Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 73 / Chapters List

Chen Ruo Yu pursed her lips and finally thought of what to say, "Dr. Meng, you did deliberately, didn't you?"

"Did what deliberately?"

"Deliberately told your mother to come to arrest me." Really truly cunning, did he think that this would count as cheating?

Meng Gu grinned, "This was a coincidence, God's arrangement. So you have seen my parents now, right?"

"No, your mother said that your father doesn't like me."

Meng Gu's smile went stiff on his face, then he frowned and said, "How can this person drag my hind legs." This expression made Chen Ruo Yu want to laugh. She was not sure whether he was talking about "he" or "she". Anyway, both of them seemed to be dragging his legs.

"Chen Ruo Yu, since you were intimidated by my parents, then you must definitely not let me have an easy time. Quickly take me home to let your parents deal with me." Meng Gu pulled her hand as he suggested, blinking his eyes to act cute.

Chen Ruo Yu pursed her lips, restraining herself from smiling and stretched her neck to look behind him.

"What are you looking at?"

"Checking to see if your tail is wagging."


On this day, an itchy Chen Ruo Yu was taken home by Dr. Meng after he got off work, made dinner for him, did his laundry, also helped him clean his house, helped him cut his nails and clean his ears, which made him magnanimously disregard her slip of tongue and teasing.

But for his request about going to see her parents, she only said, "Wait for me to notify you."

Meng Gu pursed his lips, narrowed his eyes and knit his brows causing Chen Ruo Yu to once again look behind him to see whether his tail was hanging.

The Spring festival is coming soon.

A lot of things happened in that short time.

It turns out that after Zhou parents came to look for Chen Ruo Yu that day, Zhou Zhe went to see Lu Bao Ni. His parents were worried, he felt that he could no longer continue to hesitate, so he went to Lu Bao Ni and asked her this question: "Would you like to return to C city with me?"

Lu Bao Ni was overjoyed.

Zhou Zhe added, "I don't have much money, starting a business on a loan, and so still have debt."

Lu Bao Ni replied, "It doesn't matter, I will be your accountant, no salary."

Zhou Zhe added, "You family does not agree, do you still dare to come with me?"

Lu Bao Ni smiled, "If you dare to take me away, then I dare to go with you."

These are what Lu Bao Ni called and reported to Chen Ruo Yu. Later, she and Zhou Zhe also asked Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu out to dinner together. More things were revealed during the meeting.

Actually, Zhou Zhe always had a favorable impression of Lu Bao Ni, so he paid her quite a lot of attention to her in all aspects. However, Lu Bao Ni was not just an ordinary accountant. She was the niece of the owner of the driving school. Her parents also have their own business in A city. Lu Bao Ni going to work at the driving school was just work that was assigned by her family so she had something to do and not be so bored.

However, Lu Bao Ni never put on airs, and she was really serious in doing her work. She was also very concerned about her colleagues. She is a good girl, this is why Zhou Zhe had a favorable impression of her. It's just Lu Bao Ni's uncle and parents have always looked down on people from other cities, especially from small places like Zhou Zhe's. Although Zhou Zhe's performance ar work was very good and he also got put in a higher position but he was actually getting limited respect. This was also an important driving force Zhou Zhe becoming determined in establishing his own business.

It's just that the two young people who had a favorable impression of each other could not develop to a relationship in such an environment. Zhou Zhe set on the road of establishing his business, so he could not make any further plans on Lu Bao Ni. For him, she would have been a good memory in his life, in the days when he worked hard in the big city, there was a friendly and lovely girl who encouraged and supported him, maybe she will not have cross paths with him again, but he will always remember the warmth she gave him forever.

However, he never expected that after he resigned from the company and said that that he was returning to his hometown, he had actually motivated Lu bao Ni's pursuit. He felt that he could not let Lu Bao Ni follow him to endure through hardship. He also had no confidence in dealing with the obstacle of Lu Bao Ni's family. After all, he worked for the Lu family for several years, and saw their opinions and actions, he understood their style very well.

But sometimes the courage of the a comes from the encouragement of a woman, it doesn't have to be by waving a banner shouting, just warm hands and affectionate eyes can inspire unlimited potential.

Zhou Zhe does not have a fiery and powerful personality, nor is he a person who is cowardly. He is just a gentle and kind-hearted man. Perhaps it was because it was time to leave, perhaps his parents' worry is what pressured him to reach a decision quickly, and perhaps Lu Bao Ni's confession gave him confidence. In short, he did not waste too much time and finally presented Lu Bao with a bold invitation of love.

Their future is unclear but there is love. And the both of them feel that even if everything is sorted out, it can't stop the risks that arise with change. So rather than thinking too much, it better to bravely jump in blind. Therefore, Lu Bao Ni resolutely agreed to Zhou Zhe's proposal and agreed to go home with Zhou Zhe for the Chinese new year, and then return to A city to do the persuasion work at home.

When Zhou Zhe and Lu Bao were blushing and shyly saying these thoughts, Meng Gu immediately narrowed his eyes at Chen Ruo Yu, a pair of eyes expression their feelings of resentment for her failure to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

Back home, Meng Gu began to go over the accounts.

"Take a look at Lu Bao Ni, her family problems are more serious than yours, their decisions are more daring than yours, now they are moving to live in C city, are you not ashamed?"

Chen Ruo Yu lowered her head and did not say anything.

"Don't even talk about Lu bao Ni, let's talk about your good friend Liang Sisi, she also has more things to consider and worry about than you, right? She is taking a bigger risk than you, isn't she? But right now, she is going to get married, aren't you ashamed?"

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to argue, but she could not think of any good words, and so continued to hang her head.

"Don't say that Liang Sisi is a unique case, then let's just talk about another of your good friends, Gao Yu Lan, do you see what progress they have made? Is Yin Ze more reliable than me? But he can go home to see her parents and get engaged by the Spring festival! What about me?" Meng Gu seemed to get angrier the more he spoke, "Why do I have to be hidden and my status unknown?!"

"Your status is very clear." Chen Ruo Yu whispered and the result was she was glared at.

"You still dare to say that!" Meng Gu roared, then suddenly said, "Give me the key."

"What key?"

"My house key."

Chen Ruo Yu froze and then suddenly felt a little hurt and whispered, "Don't be like this."

"Like how?"

"Let's talk it over properly."

"I have properly talked it over, clearly articulated and explained it completely." He extended his hand and opened his palm, "Give it."

Chen Ruo Yu stared at him and she was very upset, "Dr. Meng, don't be like this. I will tell my family when I go home during the Spring festival."

"Give it." Meng Gu's face was expressionless as he insisted.

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip, her eyes felt hot and she almost shed tears. It will be too low for her to plead with him again.

She turned and ran to her bag, suppressed her emotion of wanting to cry, and pulled out her key chain. She really wanted to hit him hard on the head, there were other keys on the chain, so she lost momentum and the imposing manner of handing over his house key faded.

She will throw it at him, then she won't bother with him anymore, he is really too excessive. She has never seen such a temperamental and stinky man. She was so good to him and she feels like a fool and a pig, she wanted to laugh.

But he didn't give her the chance to throw the key, the moment she took it out of the chain, he took it away.

Chen Ruo Yu painfully gritted her teeth and she did not look at him, only felt that her heart was dead and was extremely sad. She threw the keychain into her bag, turned towards the door and intended to leave, this time she would never forgive him.

Meng Gu quickly rushed to the door, a few clicks, then he whistled and walked back leisurely and in front of her face, put the key in his pocket.

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned, what is the meaning of this?

She rushed to the door, made to twist the handled and found that she could not move it.

He actually ran to the door to lock it!

He actually locked it!

Chen Ruo Yu was furious and turned to pounce of Meng Gu, who was proudly standing behind her laughing, she wanted to beat him to death.

"You this big **! Big bastard! You're trying to scare people, right? Do you think that you are only 3 years old? You're already this old and you're still acting like a child, aren't you being childish? What exactly do you want? Do you think you can bully me? Big bastard, I hate you, you're the most loathsome! Never cooking for you again! I'll never pay attention to you again! You get lost! Get out of here with your nice and cold self! I am going to spend all your money and not leave a cent for you! I'll put ten locks on your door and lock you at home too! I hate you the most! Never going to care about you again...wuwu..."

After a while, her mouth was blocked.

She was also pressed against the wall by him.

Her bag fell to the ground and no one cared about it.

Her arms were also being crushed by him and she couldn't move, so she tried to kick him, her indoor slippers flew to the side and was forgotten.

The two people were completely engrossed in a hot passionate kiss.

In Chen Ruo Yu's heart, although she has always been fierce since she started dating him, once he is overbearing, her mind draws a blank and she has no fighting power.

But she was not convinced and was extremely dissatisfied. He really was too excessive, how could he treat her like that?

But his arms arm warm, his kisses are very comfortable, his arms are strong and his eyes are deep and glittery.

Meng Gu loosened his lips and slightly released her.

His face was very close.

The two pair of eyes on opposite each other were obscure, bubbling up in turmoil.