Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 53 / Chapters List

We went to the same Japanese-style restaurant as before.

Ramen noodles, side dishes, sake, and tea.

The sake is for Chen Ruo Yu to drink, while Meng Gu's is tea.

"You can't drink, you have to drive me home." Chen Ruo Yu announced as she ordered the sake.

"I can't drink but you still ordered it."

"I want to drink." She confidently proclaimed.

Meng Gu glanced at her, he did not bother to haggle with her on this, but also helped her to fill up her cup.

Chen Ruo Yu was pleased and took two sips of wine and then cleared her throat and asked, "Dr. Meng, we are dating with the premise of marriage, right?"

"Yes." Meng Gu answered swiftly and affirmatively, which made Chen Ruo Yu very happy.

"How did you become certain that you want to date me?"

"It is the same as determining whether a tumor is benign or malignant."

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned, "How is that determined?"

"A complicated and scientific process."

Chen Ruo Yu's lips twitched, "If you respond in this manner, then I can only say that it is the same as determining whether or not a customer will sign an insurance policy. You see, like this, it is deliberately creating a sense of disparity between us."

"En." Meng Gu unexpectedly went "en". He ate some of the snacks and then subconsciously reached for the sake jug to pour himself a drink. Chen Ruo Yu swat his hand, so he dropped it and reached for the tea.

"Where is the disparity? A policyholder can still cancel it after, a tumor can still recur, there is the same kind of risk probability. However, once it has been determined, aren't they the same?"

"That seems a bit reasonable. But I still like the common and sentimental method of confirming it better." Chen Ruo Yu frowned, the first issue of having a doctor as a boyfriend has surfaced, why is he not romantic at all? Also by confirming whether the tumor is benign or malignant, is she a tumor?

Meng Gu smiled, put down his teacup, and suddenly leaned over and stretched his head, held her chin and kissed her lips.

Chen Ruo Yu who was distracted was startled, and lowered her voice and said, "Hey!" and quickly pushed him away and looked around, fortunately, they were seated in a hidden corner, so one was paying attention to them.

"What are you doing?"

"I am confirming it with you in the common and sentimental way."

"Truly loathsome, I am being serious."

"I am also being serious."

"You're not." Chen Ruo Yu still wanted to say something, but the waiter arrived with their noodles and vegetable side dishes, so she hurriedly sat up straight and corrected her expression.

Meng Gu looked at her and couldn't help laughing. Chen Ruo Yu glanced at him and then decided to put off the discussion for now and eat first. However, if she grabbed a side dish with her chopsticks, Meng Gu would rush over with his and steal it away.

Chen Ruo Yu finally couldn't help but ask with lips twitching, "Dr. Meng, presuming that we are currently in the pursuit stage, shouldn't you be making some allowances to show consideration?"

"Why do I feel that we are currently in the phase of love and affection?"

Is it that his love and affection involves robbing her of food?

"What kind of display of love and affection is this?" She rebuffed him.

"A man's display." He responded confidently.

She glared at him. He looked at her, smiled sweetly, and brought the last piece of the side dish he stole to her lips.

This kind of show of goodwill made her feel quite comfortable and she opened her mouth and ate it, but did not expect that he had secretly put on a lot of wasabi on it. The spiciness made her head feel numb and her eyes sting with tears as she coughed.

Meng Gu burst into laughter, pulled some tissues for her, and handed her tea.

Chen Ruo Yu was flustered, and she was so embarrassed as she wiped her tears. wu wuwu, she doesn't want this kind of boyfriend, she wants one who is gentle and considerate.

Meng Gu still laughing, brought a tissue and helped her to wipe her face while laughing at her.

After Chen Ruo Yu managed to calm down, she punched him twice. Meng Gu was still laughing while being beaten and asked her if she would like another side dish.

Chen Ruo Yu rolled her eyes, then brought out her small book and firmly wrote down a note about Meng Gu: childish, inconsiderate - no change.

Meng Gu stretched his neck to try to see what she was writing. She quickly closed it and prevented him from looking. Then she ignored him and continued to eat her food.

Meng Gu put the meat from his bowl in hers. She brazenly ate it. He put his egg in her bowl, and she again brazenly ate it without even sparing him a glance, she was still angry.

When she finished eating her bowl of noodles, she raised her head and saw that Meng Gu had not moved at all, instead, he was smiling and staring at her.

She blushed a bit, "What are you looking at?" She was deliberately fierce, this stink man is always bullying her, she cannot be too polite with him.

"Looking at my girlfriend."

"Has anyone agreed yet?"

"Yes, just now we obviously came to an agreement to date with the premise of marriage."

"But you just teased me, so now I'm reconsidering it."

Meng Gu smiled and pinched her cheek, "A man bullying a woman he likes is a way of expressing his affection, is there anything not to understand?"

"Just like the bizarre way you, Boss Yin and Police officer Lei express your friendship? What kind of reasoning is this?"

"Men's reasoning."

Chen Ruo Yu lips twitched and she ignored him, "Obviously, you should treat your girlfriend better, gentler, be nice to her, listen to her words, give her whatever she wants..."

Meng Gu ignored her mutterings and used his chopsticks to pick a side dish and blocked her mouth.

Chen Ruo Yu ate it, then emptied her wine cup, and then opened her small book. She intended to carefully discuss with him about their plan and the issues between them.

But, how to go about discussing this matter?

If you plan out being in love, is it still being in love?

Retreating 10,000 steps, even if there is a plan, a plan cannot keep up with change. This is a universal law, and it is definitely applicable and wonderfully so in romance.

Thinking about it, originally she planned to pursue him, and she didn't succeed. Later, she planned on being friends with him, and that also didn't last long.

Therefore, making a dating plan is nonsense. To plan is -- just like the trick of asking to proof feelings, this sort thing is useless.

Then no plan, how should she go about ascertaining this with him?

How about she considers Lan Lan's experience had they talked about.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at the small book and immediately remembered the main points from the discussions with Liang Sisi and Gao Yu Lan.

For example, whether they have confidence in each other right now, and whether they have noticed changes in the other, as well as, whether the change was forced, or whether it was them naturally adapting to accommodate the other unconsciously.

Or whether or not they have moved each other? This kind of sentiments promotes long term development and intensity of feelings.

But after mentioning these two things, if both sides deliberately think about it and deliberately perform these acts, in the end, wouldn't that counterproductive?

Chen Ruo Yu stared at the book and was thinking over these two things, and felt somewhat distressed.

"What are doing with such a bitter and deep expression?"

"Think about how to be in love."

"You look like you're thinking about how to file for divorce and get all your husband's property."

She imagined her expression, very well, she put the small book away, and sat upright, downed a cup of wine and threw the problem to him.

"Dr. Meng, so what do you think, how are we going properly start?"

"We have already started." Meng Gu looked at like she was an idiot.

"How are we going to continue to advance?"

"How we started is how we continue to proceed."

Responding like this is equal to not saying anything all.

Chen Ruo Yu drank another cup of wine. She seriously thought about it and said, "Ah, we don't have pictures of each other."

She brought out her phone and then thought about it, Meng Gu's phone is more advanced, so she told Meng Gu to bring out his phone.

Meng Gu handed his phone over to her, but unfortunately, she did not really know how to operate it, so she asked Meng Gu to operate it. The two people took a selfie with their heads stuck together.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at the picture and was very happy. She told Meng Gu to send it to her phone.

Meng Gu on the hand, disliked it and said as he sent it, "Can't you just pick a time during the day to take it again? The background is not good, the lighting is not good, cannot even see the people in it clearly."

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him, she received the picture and looked at it, and was very satisfied.

"During the daytime, when the lighting is good, we can take another one. Since it came to mind now, we should take it now. You see, you see, how nice, this is the way of romance. With a sweet picture, whenever you miss someone, you can just bring it out to look at it."

Meng Gu examined the picture on the phone, because of an issue with the angle of the picture, Chen Ruo Yu's face appeared super big, she was also had on a silly smile, "ugly to death." He commented.

"Hey, don't delete this picture, you must keep it. This is our first photo together, it is of great commemorative value."

"Women ah." Meng Gu shook his head, "Don't ask me to change my screen saver to this ah." He looked as if he were being sent to his death and also looked as if he will definitely stand firm and not give in.

"Who is going to ask you to change it?" Chen Ruo Yu happily saved the picture. "I am not changing mine either." Her screen saver will forever be Mr. Peach blossom forest, never changing.

Meng Gu was suspicious and he grabbed Chen Ruo Yu's phone to look at it, "What kind of picture do you use as your screen saver?"

"Ah, a random picture." Chen Ruo Yu suddenly had a feeling like he was peeping into the depths of her heart, her face turned red, "Quickly give it back to me."

Meng Gu looked between her phone and her a few times and then settled on her, said nothing and handed the phone back to her.

Chen Ruo Yu took the phone back and was a little nervous. She was afraid that he discovered that she had long ago put him as her screen saver. She coughed twice and tried to divert the attention, she was a little curious and asked, "What screen saver do you use?"

"Here." He generously showed her, it was the one that came preinstalled on the phone, a solid color background.

"No fun." she expressed contempt.

Meng Gu shrugged, "Anyway, don't tell me to change my phone's screen saver, don't tell me to put the picture in my wallet, and don't pull me to go take couple sticker pictures."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled at him slyly, "Is that what your previous girlfriends used to ask you to do?"

Meng Gu vigilantly did not answer.

Chen Ruo Yu continued to smile slyly, "Rest assured, I won't tell you to do these. I have something more creative in mind."

"What is it?" he became even more vigilant.

"Well..." She thought about it and felt a little shy, and hastily finished another cup of wine, "I will tell you when we go out." Making sing a love song, she'll have to find a quiet place where other people won't be listening.

Meng Gu looked at her, and watched her blushing face, "Something that can make you so shy, I'm interested."

Chen Ruo Yu chocked on the wine and quickly grabbed a tissue to wipe her mouth, "It's good you're interested, good you're interested."

Meng Gu suddenly leaned over and pecked her cheek, "Big red face."

Chen Ruo Yu pushed him away, glanced at him and petulantly said, "This is a public place."

His eyes looking at her were deep and his fingers were stroking her face, "It's even redder, come over, let me give you another kiss."

"Don't make me." Chen Ruo Yu moved to the side and stayed at a distance from him. She took another mouthful of wine. If he teases her again, she's going to drag him out and make him sing!

Meng Gu laughed, and pulled her over and sat her close to him.

"Make you what?" He lowered his voice and ambiguously asked.

"Make me..." She must not mention the singing thing, if it isn't a surprise it won't be good. "Make me, make me show you to my parents and so on. Ah!" Chen Ruo Yu suddenly remembered a topic to talk about.

"That's right, Dr. Meng, I still have to settle the issue of my parents."

"This matter should be handed over to the man." If she took him over, he did not believe that her parents would not be satisfied.

"That won't do, the man has not yet settled with me, so the order is not right."

Meng Gu cast a sideways glance at her, "Chen Ruo Yu, how come I feel that your words just now have considerably insulted my male dignity. What do you mean by settling here?"

"Your male dignity is not that fragile, Dr. Meng. The settling here is very clean and honest, that is to say, that we have not developed to the meeting the parents' stage yet. Also, when the time comes, you must handle your parents, now it doesn't matter, don't allow your parents to dislike me in the end, and like in the TV drama scene, call me for a talk and hand over a cheque to force me to leave you and so on."

"Do you want them to write you a cheque?" Does she think that she is the female lead in a melodrama?

"Yes, why not." Chen Ruo Yu said with a serious expression. "We can save some money and live a good life in the future."

"If you accept the cheque, shouldn't you keep your promise to leave me?"

"But you have legs, you can come to find me. When I accept the cheque I will agree to leave you, However, I didn't say that you can't come to me, did I? You saying this, don't tell me that is really going to happen with your family?" She looked at him with eyes wide open.

"What do you think?" Meng Gu was ill-humored.

"If that is the case, then we should first discuss how much will be appropriate. If it's too low, then it would be looking down on your worth. If it too high, then your parents will not be willing to give it." She bit her lip and had on a serious expression, "Say, will a million be too little?"

Meng Gu could not help but hit the table, "Chen Ruo Yu, are you messing with me?"

"Are you seeing yourself?" CHen Ruo Yu laughed and laughed, "Dr. Meng, you think you are the male lead of a melodrama, even talking about writing a cheque, how funny."

Meng Gu pursed his lips and watched her laughing like that and completely did not understand, "How is it so funny? It's just you that was acting out a play by yourself."

"It's just very funny." Chen Ruo Yu was still laughing, she waved her hand ignoring him, "Men and women find different things funny. You don't even have a sense of humor."

"You're right." Meng Gu suddenly said, "Men still like this a bit more."

He pulled her over and blocked her mouth.

It was not a soft kiss, or a light peck.

It was a hot deep kiss.

Finally, Chen Ruo Yu escaped from the small booth. She was blushing and felt like everyone in the whole restaurant was looking at her. She held onto her important small book that contained the lyrics of "I want to see Chen Ruo Yu" and didn't wait for Meng Gu to finish paying the bill before quickly heading out first.

She stood by Meng Gu's car and waited for him with a burning hot face.

Meng Gu also quickly came out. He could not help laughing when he saw Chen Ruo Yu hiding in the shadows beside the car. He grabbed her and asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, how did you endure for a week without asking me out?"

He asked, but did not let her answer. He lowered his head and kissed her again.

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to complain: "Aren't you the same? You didn't ask me out for a week too." But her mouth was very busy and so she couldn't speak for a while, therefore she grumbled in her heart.

There were passerbys whistling next to them, probably making jest of them for being an exceedingly passionate couple.

Chen Ruo Yu was so shy, but Meng Gu did not let her go.

It turns out that men and women not only have a difference in their sense of humor, but the degree of the thickness of their skin is also different.

She scolded him again, but she could not help the sweet feeling in her heart.