Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 64 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu was sitting behind the door hugging her legs, thinking that she is very impressive.

This inexplicably stinky man, flying to eat vinegar for this is too exaggerated. How did she lie, she was telling the truth, it obviously his own foolishness, he even has the nerve to blame others.

She was so upset that she didn't want him anymore. Sisi is leaving and she is being accused wrongly by her family's Tyrannosaurus. Chen Ruo Yu thought about it and started crying again.

"Don't sit on the ground, the ground is cold." Meng Gu's voice sounded very angry.

Chen Ruo Yu was shocked, she looked left and right, there was really no one here, how did he know that she was sitting on the ground? She thought about it for a long time, she just remembered that she spoke, maybe he heard the sound and figured out that she was sitting on the ground?

Chen Ruo Yu sluggishly rubbed her head, feeling a headache.

"Dr. Meng, I have a headache."

"Open the door, I will help you look at it."

"I won't let you look, it is due to anger at you."

Meng Gu couldn't help but sigh, "Chen Ruo Yu."

"What?!" Her tone was fierce.

"Get up, don't sit on the ground, the ground is cold."

"Not getting up." She took on a confrontational stance.

"Try and get sick, just try." He was also fierce.

"Then I'll try." SHe was even more fierce.

Meng Gu outside the door sighed again, he really wanted to kick this door open. He squatted down and through the door asked her, "Chen Ruo Yu, aren't you thirsty? I've brought you some water."

"Not drinking."

"What about you being thirsty?"

"I'll just die of thirst, anyway, no one will be distressed."

Meng Gu really wanted to swear, in the future whoever dares to give his family's Chen Ruo Yu alcohol to drink, he will cut them open.

"Chen Ruo Yu, how much did you drink?"

"I'm not drunk."

"I'm not saying you're drunk, I just wanted to ask you, don't you think your bladder is full?"

"I don't know where my bladder is located."

"Well, do you feel a rising in your stomach? Do you need to go to the toilet?"

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu froze, she really made a mistake. She did not lock Meng Gu outside, she locked herself inside.

If thirsty, there's no water to drink, there is no way to go to the bathroom...

This is a miscalculation!

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt a bit sober.

Meng Gu outside the door: "When you open the door, drink some water first, then go to the toilet, then come back to rest in bed and I will help you massage your head, when your head does not hurt anymore, then you can criticize me again, okay?"

"I won't." Regardless of what he said, the right answer would be she won't. This time he is really too much, so undisciplined, what will happen in the future?

Chen Ruo Yu began to cry, do they still have a future? How come she doesn't have confidence again.

Meng Gu outside the door began to comfort her, "Why are you crying?"

"Grieving over the loss of my two-day romance." Chen Ruo Yu wiped her tears on her skirt and Hend Meng Gu outside scolded her with three words and then said, "You're still swearing!"

"I didn't swear." Meng Gu's face was embarrassed, it's a pity that Chen Ruo Yu couldn't see it, "You must get up first, don't sit on the ground." He tried hard to persuade her.

"It' none of your concern."

"I won't be concerned about you, but you must come out to go to the toilet, drink some water, don't hold it in, it should be terrible, right? What are you doing restraining yourself like that?"

When he didn't mention it, it was tolerable, but he keeps talking about going to the toilet, she indeed wanted to go. wu wuwu, she made a mistake, but she can't admit it.

The two of them were in a deadlock for a while, one sitting outside and the other outside. Finally, Meng Gu asked, "What do you want so you'll be willing to stand up?"

No reply from inside.

Meng Gu asked again, "What do you want so you'll be willing to open the door?"

Still no reply from inside.

Meng Gu asked again, "What do you want so you won't be angry anymore?"

"I'll think about it and inform you." This time, Chen Ruo Yu's voice was loud and clear.

"Then how do you think is appropriate for me to wait for your notice?"

"You return home."

"Not going back."

"You leave my house."

"Not leaving."

The inside and outside of the door were silent for a while.

"Can you two be any more retarded?" A clear female voice broke the stalemate between the two fools.

When Meng Gu looked back, Liang Sisi was neatly dressed, folding her arms and was standing in the doorway of her room, as if the sound of crying he heard earlier was just an illusion.

Meng Gu stood up and felt a little embarrassed. Liang Sisi ignored him and came over and knocked on Chen Ruo Yu's door and shouted, "Ruo Yu, open the door."

Chen Ruo Yu quickly opened the door, and this swift obedience made Meng Gu scowl fiercely.

The first thing Chen Ruo Yu came out was to go to the toilet first: "Wait, put off the discussion until I come back."

Liang Sisi and Meng Gu's mouth both twitched at the same time, as they watched her hurrying back and rolled their eyes.

When Chen Ruo Yu came out, she and Meng Gu were both taken to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Liang Sisi stood and looked at the two of them and said, "Okay, I am leaving tomorrow, there will be no chance to take care of your matters. Originally, I didn't want to get involved, but you two are too senseless, that other people cannot continue to watch. So now that there is something to say, While I am here, quickly make it clear."

Meng Gu raised his eyebrows, "I am not senseless, I am simply just matching her level."

"What level am I?" Chen Ruo Yu glared at him, "I am mature and dignified, not like someone who is childish, petty and also difficult."

"How did you discover these traits of mature and dignified in yourself? Who wanted to sing a song, record small notes, and locked herself up and almost killing herself?"

"who bought durian, threw it outside and then blamed the thief for stealing the fruit? Who also could not discriminate between right and wrong and indiscriminately charged others of a crime, petty and ignored people?"

"Stop, stop." Liang Sisi couldn't stand it, "You two, you can close the door and slowly settle those accounts again. Ruo Yu, let me first ask, why were you locking yourself up?"

"He said that he has been cold to me during this period because on the day I went out to eat with you, he thought I went out to dinner with another man. Tell me, isn't this annoying?!"

"Only this?"

"I have been accused wrongly ah. I obviously didn't, I just met Zhou Zhe at the entrance of the apartment complex and so we walked up together."

"Okay." Liang Sisi turned to Meng Gu, "Dr. Meng, that day when Ruo Yu went out with me for dinner, and after that, I asked other friends to come out to meet and so she came back first, that's the way it is."

Chen Ruo Yu glared at Meng Gu and heavily nodded.

Meng Gu was must, and he knew that he was the one in the wrong, and he felt very embarrassed.

Liang Sisi also added, "This such a trivial matter, isn't it? Dr. Meng, if you caught her having an illicit affair, you should have gone to catch her on the spot and scold her, then you would have known that this is a misunderstanding, right? And Ruo Yu, if you feel he is being cold and not good to you, then you should have gone to him to find him to scold and fight with him, then wouldn't you have known why? You both have been restraining yourselves for so long, what's the use?"

The two people looked at each other and did not say anything.

Chen Ruo Yu pursed her lips and endured for a long time, "How can I go to scold and fight with him when my feelings are so hurt. Also, he is so busy and sometimes the pressure puts him in a bad mood and so I should be empathetic and I also thought to be considerate of him. However, two weeks like this is really hurtful, isn't it? He's really not considerate."

So it turns out that she did not fight with him because she was feeling hurt. Could it be that she has been restraining herself while feeling hurt the whole time?

Meng Gu looked at her and wanted to say he was sorry, and thought about Liang Sisi's presence and swallowed the words back.

Chen Ruo Yu's head was a little fuzzy, and she couldn't help but pick up a beer and take a sip.

Liang Sisi and Meng Gu both glared at her, so she had two sips and couldn't shamelessly continue to drink and put it down.

"He is not good. Sisi, you should criticize him."

"I have criticized him for what he did. If you feel that he is not good, just kick him aside, I will take you to H city to find our spring together."

Meng Gu glared at the two women.

Chen Ruo Yu lowered her head and said, " don't want to go, there is no Dr. Meng in the spring of H city. I have liked him for a long time."

Meng Gu's breathing paused for a bit, Liang Sisi glanced at him, "Don't be excited, she is drunk."

Meng Gu glanced back at her, "After drinking, people speak the truth."

"I'll wait for you to go to H city and find a better fit for me than him, you can then inform me. I ask that he should be a little more handsome than him, should be gentle, considerate and not petty." Chen Ruo Yu did not look up to see the two people's expressions and just continued to have her head lowered minding her business.

Liang Sisi smiled and looked at Meng Gu's expression, "True words."

"She is drunk." Meng Gu coldly said.

"It is best if he's a doctor, I like his appearance wearing the white coat very much." Chen Ruo Yu continued, then said, "I am sleepy."

The two people turned to look at her. Meng Gu sighed and couldn't help but pull her into his arms.

Liang Sisi looked at them and suddenly felt that her eyes were a bit hot and shouted, "Good, you two, be in love, be happy, maintain your IQ. I have to go back to sleep, you two talk quietly, don't disturb me."

"Then you don't care about me?" Chen Ruo Yu suddenly looked up, unwilling to let part ways.

"How do you want me to care about you? I should help you get married, help you go to bed and help you have children?"

"Definitely not." Chen Ruo Yu turned red and leaned on Meng Gu and wrapped arms around him, "My family's Tyrannosaurus is a man ready to die to preserve his chastity."

Liang Sisi and Meng Gu both looked at her askance at the same time.

"She is really drunk, you look after her." Liang Sisi finished talking to Meng Gu and then turned and went into her room.

Meng Gu turned to look at Chen Ruo Yu, she blinked and was also looking at him.

"I am sleepy."


"I am not drunk, I am sober."


"Really. I am sober and aware that you accused me wrongly, you are unreasonable, Only after two days of love, I lost my love."

Meng Gu already had no energy to argue with her, "Go back to your room, sleep and wake up, you have not lost your love."

"No, no, I didn't fall alone. Dr. Meng, you have also lost your love."

"I haven't." Meng Ge stretched his arms and carried her.

Chen Ruo Yu shrieked, she was frightened. After that, she reacted and her mind was relieved and she heled onto Meng Gu's neck and leaned on his shoulder and said to him, "You have lost your love."

"I didn't."

He took her to her room and didn't want to continue this pointless topic.

"Dr. Meng, it turns out that you are quite energetic." She changed it to an even more pointless topic, she squeezed his arm, "Mighty and powerful."

"Thank you." Meng Gu didn't hear anything in her words other than praise for him.

"How about you try and hold me like this, to test how long you can maintain it? I will take note of the time for you."

This has nothing to do with the loss of love.

Meng Gu did not pay attention to her, he dropped her directly on her bed, and covered her with the blanket, "Sleep."

"Dr. Meng, say, is romance more difficult or is treating the illness more difficult?"

Meng Gu froze.

"I feel they both as difficult the other." She expressed her opinion.

"You can even treat illness?" He was not happy, who exactly is the doctor here.

"I can't treat the illness, but I have seen it. Doctors often say that there are many reasons for the disease and that medical knowledge right now is also unclear."

So?" He asked, that is true some diseases are indeed unclear.

"So..." She blinked and yawned, and waited for a long time, then said, "So..." her voice was getting smaller and smaller and then she fell asleep.

Meng Gu was dumbfounded, this again? She has once again caught him off guard.

He sat by her on the bed for a while and thought about it, so in the end, what is the cause of the illness?

MiraiSaesang's Notes: LOLwhat exactly is he pondering here? What illness?...He is getting pulled along on her wavelength too much recently...She is definitely rubbing off on him...