Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 42 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu felt like an arrow.

She thought that she has a lot to say to Meng Gu. The struggles in her heart, her obscure future, her job, her romantic life, she wants to hear Meng Gu's advice. Although he doesn't speak pleasantly, but he is calm and objective.

Unfortunately, the return journey was not smooth. As soon as they exited the highway, they encountered a traffic jam, it seems there was a car accident at the front.

The car was blocked for half an hour and could not move. Chen Ruo Yu was feeling anxious, she called Meng Gu but he didn't answer.

Zhou Zhe comforted her, trying to get her to relax and joked, "It seems when we are together, we are likely to happen upon a car accident."

Chen Ruo Yu could not smile, she remembered another person who had encountered a car accident with her, remembered that he immediately rushed out to save people, remembered that he has a first aid kit in his trunk.

Zhou Zhe ran up to the front to find out what was going on. After a while, he returned and said, "The traffic police are clearing up the roadblocks, the wait shouldn't be too long."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded and called Meng Gu again. No one answered. Zhou Zhe turned on the radio. The news flash reported that there was a big traffic accident where 8 cars where hit, and also two buses. There were too many injured people, and so the victims were distributed to three hospitals. The number of casualties is still being counted.

In the list of the hospital, there was also the one where Meng Gu worked.

Chen Ruo Yu listened to the report and was very worried.

After waiting for a long while, the road was finally cleared. Zhou Zhe followed the traffic and slowly came upon the scene of the accident. He remembered Chen Ruo Yu's blood phobia and reminded her, "Don't look, there is blood."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, but instead of being grateful for his thoughtfulness, she suddenly said, "I don't want to go home first, can I trouble you to send me to the hospital." She told him the name of Meng Gu's hospital.

Zhou Zhe blanked and then suddenly remembered, "Are you going to see that the doctor? Is he your friend?"


"You..." Zhou Zhe probed, "Is he your boyfriend? your family doesn't know?"

"No, just a good friend." Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt a bit guilty, she bit her lip, she had no reason to be guilty. If any people in the world are least likely to be lovers, it must be her and Meng Gu.

Zhou Zhe nodded and didn't ask anymore. The car passed the accident scene and finally picked up speed. The rest of the ride was smooth and he dropped her off at the hospital.

The Emergency room in the hospital was full of people, and it seems that many wounded people were sent here. Zhou Zhe wanted to park to accompany Chen Ruo Yu but she refused. She thanked him Zhou Zhe and told him to return first, and then she quietly entered into the emergency room.

Reporters, police officers, family members, wounded people and other normal patients were crowded in here. The medical staff hurriedly rushing from here to there.

Chen Ruo Yu called Meng Gu again, but got no answer, so she sent a text message. "I am back, I heard the news of the car accident, are you busy? Please call me when you see this message. I am waiting for you at the garden restaurant."

Chen Ruo Yu sat in the hospital's atrium garden for while, and the sky gradually darkened, she felt hungry so she quickly went to the bakery near the hospital to buy bread and then went to the convenience store to buy mineral water, afraid to miss Meng Gu, she quickly ran back.

There were fewer people in the emergency room nor, Chen Ruo Yu made another call, no answer, so she sent another text message. Then she went back to the atrium garden's bench and sat down.

As usual, she ate her white steamed bun and mineral water. This time no one came up midway to talk to her, and Meng Gu did not appear. She looked up and saw the moon and the stars.

This is the first time she has sat in the hospital's garden at night, there is a poem that says, 'Raise your head to gaze at the bright moon, bow your head and think of your hometown.' But she is afraid to think about her hometown, it's distressing to think about her hometown. She is now in A city, she feels very relaxed, she is so close to her Mr. Tyrannosaurus, she feels like the trouble is so far away.

Wait a moment, wrong, he's not hers.

Chen Ruo Yu took another bite of her bun and looked at Mr. Peach Blossom forest, he is still so handsome, but there is no text message or call.

Chen Ruo Yu was patient and continued to wait.

In fact, that Zhou Zhe is really pretty good. He is good, friendly, warm-hearted, ambitious, filial and it is very easy to get along with him. If he was not going back to C city, would she be willing to get together with him??

But she did not feel her heart stirring at all, just as Liang Sisi said that after that sort of encounter, for it to work there should be some stirring emotions at that time, just like she had then when realized what she really did like Meng Gu, a feeling of panic, restlessness...

"So you were willing to come back?" A question interrupted Chen Ruo Yu's thoughts.

She turned her head and saw Meng Gu. He was wearing casual clothes and looked tired, but the tone of his question was still quite bad.

Chen Ruo Yu grinned and ignored his bad attitude.

Meng Gu came over and sat down beside her.

Chen Ruo Yu handed him a bottle of water and he shook his head.

"Have you eaten? Hungry?" He shook his head and nodded. Chen Ruo Yu actually understood what he meant, she pulled out a bread bun, "Here, it's garlic bread, it's savory, first use this to pad your stomach."

"Too dry, don't want to eat."

Does not want to drink water, does not want to eat because it's too dry. Chen Ruo Yu ignored him, put the bread away and just sat with him

The two people sat quietly for a while, then Meng Gu suddenly said, "Chen Ruo Yu, aren't you usually talkative? You say something, I'll listen."

"How am I?" Chen Ruo Yu was not angry, "You forgot that I was dumped because I was too boring."

"How do sell insurance without being able to talk well?"

"I am familiar with the insurance business, I can sell each case according to the specific circumstances of the customer. But my performance is indeed average." Chen Ruo Yu thought about it and continued, "But my clients are the most stable, and my old clients introduce a lot of new clients. It is because I am dedicated and responsible."

"Oh." Meng Gu leaned back on the chair, it seems he was not very interested in her performance.

He looked very tired, and Chen Ruo Yu did not know what to say. Therefore, it got quiet again.

Meng Gu suddenly said, "Chen Ruo Yu, I am in a bad mood, you say something to liven the atmosphere."

"At this time, shouldn't go eat a bowl of hot soup noddles, then go hurry and hurry to sleep?"

"Too tired and don't want to move."

That's your reason! Chen Ruo Yu frowned.

"When I'm in a bad mood I eat sweets, but I didn't bring any durian candy."

"I hate the taste of durian." Meng Gu's disgusted expression unceremoniously showed his dislike for it.

Chen Ruo Yu stared at him, "Then I don't know how to liven the atmosphere, you should go eat and then go home to rest.."

Meng Gu turned to look at her, her fingers were rubbing her eyebrows, "Hey, I am not happy, aren't you the best in cheering me up?"

Chen Ruo Yu was shocked and wide-eyed, "When did I have this strength?"

"When I came out the operating room, I was in a bad mood and very tired. But when I saw that there were four missed calls and two unread text messages. I suddenly felt that my mood was better."

How perverted. Chen Ruo Yu stared at him, this person always regards other people worrying as entertainment.

"You still have the nerve to say that, you said you'll pick me up today, why didn't you call me?"

"You have someone to pick you up and drop you off, and even sending you all the way to your doorstep. Later, you will join hands and return home together, what am I doing showing kind intentions only to be snubbed. And you hung up on me yesterday!" He said some anger, "You hung up on me and haven't taken the initiative to call me. Of course, I cannot do it first."

Is he throwing his temper around? This person is really annoying. Chen Ruo Yu felt like hitting him.

"Go eat dinner quickly." She didn't want to care about him, but she didn't want to leave him alone.

"No appetite."

"I will call you a few more times, you don't pick up, and then you can look at the missed calls and then your mood will be better and you will have appetite."

Meng Gu laughed and stretched out his long legs, "I said that you are best in making me happy. Only an idiot can come up with this method, it's really delightful."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu finally couldn't help but hit him.

Meng Gu rubbed his arm, then complained under his breath about her violence and then leaned back on the chair.

"Would you like to go to dinner?" Chen Ruo Yu was a little impatient, and really wanted to him a kick, but she patiently asked, "Does your stomach hurt?"

"A little." He replied, nodding.

"Then quickly go find a porridge shop or a noodle restaurant, drink hot soup and you will be more comfortable"

She wanted to pull him up, but he suddenly raised his hands and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, two lives, slipped away in my hands, I couldn't save them." His voice was low and heavy.

Chen Ruo Yu stayed still, looked at his eyes, there was no humor in his eyes, no ridicule, it was truly sorrow. He was saddened by his powerlessness.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I originally thought that when you came back, I would have a lot of words to say to you, but right now my mood is terrible."

He lowered his head and looked at his hands. Chen Ruo Yu was stunned and did not know what to say to comfort him.

"I thought that after being a doctor for a long time, I would be able to look past these matters, but it seems my initial thoughts were nevertheless, insufficient. I walked out of the operation room and seeing the family members despairing eyes and cries really made me sad." He muttered, closed his eyes, "My hands could not save them."

Chen Ruo Yu patted his shoulder, but still did not know what to say. She thought about it and suddenly turned to her bag.

She brought out her hand cream, and then pulled Meng Gu's hand and then squeezed the hand cream into hsi hand. Meng Gu looked but did not resist. She helped him to rub the cream and massaged his hand, letting the hand cream penetrate into the skin a little.

"Didn't you apply hand cream after sterilization? Your hand is quite dry. A doctor's hand is very important. You, this person, you have to be self-aware, you are doctor, when did you become a deity? You are still young, there's still a lot of medical knowledge to learn, and you have worked hard to save them, they know that. It's only two people you couldn't save, but didn't you save a lot of other people?"

Meng Gu did not speak, he looked at her face and then looked down at her hands helping him apply the hand cream.

"As a doctor, how can you be so fragile, if this pressure can't be resolved, how can you operate on more people later? Like us who sell insurance, we are often refused and hung up on by others, and some people even scold me with curse words. If I am too vulnerable, then I will not even be able to pick up the phone."

"Where are you vulnerable? Your nerves are as thick as elephant legs." Meng Gu couldn't bear her digression and interjected, but his voice was very low, so Chen Ruo Yu couldn't hear him clearly.

"What are you whispering about?" Chen Ruo Yu finished with one hand and moved on to the other, "In any case, you are a doctor, you should take good care of yourself. If you don't have an appetite, you won't eat. If you don't have a good mood, you won't go home. These kinds of things cannot be done anymore, got it? You have to take care of yourself, in order to take care of the patients. Your doctor's salary is so high, and so it is a given that it should be hard work, and it is normal to have pressure, you have to overcome it yourself."

She was admonishing him more and more and even brought up his high salary. After hearing her words, Meng Gu frowned.

Finally, with great difficulty both his hands were rubbed. Chen Ruo Yu held his two palms and looked at them and was very satisfied. "Good, you see, cheap hand cream is also effective. Your hand is so big, it is really too wasteful, you have to spend three times the amount to rub." Saying it, she felt a bit of heartache, that bottle of brand name hand cream was a bit costly.

She grabbed her bag, pulled him up, and in a bossy tone said, "...Going to dinner, after dinner go home, after getting home, go bath and sleep. After sleeping, you will be back to the handsome and cheerful energetic doctor."

After taking a few steps, she felt the tight hold on her wrist and then she felt herself being pulled back.

She looked back, Meng Gu has used strength and pulled her into his arms. Chen Ruo Yu still hadn't processed what was happened, when she saw a dark shadow in front of her. He had lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Chen Ruo Yu blinked and felt his soft lips. He didn't just simply touch like he did last time, but instead, he applied pressure and lingered.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't know what she was thinking herself, she just subconsciously, instinctively, wrapped her arms around his neck and parted her lips...

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