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As Zhou Zhe walked up to the table, Meng mother smiled and said hello to Chen Ruo Yu.

The scene was a lot smoother than Chen Ruo Yu imagined. Zhou parents and Meng mother greeted each other. The two sides did not ask, "who are you?" on the spot. Zhou Zhe was also embarrassed and apologized to Chen Ruo Yu saying that he has bothered her. Meng mother took the opportunity to ask Chen Ruo Yu is she had time, she is short on accompany and wanted to go shopping again.

Zhou parents saw that their son was not happy, and quickly and politely told Chen Ruo Yu that they will not trouble her anymore. So the two sides exchanged their goodbyes and Chen Ruo Yu was smoothly brought out of the restaurant by Meng mother.

Meng mother took Chen Ruo Yu and walked for a while. Chen Ruo Yu looked at her carrying a lot of bags and was thinking about how to open her mouth to ask to help her with some of them, but then she turned her feet and walked into a cafe.

Ah, it seems that another elder conversation is about to begin.

Chen Ruo Yu sighed in her heart, braced herself and followed Meng mother. She thought about it that this time, she could not sneak into the toilet to look for her family's Tyrannosaurus for energy.

Meng mother sat down, smiling and looking very kind.

The two of them ordered drinks, and Chen Ruo Yu sat down upright feeling on edge, waiting for Meng mother to speak.

Meng mother was not in a hurry, she was smiling and scrutinizing the cafe's drink list, and smiling at Miss Chen Ruo Yu, for a long time there was no sound. Chen Ruo Yu was becoming more and more anxious and was wondering whether she should say something first, finally Meng mother spoke up.

"Xiao Yu, who were those two people just now?"

It has come. The question that is difficult to answer really arrived.

Chen Ruo Yu hesitated for a half a second, her mind was messy and chaotic, so she just said it straight away, "They are elders from my hometown. I once went on a blind date with their son, that was the Mr. Zhou who came in later, so it can be considered that we are acquainted. This time, they came to visit A city and came to me to accompany them to go shopping and a meal."

Meng mother still did not say anything, Chen Ruo Yu quickly added, "Dr. Meng also knows about this matter, I called to tell him."

Meng mother smiled, "I know, I just got off the phone with him."

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth and was very surprised.

"I was buying clothes for his father, and felt that one of them was very suitable for him, so I just called him. As a result, he said that he has someone to buy his clothes now and so I don't have to worry about it."

This remark made Chen Ruo Yu to bite her lip, feeling embarrassed. This Meng Gu, when she buys something, he is nitpicky and then he turns around and advertises that someone is buying his clothes.

"He also said that you were nearby eating with others. I just casually asked about it and he said that they were the parents of the blind date you had in your hometown. He also said that someone would rob my daughter-in-law and asked whether I was feeling anxious. So I came over to take a look."

Chen Ruo Yu heard this and her face almost turned green, this is trying to entrap his girlfriend, right? This Tyrannosaurus shouldn't be so straightforward with his mother. Fortunately, she did not lie just now, otherwise, she would have shamed herself in front of Mother Meng.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly came to a realization and looked up, Meng mother was smiling at her. She has been smiling at her like this the whole time seeming very amiable, but she knew the identity of Zhou Zhe's parents, but she still specifically asked her. This is a test, isn't it? She wanted to see whether she lie to her, right?

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but reach out to wipe the sweat that did not exist on her forehead.

That was close, too close!

"Xiao Yu, you and Meng Gu have been dating for so long, I have been waiting for you to come to see me, but you have not come."

"That..." She is mistaken, her response right now was slow and unintelligent, but what can she say at a time like this?

"I felt that the time was not yet ripe." She couldn't think of anything and so just said the truth.

"How do you want it to be ripe?" Meng mother sipped her coffee, still smiling amiably.

"Probably...when there is enough confidence."

"Like this." Meng mother put down the cup and looked at Chen Ruo Yu and laughed, "I have met all the girls that have dated Meng Gu, plus you the total of four."

Chen Ruo Yu's lips twitched and she nodded, is it time for comparisons?

"The least confident of them is probably you."

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was not convinced, "Auntie, the least confident should be Qi Yao who felt that her family conditions were not quite enough for them to be able to grow old together, she is less confident than me. I feel that I can be with Dr. meng for a long time, it's just that we need time to slowly sort through some issues, I am not without confidence."

Meng mother laughed and said, "You are wrong, Qi Yao was not without confidence, Qi Yao was too confident. She thought that Meng Gu will surely wait for her, but she was wrong."

She said those words with a smile, but her manner was imposing. Chen Ruo Yu nodded. It is clear that the person sitting opposite her, is a mother who really protects her son, she is smiling amiably but is actually fierce.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't know what to say, so she just silently accompanied her with a smile.

Meng mother waited for a while and then said, "Xiao Yu, do you know how many bones there are in the human body?"

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded and thought for a bit, "It seems that it is 204..."

"It is 206."

"Oh." Chen Ruo Yu looked down feeling embarrassed. If this is the initial show of strength, then Meng mother is truly calm and collected.

Meng mother then asked, "Xiao Yu, do you know that there are several kinds of blood vessels?"

Chen Ruo Yu didn't dare to answer, fearing that she would be wrong again.

Meng mother also asked, "Xiao Yu, do you know how many nerves people have?"

Chen Ruo Yu felt that she could not continue to remain silent and replied, "Auntie, I only know that my nerves are relatively thick."

Meng mother froze and then laughed.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't know what was funny about this. She rubbed her knees and said, "Auntie, I don't know how to fawn over people. it's just, to be Dr. meng's girlfriend, do you also need to pass a medical knowledge examination?"

"Of course now." Meng mother smiles, "Although, I also studied medicine, I have been a housewife for a long time, you are to be his companion, not his colleague, what do you need to pass a medical knowledge test for?"

"oh." Did she just tease herself? Chen Ruo Yu felt a bit awkward, she did not feel that it was humorous at all.

"You are not in a hurry to meet us, I don't think it is a bad thing." Meng mother sipped her coffee slowly and said, "Although Meng Gu complained to me, I don't think you are wrong. I am not boasting about my son, but Meng Gu's conditions are indeed very good, many girls pursue him, they also send gifts to me to show their courtesy."

Chen Ruo Yu's face went dark. I retrospect, it seems that she has been very passive, other than asking Meng mother to eat the feet, she never thought about sending her gifts, so is she lacking courtesy?

Meng mother continued, "And the girlfriends who Meng Gu has dates, except you, were all eager to visit us after confirming the relationship status. Meeting the parents seem to be an important step in determining the relationship between the two people, but in the end, they all broke up with Meng Gu. So it has never been about the parents, but about you two who need to determine your relationship."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at Meng mother, and was very nervous and her palms began to get sweaty again. She was so confused now, she didn't understand what Meng mother wanted to say to her. Is this accepting her or not?

"Xiao Yu, you said that your nerves are thick, actually, yours are not hard at all, but I think your nerves are thicker than my savvy and capable son's. He told me some things about your relationship and some of your thoughts. Xiao Yu, you think a lot, I think that you thinking so much is because you really want to be together with Meng Gu. At that time, Qi Yao also thought a lot, but she had too much personality, but you don't."

Chen Ruo Yu was even more confused, Meng mother is so straightforward. The reason why she doesn't have personality is because her elder phobia has flared up and it is extremely frightening.

"Auntie, I don't really understand."

Meng mother smiled and said, "Xiao Yu, having personality is fashionable, but having no personality is not a bad thing. Courtesy is not in sending gifts, but rather in genuine and sincere respect. Once Meng Gu's father arranged a blind date dinner for Meng Gu with a girl, that child had a very strong personality, at the scene she lively and sharply rebutted and criticized her mother's words. Meng Gu's evaluation of her: Spoilt his appetite. I also felt the same. In fact, to me, I feel that a character who knows restraint is better than an impulsive one. It is not a good thing to always care about the feelings of others, but sometimes it is necessary to endure it. There is a right way to attack and defend. Do you understand what I mean?"

Chen Ruo Yu hesitantly responded with a slight nod, she thought that this should be a little praise for her, right?

In the end, Meng mother said, "But our whole family has a problem of not caring about other people's feelings. I am still okay, but the father and son pair are really not lovable on this point."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled and nodded her head firmly. But she still not understand exactly what Meng mother was trying to say. It is really hard to listen to parents lecture, really taxing on the mind.

Meng mother said, "Actually, I am different from his father. Meng Gu's temper is like his father's, so I thought that you ought to know what problems could arise in getting along with him."

Is the topic finally coming? Chen Ruo Yu wiped her sweaty palms on her pants, and tried to raise up her energy in her mind.

"Xiao Yu, you know, life is like a human body. You think it is very healthy and that there are no problems, when in fact, it is actually in critical condition. Human feelings are the same, just like the body, at a glance it seems like there is nothing more than torso and limbs, but in fact it is actually very complex on the inside and difficult to understand. bones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles...while you are unaware, the cancer cells may be spreading."

Chen Ruo Yu's head began to feel faint. It is truly worthy of being called a doctor's family, to be using tumors to make examples, really?

"Actually, people are very clear about the state of their bodies. When you feel tired, what part is painful? Whether it is constipated? Is there an irregular menstruation period? In fact, people know, it's just that they choose to ignore it and not care about it at the time. In fact, feelings are the same, there is a small problem and everyone knows about it, but will ignore it until they are forced to face it, and bu that time it will have already developed and will require surgery. It has to go through the pain of the knife and then some problems can be solved, but on the premise that it is benign. If it is malignant, then it depends on whether or not it spread and whether or not it can be cleanly removed."

"Sometimes the tumor does not develop in just one area and can be in an area, where you know it's there but cannot undergo the knife. Relationship between two people is like this, daily maintenance is very important. You usually need to exercise and care for your health, cannot be lazy, cannot be afraid of being tired, must persevere and there are no shortcuts. You may think that I am exaggerating, if it's so tiring, how can people live it? In fact, you can say it's tiring but also not tiring, when exercise becomes part of life, people enjoy it, so much so that if they don't exercise then they would feel uncomfortable. People who really feel tired are those who do not cherish their health."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, she seemed tounderstand. She felt that she is like this, she has earnestly been maintaining the feelings between her and Meng Gu, but she does not feel tired, she feels very happy every day and is always looking forward to being together with him.

"Xiao Yu, I like you very much. You can patiently wait for him to get off work and not feel annoyed or impatient, you know how to empathize with others, and can eat the hardship that I spoke of. And more importantly, Meng Gu, the change in this child I can see with my eyes. He hasn't been this relaxed and happy as he is now for years. However I know about his stinky attitude, I know that you cannot only restrain yourself with him, men are like children, you have to teach them. It's not enough to make him love you, it also important for him to have a sense of belonging."

This time Chen Ruo Yu was sure that she was praised, she couldn't help but feel happy and earnestly nodded.

Meng mother also made a point to smile and said, "I am looking forward to you succeeding, you should also find that confidence as soon as possible and come to see me and his father quickly."

Chen Ruo Yu smiled and was just about to say "Thank you, auntie", when Meng mother added, "Oh that's right, I will give you the advance notice, his father doesn't like you very much, I look forward to you officially meeting him."

Chen Ruo Yu's smile became a bit stiff, and her face went dark. This Meng mother is really powerful, she said that she likes her, and then brought out Meng father to scare her. What does it mean if she really likes her and wants her to be her daughter-in-law, shouldn't she help her in getting his father to accept her? What does it mean to let her face it herself to solve it?

She also said that Meng Gu is like his father, that is to say, Meng father is as difficult as Meng Gu. No, he is an elder, her elder phobia tells her that he will be harder than Meng aGu.

Chen Ruo Yu had mixed feelings, a woman in love is truly jumping over a hurdle.

After the conversation ended, Chen Ruo Yu went to the hospital with Meng mother. Meng mother went to see old Dr. Meng and Chen Ruo Yu went to see little Dr. Meng. Little Dr. Meng saw that she was not giving him any attention, Chen Ruo Yu was a little angry.

There was no one else in the office, so Meng Gu straight away pointed a finger at Chen Ruo Yu and then pointed to his face. Chen Ruo Yu ignored him.

"Chen Ruo Yu, your skin is itchy, isn't it? You went to meet a wild man, and you still won't offer a kiss to calm my anger?"

"What, if I don't kiss you, are you going to beat me?" Chen Ruo Yu continued to ignore him, he went to notify his mother to come and arrest her to cause her trouble, she had almost done something embarrassing, she has still not gone over this account with him.

She was suffocating with anger, when he pulled her over and firmly bit her lips. She was startled that she hit him, he took another bite and kissed her.

Chen Ruo Yu was so frightened, this is a hospital! hospital! Does he know how to distinguish the occasion? This is too unbridled! This stinky man is really too problematic!

She struggled hard and pushed away from him and then took a few steps back.

"Hey." Meng Gu raised his eyebrows to express his dissatisfaction

Chen Ruo Yu also copied his expression, folded her arms and looked down at him sitting in the chair, she wanted to say a few words in an imposing manner, but nothing was coming to mind at this time, just kissed, her heart was still jumping, and definitely her IQ was also affected bu this.

"You wait, I am mulling over my lines."

Meng Gu laughed, and did not intend to wait for her to finish mulling and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, you have seen my parents now, quickly take me home."

MiraiSaesang's Notes: Long chapter...Meng Gu's mother is really something, while he may get his demeanor from his father, his combative power is definitely from his mother...Also, him telling his mom to go safeguard her daughter-in-law is hilarious ...