Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 46 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu ended up compromising.

Because she also wanted to see Meng Gu, this guy has been sick for three days and his nasal sound in his voice was still so heavy, she could imagine how sick he was before. She did not feel at ease and felt that it would be better to see him.

The next day, Thursday, Tang Jin Cai had arranged for them to have dinner at a Hong Kong style family restaurant. Chen Ruo Yu arrived 10 minutes early and stood at the door and waited for Meng Gu.

After waiting for a while, Meng Gu arrived.

He was wearing a blue jacket and his slender figure was very eye-catching amongst the people on the road, so once he stepped out of the taxi, Chen Ruo Yu saw him.

She couldn't help but stare at him. There were traces of illness on his face, all that was missing were the words 'serious illness'engraved on his forehead, but his spirit still seemed good. He also saw Chen Ruo Yu from his taxi, his eyes brightened and he stared at her.

Chen Ruo Yu did not blush, but stood straight and did not avoid his eyes and but also did not take the initiative to walk over to him.

Meng Gu stood there and finally after he had looked at her enough, he slowly came over to her.

The two people did not speak and were just looking at each other.

After a long time, Meng Gu coughed and cleared his throat and then said, "Chen Ruo Yu."

His heavy nasal voice made Chen Ruo Yu frown, and finally could not help but scold him, "How did you get so sick! Aren't you very powerful? Even though you were not afraid of a coldor stomach ruptures!"

Meng Gu touched his nose and didn't talk back.

"You can go drinking again, if you get enough to drink outside, you can go home and drink more." Chen Ruo Yu didn't know why, before she wanted to see him, but now that she sees him, she's getting angry again.

Meng Gu whispered, "There is only red wine at home. I only drank two glasses, and then went to sleep."

"You think I don't know when you went to sleep? You called Yin Ze and scolded me for half an hour."

"Oh that, after I finished scolding you, I fell asleep."

He even has the nerve to say it!

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, "After it all, you still have the nerve to talk!"

Meng Gu was just about to open his mouth to talk, when they heard someone close by call, "Miss Chen."

Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu turned to the side together and saw Tang Jin Cai's happy face and his mother standing next to him.

When Chen Ruo Yu saw Tang mother, she immediately became nervous and subconsciously leaned towards Meng Gu's side. Meng Gu glanced at her and laughed, "Coward."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him and did not argue with him in front of the outsiders.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Jin Cai and his mother had already arrived at their front. There was also another woman accompanying them, Tang Jin Cai introduced her as his aunt.

Even the aunt came? Chen Ruo Yu was even more nervous. While greeting, she reached out and grabbed Meng Gu's jacket.

After exchanging pleasantries, the five people entered the restaurant and sat down to order. Chen Ruo Yu was most comfortable on such occasions. She was overly cautious and began to regret coming. She looked at Meng Gu and scolded him in her heart that it was his fault that she had come.

On the contrary, Meng Gu was completely at ease, he ordered salty bone porridge, also asked for more onions, and ordered two desserts. Turning to his side and seeing that Chen Ruo Yu had still not ordered, just helped her order too. Chen Ruo Yu did not have the nerves to protest about him taking the initiative to order for her, but when he also helped her to order a durian cake, she felt a little bit happy in her heart.

At the table, Tang Jin Cai's aunt expressed her gratitude to Meng Gu and saying that they could only get help thanks to Dr. Meng. Even Chen Ruo Yu could understand what she was trying to say. She thinks that the other party should still be thinking about finding Meng Gu to continue to help them out in the future. After all, it is so difficult to get a doctor's appointment these days. It seems that it is really convenient to have a friend who's a doctor.

Meng Gu had no elder phobia at all, he calmly responded and answered many questions. He also asked about uncle Tang's condition now, after hearing that he had improved, he nodded and sincerely said, "This illness must be handled with treatment, I am in the surgical department, and therefore not connected with other departments, so I can't help with other things, However, if there is any difficulty with untreatable illnesses that need operation, you come to me again, I will definitely do my best."

Chen Ruo Yu hearing him, almost spat out the rice in her mouth, isn't this cursing others? Aunt Tang did not understand, but saw it as Meng Gu's good intentions and thanked him.

Chen Ruo Yu busied herself with eating and really did not want to admit that she and this man with a poisonous tongue were together.

On the side, Tang Jin Cai's attention had been on Chen Ruo Yu the entire time. He poured her tea and asked how she has been doing. Chen Ruo Yu smiled politely and responded, she sneaked a glance Meng Gu and saw that he was busy looking towards her side.

What are you looking at? If there weren't other people here, she would have glared at him again.

Tang mother then asked, "What is the relationship between Xiao Yu and Dr. Meng?"

Chen Ruo Yu answered without thinking, "Dr. Meng is a good friend of my close friend's boyfriend."

As soon as she said those words, Meng Gu glared at her. She bowed her head to drink tea and didn't see it.

Tang mother slowed down for a while, after she finally thought it through, she grinned widely and humorously said, "That's still a favorable relationship."

This relationship is not good enough to lend them. Chen Ruo Yu did know how to respond and so continued to eat.

But Meng Gu was unwilling to be idle and came to interject. He asked Tang mother about her physical condition and asked the aunt about her usual diet. Then he talked about a bunch of problems that the elderly often have, the health problems they can encounter e.t.c, seemingly mild concerns, but it scared the two elderly people. There are many symptoms that they had such as poor sleep, tiredness, easily getting angry, thirsty, forgetfulness and so on.

In the end, Meng Gu expressed a lot of sincere advice in a few words. The two elderly then took the initiative to decide to go to Meng Gu's hospital for a comprehensive health check and that they must do the most expensive package, otherwise it will not be detailed enough. And that since they are older, they must pay more attention to their health. Before they were negligent and were not willing to go to the hospital. This way of handling their health is really wrong.

Chen Ruo Yu was slow to react and was grateful for Meng Gu coming over to interfere. However, Tang mother and aunt Tang were very happy and asked many questions about healthcare for the elderly. Tang mother even asked about how to maintain health for Tang Jin Cai. This made Tang Jin Cai quite uncomfortable on the side.

Meng Gu, this person was very patient and answered all their questions. Chen Ruo Yu from beginning to end didn't say anything.

Dr. Meng with his stuffy nose dominated the whole conversation with his nasal sounding voice. Tang Jin Cai and Chen Ruo Yu did not say anything. Meng Gu finally said, "Aunties, you should pay more attention to your bodies, nothing is more important than health. My younger brother is an example, the other day did not pay attention fell and broke his leg. I already agreed with Ruo Yu to go see him for a while, it's getting late, so we will go first."

The two elderly people were happy and happily and politely exchanged goodbye pleasantries. Tang Jin Cai found it hard to say anything, only told Chen Ruo Yu that he will call her later.

Chen Ruo Yu face looked black, Mr. Tyrannosaurus is really good, stealing her tricks and cursing Yin Ze.

Meng Gu did not say anymore and pulled Chen Ruo Yu to leave. After they went out the door, the first thing Chen Ruo Yu heard, "If that Tang person calls you again, you should ignore him."

Since when was he in charge of her?!

CHen Ruo Yu was too lazy to bother with him, and shook off his hand and walked forward by herself. Meng Gu caught up and pulled her, "Let's talk."

Chen Ruo Yu thought, that's right, if he didn't mention it, she almost forgot. Shaking him off and confidently walking away, she almost forgot about this extremely important matter.

Meng Gu saw that she had no objection. He took her to a taxi and gave the bar address she found him in a few days ago.

Chen Ruo Yu immediately glared at him, "Drinking again?" If he dares to say yes, she will beat him to death.

"My Lord, you have accused wrongly, my car is still there." Meng Gu had on an innocent expression and even spread his hands and put on a pitiful act.

Chen Ruo Yu had to put in effort to restrain herself from smiling. Meng Gu smiled and touched her head, "You're getting more and more fierce."

She swatted his hand and asked him, "Why didn't you pick up your car for so many days, will the car be alright? will you have to pay a fine?"

"I didn't dare to go take it. If my girlfriend knows that I was driving when I have a bad cold and feeling dizzy, which is similar to driving drunk, she will hit me."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him and then turned her head and ignored him.

Who is his girlfriend, stinky rogue!

She stared out the window, and thought over the situation in her heart, she was calmly thinking about it. She will speak him to frankly, there is nothing to be confused about, they are both adults, civilized and rational.

When they arrived and went to the car, the two of them sat in the car and Chen Ruo Yu was still thinking about it.

Meng Gu asked, "Go to my house?"

Deep into the tiger's den? Chen Ruo Yu shook her head.

"Where do you want to go?" Meng Gu took out some medicine and swallowed it with mineral water.

Chen Ruo Yu frowned and restrained herself from scolding him and said, "Let's just talk about it here."

"There is no atmosphere here, you don't want to go to my house, then let's find a place to have a drink." He even dared to still complain.

"Dr. Meng, you are carrying around two holes filled with snot, wherever we go, there will no atmosphere."

"Where do I have snot?" Mr. Tyrannosaurus was poked and almost jumped out, "I confirmed that the illness is almost gone and I don't have a runny nose at all before going out."

Chen Ruo Yu did not say anything, pursed her lips and glanced at him. Meng Gu cleared his throat and his attitude calmed down and he said, "I am much better, really."

This is much better, which means he was very sick for the last two days.

"You explain yourself, what exactly do you want? Aren't you being childish? As a doctor, don't you feel embarrassed?" Her tone completely sounded like she was reprimanding a child.

"Hey, we are discussing feelings, should not have personal attacks."

"Where is the personal attack?

"Scolding a man that he is childish, just like disliking his kiss, are both personal attacks. The severity of the injury is critical, it is as bad as insulting a man's performance in bed."

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and was dumbfounded.

"Dr. Meng, please don't tell me about such adult content, this is sexual harassment."

"Didn't you use this kind of analogy before when you said a woman's dignity and a man's..."

Chen Ruo Yu quickly interrupted him, "Stop, stop, Dr. Meng, you really don't have to lower yourself down to my level."

She felt anxious and reddened which caused him to laugh, which made her angry again, "What are you laughing at? Hurry up and say what do you want."

"I want to be your boyfriend."

He straightforwardly said this sentence again. Chen Ruo Yu's face felt a little hot, and she tried to maintain the expression on her face and calmly asked, "Why?"

"What other reason could there be for wanting for your boyfriend? Of course, it's the same reasons as other men who make this declaration."

"Other men didn't say it to me, so they're none of my business." There was only one in front of her, so she only cared one."

She seriously stared at hi, Meng Gu stared at her uncomfortably, then coughed twice. Chen Ruo Yu was not sure if she was seeing Meng Gu blushing or was it just his sickly complexion, his face was really not good to examine.

"That ah..." His voice became a bit lower and no longer arrogant, "I like you, so I want to be your boyfriend."

"What do you like about me?" She asked again, her response spend was so fast that Meng Gu gawked.

"Must you look into why I like you?"

"You asked me why I pursued you. You can ask me, so of course, I can also ask."

"When you pursued me, what did you like about me?"

"You are very handsome, I have said this countless times." Chen Ruo Yu was very arrogant and very calm. She did not believe that he could say it is because she is very beautiful.

He really couldn't say it because she really wasn't very beautiful. She is at most delicate and pretty, neat and looks especially comfortable and pleasing to the eyes. He spent a long time and finally said, "You are very cute."

"Where am I cute?" She asked again immediately after he finished his words, in a swift and imposing manner as if she's trying to extract a confession.

Meng Gu opened his mouth and then couldn't help but complain, "Chen Ruo Yu, are you interrogating me?"

"Dr. Meng, although you have a cold, there shouldn't be any memory loss. I can give you five minutes to recall all the scenes since we met until now. I have already done this myself, therefore I am thinking very clearly. You also have a good memory, didn't you explicitly reject me with actions and words, and also shared with me a bunch of principles about relationships? After that we were smoothly transitioning to a state where we can get along with each other harmoniously, then you suddenly ran to me and then proclaimed you want to be my boyfriend. Do you think this progression is normal?"

Meng Gu opened his mouth again but did not have anything to say. Chen Ruo Yu took advantage of her victory and continued, "Dr. Meng, didn't you say that one must be sincere when pursuing someone and let the other person feel it? I haven't even haggled with you about the process of your pursuit. Now I am just talking to you about only your sincerity, and you already so impatient, what do you expect?"

Meng Gu was stunned and could not speak.

"Dr. Meng, You have also been in three relationships. You try to remember, did your three relationships start in such a half-hearted and reckless manner?"

"How have I been half-hearted with you? We are in different circumstances, cannot compare with others.

"It is certainly different. The others were either successfully pursued by you, or successfully pursued you. Which of them is like me, who after pursuing you and got rejected and afterwards had to examine and reflect upon my own sincerity, and with great effort earnestly analyzed the two of us and how we were not suitable. I even thought about whether your flawed character is the main reason why you have remained single. I was very sincere in being friends with you, and was even moved and felt happy about remaining in contact with you. Now, what is the result? You suddenly did such a thing, with no explanation, have not said anything goos, and you still don't want to answer my question properly. You are saying that it is not half-hearted, then what is half-hearted?

Meng Gu was completely dumbstruck, "Chen Ruo Yu, have you been drinking?"

"When I drink I am also reasonable. Not like some childish man who drinks and getting on the phone to scold others, and also got himself sick."

"Hey, Hey."

"Dr. Meng, Don't you think this is the kind of situation where you should really get yourself a psychiatric appointment? But you have more money than me, so I won't help you with the registration fee."

Meng Gu gaped at her, she folded her arms and leaned back in the seat, and looked back at him.

"Okay, okay, I yield to you." Meng Gu compromised, "What did you just ask me?"

"Where am I cute?"

MiraiSaesang's Notes: She certainly had a lot to say...and all I have to say is KARMA IS A B**CH!!...she dealt back everything he threw her way from the supermarket to the present...classic case of shooting yourself in the foot, he set her on the path to enlightenment and was dumbstruck by her progress LOL