Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 4 / Chapters List

A chance encounter is something similar to throwing a stone into the middle of a lake, although it will cause ripples, but in a flash, it will disappear without a trace.

But it is undeniable that the stone has sunk deep into the heart.

Chen Ruo Yu was like the lake that the stone was thrown into. On the surface, she was calm and serene, but in her heart, her feelings were rippling endlessly. That stone was pressing into her heart uncomfortably.

Obviously, the one who did not like her was him, the one who gossiped badly about her to other was him, but why is it that after they met, the one feeling guilty was her?

It was alright if it was just a guilty conscience, but why is still thinking about him?

Remembering this ghost again, she remembered that she should dislike him, spurn and despise him. Although regarding this matter, it was also her mistake to be over-confident, but to be degraded and put down in front of his co-workers - she still felt unhappy.

She must bear a grudge against him! Humph!

She wants to live better than him! Humph!

She wants to find a partner faster than him, get married and have children. Then when they meet again, she'll have the opportunity to tell him sarcastically..... 'Yo, why isDr. Meng still single? Is it because your eyesight is too high? This is not good.'

Um, although doing this kind of thing is vulgar and lowly but to Chen Ruo Yu, since she is considered such a lowly person, as long as she can vent her anger, it doesn't matter at all.

So quickly, she was able to revive her spirit and extract herself from the depressing waves of that encounter. Then she actively asked her colleagues and friends to help introduce her to potential partners.

She wanted to fo on blind dates.

Chen Ruo Yu's housemate, Liang Sisi gave her a thumbs-up, although she does not think going on blind dates was a good idea, "Ruo Yu, let me tell's very difficult to find love going on blind dates."

"It's okay, as long as one can treat the blind date as a must-match customer...analyze clearly, focus on the important points and attack directly."

"But you, when you talked to your customers, you don't analyze them. You just talk blindly and say whatever that comes through your mind, that's why your success rate is so low."

Chen RuoYu was surprised. She felt the situation sounded very familiar and have encountered it somewhere. She shook her head and argued, "But I'm also able to complete my quota every month. This is also one of my strategies...I'd rather try and fail than give up without trying."

Liang Sisi shook her finger at Chen Ruo Yu, "No. No. This will not work. This kind of thing, there must be a romantic and beautiful hotbed for it to sprout out. Look at me, why is it that every timelovedescends so quickly on me? It's also the question of timing. Time, location, scene and people.. if all these are set in place, with a look and a word, you'll be able to feel love rushing straight at you."

Liang Sisi is a typical romantic young woman. The books she reads are mostly romantic fiction stories and the rules inside these books have become her treasured guidelines.

"Let me tell you.. in this type of arranged blind dates, you'll not be able to find any suitable partners. It's too old-fashioned, everyone who comes will be prepared with their hearts filled with expectations and imaginations. When they really meet, they'll not have any feelings anymore. The type of fate that comes unexpectedly is more reliable. For example, at a supermarket, when he reaches for something and accidentally touches your hand or he's pushing a trolley and accidentally knocks into you....."

Chen RuoYu's face became distorted. Did this Liang Sisi secretly follow her to the supermarket?

"And there's still this.... if you twist your foot on the road and someone's there to help you. Otherwise, on a rainy day and the two of you urgently rushes under the eaves to take shelter...."

"Sisi, ah....". Chen Ruo Yu really could not resist interrupting her... "You really read too many's not beneficial at all".

"You have to believe me. What I'm talking about now is the classic way of meetings. That, what is it again... that movie also had this scene... a sudden burst of love which enables the two of you to meet. Just look at me...the third time that I fell in love was dueto a chance encounter. Don't you think I'm more experienced than you?"

"The burst of love that suddenly happened will also extinguish very fast". Chen Ruo Yu sincerely rebutted... "Now I know why every time you fall in love, it doesn't last long. I'll learn from your lessons and experiences, thank you".

"Ai, ai....". Liang Sisi was not happy, "Ruo Yu, I'm only kindly giving you advice, don't talk back to me with your poison-tongue, otherwise, you may match-up with a poison-tongued man. What type of lid will match with that type of pot, do you know?".

These words really hurt.

Chen RuoYu endlessly waved her hand, "I'm not poison-tongued... not poison-tongued... I'm a gentle and virtuous woman who seeks a gentle and virtuous man."

Liang Sisi patted Chen Ruo Yu on the shoulder and said.. "Go for it, Ruo Yu.. as long as we work hard at it and the methods are in place, there'll be gentle and virtuous men around. Listen to me, if during the blind-date, you don't feel anything for that man sitting opposite you, then you should pay attention to your surroundings. I've read tens of thousands of romantic novels and have dozens of love experiences and can tell you that love is something unexpected that can come out of the expected."


Two days later, Chen Ruo Yu went on a blind date.

The man whom she's on a blind date with is called Li Jian. He was introduced to her by one of her colleagues and was a friend's friend, separated by two layers of relationship. The man works at a cosmetic business company. Liang Sisi was right.. before going on a blind-date, Chen Ruo Yu had expectations, thoughts, and imaginations. So after meeting him, she really didn't feel anything for the man. Since they had met, it was not good to waste the opportunity.

So Chen Ruo Yu sold insurance to him. This, Li Jian was also a tactful person, also enthusiastically cooperated with her and sold cosmetics to Chen Ruo Yu.

The blind-date became a commercial business meeting. A man and a woman held an interesting lively conversation and finally regretted they hadn't met earlier.

"It would be nice If I had met you earlier. I'm sure in your company, you have lots of young female colleagues. You must remember to help recommend my products and I'll gift you with more samples later."

"Then you should also help me by keeping a lookout. If you have friends who need insurance, be sure to introduce them to me."

Both of them were in a happy mood and made promises to each other. Chen Ruo Yu was feeling especially happy when suddenly beside her, came a light cough and a man's voice... "Such a coincidence to meet you here."

It is Meng Gu.

Chen Ruo Yu's face stiffened slightly. Liang Sisi's theory echoed in her ear. But it's a pity.. this chance of encounter is not one of love but an encounter with an enemy.

"On a date?".. the enemy asked.

Chen RuoYu smiled and did not answer.

"Ah..... this doesn't look like it. Is this a blind date?".

Li Jian looked at Chen Ruo Yu and politely smiled along with her.

Meng Gu also smiled. He looked at the table, laid out with cosmetic samples and insurance materials.. "Your way of dating is quite unique."

Why is this person's way of speaking so hateful? Chen RuoYu felt regret once again when she remembered that she had once pursued this man before.

"Men should remember to pay the bills." Meng Gu didn't seem to notice Chen Ruo Yu's expression and patted Li Jian's shoulder as he left with that reminder. He waved his hand, said his goodbye and left with a male friend.

Li Jian, who was patted on his shoulder was at a loss and could not figure out What had just happened. He could not help but ask... "Miss Chen, who's that person?".

"A friend of a friend...I'm not familiar with him." Chen RuoYu still felt embarrassed that Meng Gu had discovered her selling insurance during her blind date. Initially, she didn't think anything was wrong with it, but for him to discover this, she felt embarrassed.

"He seems to have good qualities." Li Jian didn'tunderstand why he said this and his tone sounded a bit sour.

Chen RuoYu nodded, "Well, you're right."

She thought for a while then she could not control herself and complained, " It's annoying. It's alright if he goes on a date. Why should he be here to bother other people?"

Date? Li Jian remembered the man who had left with Meng Gu.

Suddenly, he realized and loudly let out a sound "Ah! So, that's the case."

What's is it? Chen RuoYu looked at his expression and quickly understood. She swears she did not mean this or intend to do this. This way of degrading someone, she really had never done it before. In fact, she hated this type of behavior but now, it was like she was possessed by the devil himself and couldn't help but take a stab at him... "You found out, he really is."

Li Jian nodded his head with the excitement of hearing gossip... "It can be seen.., can be seen."

"What can be seen?" A gloomy voice sounded beside Chen Ruo Yu and she felt a chill behind her back.

It's him again...Dr. Meng actually came back.