Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 70 / Chapters List

This matter, strictly speaking, was triggered by Lu Bao Ni.

After she was encouraged by Chen Ruo Yu's speech, she went back and struggled with her hesitation for a while, and finally decided to speak her mind.

She called Chen Ruo Yu and said that she will find an opportunity to act in the next few days. She said that even if she may not as lucky as Chen Ruo Yu and finally get what she desired, but she will not ignore her feelings and also not leave any regrets.

Chen Ruo Yu felt somewhat nervous as she spoke, Lu Bao Ni comforted her and said that she herself wanted it to be clear, she has already mentally prepared herself and thought that no matter the result she will tell her.

Three days later, Chen Ruo Yu received a call from Lu Bao Ni. She cried on the phone and said that she had just gone with Zhou Zhe and had already told him. His reaction was to stare blankly and it seemed as if he didn't know how to respond to her. Finally, after a long time, he only said that he has already arranged for his return to C city and that he is moving back soon.

Lu Bao Ni said that she understood Zhou Zhe's meaning, so like that they separated and each returned to their homes, but she couldn't help but call Chen Ruo Yu on the way. She said that although she knew that it would end it such a way, she was very happy that she had finally said it, but even though she was so happy she couldn't help but shed tears.

Chen Ruo Yu was very upset about her experience and she said, "I'm sorry." and felt that if not for her words Lu Bao Ni would not have suffered this. She was crying so sadly but Lu Bao Ni still said, "thank you" to her.

Chen Ruo Yu told Gao Yu Lan about this and asked what she thought. Gao Yu Lan said that this also very good, it is better to say it than to hold onto a fantasy in the heart. She thought that Lu Bao Ni said that she was happy because she finally did something she couldn't dare to do. She was sad because her wish did not come through, she must have also had the fantasy that Zhou Zhe's heart was the same as hers.

Liang Sisi's thoughts on this matter was different, she felt that there was nothing to be sad about. The man said that he has arranged to return to his hometown, but did not say that he did not like the woman. If the woman just wanted to get his love, then maybe she got it, and someone also once liked her, which is as she wished for. If she wants them to be together, then it has only now begun, to solve the difficulty of different places in their love, it is either she goes to C city to strive for them to be together or try to get the man to stay, isn't this alright?

"But maybe Zhou Zhe didn't say that he didn't like her because he just wanted to refuse her tactfully. His personality is the Mr. Nice guy sort."

"Is that girl named Bao Ni certain? Did she ask? Did she ask a clear question? Men sometimes are not as considerate as you both think. He is no longer her colleague, and he will soon leave to another city and will not see each other again. Humph, What tact. This situation where he did not refuse her clearly and let the woman give up, isn't this worse?"

Chen Ruo Yu thought that these two scenarios were plausible, but she did not dare to encourage Lu Bao Ni again, in case, Zhou Zhe did not have this meaning, she did not want Lu Bao Ni to go through more scars and also not cause trouble for Zhou Zhe.

"That's right, you don't have to get involved in this again." Liang Sisi said, "Since they have already reached this point, it is either the end or the beginning, let them be."

So Chen Ruo Yu didn't talk about this matter with Lu Bao Ni again. She later met Zhou Zhe once at the entrance of their complex, she greeted him and exchanged a few words, but did not see that he was any different, they also didn't mention Lu Bao Ni.

During this time, Chen Ruo Yu herself has a lot of things going on. She finally decided to quit her job of selling insurance and went to work with Zhao Xia's distribution company full time as a salesperson of condoms and adult products line.

Also because it is getting closer to the Spring festival, she needs to make arrangements for her future life after. The development on Zhao Xiao's side is better and the salary is more stable, so if she needs to rent an apartment, her income can support it.

Although she had great hope in developing a good result with Meng Gu, time flies too fast and she is not sure that she and Meng Gu can be able to cohabit by the time the rent expires.

She is still not certain. She hoes that she can be more independent, and not attached to him, but imagines that she influences him as much as he can influence her.

For example, she was afraid that be would be unhappy but try to accommodate her, and also hopes that he would have the same frame of mind as her. Or another example, to make him happy she would make some dishes that he likes but she may not like, so she also hopes that he would have the same tolerance towards her at the time when she buys durian and not put on a stern face.

Also, there would inevitably be quarrels between them.

One time they arranged a date to go to the movies and picked a cartoon that Chen Ruo Yu likes. However, Meng Gu at last minute had to work overtime on the day of the date and so was late. Chen Ruo Yu thought that it was okay and did not mind and wanted to go home to rest early. However, Meng Gu insisted on watching, but after a while of watching the movie, he fell asleep, which made Chen Ruo Yu angry.

She said a few words to him. Since he worked overtime and was too tired, he didn't have to force himself to watch the movie, so that she could not watch properly and made her heart feel uncomfortable. But he was also very unhappy and louder than her, he thought that he was being considerate of her, and so is striving hard to accompany her to watch the movie she wanted to watch, she was not grateful but also complained about it.

The two parted on bad terms on that day. Meng Gu even said that he would not watch the movie again, and Chen Ruo Yu felt very unhappy.

Another time, Meng Gu spent a few days working overtime, and he had taken Chen Ruo Yu out for a date. Chen Ruo Yu felt that it was good to just hang around at home, but Meng Gu did not agree. He felt that he been gone for several days and that was why she was being cold to him, therefore, Chen Ruo Yu yielded and went to out with him. Then halfway through eating, he made a big yawn and Chen Ruo Yu thought that he wasn't feeling well and so, in the end, said that she would go back by bus and that Meng Gu should hurry home. Meng Gu felt that what she said was disrespecting him, how can he leave his girlfriend to take the bus and drive home, what face would a man have left?

For this so-called boring face, if they had known earlier they would not have come out to eat, they were unhappy again.

Not to mention that Meng Gu does not like to go shopping, if he wants to buy anything, his shopping method is to go straight to the target, and Chen Ruo Yu's style is to make comparisons, looking for discounts and looking for giveaways, their styles are completely incompatible, also he does not like to stroll around while shopping and doesn't like shopping to a certain extent. Finally, since Chen Ruo Yu started to help him to buy clothes and supplies, he even began to give her a list like an old master, and refused her requests to go shopping together, but he would also be fussy and dissatisfied about what she buys when she returns.

With regards to the shopping, they have stumbled at least three times and argued.

These little things have made Chen Ruo Yu a bit vigilant. She was worried that their feelings are not deep enough if they move in together too early, she was afraid that these little frictions will increase. These small quarrels make her feel very sad. Instead of this, it is better to develop more slowly, when it is appropriate, both people will adapt and be more tolerant of the other and be able to accommodate each other and comfortably live together.

Meng Gu was very dissatisfied with her thoughts. He felt that he was showing unprecedented tolerance towards her and that she did not have confidence in him.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed multiple times as she was talking to Liang Sisi on the phone. Liang Sisi said that a man's nerves are thicker than an elephant's leg. As for Meng Gu's childish actions that come up from time to time, Gao Yu Lan told Chen Ruo Yu to be content with the situation, she said that that with regards to childish, very few men can compare with her family's Yin Ze. But then after saying that she defended Yin Ze, saying that every man has a child in his heart, and that there is no special man who is an exception, and it is just that Yin Ze's child is a bit more lively.

Chen Ruo Yu laughed, thinking that a woman is a strange creature, will pick at the man's fault in the smallest things, but will also help men find excuses for everything. The most discerning and also the most tolerant.

In short, when Chen Ruo Yu was busy working hard in her relationship and managing her feelings, she did not know that waves were surging on Lu Bao Ni and Zhou Zhe's side.

First, one day, she met Zhou Zhe outside at the apartment complex. After she greeted him and went upstairs, she suddenly remembered that when Zhou Zhe told her about the time he was returning to C city, the time had already passed, but how come he was still here?

Within the next two days, she received a call from Lu Bao Ni. Lu Bao Ni excitedly told her that Zhou Zhe had not left yet and she met him several times and that he also talked to her, he was nervous when he spoke and was very concerned about her, and the questions he asked were also very silly. She asked Chen Ruo Yu, what does this mean? Is there still hope?

Chen Ruo Yu did not dare to guess and did not dare to encourage her to think about the possibility. In fact, she thought that she didn't have to encourage her and that Lu Bao Ni must have also thought a lot about it. So Chen Ruo Yu just reminded her that Zhou Zhe did not say anything, which means that his plan to leave A city has not changed, even though it's ambiguous now, it won't last long. Time and distance will kill all unstable feelings.

Lu Bao Ni took a deep breath on the phone and said that she knew what to do, she thanked Chen Ruo Yu.

When Chen Ruo Yu finished the call, she suddenly felt that she was as Liang Sisi. Through her feelings with her family's Tyrannosaurus, she is able to also be an expert.

After Chen Ruo Yu was informed that Lu Bao Ni had begun to pursue Zhou Zhe, Zhou Zhe did not dare to agree, and also didn't refuse, the two people were seemingly in a stalemate on their emotions.

Lu Bao Ni often came to the neighborhood to find Zhou Zhe, so she would also come to Chen Ruo Yu to talk. She told Chen Ruo Yu that she felt that Zhou Zhe liked her. She didn't dare to think about him before, so she thought that he was normally considerate and good to others and so thought that he was this kind to everyone. But now that she is working hard to pursue him, from his reaction, she suddenly figured out when he was good to her before, it was because he had feelings for her.

She felt that the fact that Zhou Zhe had postponed his plan and had not packed up and moved back to C city is proof.

"I am going to work hard, even if we separate in the end and can't be together, I have worked hard and so I won't regret it."

Chen Ruo Yu felt that Lu Bao Ni was really courageous and felt that Zhou Zhe really lacked courage, it was a bit like how it was with Meng Gu, the whole time being ambiguous and not saying it clearly, in the end, what did it mean? She really wants to know what is in a man's head.

For this, she really went to ask Meng Gu, Meng Gu said, "At that time, I was not certain. Of course, I couldn't open up to you. You're also not thinking about your attitude at that time, obviously, I have to confirm first whether there is a promising chance or whether it is hopeless before moving to the next step, right?"

"Wrong, should be sincere like Bao Ni, no matter what lies on the road and boldly pursue."

"Of course, Bao Ni has to fight desperately when confronting a mortal danger. Then I could slowly squander time with you, I could afford it."

"This way of thinking of squandering time with a woman is not right, it is irresponsible. Since there is no certainty, why bother being ambiguous?"

Meng Gu narrowed his eyes at her for a long time, "What do you think about that in that head of yours all day, are you too idle? Is being ambiguous something we can control? Without you women's cooperation, how can it be ambiguous? I don't think I am irresponsible, you disrupted the water in the spring pond and just ran, were you responsible? I recall that at that time you had obviously provoked me and in the end, turned around and put on a very innocent 'I didn't do anything' appearance and came to me angry."

"In any case, it's not right for you men to play around ambiguously this way." Chen Ruo Yu thought for a long time but could not come up with a rebuttal and could only say this.

"Then you could say that us men like to be the dog in a manger and not leave."

**("Dog in a manger" fable is about a dog who occupies the manger in a shed, the dog's a carnivore and doesn't eat hay but prevents the other animals from eating even though he has no use for it...classic even though I have no use for it, others are not allowed to touch it either LOL)**

He's still arguing? "Pa", Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but hit Mr. tyrannosaurus.

Chen Ruo Yu did not expect that Zhou Zhe and Lu Bao Ni was not only concerning her, but Zhou Zhe's delay in returning also shocked his parents. That day, Zhou father and Zhou mother attacked in A city and had arrived, but the old couple actually found her door and asked her to go out to dinner.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly felt that retribution had come, and other people's matters can really not be managed.