Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 48 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu thought that this conversation was the most intelligent performance in her life. She completely exceeded her expectations, her messy brain, when she looked into Meng Gu's eyes, to her surprise suddenly cleared up.

"Chen Ruo Yu, so what is our relationship now?" Meng Gu threw out a difficult question.

What is their relationship? Of course, she can't say. How should they describe this unclear relationship?

She thought for a long time, but could not think of the right words, so she very shamelessly threw the question back to Meng Gu, "What do you think?"

Meng Gu did not hesitate and decisively concluded, "boyfriend and girlfriend."

"That's not it."

"Then let me think again." His lips twitched, he was very dissatisfied.

Chen Ruo Yu thought again and said, "How about like this then, let's just take today as our blind date meeting, then we will do what we normally do after we finish and let nature take its course. If there's development then it is successful, and we will be together. If there isn't, then the blind date has failed, what do you think?"

"I don't go on blind dates with someone I am so familiar with."

Meng Gu saw her glaring at him and changed his tune, "Well, after the blind date, what should we do next? We would go on dates, eat together, watch movies, hold hands, kiss and then sleep together and get married."

"How can it be so quick? Also are you sure you didn't make a mistake on the order of the last two."

"They're about the same, the two can be done together. And in our relationship, except for the last two, we have basically done everything else."

Chen Ruo Yu ignored his thick-skinned face and asked him, "Dr. Meng, what do you usually do after a blind date meeting?"

"If I don't need to care about the person's face, then I will clearly tell her to go look at other good men. If I need to care about their face, then I will say that when I am free I will contact her again, and then haven't been free since."

"Then your family won't urge you to make progress?" She is always enthusiastically troubled by her parents.

"En, my family is still relatively restrained."

"Compared to you?"

"Chen Ruo Yu, what does this have to do with our current situation? Are you picking at my faults again?"

Chen Ruo Yu muttered that sure enough his words were not reserved at all, so it was the other parties that were acting with great courtesy.

Meng Gu had a headache and rubbed his forehead, "I really don't know what you're thinking about? Chen Ruo Yu, my reaction speed is slow today, can't do anything about it. Please don't seize this opportunity to reduce your evaluation of me, in fact, that won't be good."

"I am just curious and comparing the differences between our two families."

"Is there any difference?" He was not pleased, "A blind date is exactly just a man and woman sitting down and calculating each other's qualifications and character, just like we are now. You're bothered about how much I like you, whether or not I am sincere, can it last for a long time. I am bothered about the fact that you obviously love me to death, but unexpectedly don't want to let me settle this problem."

Meng Gu glared at her, and looked like he was thinking about biting her, so Chen Ruo Yu quickly moved backward.

There's nothing wrong with her thoughts, all women in the world will be concerned about these. Whether or not he loves her, how much he loves her, how long his love will last, these issues are of course important. But what does his "settling" mean? Chen Ruo Yu asked him.

"The last two things I mentioned a moment ago." Meng Gu said with no embarrassment at all.

Sleeping together and getting married? This man really has a strong roguish heart. But he has brought up the words marriage, so she reluctantly just couldn't regard him as a simple rogue.

"Dr. Meng, you saying it like this seems very insincere." She knows that the uncouthness of his mouth is deep, so saying it like this is absolutely not hard for him, she simply couldn't help but correct his approach.

"Should it be like Tang Jin Cai who brought his mother along and caused you to hide in the toilet to call for help, if that is sincerity, then I will arrange a meeting with my mom tomorrow, you pick the time and place."

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned and frightened. Does he seriously want to bring out such a powerful weapon as his "Mom", she hurriedly waved her hands, "I have to go to work tomorrow."

"Then when you get off work, in the evening."

"I'll be too tired, I have to go home to rest after work."

"The day after is Saturday, there is no need for you to go to work on the weekend."

"But I have an appointment." She almost wanted to wipe her forehead, this appointment is really very good.

Meng Gu slightly narrowed his eyes, and the aimless banter that was going on for a while finally focused properly and caught on to a target, "With who?"

"Zhou Zhe."

It is a really important one too, Meng Gu immediately said, "I'm going too."

"No. We are friends going for a meal together, it will be rude to bring you."

"Nothing good results from a man and woman eating a meal alone together."

"Says who, I also used to go eat dinner with you."

"Hence why we are in this situation now." Meng Gu's words made Chen Ruo Yu roll her eyes again. He continued, "Since we have just consolidated our blind date, you should not be going on blind dates with other men, it is not courteous"."

"That's right, going by the order, I first had a blind date with Zhou Zhe, so I shouldn't have been going on a blind date with you then." In other words, Meng Gu, Dr. Tyrannosaurus is still behind the others.

"Tang Jin Cai, Zhou Zhe, and then we get to you, Dr. Meng."

Meng Gu gawked, and then rubbed his nose, after rubbing his nose, rubbed his forehead. "Chen Ruo Yu, I am requesting to battle on another day. You shouldn't bully me when I am sick."

Chen Ruo Yu agreed. She also felt that she should continue this battle on another day. She has said enough words today and had enough fun, she should quit while she's ahead and then she'll be in an even happier mood. If she continues, and she slips up in her happiness and does not pay attention, she scared she will end up doing something stupid.

She knows Meng Gu is not playing games. In her heart, she knows he is serious and that it a serious matter, so she must take it seriously.

Nothing happened that night, she unexpectedly slept soundly.

In the afternoon the next day, she received a call from Meng Gu, "Chen Ruo Yu, in order to show my sincerity and good intentions, I deliberately bought something that I really don't like, but it something that you love to gift to you."

Chen Ruo Yu first intuitively thought durian candy or durian cake. She imagined it in a beautiful package with ribbons tied on it, oh, it seems a bit romantic. She felt a little happy and excited, and quickly asked, "What is it?"

"I wanted to give it to you today, but since you said that you have no time to see me, so I cannot send it over."

What? Chen Ruo Yu froze for a while before reacting. He is getting revenge."

"Do you still have an appointment tomorrow? Ah, that's too bad, it's a pity, I can't give it to you then." His stuffy nose seemed to be better, but his tone of putting on airs sounded more obvious

Chen Ruo Yu was exasperated and could not speak. This petty man is really annoying.

"If you don't have an appointment tomorrow, I will bring it to you, what do you think?"

"It won't be good. I already made an appointment with someone, and I can't do anything about it." She is a woman with integrity.

"That's okay." Mr. Tyrannosaurus in a rare gentle tone said, "I bought something that can stay for a long time, it will go bad. You can do as you see fit, I will wait until you take the initiative to ask to meet."

He wants her to take the initiative to ask him to meet? Chen Ruo Yu really wanted to give his mouth a big bite, This dead man is so proud and arrogant!

However, this thing that he bought that will go bad soon, it must not be durian candy or durian cake, then? Or is it a durian? Chen Ruo Yu almost drooled, she likes durian, but the fruit is very expensive, she is always very reluctant to buy it.

"I am waiting for your call." Meng Gu coolly said and hung up.

Chen Ruo Yu was so angry that she poked Mr. Peach blossom forest's back on her screen. How can he hang up on a person like this? So hateful, very annoying, she is going to her appointment and will not call him.

Chen Ruo Yu did not expect that the next day things didn't go as expected.

First, at noon, Zhou Zhe called her and said that a friend has fallen ill and has been rushed to the hospital. So he had to go visit and could not eat together at noon.

Chen Ruo Yu immediately thought of the durian, but swiftly threw it to the back on her mind realizing how unkind a thought it is given the circumstances and said a few comforting words to Zhou Zhe and told him not to worry. Zhou Zhe thanked her and said that he will call later to make another appointment and ended the call.

Chen Ruo Yu sat on the sofa and wanted to know if Meng Gu really bought her a durian, but also felt that she did not have the face to call him. In the end, she decided that a woman still has to have a backbone. Today, she must not go looking for him, cannot let him be too arrogant. It was hard for her to win this round, and this state must be maintained.

She looked around the house and there was nothing to clean. Liang Sisi left a note saying that she traveled, so she was left home alone, it was a bit boring. In order to pass time, she went to the market and bought a bunch of vegetables. She decided to prepare a nice meal, if she had something to do, she would less about him. If she had something to eat, she will think less about the durian.

But she wanted to buy some feet and also buy pork shoulder, but in the end, held herself back. She bought her favorite dish, and the aunt who sold her vegetables gifted her a bunch of green onions. She looked at the onions and remembered Mr. Tyrannosaurus.

Chen Ruo Yu took the food home and reminded herself while cooking to be calm, not be impulsive, to let things run its natural course, to think clearly. If her partner is Meng Gu, she must take it seriously in order for their relationship to go steady, then they can later talk about marriage and living together, and can hold holds and grow old together.

So now she can't be carried away again and must clearly consider the situation. She was even wondering if she should make a list, a list of all the possible problems between them, and handle it one problem at a time, and then determine it that way?

When she finished eating, she washed the bowls and then fell on the sofa in a daze. She didn't really think about whether or not she was going to make a list in the end. Because she thinks that with her mind like this, she really can't solve anything. Her mind was filled with images of his handsome smile, his infuriating manner of speaking, him wearing his white coat, bowing his head and seriously writing his medical notes in his flamboyant and stupidly ugly writing...

While thinking about this, she was starting to fall asleep, when she suddenly heard the doorbell ringing.

Did he come? She jumped up immediately, but the excitement quickly faded, it is impossible it's Meng Gu. She didn't tell him that the appointment was canceled, so he would not pick this time to come to break into an empty house.

Chen Ruo Yu opened the door, to find a strange 20 something-year-old girl standing outside.

"Who are you looking for?" She asked.

"Looking for you." The girl said a little nervous and a bit arrogant.

A hunch suddenly cropped up in Chen Ruo Yu's heart, and her heart jumped.

"Who are you?" She asked again.

"The man you're in love with is mine."

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded and her beat sped up even more. No way, is this melodrama really happening to her?

She stared at the girl, high fashion brands, beautiful and easy-mannered, indeed she is the type that Meng Gu likes. But Qi Yao she has seen, so this is not Mr. Tyrannosaurus's first love. So which one of Meng Gu's loves is she? One of the two from the past? But she looks so young, could it be that she is from the present, the one from the blind date?

But he clearly said that there is nothing between him and the partner from the blind date, he said that he has told other party and his family clearly.

Chen Ruo Yu's temper was flaring up, she has never encountered this kind of thing before, and right now unexpectedly she felt so angry that her head was empty, and she couldn't think of anything.

"I thought that you were very beautiful, but that's not the case." The girl bit her lip and looked a little agitated. "Jiejie, we are both women, we both know what happened, there's no need to bother about face. The man is greedy and wants to go back to eat old grass, but he is mine now, so I have to tell you clearly."

"Stop, stop, stop." Chen Ruo Yu was confused, her head felt numb, and she quickly waved her and prevented the other party from continuing to speak.

She took a deep breath and worked hard to organize her thoughts, "Miss, I don't know you. I don't think I have anything to discuss with you, and to be honest, my words are clumsy and can't cope with this kind of thing. Since you have said this is not a matter about face, I suggest the man personally come over and make it clear himself."

Chen Ruo Yu went back in the house and took her phone. She called Meng Gu in front of the girl. He quickly picked up, Meng Gu smiled and asked, "You're calling to meet so quickly?"

Chen Ruo Yu had no intention of talking nonsense with him, she immediately asked him, "Are you at work?"

"No, at home."

"Very good, come to my house, right now!"

"What's wrong?" Her serious and stern tone caused Meng Gu to be baffled on the other end.

"One of your girlfriends is here with me!" She roared and immediately hung up.