Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 55 / Chapters List

She was thinking that what he said is true.

Whether or not a person is really in love with you, you will certainly feel it.

She can feel it.

The car had already arrived downstairs at her apartment, but neither of them were willing to get out of the car. After talking endlessly about aimless topics, they eventually sat quietly for a while.

Finally, she yawned and felt sleepy. Meng Gu told her that she should quickly go upstairs.

But when she reached the doors of the building, he caught up to her and said that he would escort her upstairs. The two fools hand in hand rode the elevator and walked up to her door, she thought that this scene was very funny.

"Then I'm going to go in." She said.

Meng Gu nodded.

"Sisi hasn't returned yet, and I am home alone." As she finished talking, she saw Meng Gu's expression and suddenly realized her own slip of tongue and quickly said, "I did not mean anything else, I was just saying that she hasn't returned yet so I am home alone."

Chen Ruo Yu's face became very red and Meng Gu burst into laughter.

"I am going in." Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, really annoying, this man is really not loveable at all.

She reached in her bag in for the key and searched around. She searched for a long time but could not find it and became anxious.

She put her bag in his hands and put her two hands in to search for it.

"What's wrong?"

"Can't find the key. I'm finished, I'm finished. Where did I lose it?"

"Don't panic, don't worry." He comforted her and helped her to search in the bag. There were a bunch of gadgets inside, but there was really no key.

"Where do you think you left it, have you brought it out at all anywhere? When we went to eat? or possibly at your company?"

"Oh no." Chen Ruo Yu finally remembered, "Today, my colleague asked to borrow my nail clippers, my little nail clipper was strung together on my key ring. She used it and put it on my desk and I forgot to put it back."

"Careless." Meng Gu frowned, "How can you randomly leave your key about?"

Chen Ruo Yu lowered her head and whispered, "I usually pay attention to it." Today her mind was really not focused.

"Let's go." Meng Gu did not continue to talk to her about the issue, but pulled her to go downstairs.

"It's so late, I won't be able to get into the company." Chen Ruo Yu's heart was a little anxious, what should she do? She can't ask for a locksmith to break in, it's not good to waste the money.

"Ah, I'll call Lan Lan and ask her to take me in for the night."

Meng Gu, who was walking in front, turned back, "If you try it, Yin Zi will not be happy with you!"

Chen Ruo Yu's mouth twitched, "Let him be unhappy then, it's better than me being homeless. Besides, I am Lan Lan's friends, he won't have the nerve to be too rude to me."

"But he will have the nerve to be very rude to me." Meng Gu said, "With my relationship with you, he will definitely come to me to retaliate."

"Strong man, there's nothing to fear from him!" Chen Ruo Yu threw a fist at her Mr. Tyrannosauraus to cheer him on, "Dr. Meng, I have confidence in you, I am willing to bet on you to win."

"Rather than letting you go disturb Gao Yu Lan, and then dealing with Yin Ze, it is better to just take you home and save the trouble." Meng Gu who was still holding Chen Ruo Yu's bag stood in front of the car and opened the door for her.

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was stunned.

Go to his house?

To spend the night?

A man and a woman together alone!

"Chen Ru Yu, what's in your mind?"

"What's happened?"

"You have the words share a bed and pillow written on your face, □ in eight big characters without borders!"

"Where do I?!" She was so anxious she jumped! "I didn't!" She didn't think of that! Absolutely not! Definitely not!

Then she saw Meng Gu's smiling face and suddenly felt that she was being teased again!

This stinky man is really not lovable!

She pouted and unhappily got into his car. No matter how what the final arrangement is, either way, he will have to drive her, so might as well get in the car and talk about it. This kind of topic is also really inappropriate to be discussing in front of the apartment.

Meng Gu smiled, got in the car and closed the door, put her bag on her lap and then started the car, and got ready to get on the road.

"Let's just decide to go to my house, there is a guest room for you to sleep in."

"Just because there are multiple rooms, doesn't mean it's safe." She was deliberately nitpicking.

Meng Gu was amused by her expression and asked, "Chen Ruo Yu, I have told you that I am chaste man, right?"

"Does that mean you are a virgin?" She looked at him with contempt, even though she was beaten to death she would not believe it.

"It means that I don't sleep around, I don't do one-night stands."

"Oh." She dragged out the sound, and it seemed she still didn't believe him from her expression.

Meng Gu laughed again and couldn't help but reach out and pinch her face, "If the word chastity can't make you feel at ease, how about the phrase, ready to die to preserve one's chastity?"

"Does that mean that you have had an encounter where you had to put up strong resistance and fight to preserve your innocence?" Chen Ruo Yu looked at him with eyes wide, "Have you really have encountered such a thing?"

He completely ignored her wild imagination and said, "It means that I have the self-control to resist the temptation."

"Ah? Temptation? That is to say, that I am a very attractive woman?" She really didn't have the confidence in that regard, if he's praising her like that, she wanted to be certain.

"It means that I haven't developed to that stage with you yet, so I won't touch you."

"Oh." He really is too unlovable. At this moment, he should praise her, and emphasize that she is very attractive to him.

"Why are you reacting like this? Are you dissatisfied that I am not going to further develop our relationship tonight, or you think that I am wrong for not praising you for being beautiful and sexy?"

"Hmph." Chen Ruo Yu turned her head, he clearly knew the reason why and he even teased her.

Meng Gu started to drive and said, "You women are really weird. When men don't lie, you are unhappy, when men lie you are angry."

"It's you men who are weird. When you should lie, you won't lie. When you shouldn't lie, you lie."

"Perhaps because some men control their thinking with more than just their brains."

"Ah?" Did he start talking about indecent things again? Chen Ruo Yu felt herself blushing. It should be going too deep to continue to talk about this topic, right? Would it be a little inappropriate of her to use this opportunity to warn to prevent him from derailing?

"That's right, later I will teach you how to recognize the structure of the human body when you're free." Meng Gu's words made Chen Ruo Yu's face become even redder. She hasn't said anything yet, and he is going in-depth on the topic and his words are becoming even more indecent.

"If you really encounter any hooligans or something, so you'll know where to hit to make the other person fall to the ground seriously hurt but won't die..."

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded, how did the topic suddenly change to talking about hooligans?

Meng Gu looked at her, "What are you fussing about? If a girl meets with danger outside, she should know how to protect herself, you don't think that if you call me, I can drop from the sky in 5 seconds, right?"

Of course, she is not that stupid, "Shouting for help is more reliable than calling you."

"Therefore I want to find an opportunity to teach you. You're so silly and slow-witted, what'll happen if you have such an encounter and I'm not there by your side?" He chatted away and began to tell her about the recent cases in which several girls had been taken to the hospital, they were ambushed on the streets and were seriously injured and needed emergency treatment.

These encounters were really terrible, but Chen Ruo Yu listened, she couldn't help but curve the corners of her mouth. He was concerned about her, which made her happy.

The two successfully arrived at Meng Gu's home.

On the way, Chen Ruo Yu wanted to find a store to buy some clothes and toiletries, but ti was too late, so the supermarkets and shopping malls were all closed, and convenience stores only have small things like toothbrush and face towels. Meng Gu said that he has new ones available at home, so there is no need to go buy another one.

In short, Chen Ruo Yu empty handed followed Mr. Tryannosaurus into his lair.

A bit shy, a bit uncomfortable.

Touching here and there, looking around. She was curious and a little excited.

"You must really want to see this." Meng Gu stood at the door of a room and said this to her with a suggestive expression.

"Hmph, I don't." Her face flushed and she turned around and went into another room, "Stinky rogue, it's late, I am going to sleep..."

The rest of her words stuck in her throat when she found that she had actually run into Meng Gu's bedroom.

"You want to sleep here?" Meng Gu's low laughter sounded behind her, and he embraced her in his arms, "Chen Ruo Yu, you are so unrestrained and enthusiastic, what if I can't help myself?"

She blushed as red as a big tomato, he was teasing her again. Stinky man! Dead man! Hateful man!

Hm? Tell me, what should I do?" He also drew out the sound of his words to create a sexy and teasing atmosphere, which was really annoying.

Chen Ruo Yu was frozen for a while, before she patted his arm and said, "It is time to prove your chastity and resolve to die preserving it! Dr. Meng, be sure to hold on."

"What do those words mean?" Tyrannosaurus was acting flirtatious and shameless again. In the end, Chen Ruo Yu's mind blanked and she couldn't remember what those words meant, but what the feeling of a body going soft is, that she knows.

Work hard and pull yourself together!

"You, if you tease me again, I will, will get angry." She stuttered out and finally expressed her standpoint, in exchange for Meng Gu's laughter.

What are you laughing at? He is really not, even a little bit lovable.

Chen Ruo Yu frowned and wanted to bite him.

After Meng Gu laughed enough, he finally found his conscience and let her go. He gave her one of his long sleeve shirts and cotton pants for her to wear as pajamas. Then gave her a new toothbrush and towel and told her to go wash up, brush her teeth and get ready for bed.

Chen Ruo Yu still blushing followed him to the guest room, watched him change the sheets and pillowcase, then took her to the bathroom, taught her how to switch on the hot water and showed her the toiletries and then went out.

Chen Ruo Yu locked the door and tried to calm down for a while. She stood in front of the mirror and saw a woman's peach blossom pink face, glossy shiny eyes, a gentle and happy expression.

She looked and looked and then said to herself, "Buck up, Chen Ruo Yu!"

Rotten peach branches can also sprout buds to bloom.

She was very happy.

She turned on the hot water and sang "I want to see Chen Ruo Yu" as she washed her underwear, so she could wear it tomorrow morning.

After she finished, she got in the shower. When she was scrubbing her body, she suddenly heard the doorbell ringing outside. All the hair on Chen Ruo Yu's body immediately stood up, there are still people visiting at this time.

Chen Ruo Yu was too nervous, turned off the shower and got out, she hid behind the door and listened in silence.

She heard Meng Gu go open the door, after that she heard footsteps and then she head Meng mother's voice. Chen Ruo Yu faintly heard Meng mother saying that she and Meng father went to a friend's house party and they just left. The other party gifted a large box of eggs, Mother Meng has a lot of eggs at home, and so they wanted to deliver these ones to Meng Gu, they happened to pass by and so she brought it up.

Meng Gu said a few words. Meng mother said that Meng father is still waiting for her downstairs, so she is leaving.

Chen Ruo Yu clasped her hands together in the bathroom and prayed that she would leave quickly.

But Meng mother said, "I am going to the bathroom." Listening to the sound of her footsteps, she was really coming to this side.

Chen Ruo Yu's eyes widened, she was really frightened!


She is currently naked, covered in soap bubbles, not wearing clothes! How can she see anyone?!

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, Chen Ruo Yu was so anxious and her mind was racing, she really wanted to knock herself out, of all the hundred things that could happen, this happened!

What should she do?