Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 33 / Chapters List

When Chen Ruo Yu woke up, her body felt light and her mood was pleasant.

The events of last night came to her mind, and she remembered that her friendship with Meng Gu had taken a qualitative leap. They can talk honestly with each other, talk about gossip together, she seemed to have encouraged him with great sentiment and reasoning.


Chen Ruo Yu was very happy, she thought that they were the type of people that could not become lovers but nevertheless could become friends.

Chen Ruo Yu got up to wash up. She saw in the mirror that she didn't change her clothes last night, the small bra was still making her uncomfortable, she quickly took it off and liberated herself. Last night when she put it on in a hurry she didn't expect that it would leave an imprint.

Chen Ruo Yu was thinking while brushing her teeth. It seems that she should lose weight. Although she is still slim, she is indeed fatter than before. Looking in the mirror, it seems that her skin is not as good as before, she needs to pay more attention. Well, should she clench her teeth and remove some money from her food budget and buy some good skin care products?

Her eyebrows have not been shaped for a long time, she was thinking she should get Sisi to help her do it. She bared her teeth and looked at it in the mirror, they were good and white, she must continue to brush well.

Chen Ruo finally finished scrutinizing herself and turned to go out of the bathroom, but was shocked. Liang Sisi was standing at the door of the bathroom staring at her.

"What are you doing?"

"I should be asking you this, what's wrong with you? You brushed your teeth, then washed your face for three minutes and then looked at yourself in the mirror for ten minutes." Liang Sisi smiled mysteriously at her and hit her arm, "Ruo Yu, you have come into spring, haven't you? Did you go on a date in the middle of the night last night? How far have has it gone?"

"How far has what gone?"

"Your love story ah, how far has it progressed?"

"Sisi!" Chen Ruo Yu pointed a finger at her, and righteously spoke, "Your mind is not pure, you think too much."

"So serious?" Liang Sisi smiled, "Then you must have fallen, fallen hard."

Chen Ruo Yu blushed, ignored her and went back to her room.

Fallen her head!

As she was applying lotion on her face, she was thinking that it wasn't easy for her to get along with Mr. Tyrannosaurus, friendship is the important thing, she must not let Sisi affect her thoughts and mess it up.

By the way, she wondered what was going on between Dr. Meng and Sisi, did Dr. Meng talk to her clearly? Last time, didn't the two of them eat together, what is the situation now? Dr. Meng went on a blind date, and according to his style of doing things, he wouldn't leave it unclear. She hasn't mentioned him recently, maybe she just gave up?

Chen Ruo Yu was just about to go out and ask about it, when she heard Sisi shouting, "I am going to work", and then heard the door open and close.

Forget it, she will ask at night.

Chen Ruo Yu thought that right now Dr. Meng's emotional life is so complicated, new and old loves are all knocking. The danger of the peach blossom forest, she still has to clearly explain to Sisi about it, so she doesn't stumble and get hurt.

By the way, she's going to dinner tonight with Dr. Meng and isn't sure what to eat. Chen Ruo Yu suddenly started to feel bad for her evil intentions, she must not give him a box of chicken feet again, making him take it back to match with rice, anyway, he did not eat it yesterday...

Wait a minute, the Chicken feet!

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly remembered the remaining two feet that Meng Gu's placed in the back of the car. It's been there all night, it's probably smelly. Oh, this won't be good, by the time Meng Gu gets off work and comes to get the car in the evening, what about the smell of rotting food in the car?

Chen Ruo Yu quickly changed her clothes and ran downstairs and looked in through the windows, her feet lunch box was still there in the compartment between the seats at the front. She wanted to open the car to take it out, but then she felt that it was not appropriate to enter his car without his consent. She thought about it and called Meng Gu.

He answered the phone, but before Chen Ruo Yu could speak, she heard a few people talking in the background on the other line, they seemed to be talking about an illness. Then Meng Gu's voice asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, is there something urgent?"

"Oh, nothing urgent." She just wanted to enter his car to take out the chicken feet, this kind of thing is definitely not urgent.

"Then I'll call you back later, I am checking on the ward."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu ended the call somewhat embarrassed she bothered him at work. She remembered that when he was inspecting the rooms, he patiently and kindly explained the patient's condition and answered any questions they had. She couldn't help but admire the handsome man who worked hard.

She looked in the car window again and thought it was better not to have rotten chicken feet in the car of a hard working man. She'll be going to work soon, if she doesn't take it out now, then she would have to come back at noon.

She thought about it and decided to forget formalities, we are already so familiar with each other, he should not mind if she invaded his car. So, she opened the door and sat in the seat, when she took out her lunch box and saw that a box of cigarettes also followed it.

Chen Ruo Yu only saw Meng Gu smoke a cigarette once. It was the last time he left the car to give her space to call home saying that he wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. Chen Ruo Yu thought that Meng Gu does not seem like someone with smoking addicting, but occasionally doing it is probably not good for the body. She put the cigarette box back and looked at the tissue box, which was almost empty and wondered if he would remember to buy a replacement, it would not be convenient if it gets empty when he needs it.

As she was lost in her thoughts, someone suddenly came up to the open door and stood there. Chen Ruo Yu was startled and turned to see a young man.

"Miss, can you move your car forward? My car can't come out."

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was stunned and replied, "I can't drive."

The man was confused and somewhat dumbfounded, "Isn't this your car?"

"It is my friend's, I am just taking something out." Chen Ruo Yu said while looking at her feet, actually, she had learned to drive a little before, but did not touch the wheel, much less get on the road, "The gas pedal is on the right, isn't it?" She really didn't remember.

The man's face went black, "Alright, I got it. You can't drive, don't touch that, don't move."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu nodded, either way, she didn't plan to move. But the keys were not put in, what does it matter if she touches it?

"That, miss, how about you come out and I can move it?" The man negotiated with Chen Ruo Yu.

"No way, what if you drive the car away, who am I going to look for?

The man did not expect Chen Ruo Yu's vigilance to be so high, these words were said doubting his credibility, he did not know what to say. He just stared at her and she stared back.

After a moment, he said in an understanding way, "Well, I'll think of some other way."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, thinking of another way is the right thing to do. She took the lunch box and got out of the car and locked the car. When she turned around, she saw the man looking at the car behind the white car and seemed to be wondering if it was possible for him to reverse.

Chen Ruo Yu stood and watched, then the owner of the car behind his came down and drove off and the man could finally move his white car, as drove off and saw Chen Ruo Yu looking at him, he smiled at her.

Chen Ruo Yu also smiled back. Actually, she was a little embarrassed, before she was not sure what he was he up to and so did not dare to let him tough Meng Gu's car. Now seeing that he was really stuck, she really seems to be cruel.

However, this person's temper is really good, he was not angry with her and was even polite enough to smile in greeting at her. Chen Ruo Yu saw that his car was free and it didn't have anything to with her, so she took her lunch box and walked back to the entrance. She had just taken a few steps when she heard the young man call out again, "Hey, that..."

Chen Ruo Yu turned back and saw him leaning out from the window of the car, looking back at her and shouting, "I think you seem familiar. Are you the one who fainted at the car accident scene?"

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised and went wide-eyed, and felt that the man's eyes were somewhat familiar.

"First aid kit, the trunk, opening the lock." He reminded her while smiling.

"Ah, it's you!"

"Yes." he laughed, "It's such a coincidence that you also live in this area. I haven't seen you before. Oh, I am late for work, can't talk, goodbye."

He waved and drove off.

Chen Ruo Yu felt very embarrassed, she was acting narrow-minded and terrible just now to him. He turned out to be the kind passerby who helped her, and what she returned to him was this behavior.

However, this is just another chance meeting, Chen Ruo Yu didn't bother to think about it. She went home and trashed the two stinky feet, washed the lunch box and went to work.

This morning, Chen Ruo Yu could not concentrate on her work, Meng Gu did not call and she didn't bother to call him either. Anyway, she would meet him at night, she has no matter to call him for and didn't want to bother him.

She was distracted while at work and kept thinking of what to do for him, the gift the last time, the feet were prepared with a mischievous heart, and he didn't even eat it in the end. She was thinking of giving him pork shoulder. When they were having dinner at Yin Zi's last time, she noticed that he liked to eat the meat.

With that plan in mind, Chen Ruo Yu anxiously waited for noon. When she got off work at noon, Chen quickly finished up and ran out. She had told her manager in advance that she would be going to see a customer in the afternoon and so would return late.

She went straight to the market and picked out a fresh big pork shoulder, then bought a pack of tissues, then thinking about it, bought a box of chewing gum intending to put it next to his cigarette pack, meaning that if he wants to smoke, he should chew gum instead, sugar is better and he should smoke less. As she carried her things, she passed by the assorted candy store, she hesitated but ended up not buying her beloved durian candy, she has to spend money economically and save.

After Chen Ruo Yu bought the things, she quickly went home to start stewing the shoulder. The smell of the stewing shoulder started to fill the house, she was very happy and was holding a bowl of noodles with egg on the side eating, she was very glad.

When she got off work in the evening, Meng Gu was late again. Chen Ruo Yu has already had a few experiences of this and so was psychologically prepared and did not mind.

She had a very good night, Meng Gu took her to eat a steak dinner. She also satisfied her curiosity and told her about his own gossip. Of the other two ex-girlfriends, one he chased after and the other chased him. Both of them had a similar family condition to his and were both the bright and gentle type.

Chen Ruo Yu thought that in Meng Gu's heart he must have been afraid that another strong-willed woman will tell him that 'our family gap is too big, even if we are together, we will not last long.'

But even if their family conditions match, so what? six months and four months, the time they were together was even shorter.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt like drinking, but Meng Gu did not let her, he said that he is afraid that she will get drunk and start shouting and singing loudly. The restaurant here is classy and he is afraid of her embarrassing herself.

Chen Ruo Yu laughed, now he is using his poisonous mouth to say bad things again, but she actually thought it was very funny.

After they left the restaurant, she really started singing to him.

"~la li lo, lo li la, li la lo~"

"Chen Ruo Yu, please stay farther away from me, don't let others see that I know you."

Chen Ruo Yu laughed and tried to pull his hand. He shrugged her off and took two long strides forward, she went to pull him again and held on tight. Then she suddenly thought of a song, she really wanted to sing, and this time she earnestly sang.

"If it is not because of loving you, how could I have this feeling of uneasiness.

Everyday inexplicably I miss you, miss you, miss you.

Love is something that torments people, yet cannot bear to give it up.

Incessantly guessing whether your heart has me there.

If it is not because of loving you, how could I be sighing uncontrollably?

For there is a feeling of incompleteness, love you, love you, in love with you."

***(The song she is singing is the attached youtube vid at the top..."Love" by Karen Mok)***

"Chen Ruo Yu, are you confessing to me?"

She laughed and glanced at him, "In your dreams." She suddenly shook his hand, "Dr. Meng, if a woman comes back to you to catch up, you must tell her, in your dreams. It's very refreshing!"

He looked at her for a long while, then suddenly knocked her forehead.

She pouted and rubbed her head. "If you can't bear to, you don't have to knock me. Dr. Meng, I said it earnestly. Although your temper is bad, your mouth is poisonous and you are not considerate, it's better to be your patient than your girlfriend, but you're bound to meet the right lid for your pot."

"You really know how to comfort people, I'm going to be disheartened by your praises."

Chen Ruo Yu laughed and hit him hard on the shoulder, "Would you like to copy Yin Zi and hold your chest?"

"No, that style is too embarrassing, I am taking high-end classy route." What he said made her laugh again.

The two people finally arrived back at Chen Ruo Yu's apartment. She got out of the car and waved goodbye to him. When she reached the entrance doors of her apartment, she suddenly remembered, and rushed back and tapped his window.

Meng Gu rolled down the window. He was frowning and holding the chewing gum in his hand, he apparently just found out that Chen Ruo Yu had put something privately in his car.

Chen Ruo Yu quickly said, "Dr. Meng, you forgot to give me Director Liu's note."

Meng Gu pursed his lips, opened a storage compartment, took out a business folder and retrieved a note from it and gave it to her. Then he shook the gum in her direction with a questioning look.

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and suddenly felt embarrassed. She didn't dare to mention that the lunch box has been changed with a new dish, and she didn't dare to mention that she helped him put in a new pack of tissues. Will he blame her for being nosy?

"Ah, that, Dr.Meng, it's late, goodbye."

She wanted to slip away.

"Chen Ruo Yu."

She had just run up to the entrance doors before she was grabbed.

"Are you trying to say that because I smoke my mouth is stinky."

"No, I didn't." You have accused wrongly, my Lord."

"I smoke very little."

She nodded to show she is aware. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have bought it.

"I don't stink."

"I didn't mean this, absolutely not." She waved her hands, somewhat worried. DOes he feel humiliated? It's just a pack of chewing gum, is it so serious? How should she explain it? She was a little anxious, "I really didn't mean it this way. I don't have to kiss Dr. Meng, so it's impossible for it to have this meaning."

She had just finished talking, when her view went dark, her chin was held up by his fingers and she felt a light soft touch on her lips. Bang!, her brain just exploded.

"I have to prove that I don't stink."

Chen Ruo Yu stayed still, she did not know how to react. She stayed still and foolishly said, "I am going back." Then turned and left and got on the elevator, after a while, she suddenly reacted.

Damn it! She was taken advantage of!

This dead man, this Tyrannosaurus, in order to prove that he does not stink, actually did this to her.

Such a bully!

She ran back out in anger, Meng Gu had not left and was leaning against his car and seemed to be deep in thought.

Chen Ruo Yu rushed over and held him down and kissed him, "A tooth for a tooth!" It's really a tooth! Her teeth hurt his lips.

There's even blood!

The assailant Chen Ruo Yu didn't expect this result, she was shocked, turned and ran away.

She ran up the stairs in one breath and escaped into her house.