Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 49 / Chapters List

Meng Gu immediately called her back, but she did not want to pick to up.

She was so angry that she didn't know what to say. In any case, with this situation, he must come over and clear it up.

The girl was fiddling with her fingers and bit her lip. Obviously, she did not expect Chen Ruo Yu to boldly call the man here. But she did not intend to hide, she came here to defend her status and so she has to wait for him.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at her from head to toe and asked, "Are you the blind date?"

The girl did not deny and answered, "Yes, we met on a blind date, but we have already been dating for a while now. We have even introduced to our families. Things with him are basically fixed, we have been getting along very well, it's just a matter of setting a wedding date." The girl paused and said: "So, he shouldn't be called my blind date, and it won't be wrong to call him my fiance."

Chen Ruo Yu was angry but did not want to fight here, her mood was terrible. She was thinking that no woman would be able to stand this kind of thing. The day before, she was confessed to by the man she likes, and now the next day, a woman claiming to be his fiancee came to knocking on her door.

Chen Ruo Yu coldly said to the girl, "Since you are an uninvited guest, I am not going to invite you in. When your fiance arrives, you both can ring my doorbell together then."

The word "fiance" was said through clenched teeth with emphasis and acidity.

When she finished saying this, she closed the door and locked it and left the woman outside.

While waiting for Meng Gu to arrive, she paced about like an ant in a hot pan, anxious and angry. This guy had clearly told her that he had rejected the blind date. She didn't care about it and so didn't think much about it.

But now unexpectedly the rejected person came to her door, how did this woman even know her home address? It's possible that Meng Gu told her. But why would Meng Gu tell her her home address? This is going too far! Highly irresponsible!

After what felt like a long time to her, before she finally heard Meng Gu's voice outside the door, and then she heard the doorbell.

Chen Ruo Yu rushed over and opened the door.

Outside the door, the man and the women were suspiciously looking at each other in dismay.

"What mental state are you in that you found a random woman to come over and say that she is my girlfriend." Meng Gu was very upset, his face was a little pale, it looked like he had anxiously rushed over.

The woman also said, "What do you mean by this? I thought you were brave enough to call A'Hao to come over and instead you called someone I don't know. What are you thinking?"

Chen Ruo Yu was also dumbfounded, she pointed to Meng Gu asked, "Isn't it him?"

"I don't know him."

"I don't know her."

The both answered in unison.

Chen Ruo Yu froze and then asked, "Who is Ah Hao?"

"Zhou Hao."

"I don't know a Zhou Hao. I only know someone called Zhou Zhe."

"Zhou Zhe? He, is he even using an alias? He is not called Zhou Zhe, he is Zhou Hao."

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned. What the hell is going on here?

Meng Gu suddenly smiled on the side and said: "I am a sick person, I request to sit and watch the show."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him. He spread his hands and said. "I was so scared by your call, I rushed all the way, and my heart is still jumping."

"That means you have a guilty conscience."

"Hey, please don't make this my fault. Isn't that unreasonable?

"You have a past record, an ex-girlfriend or a current girlfriend popping up for you is not difficult, therefore, you are having a guilty conscience."

"Are you getting angry now out of embarrassment?" Meng Gu was not happy and furrowed his brows and then reprimanded her, "That Zhou Zhe, Zhou Hao or whatever, see the troublesome emotional debt he has incurred, you should be settling this issue, instead of venting your anger on me."

Chen Ruo Yu felt suffocated, she knew that she was not being reasonable but she was very angry and said, "Is it not you men that are so low, in the end, how many women do you have to mess with to be satisfied? Truly a bastard, all men in the world are the same."

"What kind?" Meng Gu's voice was also loud too. She is being quite unreasonable.

"Lowly criminals!" Chen Ruo Yu became angry with herself, but she just couldn't restrain herself.

The girl saw that she was being ignored, and the other two were quarreling amongst themselves, and also she couldn't foolishly gape at them. She tried hard to interrupt them and was finally able to get a sentence in, "In short, you and A'Hao should not entangle together anymore. We are getting married, and you have another boyfriend, what do you mean by doing this? Are you trying to prove that he loves you more? Is there any sense doing this?"

"How do you know she is the one going to him?" Meng Gu changed direction and scolded the girl, "Can't you see that she is my girlfriend? We are not concerned with your man's goddamn business! If you want to display your impressive manner, go home and look for your trifling man!"

Chen Ruo Yu and the girl were both stunned, Meng Gu flipped out and his imposing manner was quite scary.

Chen Ruo Yu was immediately somewhat frightened and did not dare to interject.

"What is your name?" Meng Gu began to ask questions.

"Jiang Min Lan." The girl was stunned, he asked and she immediately answered.

Chen Ruo Yu also reacted. Right, she forgot to ask her identity.

"How did you find out this address?" Meng Gu asked again.

Chen Ruo Yu felt that this was also an important question and could not help but nod.

Meng Gu glanced at her and then faced the girl and said, "You'd better clearly explain, if not, for you inexplicably rushing over here to cause trouble, we can report to the police. It can easily be said that you are so emotionally hurt that you dropped in to seek revenge. Who knows, maybe this is all a lie you prepared to be able to get in and rob the house."

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt that Meng Gu was ten times more competent than her, she did not think in any of these directions, now that he has said it, she could not help but be secretly thankful that she did not let the stranger into the house.

"Why call the police, please don't frighten me. I saw the quick delivery slip of something he sent her, the address was on it and so I just came to her door." Jiang Min Lan pointed to Chen Ruo Yu and continued, "He has been accidentally mentioning her name and talking about her often. I remember very clearly, the name on the delivery slip was definitely hers."

"Zhou Zhe did not send me anything." Chen Ruo Yu quickly explained this.

"What? No way, I even saw the receipt, it was for a 100,000 ring, I definitely did not read it wrong."

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and was shocked. Meng Gu also frowned.

Chen Ruo Yu asked, "A 100,000 RMB, is it safe to send it by quick delivery?"

Meng Gu and Jiang Min Lan both glared at her, then Meng Gu sighed, "You two women's IQ truly causes people to worry unnecessarily."

Chen Ruo Yu was not convinced, "Such an expensive thing should, of course, be given face to face, how can you use express delivery, what would happen if it got stolen? What is wrong with what I said?"

Jiang Min Lan also defended herself, "The ring was sent by express delivery, I wrote down the name and address from the receipt. Where is there a problem?"

"One is called Zhou Zhe, the other is Zhou Hao, even the names of the people do not match. You two have been talking for half a day and have not made any progress, how can there be no problem? The name of the man does not match. Don't tell me that you two have not thought to confirm the woman's name?" Meng Gu pointed at Chen Ruo Yu and asked Jiang Min Lan, "Do you know who she is?"

Jiang Min Lan blanked and then said, "Of course I know. She is Liang Sisi."

Chen Ruo Yu was shocked again. It is actually for Sisi?

Meng Gu turned to Chen Ruo Yu and asked, "Where's Liang Sisi?"

Chen Ruo Yu shook her head, "Sisi is not here, she traveled."

"Okay." Meng Gu nodded and said to Jiang Min Lan, "Miss Jiang, my girlfriend's name is Chen Ruo Yu, not the Liang Sisi you are looking for. Also, I hope that the troubles between you two will be resolved outside, and that you do not come here to harass my girlfriend in the future. Jiang Min Lan and Zhou Hao, I will remember these two names and I can find out your details. So, remember my words, you must not disturb my girlfriend in the future, this is her home. Do you understand?"

Jiang Min Lan obviously did not expect to have made such a big blunder, she froze for a while and was slow to respond.

Meng Gu repeated the unpleasant words again and Jiang Min Lan finally nodded.

So, Meng Gu was no longer polite. He pulled Chen Ruo Yu into the apartment and closed the door.

Chen Ruo Yu felt somewhat helpless, she had just unfairly scolded Meng Gu just now and so she felt guilty. She sat down on the sofa with her head down and was a little embarrassed to look at him.

Eventually, Meng Gu sighed and asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, do you feel so insecure with me?

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to say that she does not and that she is not an insecure person, but she opened her mouth and closed it again.

This matter of mistaken identity obviously could have been easily sorted. That Jiang Min Lan said, "The man you love is mine", she could have just calmly exchanged a few more words to understand the situation. Instead, her first instinct was to conclude that she was Meng Gu's ex-girlfriend, and she was very angry and made Meng Gu come over.

If she had trust in him, then she wouldn't have.

"Okay." Meng Gu said to himself, "I can comfort myself, you must love me very much."

Chen Ruo Yu's heart began jumping again.

Of course, she loved him.

Things have already reached this stade, so of course, she knows that she loves him. But why is hesitating? What is she confused about?

When she was friends with him, she felt much more steady than she is now.

She's insecure, he is right.

If they were just good friends, she would not have to worry about losing him. But if he is her boyfriend, the frailty of their relationship has increased by a hundredfold.

She was still thinking, when suddenly he pulled her into his arms and heavily kissed her, "As I said, whenever I see you, I'll kiss you once. It's just that I still have a cold so it's not too good, cannot play well." His tone sounded rather regretful.

Chen Ruo Yu's recovered and hit him once.

Meng Gu confidently said, "I read in a magazine that a close intimate relationship between a man and woman can increase their sense of security with each other."

Chen Ruo Yu frowned, "Is it that when you get in bed together, you will feel that the other party cannot run away?" Which pervert wrote this article.

Meng Gu laughed, "Darling, you're really vulgar, I like it."

She couldn't help hitting him again.

"When you're violent towards me, I also think you are very cute. Have I said this before?"

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to smile a little, but pretended to be serious and glared at him.

Meng Gu pulled her and sat down together with arms still wrapped around her and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, Qi Yao, you have already seen, and you know what happened with her in the past. I have to tell you, my second girlfriend Peng Li Xin, I was the one who pursued her. At that time, I wasn't completely over the break-up with Qi Yao. I told myself that there were so many women much better than her, and that I will definitely be better off than her. But it turns out that happiness cannot be obtained in anger. I got along with her for a while, and we both worked hard together, but in the end, it turns out we were not a suitable match. She had high expectations for me, she likes romantic antics, and I couldn't do it, she was very intense and had a lot of ideas and I also had mine. I was very tired, and she was also very tired."

Chen Ruo Yu imagined a strong female tyrannosaurus and a male tyrannosaurus, both confronting each other, the scene is really quite wonderful.

Meng Gu continued, "The third girlfriend, it was she who pursued me. At that time, I learned a lesson from being with Peng Li Xin. I thought I didn't want to get into a relationship again, but Yan Qi was the gentle and adorable type of girl. She pursued me with enthusiasm and persisted for a long time, so I was moved. I thought that she was the type that would definitely be able to accommodate me, so it probably won't be so tiring and so, I agreed."

Chen Ruo Yu adjusted her position and hugged him, she liked the feeling of Meng Gu opening up to her.

"But when we got together, it was inevitable that we talked about the past, and you also know that I am so handsome, and so women like me very much." He shamelessly boasted and made her laugh.

"I was Yan Qi's first boyfriend. She couldn't understand that I have experienced love twice, nor could she accept other women frequently making passes at me. She was always suspicious, and always wished for me to show how important she was in my mind, to make her feel that she has more influence over me than anyone else. I couldn't do it, I didn't know how to satisfy her feelings. For example, if I work overtime, she will feel that the patients are more important than her. If I am late to a date, she would feel that it was me not caring andnot placing any importance on her. Afterwards, we broke up. This relationship was not as long as the second one."

Chen Ruo Yu asked, "Isn't it that with your bad character, you spoke unpleasant words, and made other people feel that you did not care, and did not let them feel at ease."

When a woman is insecure, is it the man's fault or nevertheless, the woman's?

"Are you picking on me again?"

"You must clearly recognize your shortcomings."

"I have reflected on it, so I have not been in a relationship since then. It's not like you can be comfortable together just because the conditions are right. If the feelings aren't right then you won't be able to last together for a long time. In fact, I feel very apologetic to both of them. I only considered the conditions and did not consider feelings. It is difficult to change a person's character. If you don't meet that person who you feel that you can change for, then forcing it is useless."

"What about me?" Chen Ruo Yu sat up straight and stared at him, "You said that you want to be with me, to be my boyfriend, but you haven't changed at all, you're still so fierce."

"You are also fierce, the closer we get, the more arrogant you become."

"How am I?" She was not convinced, she felt aggrieved.

Meng Gu pulled her back into his arms and said to her, "For you, there's nothing to think about when it comes to conditions."

She was unconvinced again, "I am not too bad, just fall short of the best, but much better than the worst."

"So I just thought about the feelings." Meng Gu completely ignored her self evaluation of her conditions and directly said, "I don't need to change, I also don't think you need to exhaust yourself to accommodate me. It's very comfortable being with you."