Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 65 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu was sleeping soundly and ignoring Meng Gu.

Meng Gu was too lazy to ponder over her silly question by himself. He sat for a while, watching her sleep soundly, and got a little angry again, he had foolishly sat in the parking lot of her apartment for a long time, although he hasn't thought of how to properly apologize to her, but since he came through the door till now entering her room, he didn't get the opportunity to speak.

She went wild after drinking, and now went to sleep, it is boring for him to foolishly stay here. Meng Gu sat for a while and decided to temporarily retreat for today and battle again tomorrow. He tucked her in and got up to go out. When he reached the door, he turned back and went back to the bed, leaned down and kissed her lips, "I said whenever I see you, I'll kiss you once, I have not gone back on my words, Chen Ruo Yu."

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him, did not move and continued to sleep.

Meng Gu was unhappy and pinched her nose, she did not wake up, but subconsciously slapped his hand away.

Meng Gu's withdrew his hand, then he pinched her cheek. This time she muttered, "Annoying", touched her face, turned to her side and continued to sleep.

"Chen Ruo Yu." Meng Gu called her.

She didn't respond.

He called her again and shook her shoulder, and she began somewhat awake. She turned back in a daze, but she didn't open her eyes, "What is it?"

"Did you miss me? Chen Ruo Yu."

She whispered "hmm" and continued to sleep.

"I missed you very much, Chen Ruo Yu. But you did not ask me out. If you had acted coquettishly, coaxed me a bit, then we would have already met earlier, right? You have to learn a bit."

Chen Ruo Yu did not respond, just continued to sleep, rolled over and hugged the blanket.

Meng Gu sighed and reached out to help cover her properly with the blanket, "I have become stupidly recently. It must be that I have been infected by you. You have to take full responsibility."

No one paid attention to him, Meng Gu sat for a while and then felt it was boring, "I will come again tomorrow." He kissed her cheek, got up and walked out of the room, gently closed the door and was about to leave, but saw Liang Sisi coming out of her room. She saw Meng Gu and smiled, then asked, "She's asleep?"

Meng Gu nodded.

Liang Sisi then said, "Let's talk."


Meng Gu thought about it and then nodded again.

"Dr. Meng, what do you like about Ruo Yu?"

What does he like? Meng Gu looked down and did not speak. He was not familiar with Liang Sisi, and he did not mind to talk to her about his heart's thoughts and worries.

Liang Sisi did not mind, she asked, "Dr. Menf, you didn't look at me, but like Ruo Yu, what do you think that I am not as good as her?"

"Why, you want to test me again?"

So he really knew? Liang Sisi laughed.

"Dr. Meng, I have lived with Ruo Yu for more than a year and we have talked a lot. I asked before her what does she look for in a man. She thought about it for a long time and then said that her requirements are nor high, just that she likes him, he also likes her and that he can be good to her."

Meng Gu did not speak.

"Dr. Meng, do you know? Actually, her requirement is higher than my demands pf men."

"Is it?" Meng Gu felt that this was not pleasant to hear. His family's Chen Ruo Yu really does not have any requirements, not greedy, he is very satisfied.

"She doesn't sound demanding, in truth it is because she doesn't know what to ask for. This is because she is very idealistic. In fact, her expectations are very high. Her expectations are very high but not concrete, do know what the outcome of that is? She wants what she doesn't know, but she knows she hasn't gotten it. She is sensitive and easily disappointed, but she herself won't know why she is upset. Just like this time you were angry with her, she didn't know what was going on, however, she was helping you to make excuses, but she actually very uncomfortable in her heart, but she didn't know how to talk about the uncomfortable feeling. You were waiting for her to yield and be friendly and act coquettishly to you and explain, but she was waiting for you to turnaround and regain your normal mood."

Meng Gu knows that she isn't wrong. His family's Chen Ruo Yu indeed loves to think too much, but unfortunately the focus every time is different from his.

**(Dude, go look in the mirror, you aren't one to talk -__-)**

"Dr. Meng, I used to think that you are very rational and astute when it comes to feelings. You are the difficult to get along with type, but actually, I am also not someone who is easy to get along with either, but Ruo Yu gets along with me very well, she has her charm, If I was a man, I think I would like her too. Okay, I am digressing, Actually, what I want to say is Dr. Meng, this time you reaction was too extreme and you acted foolishly, I think that perhaps you both can really be together."

What kind of logic is this? Meng Gu finally couldn't help but say, "We have feelings for each other, naturally we can be together."

"Can you be together with just feelings?" Liang Sisi smiled, "Dr. Meng, have ever thought about the disparity between the two of you? She has a completely different concept of life from you. She can't appreciate symphonies. She likes cartoons. When you want to watch the news, at that time she will want to watch retarded variety shows on TV. When she wants to buy vegetables, to save a little money, she will examine almost all the stalls selling vegetables, to get the best deal, are you willing to accompany her to stroll around like this? Do you buy luxury goods or general brands?"

Liang Sisi looked at Meng Gu and continued to talk, "Her parents like to compare, perhaps they may take you to go visit all their relatives and friends' homes to show you off to the crowd, possibly have you buy gifts to send over, they aren't lacking things, it's also not that they are greedy in getting money, rather they are elders who constantly want to increase their reputation, these, can you bear it?"

Meng Gu frowned and was just about to speak, but Liang Sisi continued, "Dr. Meng, when you take her to your social circle gatherings, and your relatives and colleagues ask, what does she do? Ca you not mind saying that she is selling insurance at all? Of course, selling insurance is not a shameful thing, but in order to raise her performance, she may want to sell insurance to your hot people and friends, can you accept it?"

Meng Gu raised his hand and prevented Liang Sisi from continuing, "Miss Liang, you don't have to show off the information you gathered. I am aware of all that you have said, maybe some things will not go over smoothly and harmoniously, but me being with Chen Ruo Yu was not on impulsive. I have seriously considered these matters before."

"I know. I said that before I thought that you were a very rational man and astute about feelings, but Dr. Meng, a man who is rational and astute about feelings is because he really doesn't care. When you are really in love, can you really analyze all issues rationally?"

"What are the issues to analyze in a relationship? Miss Liang, you think too much, don't be too astute as a woman, sometimes being as silly as my family's Chen Ruo Yu is on the contrary, more adorable."

Liang Sisi laughed, "Dr. Meng, don't think that Ruo Yu is silly, actually, when it comes to feelings, women are the most astute. They know everything that happens, they play dumb because they think they ought to be silly. They are afraid of losing, therefore, on certain matters they pretend not to see, they are afraid of being hurt. So on certain matters, they pretend not to understand, but in fact, they know everything. The man thinks the woman is not as astute as him and feels immeasurably self-satisfied, they don't know that in actuality they are the ones who are silly."

"Miss Liang, are you planning on giving me a lesson on relationships between men and women?"

"No, Dr. Meng, with regards to the matter of relationship, everyone has their own tutorial in their hearts. Even if you haven't been in love before, you will have your own special understanding. Not to mention that Dr. Meng, who has a lot of peach blossoms, presumably with ample experience. I need not give you a lesson."

"You're flattering, I don't have any peach blossoms." She must be joking, right now, on his body is hanging Chen Ruo Yu's boyfriend nameplate. What peach blossoms, this is simply framing him.

Liang Sisi smiled and didn't argue with him, she only said, "I want to tell you only about Chen Ruo Yu, just this one lesson. I met Chen Ruo Yu at my company, she had come for an interview. My company's idiotic human resources personnel like to ask the interview candidates if they have any opinions about the job, others replied very eloquently, only Ruo Yu, that idiot blankly stared. Later, the interview personnel became very unhappy, and asked her why she is taking so long to think, she actually said that she came to find a job, and hasn't started the job, so she hasn't had any access to the actual job process, therefore, she doesn't have any opinions, but she also thinks that it is not good to say she doesn't have any opinions, so she didn't know what to say. As a result, of course, she didn't get the job, we didn't think she was sleek enough, certainly would not perform well."

Meng Gu nodded, this kind of awkward incident is indeed like something Chen Ruo Yu would do.

"You see, she actually knew it wouldn't be pleasing to say that, but she didn't make it up. She has her own way ideas, independence, however unconventional. She is not silly, she is just not calculating. Therefore if you are angry with her, you have to let her know what you are angry at. If you want her to act coquettishly or you think she should act coquettishly to you, putting up a strong front or behaving coldly is useless, use a more direct and obvious manner."

"Of course, I know." Meng was not convinced, the kind of person Chen Ruo Yu is, of course, he clearly knows that was why he decided to be with her after seriously considering it. Liang Sisi didn't have to tell him what to do.

"Perhaps you know." Liang Sisi shrugged and did not agree, "Meng always say they know, when actually they are not taking it seriously, knowing and not knowing are about the same."

"Miss Liang, only the things that are not certain need to be repeatedly emphasized. Why do you have repeatedly talk about men not understanding?"

Liang Sisi blankly stares, and then thought, then paused and laughed at herself, "Well, I am not certain about men, you are right."

Meng Gu raised an eyebrow but did not say anything.

"Dr. Meng, actually you are especially not likable, Chen Ruo Yu is right in saying that a woman who has been with you for too long will probably get scared off by your personality."

"You don't have to scare me, Chen Ruo Yu and I will have a very good relationship."

Liang Sisi nodded, suddenly smiled and said, "Then you must do it, make Chen Ruo Yu live happily."

Meng Gu stared blankly and subconsciously nodded, he understood that Liang Sisi was being sincere, she really cares about Chen Ruo Yu. Meng Gu felt uncomfortable about his own poisonous words. He changed the topic and asked, "Where are you going tomorrow?"

"Going to H city."

"Not coming back?" If not, Chen Ruo Yu would not cry for this.


Meng Gu frowned, "What about the apartment? Withdrawing your rent?" With his family's Chen Ruo Yu's usual poor ghost state, he is afraid she won't be able to bear the burden of the rent by herself.

"Well, this is a good question." Liang Sisi smiled, "Dr. Meng, our house rent is currently paid until after the Spring festival, that is, Ruo Yu can still here for a few months. If you two are getting along well, maybe she won't have to rent a house next year. If you two are not doing well, then she will have to move to a small room and live her days tight on money, or possibly, id she can't stay in this city, she will have to return to C city."

Is she scaring him again? Meng Gu frowned and was not happy at the possibility fo Chen Ruo Yu leaving.

"Dr. Meng, this is a time-limited challenge."

This is really a challenge.

Especially considering he just made a naive low-level mistake, Chen Ruo Yu still has him in the assessment period, and the hardest part is that since they clarified their relationship, his previous tricks against Chen Ruo Yu seem not to be very good now.

Meng Gu frowned, this won't do, it seems that he really has to work hard and quickly fix this.