Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 51 / Chapters List

It makes sense.

Chen Ruo Yu remembered that when she had criticized Meng Gu's bad temper and unpleasant way of speaking, At that time, he also said something similar that if he met the right person he will unexpectedly change then.

She suddenly felt that she should absorb more from her friends' experiences.

Later, Chen Ruo Yu called Gao Yu Lan and immediately asked, "Lan Lan, how did you make such a firm resolution to live with Boss Yin for this lifetime?"

Gao Yu Lan's phone was silent, and then Yin Ze's deliberately lowered voice came through, "Ruo Yu ah, I really like your frankness. Lan Lan is in the bathroom, ah, she's coming out, I'll give her the phone. After you get the answer, you must tell me."

Chen Ruo Yu face darkened, and then she heard Yin Zi telling Gao Yu Lan that she had a phone call and that he was busy and will leave them to talk. Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but rub her forehead, he finished with a "have a good chat", he won't really come and ask her what Lan Lan said she saw in him, right?

The line on the other end was quickly replaced with Gao Yu Lan. Chen Ruo Yu said the words again, she could not retreat and asked the question again.

"Did Yin Ze tell you to ask me?"

Sure enough, they are really a couple!

Chen Ruo Yu replied "No". She thought about it, the weather was good and so just asked to go out to meet, Gao Yu Lan agreed. After a while, she called out to Yin Ze and said that she is going out for an appointment. Yin Ze said that they could go to his restaurant to talk, he provided a free venue for food and drinks.

Chen Ruo Yu rubbed her forehead, Boss Yin being so generous, providing everything, is to be able to properly harvest information, right? However, Chen Ruo Yu still agreed. The reason is simple.


As a reasonable woman, economizing is the highest principle.

So Chen Ruo Yu and Gao Yu Lan met in the outrageously big kitchen of Yin Ze's "Food" restaurant, which had a special small table for visiting relatives and friends. Chen Ruo Yu was on one side eating while talking.

Gao Yu Lan looked at the surrounding movements and moved closer to her like a thief, and seeing that no one was close to them or paying attention to them, she whispered her final decision: depends on whether Yin Zi can move her emotionally.

"Move you?" This is different again. It's that she is convinced that all the conditions are right. not Liang Sisi's theory of compromising change, just simply being moved?

It turns out that every woman has a different standard in her heart.

Gao Yu Lan nodded and said her own thoughts, "Yin Ze is very good to me, we get along well, he also proposed to me. But I don't know what is going on, I've been feeling that there is less motivation."


"I don't know how to describe it properly. Well, it's like you have been watching over a pot of boiling water, you see that there are small bubbles at the bottom of the pot, and you think that it should be bubbling up, and be steaming soon. But waiting and waiting, but it just won't bubble up, what's to be done? At this time, you feel anxious, if you add some sale, and then the water goes "Pff" and bubbles up a little. I feel a bit like that now, a little anxious, I really hope that some salt will come in and bubble up a little."

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded, this kind of analogy, she's indeed a chef's wife, isn't she? However, this seems to be somewhat vivid.

Just as she likes Meng Gu very much, Meng Gu also said that he likes her. It is reasonable to say that everything is already fixed on the board, things are set, but she seems to feel somewhat uncertain.

"Ruo Yu, do you understand what I mean?"

"I understand. Actually, the heat of the water is almost hot enough, you just want to see it bubbling up first, so that you can put the meat in."

Gao Yu Lan froze and then blushed, "Ruo Yu, don't be so indecent."

"Where am I indecent?" Chen Ruo Yu felt extremely innocent, "It's just like when you're cooking hotpot, right? The meat has actually been in the pot for a long time, but you're always worried that it is not cooked, always wanting it to cook for a while more, and then a while more, but also worried that id it's in the hotpot for too long, it won't be good."

"Ah, yes, you're right! There is that kind of dilemma."

The two women reached an understanding and talked a lot. They didn't know that Yin Ze grabbed a passing kitchen staff and asked him, "Did you hear what the two of were saying?"

"They are talking about hotpot."

Hotpot? Yin Ze was confused. Shouldn't they be talking about men? How did it change to hotpot?

"Ruo Yu, you know, that year, after being together with my first love for seven years, he could actually become hostile immediately like that. Although the situation he saw was really bad for me, but seven years, after seven years trust could not be cultivated. seven years could not outweigh one misunderstanding, and how long have I been with Yin Ze? Moreover, the reason he fell in love with me, was actually a love at first sight encounter from three years ago. Ruo Yu, to tell you the truth, I feel that I have don't have the confidence, but this matter of confidence for him is no problem at all. He feels that it is normal for him to have seen me once and never forgotten it all this time. That is normal for us to fall in love after meeting a few years later, and it feels right to get married and that it is as it should naturally be. However, with this course of events, it's not surprising that it feels highly insecure?"

"So where do you feel it is insecure?"

Gao Yu Lan was asked, she opened her mouth but couldn't answer. After being quiet for a long time, she said, "I am certain that I love him, and I am certain that he loves me. We should have no problems with our families, but I just feel confused and feel that I need some motivation. Ruo Yu, you know that my personality is weak and when I encounter problems, I want to hide, but Yin Ze is totally different. He really makes me happy, but everything seems highly logically structured and too quick." She looked at Chen Ruo Yu's expression and suddenly sighed, "Actually, I can't say it clearly. Maybe it's just my own insecurities. I said that I need motivation, I need to feel moved, maybe it's all just excuses."

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't say anything, she held her chin and thought, how many women are as confused as they are? She was really not satisfied with confused, they are insecure, inexplicable, unreasonable, illogical, perplexing. They are just baffling.

"Lan Lan, you said he loves you, isn't that motivating? He loves you, isn't that moving? And then, aren't you certain that he loves you?"

Gao Yu Lan opened her mouth and thought for a long time, "Men must hate women like me who are mental cases."

"I thought about it today, normal women are all mental cases."

Gao Yu Lan thought about it and laughed, "I will strive to flare up a bit less." She held Chen Ruo Yu's hand and said, "Ruo Yu, thank you."

"Thank you? Thanking her for what? Chen Ruo Yu looked at Gao Yu Lan's happy smile, and suddenly felt that she also benefited a lot.

Chen Ruo Yu had not seen Meng Gu for several days now.

Because he had just returned to work after he took a week of sick leave, he came back to a pile of work and needed to cover the shifts of other doctors, so he was very busy.

And she was also busy too. In addition to thinking about the important matters in love and life, her job also unexpectedly entered into a busy period.

Zhao Xia was discussing opening up a new sales channels, and there were also several new types of condom products introduced in the market. Although, Chen Ruo Yu was only a part-time worker, Zhao Xia took care of her, and some of channels were allocated to her. In the next few days, the new products were released to the market. Chen Ruo Yu spent her time to meet clients, and in the evenings to went to various stores to check if they would like to stock the products. She also talked about shelving the new products with her old sales channels. As a result, she was running around day and night so did not have time to meet Meng Gu.

On this day, Chen Ruo Yu was using the opportunity of going out to meet a client to go to Zhao Xia's office and had a meeting with her to discuss sales issues. While waiting for Zhao Xia, Chen father called her, he asked her about her progress with Zhou Zhe.

Chen Ruo Yu truthfully told him that they had set an appointment but ended up not meeting. They had both agreed to be friends, but there is no possibility of developing into lovers.

Chen father was quiet on the phone, and his disappointed mood coursed through the phone. Chen Ruo Yu wanted to sigh, but she held back. She knows that she must get through to her family. Regardless of romance, she wants to choose the kind of life she lives, she cannot say how she will do in A city in the future, but for now, she still wants to follow her own heart.

Chen father finally said a few words, "You are so big, you have your own hands and feet, mom and dad cannot force you, you have your own ideas, but your parents have more life experience than you, your parents know more about life. You take care of yourself over there and get along with Zhou Zhe. It's not from the New year break, you both come back together, if there's anything, we can talk about it when you come home."

Chen Ruo Yu felt powerless, she had obviously said it very clearly, but her father behaved like he didn't understand or hear it, and still says his piece. Of course, his piece is also her mother's. In her home, her mother is the high-tempered and stubborn, and her father is gentle and obedient, but the two have always been in sync and their opinions are unified.

This is their way of life. There is only one person in the family is the master of the house, and the other is forbearing and follows. Maybe it shouldn't be called forbearing, for her father, isn't it part of life's happiness?

Chen Ruo Yu ended the call and finally couldn't help but sigh. Zhao Xia just walked in and heard her sigh and couldn't help but smile. Chen Ruo Yu casually explained that her parents wanted her to move back home. Zhao Xia said that she actually wanted to talk to her about whether she would be willing to become a full-time salesperson. Because Chen Ruo Yu's sales channels partners' evaluation of her is very good. No matter which product she is selling, Chen Ruo Yu is very good at promoting them. She feels that she is very good at communication and responsible, and never makes mistakes in her sales orders.

Chen Ruo Yu was extremely grateful, "I just have smaller channels, and my orders are smaller, so my problems are also relatively smaller."

"Or do you want to consider the possibility of returning to C city? Speaking of which, I also have another option. My general distributor in C city is getting ready to quit. I have read the data, the marketplace is good. I want to keep it, but I can't manage it and I don't have anyone I can trust there. So, if you plan to return to C city, you must tell me in advance, I will fund you, you can take over and manage the general distribution in C city too, what do you think?"

Chen Ruo Yu was surprised and really flattered. When has she ever had such good luck?

In the evening, Chen Ruo Yu came home very late. She came home to a dark house, no one was home. Liang Sisi traveled for a week and had not yet returned, which made Chen Ruo Yu feel a little lonely.

She cooked a bowl of noodles for herself. While she was doing this, she thought, if she and Meng Gu got married, and she always worked overtime like this, who would cook at home? She doesn't know how Meng Gu's cooking skills are, and his working overtime seems to be even more exaggerated.

Noodles was ready, she told herself while eating that she's really thinking too much.

At this time, her phone text message notification sounded, Chen Ruo Yu picked it up to check, it was from Meng Gu. In his text message, he said that he has still not received an invitation from Chen Ruo Yu, so he is currently in a state of restraint.

Chen Ruo Yu read the test message and laughed.

She dialed his number.

"What are you doing?"

"I just got out of surgery and eating dinner. What about you?"

"Just got back home and eating noodles."

"Came back so late?"

"Yeah, I also had work too. After you finish eating, are going to go get off work and go home?"

"Yes, no one asked me out, so I have to go home."

"So late, don't go out. Go home and rest early, don't you still have to work tomorrow?"

"Okay." Meng Gu sighed, in fact, he was also really tired, "What are you going to do after eating?"

"Well, I plan to think about my life."

"You might as well think about serious matters."

"What is not serious about one's life? You tell me then, what is a serious matter?"

"For example, how to ask an outstanding and handsome surgeon out on a date, to cultivate our feelings and talk about love and so on."

Chen Ruo Yu laughed and said, "Don't want to."

"So what about life do you want to think about?"

"My dad called me today and asked me about coming back home. Also told me to develop things with Zhou Zhe."

"..." Meng Gu was quiet, and then he fiercely said, "Chen Ruo Yu, do you still need to think about this kind of thing?"

"Of course, I have to consider it. After all, they are my parents, I don't want to make them sad. Just today I got some good news, so I have a method."

"What? If you dare to say that you intend to go have a fake relationship with Zhou Zhe to cheat them first, you just wait for me to come and sort you out."

"Dr. Meng, how can you be so violent as a medical professional?"

"Rest assures, with my professional medical knowledge, it won't be too painful for you."

Chen Ruo Yu frowned, not sure if his words had any indecent meaning.

"What exactly are you thinking?" Meng Gu said somewhat anxiously.

"Have I told you that I have a part-time job, as a part-time salesperson for adult products brand?"

"You mean, we don't need to go outside to buy in the future, right?"

Chen Ruo Yu was certain that this sentence had an indecent meaning. She pretended not to have heard it and continued, "Today the boss of the part-time job, who is also my friend said that there will be a vacancy of the general distributor in C city and she would like to keep it. So if I want to return to C city, then she wants to give me the position, she will fund it and I'll manage the business."


Chen Ruo Yu waited for his response and in the end, he didn't say anything so she asked, "Dr. Meng, are you still there?"

"I can't eat anymore."

"I didn't say anything disgusting. I just wanted to say, if my parents keep forcing me to go back, I will tell them that I won't sell insurance in A city anymore, I will go back to C city to sell condoms, even better, to be the city's general distributor. I know them very well, they attach great importance to their reputation, selling condoms vs selling insurance. They might as well just let me stay here to sell insurance, what the eyes do not see, the heart cannot grieve over, isn't that right?"


"Dr. Meng, why aren't you saying anything?"

"Chen Ruo Yu, sometimes you are slow that you leave me dumbstruck."

"How am I?!"

"Am I not more efficient than a condom? You are shining out a condom, you might as well shine me out!"

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned, and then after a while, finally said, "Dr. Meng, your usage of this analogy is really wonderful, it makes people speechless."

"..." Meng Gu's side was silent for a long time and then he suddenly hung up the phone.

He is embarrassed! Chen Ruo Yu thought, that's wrong, this should be called flying into a rage out of humiliation!

She laughed and suddenly thought that Mr. Tyrannosaurus's IQ has dropped, and his combat effectiveness is also lacking, this can be considered a change, right?

MiraiSaesang's Notes: Their dynamics have really changed, he has become so teasable and adorable...Surprisingly, he seems to be the one who is much more enthusiastic about their relationship LOL...