Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 36 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu returned home and cooked herself a pot of rice. She ate the pork shoulder and two bowls of rice, her mood was relaxed.

In the night while lying in bed. She remembered the dishes in Meng Gu's refrigerator, it seemed that he had prepared a lot. How can he have bought so many vegetable dishes after he got off work in the afternoon? If it were her, she will definitely sneak off at noon to go grocery shopping.

There is also that Qi Yao, although this woman has nothing to do with her, she really does not like her. Although, she does not know what Meng Gu actually thinks in his heart.

He must have loved her deeply, otherwise, he would not have suffered such a heavy blow with the breakup. His other two girlfriends were completely different from Qi Yao, and the duration of their relationship was not long, and he has not been in love until now, it really seems like he has not gotten over his feelings for her.

It's no wonder that Qi Yao is full of confidence. Maybe she knows him well, or maybe she still feels the same way as that time. It's just that she is the one who inflicted the pain, so it will be hard for Meng Gu to accept.

Does Meng Gu still like her? Chen Ruo Yu was very concerned about this matter.

She tried to think back to the confrontation she saw today. The door was open and they were standing at the door to talk. Isn't it that Qi Yao just arrived? Did Meng Gu not let her enter the house?

CHen Ruo Yu blinked and was a little sleepy. Meng Gu told her that if he wants to refuse other women, he does not need to use her as a shield. Thinking about it, using her will probably increase Qi Yao's confidence.

He also said that he is not the kind of person to tease women for fun. Although she believes that he is not, he still teased her.

When her sleepiness increased, Chen Ruo Yu tried to resist stubbornly. She hadn't finished thinking and she didn't want to sleep so quickly. But she still fell asleep. Before she fell asleep, her last thought was: How can there be a man with so many merits and shortcomings like Meng Gu?

It makes people like him and loathe him at the same time. How did he accomplish this?

The next day, Chen Ruo Yu was very busy.

She had N number of customer calls to make and has an N number of policy documents to process. SHe also has a meeting scheduled and had two training sessions. Then there were customer forms to organize.

The whole day, she was refused N number times by people hanging up on her. Some of them even used extremely vulgar words to swear at her, Chen Ruo Yu rarely encountered such level of unpleasantness. Her heart felt very uncomfortable, by the half-day , her mood was not very good.

At 4 pm in the afternoon, there was a courier who came to the reception and said that there was a parcel for Chen Ruo Yu. The reception called her to come to receive it, Chen Ruo Yu felt very surprised, but the name and phone number were indeed hers. She was puzzled and accepted the parcel, after she got back to her seat and opened it, she found it was actually the durian candy she liked.

This is really a surprise.

Although she did not know who sent it, Chen Ruo Yu was very happy. She picked up the two pack of sweets and then noticed a piece of paper at the bottom of the box. She opened it and saw that it was a prescription paper from the hospital with the words: It's really not easy to buy this candy.

The handwriting looked like a dragon and phoenix dance, one needs to look at it carefully in order to identify the words written. It is really a doctor's handwriting.

Chen Ruo Yu grinned, she couldn't help but smile.

She quickly opened a bag and stuffed the candy into her mouth. The thick taste of the durian candy melting in her mouth, made the feeling of a bad day disappear.

She took her phone and sent a text message to Meng Gu: your writing is too ugly.

After a while, Meng Gu called and she answered.

"Chen Ruo Yu, you are really nitpicky."

"I am telling the truth." Because of the candy in her mouth, her voice was a bit muffled.

Meng Gu apparently noticed it and asked, "Is the candy delicious?"

"It's delicious."

"So, are we good now?"


Chen Ruo Yu answered so quickly and Meng Gu was stunned. The phone was quiet for a while, then she heard Meng Gu say, "Chen Ruo Yu, it couldn't be that you are an exploitative person with a short mouth? What do you mean, you are eating the candy, but still putting on airs with me?"

"This is not putting on airs. It is called principle. You haven't apologized yet, so why should I reconcile with you? Besides, I also sent the candy to you in the beginning. I have also given you chicken feet and stewed pork shoulder."

"But I didn't eat it at all."

"Who is to blame?" Chen Ruo Yu was eating the candy, her brain was responding quickly, her mouth was quick and clever and her mood was quite good.

This question stumped Meng Gu. He coughed twice and coughed again. Then he whispered, "Okay, before I have not acted with the best manners."

"An apology is three words, that way it is more formal."

"Chen Ruo Yu."


"You are not letting me speak."

"I did not stop you."

The phone went quiet for a moment, them Meng Gu suddenly went, "Ahem," then said, "I am busy, hang up."

Says hang up and just ends the call. Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and pressed the call button. SHe chewed the candy in her mouth and looked at the box on the table. Suddenly, she felt that Meng Gu was a little cute, a shy and savage Tyrannosaurus, um, it's pretty cute.

For the rest of the day, Meng Gu did not call again, Chen Ruo Yu did not mind.

The next day, Meng Gu did not call, Chen Ruo Yu was a little bit concerned.

On the third day, Chen Ruo Yu looked at her phone from time to time, but there was still no contact from Meng Gu. She couldn't help but start wondering what he was busy with. Is he mad at her for not letting it go? But she doesn't fell that she is wrong. He did something out of bounds, she can't just indulge him and let it go like that, can she? He needs to show the sincerity of a friend, this way their friendship can survive.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly remembered that she had the plan to ignore him for a month. The day before yesterday, she had already broken it. Therefore, she should not be worried that he doesn't contact her, she doesn't care.

Nothing special happened for the rest of the day, it was another weekend so everybody's mood getting off work was very high. Her colleagues invited Chen Ruo Yu to go to Karaoke, but she tactfully declined and went home after work. After entering her area, as she got to the entrance of her apartment, she saw the very enthusiastic passer-by.

Mr. Passerby was bending under the hood of a red car and seems to be repairing the car. When Chen Ruo Yu walked over, he stood up and told the person in the car, "Okay, give it a try now." The driver started the car and the engine roared. The driver happily said, "It's good, it's good, thank you very much."

Mr. enthusiastic passerby smiled and closed the hood. The driver of the car came down and thanked him again. Chen Ruo Yu discovered that it was the passer-by doing a good deed, he was helping others repair the car.

"Hey." Mr. Passerby smiled and said to Chen Ruo Yu who he had just noticed, she nodded her head to say hello.

Chen Ruo Yu returned the smile and happened to be walking the same way as him.

"Do you live in this building?" Mr. Passerby saw Chen Ruo Yu heading towards her apartment building, smiled and pointed at the building behind him, "We are separated by a building. I didn't think it was so close, but I have never seen you before."

"Yes, in this area you have to run around the streets to meet."

Mr. Passerby laughed, revealing his white teeth, she felt like him and Meng Gu laughed a bit alike, Chen Ruo Yu did not feel a good impression of him. He stretched out a hand and introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Zhou Zhe."

"Tortuous?" Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but laugh. She politely wanted to shake his hand, but Zhou Zhe suddenly remembered and took his hand back, "I'm sorry, I forgot I was just working on a car, it's a little dirty."

***(She mispronounced his name is "周哲" (Zhou Zhe) and she pronounced it "周哲" (Zhouzhe))***

"It doesn't matter." Chen Ruo Yu was amused by his flustered expression, "My name is Chen Ruo Yu."

"Hello, hello. Your name is much stronger than mine. My Zhe is the Zhe in wise, not the Zhe in tortuous. However, when my parents were giving me a name, they only thought of the philosophical meaning. As a result that has caused me some tortuous events."

Chen Ruo Yu laughed, "I have a friend who also doesn't have a good name. He is obviously a good doctor, but his name is Meng Gu."

***(in Chinese 'Meng Gu' means Mongolian Doctor...the idea of referring to someone as a Mongolian is equivalent to calling them stupid, dumb, retarded if someone is called, a Mongolian anything, it means the person's service is sub-par at best, hence the tragedy's definitely his mom who named him)***

Zhou Zhe was stunned and realized what it meant and laughed, "Is that powerful doctor from that day?"

"Do you mean his medical skills are powerful or that his temper is bad?"

"Well, both are very powerful." Zhou Zhe said with a smile, "You fainted that day so you don't know, the two people in the car accident who we treated were very miserable. I think the two of them definitely wished they were not saved by him."

Chen Ruo Yu immediately subconsciously spoke up for Meng Gu, "Don't blame Dr. Meng, the two people were driving dangerously, they almost bumped into Dr. Meng's car. Dr. Meng told them to stop and they kept driving dangerously. So the car accident happened and they almost hit another person."

"I know, I know. I saw it that day." Zhou Zhe said, "I think that the doctor handled them very well. The two people drunk driving could have seriously hurt others, they should be taught a lesson."

"What did Dr. meng do to them that day?"

Chen Ruo Yu was very curious, so Zhou Zhe began to tell her how Meng Gu secretly dealt with the two men, and how he scolded them so much that they were afraid to talk. When they arrived at the hospital, they quickly asked to change doctors, the result is Meng Gu gave them a thorough lesson.

Chen Ruo Yu listened with gusto and her eyes were shining. Zhou Zhe also remembered the events of that day fondly so he was very talkative. The two talked happily and when they finished the topic, they said goodbye and went their separate ways. Chen Ruo Yu found that she could actually talk to a stranger about Meng Gu at the entrance of her building for 20 minutes.

She took off her shoes and dropped her bag, poured herself a glass of water, she was thinking about it and suddenly heard the phone ring. She picked it up and saw that it was Meng Gu.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I am downstairs at your house."

"..." Chen Ruo Yu was secretly glad that she had not drunk the water yer, otherwise, she will definitely have spat it out at this moment.

"Chen Ruo Yu."

"What are you doing downstairs at my house?" She said as she ran to the balcony and looked down. Meng Gu's car was really downstairs.

"Thanks to you, I have been blocked from going home."

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and was very surprised. No, how is she really involved in this?

"Dr. Meng, if you are blocked by my parents and they are forcing you to marry me, then you can say it thanks to me. Now you are blocked by your ex-girlfriend, what does it have to do with me?"

Meng Gu did not argue with her and only said, "Come down."

"What are you going to do?" She stared at his car from her balcony, but unfortunately, due to the roof, she couldn't see his expression.

"There are some words I want to tell you."

"Is it an apology? Apologize and I will come down.

"Chen Ruo Yu, are you itchy?"

***(meaning is she itching for trouble)***

"Dr. Meng, you have this imposing manner, you might as well go home and face her! Or is it that you cannot beat her so you came here to bully me? I refuse to enjoy such treatment. If you feel that it is a little awkward to be alone with her, you can call up your other two ex-girlfriends from the past as well, four of you can play mahjong together, get some fresh air, share your grievances and feelings and resolve them together. This is better than you calling me, don't you think?"

"I think that to allow your arrogance to continue will not bode well for me in the long run."

"Dr. Meng has thoroughly thought it over, don't worry you don't have to marry me, so you don't need to be worried about me stepping on top of your head. Also, I have the best temper and am very good to my friends, has Dr. Meng reflected on himself?"

"I have, I've spent the time to reflect."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled, "I have not seen it."

"Chen Ruo Yu, no matter what you want to hear, shouldn't I say it to your face?"

"I want to wait until I see your sincere attitude."

Meng Gu on the other side quieted down.

Chen Ruo Yu waited for a long time and couldn't bear it and called out, "Dr. Meng."

Meng Gu suddenly sighed, "Chen Ruo Yu, in fact, you are like me."

"I am certainly different from you." They are radically different kinds of people, where are they similar?

"As long as the other party has a shred of uncertainty, you can feel it, can't you?"

Chen Ruo Yu could not understand. She frowned and thought about it for a long time, and ended up asking, "What is uncertain?"