is a good person, then the next moment you think he is hateful. One moment, you stop caring about him then, the next moment you're happily chatting with him. One moment, you think he is wise and the next, you think he is an idiot... and so on....

"You really do have mental problems. Hemophobia and that elder phobia are all under the same category. Meng Gu stretched out his hand and picked up some the popcorn from the bowl in front of Chen Ruo Yu to eat. "I disregarded our past disagreements and dropped everything to come and rescue you. Now that the task is successfully completed, what are you dissatisfied with?"

Is that really disregarding the past disagreements?! Chen Ruo Yu would rather be bitten by him and did not want to be regarded as someone mentally ill.

"Your task was successfully done. You also set me up at the same time and that is definitely your revenge." Chen Ruo Yu wanted to pound his chest. "Your work of 'only adding a few extra artistic twists to the basic facts' really made me embarrassed."

"Remember the situation when you were calling me earlier on the phone for help, then you will be more balanced in your thinking. I personally feel that you were more embarrassed at that time, I wonder how you came out with the term 'Elder Phobia'?"

Chen Ruo Yu gritted her teeth and looked at him. She stretched out her hand and said. "I will just let you bite my hand in return and after this, I don't owe you anything."

"Doing this kind of thing in public is inappropriate." Meng Gu's voice made Chen Ruo Yu want to bite him again. He pretended he didn't see her expression and continued, "Anyway, even if I return your bite, it will only clear the last debt and the favor for this rescue is not counted."

She withdrew her hand and put on a thick-skinned face. "I am too indebted to you for this favor of rescuing me and I am unable to repay you, so I can only offer myself as repayment. Do you accept? Yes or no? No?" She felt a little proud. "Since you don't want to accept, then my debts are all cleared and we are even."

"Why are you so proud when you offer yourself and are rejected? By right, you should feel ashamed." Meng Gu smiled and was not bothered by her little trick. Chen Ruo Yu blushed, knowing she was unable to win him, picked up some of the popcorn and threw them at him.

"Hey, don't mess around! You'll dirty my clothes!"

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip, and then grabbed some more to continue to throw.

"Son." A female voice rang behind Chen Ruo Yu.

Then she heard him say "Mom."

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised and turned her head around to look. It was the lady who had heard her calling for help in the toilet and the same lady who had sat directly behind her.

She is actually Meng Gu's mother?! How can this be? Such a young mother!

Chen Ruo Yu widened her eyes in horror and quickly turned back to look at Meng Gu. He pursed his lips and said. "Please restrain your elder phobia."

Restrain? How can one restrain this type of phobia?

Oh God! Now, she doesn't feel well again!

In front of this lady, she had asked this lady's son to come over to play an act together with her and help her tell lies. Just now, she had offered her hand for Meng Gu to take a bite. She had also offered herself to repay her debts, right?

What else did she say again? What other embarrassing situation did she put herself in?

She could not remember any now as her mind was drawing a blank.