Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 3 / Chapters List

Many things in this world are very strange.

For example, when Chen Ruo Yu was pursuing Meng Gu she did not feel that she really liked him. She just felt that he was someone with good qualities, therefore he would make a good partner, a good target and a good candidate. Perhaps, at that time, she was too focused on making a breakthrough and going against the norm of society being a woman who pursued a man, or maybe it was because of the tension and stress of being successful that made her overlook her own feelings.

Anyway, when she was heartbroken and decided not to force herself to do things she couldn't accomplish, strange things began to happen. She thought she would hate Meng Gu and would forget him very quickly.

But she didn't

She missed him, even more than the time when she was pursuing him.

She couldn't figure out her heart became so perverted. In short, he unconsciously constantly crept in her mind. What she thought about most was his smile, he had many kinds of smiles; his gentle smile, his cold smile, his mischievous smile, his funny smile, his emotionless smile, his fake smile, his arrogant smile...All his smiles are very rich and distinguished.

She didn't go looking for him again, but hid away thinking of his smiles.

His smile is so captivating that whenever she thought of him it caused her heart to beat rapidly.

Unfortunately, she couldn't remember the kind of smiles he had on his face when they talked. She thought the reason she could not remember was because the man was not sincere towards her, so such detailed memories were not kept in her mind.

She was not exactly sure how she felt about this whole matter, but the fact that she was missing him made her feel unhappy. She told herself that her previous decisions were wrong and that pursuing a man like Meng Gu was a mistake. Although he's good looking, has a good job and his personality seems good, but both of them were not on the wavelength, that is why such an unfavorable situation was created. As a pragmatic modern woman, this kind of delusions must be tossed aside as soon as possible, and she should seriously live a good life.

She is not young anymore and she should look for a sincere serious man, she should look for a man who lives in the same world as her, a man who'll stay with her forever.

That day, Chen Ruo Yu went shopping in the supermarket and ran into Meng Gu. She was shocked as she had stayed in this neighborhood for a long time and had come to this supermarket countless times but had never come across him. After she had made up her mind never to see him again, why did she run into him here again? Could there really be such a coincidence?

Chen Ruo Yu decided to pretend not to see him.

She quickly put two packs of instant noodles in her shopping cart and hurriedly turned around and headed to the cashier's counter. As she hurried off, she had seen Meng Gu bend down in the meat section, in the selection area of those ultra-expensive imported beef steaks and she had seen in his shopping cart, there were also two trays of premium eggs.

They are really from different worlds.

She never buys eggs in the supermarket as the eggs sold here are very high prices, so she buys her eggs at the common market where it is cheaper. As for the beef steaks, such a thin piece of meat cost her an entire week's food budget.

So, she really wanted to thank those nurses in the hospital as they made her realize how different she was from him, at least she wouldn't continue to waste her youth and energy.

As she walked away in a daze, it seems her shopping cart crashed into something. Hearing the crashing sound, Chen Ruo Yu jumped and looked up as the stack of toilet rolls came crashing down on her head.

So embarrassing!

Chen Ruo Yu didn't care about the pain, her first reaction was to steal a glance in Meng Gu's direction. It was as she expected, Meng Gu had heard the commotion and was looking in her direction.

Chen Ruo Yu ducked into the pile of toilet rolls, she has already embarrassed herself so many times in front of him, she does not need to add this to her long list. Some people came to help her pick up the toilet rolls and she tried to blend into the crowd of helpers. She sneaked another glance in his direction and saw that Meng Gu was gone, she breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed he had not noticed her.

After returning the pile of toilet rolls to its original state, she turned and headed for the cashier's counter with the intention to pay and leave. Just then, she saw a small child bending to pick up one of the toilet rolls that had rolled to the side and he accidentally knocked his head into an old lady's waist.

The knock was not hard, but it invited trouble.

The old lady was small in stature but her voice was very loud. She scolded the small child ferociously and the poor child just stood there quietly foolishly listening to her. Chen Ruo Yu pushed her shopping cart past them, she didn't intend to interfere but she didn't see the child's parents around saw that the old lady was getting angrier.

Chen Ruo Yu took a few steps forward, but she couldn't stand it and so turned back to them.

"Auntie, does it still hurt?"

"Nonsense, you can try getting knocked into too! ill-mannered child, where are your eyes? I just don't know how your parents teach you. My waist hurts!"

"Auntie, you've maintained yourself really well, your waist must be really tender." The adjective Chen Ruo Yu used made the old lady gawk at her in surprise.

"I'm afraid that your tender waist is really bruised. Quickly auntie, don't carry on scolding the child, you should hurry to the hospital for a check up on the bruise to find out whether it is serious or not. Registration fee is RMB3.50, I'll pay for you." Look, she is so heroic and generous, and she also earnestly opened her purse to bring out the money.

Some people who gathered around seeing the situation also helped to persuade the old lady, telling her that since she didn't suffer any serious injuries, she shouldn't make a big fuss. When the old lady saw Chen Ruo Yu taking out some money, counting the notes and cents, she snorted and stalked off furiously.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed and quickly put the money back into her purse. Although the amount is not big, she is really unwillingly to part with the money this way.

When she got to the checkout area, she chose the furthest cashier at the end. Just as she was wondering what high-end goods Meng Gu was selecting at this moment, she suddenly felt her waist being poked and stiffened.

Chen Ruo Yu turned around and saw Meng Gu looking at her, with a wide grin showing off his white teeth, "Such a coincidence."

Chen Ruo Yu tried hard to control her facial expression and smiled at him, "Yes, such a coincidence. Is Dr. Meng here to shop?"

"Yes, I'm here to shop...and not run into toilet roll stacks like some people."

So, he saw everything, Chen Ruo Yu's face stiffened. She didn't want to deal with his hypocrisy and so simply turned around and pretended to be queuing up seriously.

She felt her waist being poked again, "Chen Ruo Yu, your waist is not so tender."

She didn't turn her around and said, "Fortunately, not being tender is also good too."

"I think your health is quite good recently. It's been a long time and I have not seen you in the hospital".

"Yes, my Ren and Du Meridien points suddenly became unblocked. My health is very good, so I don't have to go to the hospital anymore".

**(Ren and Du Meridien points...are acupuncture points that control blood circulation and adjusts the function of the heart, liver, and kidney)**

"How come I didn't notice before that you are so humorous?"

Chen Ruo Yu turned around and gave him a forced smile...really wanting to ask him whether he could just be quiet as she did not want to talk to him.

But Meng Gu was not done yet and added, "If you feel uncomfortable any day, you must remember to come and look for me."

"It's not necessary...even if I go to the hospital, I'll not be going to the outpatient clinic...I'll be going to the brain surgery department."

"Why?" From his voice, she could not tell whether he was mocking her or was genuinely surprised.

"I have brain damage...of course, I have to check my brain." Chen Ruo Yu answered cooly. Yes, if she goes looking for him again, she really has brain damage.

Meng Gu burst into laughter, Chen Ruo Yu could not help but glare at him.

At that time, it was her turn to check out. She quickly packed up her goods and paid for it, then said, "Dr. Meng goodbye."...and she quickly turned and left. She rushed out of the supermarket doors and was panting to catch her breath. Then, she heard Meng Gu's voice behind her, "Chen Ruo Yu..."

She pretended not to hear him, but her legs were short and her steps were slow.

Taking just a couple steps, Meng Gu was already beside her. He smiled and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, I would like to remind you that if you want to have your brain checked, there are two divisions, one is the Brain surgery department and the other is the Neurology department...but you're mistaken, since you need to have your brain checked, you should go to the Psychiatry department. Registration fee is RMB3.50...I'll pay for about it?"

How about it? All she wants to do now is to poke his face, poke his smile with the noddles she bought, how about it?!

For the rest of that day, Chen Ruo Yu was a mess.

She could not control her mind and kept thinking about Meng Gu's smile all day. She could not figure out how a man could smile so arrogantly and yet so handsomely.

Bastard! She should have really poked his face.