Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 40 / Chapters List

It's really a small world.

This coincidence made Chen Ruo Yu surprised and happy.

The warm-hearted passerby makes her feel more at ease than it being any other stranger.

Zhou Zhe was obviously surprised as well, he scratched his head and smiled, "It's such a coincidence."

The two mothers were quite interested in their reaction, when they heard that they knew each other in A city and that they lived in the same area, they were overjoyed and couldn't wait and were ready for them to get married right away. This really scared Chen Ruo Yu.

Fortunately, Zhou Zhe is a stable person. Just when Chen Ruo Yu's elder phobia was acting up and she began to stutter and she didn't know what to say, he stepped up and aided the situation.

He told the two mothers to eat and then went from talking about dishes to health care, from healthcare to the interests of the elderly; drinking tea, chess, knitting sweaters to playing mahjong and even about current popular TV series, he could unexpectedly say a few words on. When the two mothers were chatting and their moods were more stable, he jokingly told them that he and Chen Ruo Yu just met in A city and that the two mothers were thinking too far ahead of them and that it's not so easy for young people to get along.

With these words, he had controlled the flow of the chat, clearly explained things and set the tone and the two mothers also became reasonable, and for the rest of the dinner did not slip into the marriage topic again. They were now interested in the work and life of the two young ones in A city.

Chen Ruo Yu is not good at this kind of talks and was still felt uncomfortable in her sit. Fortunately, Zhou Zhe is very patient, Chen mother is also very interested in his business. Zhou mother is full of pride and loves to talk about his affairs. Chen Ruo Yu was on the sidelines, the dinner progressed smoothly and there were no more dangers.

In the end, the two mothers were reluctant to part and even said that the two children have fate. They also told Zhou Zhe to go strolling with Chen Ruo Yu and go home later.

Zhou Zhe agrees, Chen Ruo Yu did not want to make everyone look bad and so she also agreed. The two of them walked down the street to the delight of their mothers,

"I'm so sorry about this." Chen Ruo Yu said somewhat uncomfortable. "My mother was sizing you up then, I hope you don't mind."

Zhou Zhe smiled, "Is my mother not the same, it doesn't matter, I also hope you don't mind."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

"How come you came back for a blind date?"

"Ah, I was tricked. My mom always wanted me to come back here to work and get married, but I don't want to move back." Chen Ruo Yu finished and suddenly thought that is this not rejecting him? She looked at Zhou Zhe.

Zhou Zhe was also looking at her, he said, "Are you so determined? Actually, C city is now developing well."

"That is not the reason." Chen Ruo Yu did not know what to say.

"I have been living in A city for several years. It is really good there, the city is big and there are many business opportunities, more opportunities and more money to earn. But I still want to come back. My parents are getting older and I am an only child and can't feel at ease."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at Zhou Zhe, his eyes were really sincere, she was suddenly moved, these days, filial responsible men are rare.

***(He seems sweet but maybe in another universe LOL...Meng Gu, your smiling double is making some moves here...)***

"My mother is not doing well." Chen Ruo Yu felt that there was a big difference between her and Zhou Zhe.

"Don't you have a younger brother?" Chen mother mentioned it during the dinner.

"He is attending school in another city, I don't know what he is planning on doing after graduation."

Zhou Zhe nodded and didn't know what to say. After all, one wants to stay in A city, and the other definitely wants to return to C city, with this preconditions, it seems that there will not be a possibility for development between this two.

Chen Ruo Yu was also a bit embarrassed, she is most unwilling to deal with this kind of situation, at this time if Meng Gu was here it would be just fine.

"But it's really such a coincidence. I didn't expect that the person my mom was insisting I come to meet to actually be you." Zhou Zhe said suddenly as he laughed.

"You were also called back by your mother?"

"No. I happened to have something to do here. My friend set up a meeting for today to introduce me to someone. So, I told my family I was coming back today. I didn't expect them to grab the opportunity and set up this dinner."

Chen Ruo Yu thought, he rushed here for business and was unexpectedly roped into going to see a prospective partner, she thought he had it worse than her and could not help but laugh.

The two walked all the way while talking, and it was also so agreeable. Chen Ruo Yu slowly relaxed and spoke more. In the end, Zhou sent her home and she seriously thought about it and said, "Mr. Zhou, I really didn't want to come back for a blind date, I was tricked by my mom. For the time being, I don't plan to move back to C city."

"I understand, you have said it before." Zhou Zhe nodded and generously said, "In any case, we are still friends. Speaking of it, it is really fate, I hope you don't get frightened by this blind date. I will talk to my mom, don't worry."

"Thank you, I will also talk to my family. I hope it won't cause you any trouble."

"It won't." Zhou Zhe gave a wide smile, revealing his white teeth. Chen Ruo Yu thought again that his smile was a bit like Meng Gu's.

"I am driving back to A city tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to come along? I can drop you right at your doorstep on my way."

That's true, it'll really be at her doorstep. Chen Ruo Yu smiled and nodded.

When Chen Ruo Yu returned home, she saw her father giving her mother medicine.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. It's just the medicine prescribed by the doctor last week, it's nothing."

"Yout mother is too happy and excited so her heart was not feeling too comfortable." he was saying it was not comfortable, but Chen father was still very happy. "Xiao Yu, the guy you met today, are you satisfied? I heard that you know each other and that you even live in the same area, this is really fate, isn't it? I think this is very good. Your mother said that the other family is pleased with you."

"He is very good. Yes, but we didn't progress to that possibility for the time being. I just talked to him about being friends."

"How is that possible?" Chen mother anxiously jumped up and probed, "Did he say he is not satisfied with you? Or does he have any other requirements?"

"That's not it." Chen Ruo Yu was about to discuss it, but seeing her mother's face did not look right. She quickly helped her mother sit down. "Are you very uncomfortable? Do you want to go to the hospital to get it checked?"

"It's alright." Chen mother waved, "You want to me have less fun. Tell me quickly, what is the situation in the end? Why didn't it develop? Isn't everything good is all aspects? His family is not very rich and he is opening a driving school too, and he is taking out a loan too, did he say it is not good for you to marry him to follow him to live in debt. It's just his family owns a house and he is the only child, so there will no one fighting over family property and no siblings to burden you, these are pretty good. Frankly speaking, our two families have similar conditions, it is an appropriate match, no one can nitpick about the other. What did he tell you? What did he think is not good?"

"No, it is me..." Chen Ruo Yu looked at her mother's pale face and suddenly lose confidence and mumbled in a small voice, "I still want to stay in A city."

Chen mother's expression changed and she just stared at Chen Ruo Yu. After looking at her for a while, she pointed at her but she was still speechless. Chen father also on the side also didn't say anything.

After a long while, Chen mother swung her arm, stood up and turned and went into her room, slamming the door. Chen father chased after her, but stopped and looked back at his daughter, but eventually could not say anything and entered the room.

Chen Ruo Yu was left standing alone in the living room, she couldn't express the sadness in her heart.

That night, Chen Ruo Yu hid in her room and called Meng Gu.

"Dr. Meng, Is it convenient to talk now?

"It's past 10 pm, what would be inconvenient?"

"That is not right, I am worried that your blind date is not yet over."

Meng Gu's voice sounded very unhappy, "I said that it was not a blind date."

"Okay, then it's not a blind date." Chen Ruo Yu was in the mood to argue with him, but she quickly said one more sentence. "It should be called a consolidation and strengthening meeting. The first meeting is the blind date, and the second meeting is to thoroughly analyze the possibility of getting along."

Meng Gu was angry and simply asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, are you itchy again?"

"I'm not." Chen Ruo Yu used her fingers to trace the sheet, "Dr. Meng, let me tell you something."

"Go ahead."

"Guess who I met today?"


"The last time when we saw the car accident and then I fainted because of the blood, remember the kind passerby who helped. Well, I later found out that he lives in the same neighborhood as me, we're neighbors. And then today, I met him again on the blind date, he was the blind date."

The phone was silent for a few seconds, and then Meng Gu asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, when are you going to come back?"

"How can you not be interested in my gossip? Let me tell you, I was so scared today, I didn't expect it to be him at all."

"Did you reject him?"

"Rejected. But my mom is angry, I feel very upset."

Meng Gu softened his voice and comforted her, "Then you can't be with someone you don't like just to make your mother happy, can you?"

"Actually, Zhou Zhe is quite good, his name is the same style as yours. But, he wants to live in C city and I want to remain in A city, so it not likely for anything to develop."

"If he is willing to stay with you in this city, then do want to develop the relationship?" Meng Gu's voice was fierce.

"Well..." Chen Ruo Yu seriously thought about it, is this the case?

"Chen Ruo Yu, when are you coming back?" Is Mr. Tyrannosaurus beginning to surface? Chen Ruo Yu frowned.

"Coming back tomorrow, and returning to work on Monday."

"What time will your bus arrive? I will pick you up at the station." This statement was said with a resounding and firm tone.

"No need, no need. Zhou Zhe said that he will be returning to A city tomorrow. He is driving so he can give me a ride. We live in the same neighborhood, so he can send me right to my door."

"He also works in A city? wait, when you said neighborhood, you are referring to the one you live in, not your parent's neighborhood?"

"Yes. He also works in A city, but he plans to return to C city after a while to open a driving school. My mother still hopes that I can move back to C city, so she thinks Zhou Zhe is very suitable."

Meng Gu was silent again, after a while, he said, "The two of you work in A city, then went back to C city for a blind date, then will go back to A city to fall in love, then will move back to C city to start a family? How on earth did this happen?"

"According to my mom's script, things will happen like that. Such a person was found by her, she is simply too talented, isn't she?"

Meng Gu did not say anything

Chen Ruo Yu stopped and felt that something was wrong, "Dr. Meng, are you in a bad mood? Did something go wrong on your blind date? You don't like her, did your father force you?"

"No, he can't force me." He paused and then asked, "How do you plan to handle this?"

"My mom didn't say she'll force me either, but whenever I mention staying in A city she loses her temper. She's really not doing well, and she was still taking medicine today. Dr. Meng, although I am angry with her, I still feel distressed for her, she is still my mother."

Meng Gu did not speak, Chen Ruo Yu thought about it and asked him, "Dr. Meng, I don't like C city. Although I have made no achievements in A city, I have an ordinary job, I don't own a house, I don't have a partner, but I still prefer the free and easygoing life there, but as I came back and saw my parents. I felt sad again seeing their expectant expressions wanting me to return here. Tell me, what should I do?"

"Chen Ruo Yu, you didn't hesitate about returning to C city, before you went on a blind date with Zhou Zhe, did you? Now that you met him, you think you have an opportunity, don't you? You think he's a good fit for you, don't you?" Meng Gu sounded cranky.

"What does this have to do with Zhou Zhe? I am talking about my parents now. Although I have always quarreled with them in the past two years, although I feel very tired, although I prefer A city, they are old and my mother is not doing well, I came back this time and seeing how they are, I felt some heartache. Dr. Meng, didn't run away from home in your last year of high school and finally returned home because your mother was sick? Dr. Meng, when I lost contact with my family last time, were you not the angriest? I thought you could understand me."

The phone was quiet, Chen Ruo Yu held the phone, biting her lip and waiting for Meng Gu to speak.

"Chen Ruo Yu, let me tell you, you are not compatible with Zhou Zhe."

"What?" How come he is still talking about Zhou Zhe? she was talking about her parents.

"Your ex-boyfriend lived in the same neighborhood as you, right? This Zhou Zhe also lives in the same community with you, you have same neighborhood love, this is a disease and so you will definitely not have good results."

Chen Ruo Yu was startled and opened her mouth, what nonsense is this?

"Don't waste time on him, quickly come back!"

Chen Ruo Yu was angry, why would he curse her like this? Also, neighborhood love cannot be a disease, Rubbish!

She hung up the phone.

MiraiSaesang notes: LOL Meng Gu is on pins and needles with this her about bad timing, I am sure he was planning on confessing that night...I like this though, he is too smug about everything, him suffering is fun LOL...

...he's probably thinking back to when he met Zhou Zhe and thinking, "I knew there was a reason why I didn't like him!" ...I don't know if you all remember, but he was rude and dismissive to Zhou Zhe when he was found him talking to Chen Ruo Yu in the hospital, you'd think he offended him somehow, well looking back at it now, I guess he did LOL ...