Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 47 / Chapters List

Where is she cute?

This question was really difficult.

Meng Gu thought and thought and answered, "You're cute everywhere."

Chen Ruo Yu glanced at him and then ignored him, obviously did not approve of this response.

It's so insincere.

"Dr. Meng, how did you answer such questions when you were in relationships with others in the past?"

Meng Gu blinked and kept thinking, Chen Ruo Yu then said, "Don't tell me they didn't ask, I don't believe it. All women in the world are the same."

Meng Gu rubbed his nose and said, "My nose is stuffy, I have a headache."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at him without any sympathy.

Meng Gu was helpless and had to say, "I was very young then." So he presumably said some flattering words?

Chen Ruo Yu glanced at him again, disdaining his answer, but she did not ask again.

Meng Gu was nevertheless not convinced, "Hey, we are not teenagers. Are you playing with me and asking this sort of pointless question? Feelings are not an arithmetic problem. How can it be so precise?"

"You're not being unprecise now, you are simply not answering."

"You are very cute when you pick on me." He suddenly had an answer.

"Does this sound like a compliment?" She was not humored.

"You see, you are very cute when you are angry and difficult. You are very cute when you are happy too. You are very cute when you are anxious. You are also very cute when you are drunk. When you are focused on evaluating the main points in everything, it's also very cute."

He said it smoothly, and as she listened her face became a little red.

Meng Gu quickly added another sentence, "You are also very cute when you blush." As soon as he finished saying this, he suddenly hurriedly grabbed the tissue box and pulled out two tissues to cover his nose, and sneezed loudly.

This time, whatever atmosphere that was building up was completely dead. When Meng Gu took a few more tissues and blew his nose, Chen Ruo Yu was no longer blushing.

"Dr. Meng, if I was a teenage girl, I definitely would have been very excited."

Meng Gu was holding the tissue box, his nose was red, his eyes were watery and he looked somewhat pitiful.

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but smile, reached out to push aside the stray hair that was hanging over his forehead, "If I were the Chen Ruo Yu from a few months ago, I would have been ecstatic just now, but..."

She couldn't help but smile again when she saw Meng Gu pursing his lips and frowning, "But I've been educated by someone and I think his words made a lot of sense. So, I also want a sincere love."

Meng Gu was even more unconvinced, "Where am I not sincere, how could I kiss you if I wasn't sincere?"

How is this a measure for sincerity?

Chen Ruo Yu's mouth twitched, "For you men, it is publicly known that you have poor self-control when to comes to issues of **, isn't it a casual thing for a man to kiss a woman?"

Meng Gu slightly narrowed his eyes at her, "Chen Ruo Yu, how many men have you been kissed by?"

"In any case, you are not the first."

"I request to be the last."

"Who cares," Chen Ruo Yu continued to ignore him, "You certainly have had N number as well."

"I request you to be the last."

Chen Ruo Yu pretended she didn't hear him and announced, "When you let me see your sincerity, then we can talk about other things."

"I am very sincere." Meng Gu tried to defend himself, "My kiss is not casual, I am a chaste man."

Did he start talking in a mess? Chen Ruo Yu wanted to laugh, the word "chaste" is really funny when associated with Mr. Peach blossom forest.

"Hey, what is with your expression? I am serious." Meng Gu muttered, dropped the tissue box and took two mouthfuls of the mineral water. It's not easy for him being sick, and his brain is taking a lot of time and effort to respond. Currently, his body is riddled with the illness, and his brain is really not responding very well.

"I request for a retrial on another day," he said.

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him and continued to ask, "Why didn't you contact me since that day you went crazy?"

Meng Gu somewhat evasively replied, "I am sick ah, I know you will scold me, so why would I call you to make you scold me."

"So you know you deserve it too? I still want to scold you now."

"Moreover I said that whenever I see you I will kiss you once. I have just said those words, if I don't do it, I will lose face. But my nose is so blocked, if I don't kiss powerfully, I will also face. Therefore, I could only slow down first."

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't resist and hit him hard.

Meng Gu quickly stretched his neck and pecked her on the lips, "Well, with my cold there's no way to have a proper kiss, but with this, you can't say I went back on my words."

"Hey!" She hit again, "Don't act roguish, if you behave like this I will get angry."

"You're very cute when you're angry, I just said that, didn't I?" He smiled, he is indeed truly a rogue.

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him. He rubbed his nose again and sighed. "Okay, okay, I know, you have to see my sincerity, I know."

Chen Ruo Yu firmly nodded, "That's right!"

"Then, I was very sincere in my performance today. Look at it, I know that you have elder phobia and so especially came to accompany you to take part in this social gathering. I am very considerate, right?"

"Is that so?" Chen Ruo Yu thought to herself that when she called him she also had ulterior motives, she did not believe that he did not think of another angle.

"I also ordered the durian cake for you. It was stinky, but I endured it, so aren't I really considerate?"

"That's not right, it was not your treat."

Meng Gu drank two more gulps of water, and whispered that she was really nitpicking.

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, he smiled, "You are especially cute when you are nitpicky. Did I say it before?"

Chen Ruo Yu continued to glare at him, then she suddenly went "Pfft" and started laughing.

She was laughing and Meng Gu couldn't help but laugh too.

Chen Ruo Yu said, "Dr. Meng, you're 30 years old, it's really funny hearing you say this kind of childish sweet words."

"Hey." He stopped laughing.

"Dr. Meng, if we are really get together, I hope we can be together for a long time, not just for the moment, but also in the future too. I want to find someone who I can discuss love with, get married and live out our days together. I don't want you to be like my first boyfriend who dumped me for being boring, or dumping me for some other reason. I don't think you would want me to tell you like Qi Yao, that I found the disparity between us too great and I cannot overcome it and I want to leave you."

Meng Gu rubbed his nose, it was a bit sore and seriously listened to her.

"Dr. Meng, we are no longer children, we have also had the experience of falling out of love. Although it is not a world-shaking event, like for most people in the world, it is simply a break-up, nothing more. But I seriously thought about the sincerity that you mentioned. I asked myself, when I was pursuing you, whether or not I liked you, how much did I like you, what did I like about you. Apart from liking, on the other side, are we compatible with each other? Can we really be together?"

"Dr. Meng, your mother told me that she doesn't like the girl who you had the blind date with because she thinks she cannot endure hardship. She said that the suffering is not marching to war or fighting, not manual labor, not starvation, rather it is exercising patience in life and being tolerant. She said that it is very hard to be a doctor's wife."

"Dr. Meng, maybe you think that I am thinking too far ahead, but since you said that you want to be my boyfriend, and we're not just meeting. In fact, I pursued you, you rejected me, we have also talked about a lot together, so I think I should be qualified to tell you this. I went on a blind date because I want to find a man who I can live my days with. You went on a blind date to find a woman who you can get married to."

"I was forced to go, and you also were unwilling to go home for the blind date." Meng Gu finally found something to say.

"My blind date with Tang Jin Cai was not forced, It was what I wanted myself."

"That's not the main point, okay? The main point is that we are interested in each other, I like you, you also like me, those blind date partners are irrelevant people."

"What you said is not the main point. The main point, you said it yourself, it's age, we shouldn't be playing love games anymore. So now, you like me, how much do you like me? Do you like me enough to want to marry me? Can you like me for a long time, and later still feel that I am cute? Can you like me enough that it would make me feel that any grievances I suffer because of you are worthwhile?"

Meng Gu did not speak for a long time. He looked at her for a long time and then he smiled, "Chen Ruo Yu, have I told you that when you speak seriously, you are also very cute?"

She couldn't help but roll her eyes, "Have I told you that when you act roguish and not serious, it is very annoying?"

He sighed and rubbed his nose again, "Chen Ruo Yu, when did you become so eloquent?"

"I don't know either. Just a moment ago while I was sitting in the car, I was thinking hard about out how to talk to you about this, but I hadn't thought of how I would open my mouth to say it eloquently. But now, I feel that I have said a lot of things that were in my heart. A lot of things that I wasn't aware I was thinking in my heart."

She earnestly looked at Meng Gu's eyes, in his eyes, she could see herself.

"I think, maybe it's because I am overjoyed at the turn of events, but also trembling with fear."