Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 58 / Chapters List

For this dinner, Chen Ruo Yu ate with a confused mind, not only was she worried about Sisi's bleak looking future, but her own future was also uncertain. Liang Sisi has already made up her mind, and her firmness on this is completely beyond Chen Ruo Yu's imagination. After eating, she immediately called her colleagues and superiors from her company to come out, saying that their relationship has always been good and so she must first inform them about her resigning.

Chen Ruo Yu had a headache. She was at a loss on how to advise her to persuade her not to do this. As she said, Liang Sisi has immediately announced this matter out loud in the first place so that she could not retreat.

In fact, she must also be worried in her heart, since this matter is so uncertain. Chen Ruo Yu could not understand it at all, since it is so uncertain, why must she do it? She must change her mind, she definitely must not embark on this daring venture.

Liang Sisi left Chen Ruo Yu and rushed to her second appointment, and Chen Ruo Yu's felt somewhat depressed. She was worried that Liang Sisi's impulse will harm her. She also thought about Liang Sisi leaving soon and she would lose a close friend and companion, she doesn't know what to do about the rent. This is really depressing.

While thinking about all these she rode the bus back home. When she got off the bus, she ran into Zhou Zhe at the entrance to her apartment complex. He a little surprised and a bit embarrassed, "What a coincidence."

"It is, I just got back from dinner with my flatmate. How is your colleague?"

"Oh, I went to see her." Zhou Zhe said somewhat bashfully, "She said it's nothing, I looked at her and she seemed okay, so I came back after exchanging a few words."

These two people, one person running after the other just to exchange a few words, isn't it tiring? Chen Ruo Yu felt that this stupid behavior was a bit similar to her and Meng Gu's matter, maybe it was really like Sisi said.

Chen Ruo Yu directly asked, "Do you like her?"

"Ah? That's not it..." Zhou Zhe waved his hands, "We are not like that. She...I..." He shook his head and finally said, "We are just very good colleagues."

Chen Ruo Yu said, "My flatmate said, a woman wouldn't cry in front of a male colleague's house for nothing."

Zhou Zhe was surprised, he opened his mouth for a while, but did not know how to answer.

Chen Ruo Yu seeing him like this, it seems that he really never thought about this possibility. She thought about it and asked, "Is she single?"

"Um, yes." Zhou Zhe then hurriedly added, "But it's not that she is not good. She also has men pursuing her, I also saw a man giving her flowers, but she refused."

"I didn't say she wasn't good."

"Oh." Zhou Zhe seemed to realize his response was problematic, he scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

"Zhou Zhe, what about you?"


"You don't have a girlfriend here, do you?"

"I am returning to c City." This statement made both people go silent for a moment, then they both smiled.

When Chen Ruo Yu arrived at her apartment, she suddenly said, "Zhou Zhe, my friend also said that whether a person loves you or not, you will know."

Zhou Zhe froze for a while, Chen Ruo Yu smiled at him, he also smiled back at her, and both of them waved goodbye.

Chen Ruo Yu was also somewhat in a bad mood. She had just entered the elevator, when her phone rang, she picked it up, it was Meng Gu.

"Where are you?"

"Just got home."

"Went to dinner with Liang Sisi?"


"Just finished dinner?"

"Only just arrived at home."

"Oh." There was no emotion in Meng Gu's voice, then he said, "Then I'll hang up." Then he actually hung up.

Chen Ruo Yu was baffled and wondered whether this guy was trying to flirt with her, is he trying to hint that it still early? and for her to ask him to go out?

Chen Ruo Yu went out of the elevator and looked at her watch, the time was still ok. She also wanted to talk to him and discuss with him about her concerns about Sisi. Maybe he would have a way to persuade her. So, she called him again and was thinking about asking him to come out. In the end, Meng Gu's phone was turned off.

Chen Ruo Yu frowned and felt even worse. At a time like, his phone is out of battery, which was really annoying. He should properly charge his stuff.

Chen Ruo Yu was alone at home, the more she tried not to worry, the more she worried and the more she thought about it, is this really okay?

A few days passed, and Chen Ruo Yu's mood was still not good.

First, because Liang Sisi showed extraordinary courage and determination, she quickly resigned, and then became very busy,s he began to hand over her work, meeting friends, packing, buying new clothes and so.

Chen Ruo Yu tried to persuade her again, but she did not listen to it at all. However, Liang Sisi felt sorry for leaving Chen Ruo Yu, so she did not recover the rent she had already paid. So, CHen Ruo Yu could continue to live here until the end of February next year. At that time, it would be just after the New year festival, so she still has enough time to make new arrangements.

Another thing that was making Chen Ruo Yu unhappy is that Meng Gu's attitude towards her has become lukewarm as if it suddenly became indifferent overnight. She couldn't even get a couple of sentences past on the phone, she could feel that he had no enthusiasm at all, and she did not know what to say.

Chen Ruo Yu was the kind of person who when faced with awkward silence could not think of a topic to talk about, so she ended up just ending the call several times, she didn't want to fight. She thought that perhaps it was because she had persisted on going to dinner with Liang Sisi that day and ignored him, but she felt that he was being very unreasonable, and she didn't even know how to coax him. The most important thing is that she in a bad mood, she was the one who needed to be coaxed and she did not have the heart to amuse him.

As a result, both sides did not take the initiative to ask the other out. The two people who had just recently become a couple were in a stalemate, in an instant, two weeks passed by and they had not seen each other.

But in the past two weeks, Chen Ruo Yu also had some good things happen. First, in order to express gratitude, one of her insurance clients specially sent a banner to her and praised her at the insurance company. This made her gain quite a boost in her reputation in the company. The client who she helped the last time that caused her to be hospitalized also introduced a group insurance policy for a large corporate client to her. Her accomplishments have advanced by leaps and bounds.

On another hand, Zhao Xia also talked Chen Ruo Yu, her adult products business clientele has grown, she was very pleased by Chen Ruo Yu's steady and hard working style, and was hoping to convince her into becoming a full-time sales, and let her be responsible for a district's business.

Chen Ruo Yu was flattered. Good and bad things came together, she somewhat felt that she couldn't bear it.

Today was the end of the week, Liang Sisi had packed up her luggage and was prepared to fly to H city tomorrow morning to start her new adventure in life. Chen Ruo Yu had begun to feel the sorrow of parting and wanted to cry whenever she thought about it.

That night, for the last time, the two nestled together on the small sofa in the living room and chatted. There were various snacks and a dozen beers on the coffee table.

"When I settle down, I will send you my address. You help me ship the things I left behind."

"Okay." Chen Ruo Yu was a little drunk and was holding Liang Sisi's arm tightly. "You can still reconsider it, it's not too late."

"It's too late Ruo Yu."

"But are you really not scared doing this?"

"Scared." Liang Sisi laughed, this was the first time she had admitted that she was afraid. "But the more afraid I am, the more I want to do it."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at her and she could no longer hold back her tears.

"Sisi, no one will talk to me about the patterns of romance novels in the future. No one will tell me about things that sound unreasonable but seem to make sense."

"Then let us quickly talk a little more now."

"Sisi, why is it that before he became my boyfriend, I felt more like we were in love, but after he became my boyfriend, I feel that we are falling out of love?"

"Maybe because your heart felt freer then."

Chen Ruo Yu pouted, bent over and stretched for a can of beer and drank a mouthful, "Sisi, do you want this kind of freedom?"

"Yes, I have nothing else but this freedom."

"Sisi, I was only in love for two days before losing my love. Don't go."

"Since you don't want Dr. Meng, why not switch and fall in love with me?"

"But I bear to..." Chen Ruo Yu was dizzy and eventually started crying, "Why did he suddenly do this to me? How can he be so bad-tempered and have such a bad personality? I had already previously avoided, and sure enough, this is the reason why no one wants him. He is too annoying. I don't want to like him. I am so sad, he should be accompanying me to make me happy, right? But he is being like this, I called him before and heard him talking as he was dealing with a poor job to listen to me. I was so sad. He is a bastard."

"Then did you scold him?"

"No." she sounded aggrieved and pitiful.

"You should scold him properly. Even if your relationship has changed, your freedom must not change. Ruo Yu, if you are happy, you smile. If not happy, you scold. What are you afraid of?"

What are you afraid of? She is afraid that he will be even more unhappy, afraid that their relationship will get worse, afraid...that's right, what is she afraid of? What can be worse than their current state? What can be more baffling than this?

Chen Ruo Yu took a deep breath and dialed Meng Gu's number. The phone didn't ring for long before Meng Gu picked it up. Chen Ruo Yu didn't wait for him to say anything and shouted, "You big bastard, why are you so indifferent to me, are you playing with me? You think because you are handsome you can throw your temper around? Or is because you think you are so amazing because you're a doctor? What's wrong with me spending time with my friend? What if I didn't go to accompany you? Do you think you're a 3-year-old child and want me to coax you to eat? I told you that I am not too bad, my clients boast about me, they all trust me, and also introduced a big client to the company. My friend also praised me, and even wanted to recruit me as a marketing manager. I don't have much compared to you, but I have also had someone pursuing me. Although I liked you first, but then you confessed to me first, we don't owe each other anything, I am telling you, I can also dump someone."

"Chen Ruo Yu, have you been drinking?" Meng Gu on the end asked in a loud voice.

This familiar tone made Chen Ruo Yu cry out loudly, "Dr. Meng, Sisi is leaving, she doesn't want me, don't let her go, all right?" She cried.

Liang Sisi stretched her legs on the side and said, "You are scolding your man, what are you doing talking about me?"

Chen Ruo Yu continued to cry, "Dr. Meng, why are you doing this to me? I am very angry, I don't want you anymore."

Meng Gu said through gritted teeth, "Don't talk nonsense."

"I am not. I'm not happy. You are not good to me. I was with my previous boyfriend for over a year, but I could only last two days with you. That's right, how long did you say you were with your previous girlfriend? 3 months? It was only two days with me! Why is there such a disparity?"

Meng Gu didn't say anything. Chen Ruo Yu didn't want to hear him talk, she endlessly scolded him, while Liang Sisi laughed. Chen Ruo Yu rembled on the phone for a few minutes, and counted out her various grievances and dissatisfaction with Meng Gu, she was still talking and mentioned that someone was still ringing her doorbell.

Liang Sisi lazily got up, went to the door and looked out the peephole. She couldn't help but smile. She opened the door, Meng Gu was standing outside with the phone on his ear.