Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 63 / Chapters List

At that time, Meng Gu could not have anticipated what role Chen Ruo Yu will play in his life.

She was one of his many friends, just one.

Meng Gu has a bad temper, but he actually likes to be nosy. This so-called nosiness is with regard to when a friend has a matter and asks for help, he will be happy to help. When friends have a happy event, he will send gifts to wish them well. But if a friend does something he cannot stand and idly watch, he will criticize and shun it.

Of course, these things are only for his friends.

Since Chen Ruo Yu has run away, Meng Gu actually complained about her for a while, but after all, men and women are different, and friendship is also limited. Although he occasionally remembered her in his mind, he was not too concerned. He only called her twice to ask about her condition, but she did not pick up. This made Meng Gu feel a bit awkward and he felt like he himself made a mistake.

So he didn't look for her again. But he met Gao Yu Lan once and he couldn't help but inquire about her on the sly, but Gao Yu Lan also didn't know too much about Chen Ruo Yu's situation.

After tha, Meng Gu decided to forget it. Who knows what that woman is thinking, especially such a weird woman like Chen Ruo Yu. Anyway, she asked her friend to come over and pay for the medical bill, and so did not do anything bad. Since she is hiding from him, why should he stick his warm face to a cold butt?

**(LOL this saying means, why be warm only to receive a cold reception)**

So he went about living his days, Chen Ruo Yu was one of his friends, and he thought they would continue like this on their own paths.

But one night, Meng Gu received a phone call from Yin Ze. Yin Ze told him that Chen Ruo Yu has disappeared, her phone was disconnected, and her family and friends could not contact her. Everyone was very anxious. He asked him to help check Chen Ruo Yu's information in the hospital system records.

Meng Gu was so shocked and then felt that his heart was burning with anger with no place to vent it.

Chen Ruo Yu, this woman what exactly is going on in her head and heart? Does she not know that one needs to be responsible in life? How old is she? He clearly remembers that she is 26, not 16, but she is still playing such a trick. Even if she sneaks out of the hospital, but now she is even missing and causing her family and friends to panic?

Meng Gu thought that if he found her, he must educate her well.

Sometimes people feel very strange. Just like how some people meet and feel that they are kindred spirits and are very happy together. Some people meet and at a glance feel hate, and from the start don't want to bother with the other. Some people get along for a long time and feel only a dull, not bad feeling.

Meng Gu couldn't explain how he felt about Chen Ruo Yu.

Not hate, not like, a little admiration, a little anger.

Anyway, it is very strange. She is not the same as everyone else, she's silly and funny, and he can't help wanting to bicker with her.

And where did this Miss go, this time she really worked very hard so that people could not scold her nor have the heart to.

She was actually hospitalized again for acute gastroenteritis and she deliberately picked another hospital to go to, clearly hiding from him. This made him feel very uncomfortable.

She is being like this.

He did not harass or abuse her. He was very kind to her. He even remembered that their last conversation was friendly and reasonable and they reached a consensus on developing a friendship. Then she suddenly began to hide from him.

Weird woman.

She should have had something difficult happen with her family, or she might have encountered some other problem. In short, she hid like an ostrich and shut everyone under sky out.

Meng Gu, Gao Yu Lan and Yin Ze found Chen Ruo Yu together, he was responsible for sending her home. He spent the whole journey scolding her, and also took her to activate her mobile phone.

She talked back, she was angry, but she was obviously restraining herself and enduring his chattering.

Meng Gu suddenly understood why she hid from him.

She still likes him.

Her expression, her eyes tell him that she likes him, and of course, he can feel it too. But she is holding back from liking him, and he can feel that too.

In that case, there is no possibility of friendship between them.

No wonder she ran away!

It is reasonable to say that he should keep some distance from her. After all, he does not want to have that kind of relationship with her.

But that she likes him, he was somewhat pleased. Actually, there is nothing to be proud of. He has never been lacking in peach blossoms. Although he has never taken a liking to them, he really is not lacking women. So Chen Ruo Yu liking him is not a big deal, it is really not worthy of being especially happy about.

He figured out what he should do.

But in any case, she must activate her phone. he really can't stand someone losing contact with their family. He did this stupid thing when he was a rebellious child. He regrets it and so he really can't let her continue to be unruly like this.

Actually, that's not entirely the reason.

In short, at that time he really thought that after activating her phone, he will send her home and then he will keep a distance from her. he is a responsible man. he doesn't see her that way, so he shouldn't keep close to her knowing that she still has those thoughts about him.

She wants to run, let her run.

Although her attitude made him feel very uncomfortable.

However, activating the phone did not go well. First of all, she was reluctant, and then she was a poor ghost, she couldn't afford to pay for the activation.

If she was a little normal, and had been angry with him for being nosy, or told him about her difficulties and problems, he thinks that his previous plans would have been successful.

But she is different from normal people. She obviously was not convinced by him, but she just looked down and cast him an aggrieved look. She clearly loved to talk back, but she did not dare to speak loudly, which made him inexplicably feel the pleasure of bullying others.

When we arrived at the sales desk, normal people would have said that they have no money and so cannot do it and leave. But Chen Ruo Yu did not lose her temper and did not speak, she silently pulled out her wallet and showed it to the salesperson. The enthusiastic smiling face of the salesperson froze, and the expression was so wonderful that Meng Gu couldn't help but want to laugh.

Of course, he didn't laugh, he held back to maintain his imposing manner.

He always unconsciously wants to maintain his imposing manner in front of her, taking note of his image. Actually, maintaining his image is very good, but there is also a kind of vanity of a man wanting to look good in front of a woman, and always wanting to prevail.

In fact, he should not be like this. This mentality of a male peacock flaunting itself in front of a female peacock for courtship should not happen between him and Chen Ruo Yu.

But he felt that he wasn't. He was just taking care of because he could not stand her actions, that's all.

Is that it?

He suddenly thought of his impression of her, wherever they meet, she makes him happy every time he meets her. No, that's not right, can't say happy, after all, she still makes him very angry. Well, how to sum it up?

Ah, it should be said that every time, she makes him feel refreshed.

This time, she also made him feel refreshed.

So the thoughts of activating the phone then sending her home and keeping a distance suddenly disappeared from his mind. Like he was kicked in the head by a donkey, he unexpectedly provoked her.

He shouldn't, but he still provoked her.

He deliberately said that he helped her out with the money for the phone activation. He is now her creditor and she must ask him out to dinner.

God knows that this kind of debt that is forced onto someone by others, normal people would kick him to side and tell him to go far away.

Chen Ruo Yu did not, she was surprised, then flustered and worried.

Meng Gu knows why, because she likes him, so she has such a reaction. But the more she reacted, the more he couldn't help but want to bully her.

She bargained with him and asked that he moved the date to later. He definitely refused to comply.

It was terrible of him. He succeeded with his bandit-like ways and she finally agreed to have dinner with him the next day, but then regretted it.

What is he doing?

He has already passed the age of teasing girls for fun.

Back then, together with Yin Ze, they used lift girls' skirts, step on their shoes, mess around on the bicycles to make them angrily scream or cry and chase after them to beat them, eventually they grew up and thought that it was boring and those childish acts were forever stopped.

He now a grown-up man, a man with a career and life experience. Many men his age already have children. Didn't he already spurn this behavior, why is he wasting time playing this kind of game?

What the hell is he doing?

He needs to find a suitable partner, fall in love, get married and have children. Chen Ruo Yu is not a suitable partner. He can't even imagine what they would talk about at the dinner table. Wouldn't she dislike him for being boring? and he also thinks that she will be dull.

Meng Gu was somewhat at a loss. He thought to himself that this will be the last time. After eating this meal with her, he will keep a distance from her.

But the plan is always safe and perfect, changes always catch one off guard, and the results are unexpected.

The next day, when the time for the dinner arrived, Meng Gu was busy in the operating room and could not get away. An accident occurred at a construction site. The situation was very bad and many people were injured. A lot of doctors have been busy in the emergency treatment and Meng Gu was one of them

He had no choice but to ask a nurse to find Nurse Tian in the ward, she should be on duty and she knows Chen Ruo Yu and so it seemed most convenient to ask her for help. He asked her to help him check if there was a phone call from Chen Ruo Yu. If so, that she should please reply and saying that he is busy and so cannot have dinner together.

Meng Gu was so busy until the middle of the night. He dragged his tired body back to his office, closed his eyes for a while to rest his brain, and then looked for something to eat. The lunch box on the table was already cold, and he didn't feel hungry, but he knew he needed to eat something.

This kind of feeling is like the same as reaching the age to get married.

Thinking of this, he remembered Chen Ruo Yu. What happened to her after he canceled the appointment today? She probably let out a sigh of relief, just as he feels relieved at the moment.

Sure enough, he shouldn't have made such a bad move as provoking her. She is a good girl, and he is not a playboy, so maybe this is a warning sign given to him by life, reminding him that this kind of thing is not appropriate.

Meng Gu had a microwaved hot meal, and thought while eating, just like this, he and she, should still keep their original distance.

After eating, he said goodbye to his colleagues and went home.

He is on break tomorrow and was thinking of what to do tomorrow, maybe he should go home to accompany his parents for a meal. Although his parents will definitely seize the opportunity to talk to him about the matter of introducing a woman to him, perhaps he should go on a blind date and get to know the woman.

His recent moved are obviously the result of emptiness and loneliness. A man's lonely period shouldn't be for too long, too long and he starts to become low.

Just like he is now.

When Meng Gu arrived at home, he that it was a good time to go on a blind date to meet a woman, or maybe meet a good woman at a friend's gathering. He thought these while emptying his pockets, he intended to take off his clothes, bathe and go to sleep, he brought out his phone and put it down.

He suddenly wanted to check whether Chen Ruo Yu called him, and hoped that she didn't wait for too long.

He turned on his phone and was dumbfounded.

"~My dear, carry on with your work and pay attention to your health. The beautiful, gentle Nurse Tian had delivered your message to me. Why did you trouble her? You must thank her properly. I'll go for dinner at the garden restaurant by myself. Don't go hungry and don't think of me too much~"

Meng Gu suddenly felt goosebumps, is this woman crazy again?

What happened this time? What triggered this and caused her to be sick?

He scrolled down and saw that there was another text message, which was much earlier than this one.

"~Dr. Meng, I have arrived. I have decided to take you to a place where the birds are chirping and the fragrance of flowers fills the have a sweet dinner with you in a romantic garden-style restaurant. Come down quickly, I am waiting in the atrium~"

Chirping birds and fragrant flowers, the scenery is pleasant and the atmosphere is style restaurant.

Meng Gu froze and stared at the text message.

After staring at it for a while, he finally reacted. he started to get excited and then got angry.

Good, very good!

While he was reflecting on his bad behavior, while he was praising her for being a good girl, that he should not trouble her, she unexpectedly switched from the guest to host!

**(host expression means that she basically took control and attacked rather than just being on the receiving end (guest).)**

What is this?

This is taking liberties with him!

She also said that he should not think too much about her!

How can he not want to? He now hopping and wants to die with her!

Perhaps he could not be considered to be a good person to get close to, perhaps he doesn't speak well, maybe he appears to be kind but is somewhat distant. In short, he has pursued women, and has often been pursued by women, but he never has, truly never has he been teased by a woman!

She actually dared to tease him!

This is the incorrigibility of a man, certain things he can do, but is not happy for it to be done to him.

That's how he is! He also has no intention of restraining himself at all.

He wanted to keep a distance from her, but he was not very happy to see her wanting to be far from him. He felt that he was not from the same world as her, but when she clearly expressed that she had the same opinion, he somewhat disliked it. He was teasing her, but is very angry with her for teasing him.

He is really awful.

But he thinks Chen Ruo Yu is even worse.

Obviously, she no longer wanted to pursue him, so why did she deliberately do this?

She is provoking him, harassing him, challenging him...

Chen Ruo Yu, what do you want?

MiraiSaesang's Notes: This is the end of version 1...Version 2 also has 4 chapters, but is more fleshed out, really more fun... we get his thoughts on a lot more events, such as that one time she made the feet incident...