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Is he speaking a poisonous tongued version of loving words to her? Chen Ruo Yu wanted to laugh a little.

Although his words are not very pleasant to hear, although he seems overbearing, although he seems a bit selfish, Chen Ruo Yu knows that he is saying the truth.

She liked him telling the truth, it made her feel that he is being sincere. But she shouldn't be caught like this, so she deliberately put on a straight face and said, "So, actually it turns out you just want to find someone who is easy to order around, convenient and a weak woman who can bear all your bullying."

"Deliberately distorting my words to tease me is one of the ways you express your interest, right?" Meng Gu saw through her.

Chen Ruo Yu somewhat blushed and muttered, "What distortion, your words are much more provoking, therefore don't think I believe you. I am currently building up my courageous spirit and intend to kick you out of my house."

"How didn't you distort it? You know that there is also a second type of sweet version of this."

"I want to listen to that one." She looked at him with a smile and bright eyes.

Meng Gu was uneasy and stood up, "You very well know what it means. Why go about repeating it?"

"If you don't tell clearly say it, who will know what you mean?" She glared at him.

Meng Gu stared at her and finally compromised after a while, "Okay, please let Yin Zi possess my body for 10 seconds."

He held his chest and said in an exaggerated tone, "Chen Ruo Yu, after going through a thousand sails, I finally discovered that you are my harbor. Listen, did you hear that? That is the voice of God, he is saying that we destined to be, a naturally perfect match."

Chen Ruo Yu laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Meng Gu did not feel happy, and restored his Mr. Tyrannosaurus manner and poked her head.

"You covering your chest is not as naturally dashing as Boss Yin." She was being sincere.

"Hey, I am your insider, okay?"

"Not yet."

He glared at her and she glared back. In the end, the two couldn't help smiling.

Meng Gu asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, when you're with me, do you feel forced to change yourself?"

She seriously thought about it, it seems that she doesn't. She still seems to be her natural self, and she feels very comfortable.

"Don't change, Chen Ruo Yu. If when you're together with me, you don't feel the need to deliberately change and feel very comfortable, then we are definitely exactly a natural couple. This is what is called a pot matched with its lid."

"Listen, did you hear that? That is the voice of God." Chen Ruo Yu copied the exaggerated tone he just used and leaned back on the sofa laughing.

Meng Gu also laughed, "You are not as naturally dashing as I am."

"So are you the pot or the lid?" She couldn't help but want to tease him again.

"Of course, the cover."


"Because the cover is on top."

Chen Ruo Yu was slow to react and it took her a while before she realized that he had said indecent words to her again. Her face went black and she wanted to hit him again.

Meng Gu unexpectedly continued, "Chen Ruo Yu, you are truly a hardworking and good woman who can endure trials and pass the test of hardship, I will work hard to test you in the future."

She couldn't help but hit his arm, "Hey, don't always say indecent words to me."

"Where is it indecent? Saying that you are hardworking and can endure hardships has an extremely positive meaning. You think too much, if your mind is not indecent you will not derive indecent meanings. Or have you actually been having fanciful and wild thoughts about me since long ago?"

"Ah, speaking of indecent. I just remembered, did you buy a durian?" Chen Ruo Yu suddenly recalled this important point.

***(the Chinese word being used here for indecent is "haungse/黄色" which literally means yellow...and the durian fruit is her bringing up the fruit isn't so random LOL)***

Meng Gu's face darkened, were they not just talking about **? Why did the topic suddenly change to durian?

"I bought one, a very big one, 20 kilograms."

"Did you bring it?" Her eyes were bright and full of expectation. Although she did not see it with him, she still did not give up hope. Maybe he didn't bring it out of the trunk of the car.

"You urgently summoned me here to stand trial, if I brought a durian with me I wouldn't look sharp or imposing, why would I bring it?"

Chen Ruo Yu was very disappointed.

Meng Gu coughed twice and reduced his tone and said, "Actually, there is another reason."

"What?" Chen Ruo Yu blinked her eyes, hoping that he would say that he didn't bring it with him but left it in the trunk of the car.

In the end, Meng Gu said, "The durian was stolen."

"What? A thief would actually steal a durian? Where was it stolen? Was your car broken into? Or was it your house was broken into?"

"Neither. I didn't leave it in the car the whole time, otherwise, my car will be stinky. So I took it home, I thought that since the space was bigger, it would not be so stinky. But it is so powerful, it made my whole house stink, and I could even smell that disgusting smell in my bedroom, so I threw it outside the door."

Chen Ruo Yu's jaw almost fell to the floor.

Meng Gu continued, "I received your call and rushed out, opened the door and found that the durian had disappeared. Then I went downstairs and when I passed the trash can downstairs, I could smell the durian. I walked over to glanced inside it, and saw the carcass of my big durian."

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded. So her beloved durian was not only stolen but also eaten!

"Are you an idiot? How can you negligently put this kind of thing outside the door." This is truly painful thing, how can this man do such a stupid brainless thing?

"How could I know that someone will steal it? Such a smelly thing."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, he looked back at her with an innocent expression, "The smell in my house is still not completely gone up till now, so I told myself never to buy this thing again. I cannot go back on my words." In other words, this one is gone and there will not be a chance for another.

Chen Ruo Yu kicked Meng Gu out of her house.

She didn't kick him out when he said those selfish words but she kicked him out when she learned that the durian was gone. Meng Gu angrily said, "Unless you take the initiative to call me to ask me out, I will not contact you" and other fierce words.

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him, she thought about the 20 kilo big durian and felt some heartache. 20 kilograms ah, she could have let go of her stomach and eat wildly. She never dreamt that there would be such a wild day of eating durian. The result was everything was ruined by this man's IQ.

Chen Ruo Yu wildly beat the sofa, this man is too stupid, he's worse than a pig.

She had a moment of silence for the durian, then her phone rang. Chen Ruo Yu jumped up, if it is Meng Gu calling, she must scold him again. She thought of her durian and immediately felt heartache again.

It was Liang Sisi calling.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly recalled the important event, "Sisi, I have to tell you, there was a woman who came to look for you today. She said that her name is Jiang Min Lan." Chen Ruo Yu stopped and thought about how to go about telling her about this matter. She did not expect Liang Sisi to say, "I know."

"You know?"

"Yes, she called me."

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised.

Liang Sisi said, "She didn't find me when she came to the house, so she just called me. Sorry, it's my problem, but it bothered you."

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, doing pretty good. That man is my first love. When I was in college, I went to work a part-time job and met him. At that time, I felt that other than being handsome, he was also good-natured and romantic. He pursued me very enthusiastically, and I was moved. Honestly speaking, that is the most serious I've ever been in a relationship, that was the only time I thought about getting married. Later I found out that he was still having a relationship with another woman at the same time as me. To put it bluntly, he was having an affair. He liked me because I was beautiful and passionate. He liked that woman because she was mature and wealthy. After I found out, I went to find that woman..."

"Ah, you went to find her?"

"Yes, I have done that kind of thing." Liang Sisi laughed on the phone. "I, like Jiang Min Lan today, went to see what kind of woman she is that makes Zhou Hao unable to let go. Is she better than me? Is she more charming than me? I went and discovered that that woman is Zhou Hao's first love. Ruo Yu, you see things are very interesting in this world, that woman is 2 years older than Zhou Hao and is his first love. Zhou Hao is 2 years older than me and he is my first love."

Chen Ruo Yu quietly listened to her, she knew that Liang Sisi because of Jiang Min Lan's phone call, she must have held in a lot of words and that she certainly has a lot in her heart that she wants to vent.

Liang Sisi continued, "The two of them had originally broken up, but then they met again, so they got back together. The woman said to me that she knows who I am, but Zhou Hao can't let her fo, his feelings for her are deeper than what he feels for me. So she was not anxious and said she will win. Then I went to find Zhou Hao and told him all this and asked him exactly what he was thinking in his heart. He could not answer, he acknowledged his mistake and confessed, and asked me to give him more time to deal with it."

"And then?"

"Of course, I didn't give him time. Why is it up to the man to decide the outcome of the war? I decided to dump him, I won!" Liang Sisi said strongly, and Chen Ruo Yu felt that she could hear her heartache.

"Ruo Yu, let me you, in fact, this matter of love, when you treat it as a game, it is much easier. There is no winning or losing, only enjoyment."

Chen Ruo Yu didn't know how to respond. Is this the reason why Liang Sisi is always switching boyfriends?

"Romance novels are very good. It lets me know each kind of love and relationships development pattern. Those that make you feel a rush of excitement, passionate ones, sweet and delightful ones, and they make me happy. Ruo Yu, have I ever told you that what is written in romance novels are all true? I totally believe in them, because I have lived and enjoyed it."

"En." Chen Ruo Yu's nose was sore and she nodded. She had imagined that Liang Sisi's eyes on the other end were moist.

Have enjoyed it, but have not obtained it!

There is no winning or losing in the game, but you're still hurt!

Chen Ruo Yu finally heard Liang Sisi sobbing on the other end. She didn't bother her and she also grabbed the tissue bod and wiped away the tears flowing from her own eyes.

The two women stayed on the phone crying for a long time, before their mood was finally somewhat calm. Liang Sisi suddenly said, "Ruo Yu, thank you. I really like you, you are completely different from me, but I am very comfortable with you. At a time like this, it is only you who can make me pour out these words."

"The two of us are crying like mental cases." Chen Ruo Yu said.

Liang Sisi laughed, "Ruo Yu, shouldn't you be comforting me at this time? Instead of calling me a mental case."

"I clearly said that we both are."

Liang Sisi laughed again, "Yes, normal women are all mental cases."

"What's abnormal then?"

"Abnormal is not having any defects."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled, "Sisi, why do you I feel that you're making sense when you're being illogical?"

"Because you are a mental case."

The two women laughed.

"What the hell are we laughing about? but I feel that laughing is very good." Chen Ruo Yu wiped her tears with a tissue.

Liang Sisi said, "I will tell you something funnier."


"Later Zhou Hao married his first love, and the woman who said to me that she would win, won."

"And then? How come there is this Jiang Min Lan now?"

"Then they got divorced."

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth in surprise. She heard Liang Sisi choking on laughter on the other end, "After I heard the news, I really wanted to go to that woman and say to her, your victory really made this old mother's heart feel very good and delighted."

Chen Ruo Yu imagined this scene, and could not help but smile, she felt that Liang Sisi could really do this.

"So what about Jiang Min Lan now?" She asked.

"Her? She probably used up all her courage when she went to find you, when she called me she was crying the whole time. She said she went and found the wrong person and said that you locked her outside the house and left her to dry and that a man came and scolded her."

Chen Ruo Yu "Pfft" and smiled, if she were in her shoes, she certainly would have cried too.

"What did you say?"

"I told her that I received the ring. I also told her about my previous cheating experience with him and asked why she would still want a man that is like this?"

Chen Ruo Yu nervously listened. As expected, she still thought sharply and asked the key question.

"She cried and said that she still wants him, she loves him."

"What did you say?" Chen Ruo Yu thought of the young face she saw today, actually, Jiang Min Lan did not look very strong.

"I told her that I also loved him once and that his first should have also loved him very much too. But in the end, all of us nevertheless ended up with this outcome. I told her that the saying that a good horse doesn't go back to graze on old pastures is reasonable. In the end, does he really truly love that grass, or better yet, is he only infatuated with the taste of the old grass in his mind? What you cannot obtain is the best, not because it really is the best, but because you cannot be resigned to the fact that you cannot obtain it. I told her to think it through clearly."

Liang Sisi paused, then added, "She says that she still loves him, and she thought that he loved her."

Chen Ruo Yu listened and sighed.

Liang Sisi said, "There's nothing I can do about it. I told her that this man was still having entanglements with other women while dating her and he even sent such a big gift. So if she still feels that this man loves her very much, then I have nothing to say. Anyway, this man is not mine, she can do as she pleases."

"Moreover, he sent that 100,000RMB thing through express delivery, really has no sense of the security, what if it was lost or stolen?" Chen Ruo Yu immediately voiced her complaint.

"Ruo Yu, is that the main point?" Liang Sisi couldn't help but say to her.

"Alright." Chen Ruo Yu hurriedly turned back to the topic, "You've said that, how did Jiang Min Lan answer?" Before waiting for Liang Sisi to answer, she could not help but add another sentence, "Nevertheless, I think that sending a ring by express delivery is showy, tacky and loathsome."

"Ruo Yu."

"Okay, I won't comment, you continue." Her gossiping spirit was burning, she really wanted to listen.

"I told Jiang Min Lan that in case she figures out that this man is worthy of her love, then we can both sell the ring and split the money. If she is hell-bent on believing that he worthy of her, then I will keep the ring money for myself, and asked her to help me to talk to Zhou Hao. Of course, later when she is getting a divorce, she should work hard and would be able to gain more from the division of property, so it's also pretty good."

Chen Ruo Yu almost split her sides laughing, and thought that Sisi is really not a woman to be crossed.

"Right, Jiang Min Lan said that a man claiming to be your boyfriend scolded her, is it Dr. Meng?"

"Ah, this..." Chen Ruo Yu was a little embarrassed and said in a low voice, "He, he suddenly said that he likes me. We are now, um, we've made it clear, but it's still a bit confusing."

"Tch. There's nothing to be confused about. Didn't I say it earlier, if he was not interested in you, why on earth would he be provoking you?"

"Huh? But didn't you say you were going to pursue him at that time?"

"Testing to see if he is unreliable. If he just wants to play, I naturally will immediately advise you to kick him to the curb. But he ignored me, even when we went to eat together he only inquired about you, so I gave him a pass. It's just that I could not manage how you guys develop and whether or not you could end up together."

"Ah? It's actually like this."

"What? You're so silly, if I told you too much, your mind would have certainly been in a hideous mess again."


"Ah, oh, are you finished? Come on, tell me, how are you both doing now?"

"It's just that we'll see how it develops and let nature take its course. He told me today that we do not need to forcefully change ourselves to get along, and that we just need to happily and comfortably be together."

"Nonsense, who doesn't change when in love, don't you see that you have already changed a lot?"

"Ah? Really?" How come she doesn't think so herself, but she also feels that what she said makes a lot of sense.

"However," Liang Sisi laughed on the other end, "Ruo Yu, you should observe him. If he doesn't feel like he has changed himself, then you can rest assured. That type of unconscious adjustment to fit your curvature means that the feelings are truly genuine."

MiraiSaesang's Notes: This chapter ended on a heartwarming note...their friendship is great...On another note, Meng Gu's sulking because it seems durian ranks higher than him in her heart, poor guy...