Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 61 / Chapters List

Afterwards, Meng Gu did not see Chen Ruo Yu again, until one day, he drove past a big supermarket, he remembered that he was running out of food at home, so he simply stopped to buy some stuff.

This supermarket was nothing special, but he was not familiar with it, so he couldn't go directly to the shelf for what he wanted. He had to slowly look around for things and was throwing stuff in his shopping cart, suddenly he heard a loud crash. He turned his head and saw that someone had knocked down the toilet paper mountain stack.

Meng Gu's eyes were sharp and he saw Chen Ruo Yu. She was sneaking around and looked guilty, and seemed to be burying her head into the pile of toilet paper, so people won't see that she was the one who did this embarrassing thing.

Meng Gu laughed a little and thought that this woman is really amusing no matter where she goes.

He was hesitating going over to start a conversation and scaring her. The reason for his hesitation is that they can be considered as friends, but she was interested in him before, and he should avoid sending the wrong signals. The hesitating thoughts barely flashed in his mind, when a family pushed a shopping cart and squeezed past him. He was so busy moving out of their way that he backed into a row of shelves, he turned and found what he has been looking to buy. So he picked the item and then he heard Chen Ruo Yu exerting herself scolding and competing with an old woman.

It turned out that the old woman was bumped into by a child, and the old woman started making a fuss and scolding the child, and then Miss Chen Ruo Yu seeing this injustice stepped forward to stop the old woman's arrogance, enthusiastically scolding her and even confidently fished out 3.50RMB and saying that the old woman could take it and go to the hospital to have her waist check. Of course, the old woman ignored her and turned and left.

Meng Gu turned around just in time to clearly catch Chen Ruo Yu's face reveal a "Fortunately, she didn't" expression and she happily put the 3.50RMB back into her wallet.

This made Meng Gu laugh, this penny-pincher, so miserly yet she still heroically fished out money to show someone.

Therefore Meng Gu did not hold back and deliberately lined up behind Chen Ruo Yu on the check out line to talk to her. Chen Ruo Yu's expression when she saw him was really wonderful. She was obviously got a big scare but she pretended to be cool and calm. She was somewhat guarded but she also seemed free and at ease. This reaction of a little white rabbit encountering a big black bear made Meng Gu want to burst into laughter.

But he still did not understand the reason why this Chen Ruo Yu suddenly stopped coming to see him. Did she suddenly figure it out, did she understand that it was impossible between them? But if so, her reaction when she saw him should have been more normal, right?

So what is the reason? Meng Gu still felt curious.

He met Chen Ruo Yu once again in a coffee shop, she was on a blind date.

What conclusion did he come to about her before? It's right, wherever she goes, it is the same.

Other people on a blind dates are either shy, polite, annoyed or they part on bad terms. She on a blind date was unexpectedly bold and unrestrained enough to sell insurance.

Yes, she is an insurance salesperson, cannot say it is a very good job. But he as a doctor has come across a lot of people in different occupations, so he feels that there is nothing to discriminate against when it comes to people's careers. It is good that they are all working hard.

The fact that she is an insurance saleswoman is not the reason why he did not take fancy to her.

There are many reasons why he rejected her. Firstly, he felt that she was pursuing him like she was playing a game. Her attitude towards him was very tense, but she was not in love with him. He considers himself to be an earnest man and he doesn't want to play games.

Secondly, he does not think that she can be matched up with him. They are people from two different worlds, and their personalities, interests, knowledge, family, work, etc. are so far apart. He completely did not think that he could fall in love with this kind of partner. Also, he didn't feel anything towards her, not even particular friendly feelings. He clearly remembers her awkward incidents and she herself is not at all the type that he likes.

Well, he admits that as a man, he is a little too particular about feelings. He knows he has numerous faults, but he feels that if there are feelings there are feelings, if there are no feelings then there are no feelings. There is no need to force it or necessary to accept it.

There are already too many people in life and work, and many of them are ones were one cannot help but put up with others wishes, and so when it comes to feelings it should be true. On this matter, he can be completely willful and unbending, he doesn't think that there is anything wrong with him being so picky.

In short, the whole time Chen Ruo Yu pursued him, he can't count the number of women that have pursued him, but out of all of them, her conditions are the worst in contrast with him, and she is the farthest from the type he likes.

He and she are impossible.

But he does not mind being ordinary friends with her. She would be a good friend, she is very amusing, her response to people is also pretty good. If it was as a friend, he felt that he could accept her.

So after he left the pub and said goodbye to his friends, he suddenly thought of the gathering at Yin Ze's, and thought that this was his opportunity to express his goodwill as a friend to her.

Perhaps his previous rejection made her awkward, so he will take the initiative to be friendly to her this time, they will be in the same place together, so it was good for everyone to maintain friendly good relations. After all, it seems that with that the development of Yin Ze and Gao Yu Lan's relationship, he and Chen Ruo Yu will have many opportunities to meet in many gatherings, so it necessary to improve their relations.

He went back to the bar and wanted to tell her about the gathering at Yin Ze's. But he never imagined that this woman actually hinted at her blind date that he was gay.

He doesn't discriminate against gay people, he even has friends whose sexual orientation is like that. But he very much takes offense to someone creating something out of nothing as false evidence to slander him.

This issue of sexual orientation is related to a man's dignity, what's more, he considers himself to be a man with a very bad temper.

Meng Gu had to admit that he was very angry when he saw her doing this.

So he clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with her. He even said ruthless words, telling her that for someone like her who starts rumors to slander someone, it is better for her not to attend Yin Ze's gathering and that if Gao Yu Lan should call to invite her, it is best for her to think of a reason to refuse herself. Otherwise, if they meet each other at the party, everyone will not look good.

He saw the regret and sadness on her face and thought that she deserved it. Then he left.

Now he was no longer curious about why she suddenly gave up pursuing him. He was glad that such a woman went away from him, the farther the better. His impression of her completely fell to the bottom.

Meng Gu soon threw Chen Ruo Yu to the back of his mind, because just as he got home, he received a phone call from Lei Feng, they were missing one and asked him to come over to play mahjong and he agreed. It began to rain halfway through his drive there, and those guys with no conscience asked him to buy snacks for the evening, so he stopped at a convenience store, went in to buy them.

Unexpectedly, just as he came out of the convenience store, he actually saw Chen Ruo Yu.

What kind of fate is this?

He was surprised, but he thought that she should have been even more surprised. She was like a rabbit that was being chased by a hunter with a shotgun, she was so frightened that she rushed out into the rain.

Meng Gu was confused again. He really couldn't find a suitable adjective to describe this woman.

However, if he can't find it, then he can't find it. he doesn't want to describe her. He doesn't want to have any interaction with her, the two of them are completely unrelated.

Meng Gu thought so, but Chen Ruo Yu did not let him go.

He still remembers that it was a Friday, a relaxing day for most office workers, as the week was over and the weekend to rest was here.

But for a surgeon, this day may still be like a war zone.

This day Meng Gu had a hard battle, in the middle of the night, he had an emergency operation. He was working hard in the operating room for a few hours. It was already 3 am before he could return to his office, he was too tired and simply went straight to sleep in the hospital lounge.

A short while after he fell asleep, his phone rang. he was startled and jumped up immediately and thought that there was another emergency treatment to work on. In the end, it was actually Chen Ruo Yu.

It was actually this woman!

What is so important that she called him at the goddamn time? He hesitated for a second, but eventually picked up. He was afraid that maybe she was in a hurry to save someone's life and needed a doctor and he was the only doctor she could think of.

The result! This damn woman came to provoke him!

She dared to challenge him!

Under the banner of apologizing for the slandering incident, she came to be arrogant towards him! Also, she picked this ghostly hour when people are sleeping!

After she finished provoking him, she even dared to hang up on him and turn off her phone!

That's enough!

She is insisting on getting his attention, right? She wants him to constantly think of her, right?

Okay, he will bear her in mind!

In addition to that of love and friendship between men and women, there is another kind of feelings: resentment!