Ambiguous Relationship Chapter 8 / Chapters List

Of course, she didn't actually kick him.

And he looked like a normal doctor seriously executing his job, carefully and kindly teaching the junior doctors. He was also very patient with the sick and answered all their questions in detail. He was humorous, witty and playful which made the patients happy.

Chen Ruo Yu did not speak out throughout his ward's routine inspection. She felt when this man was seriously working, he was really charming and not annoying at all. And he didn't cause any trouble in front of others but only when he looked at her, He would reveal a sly expression.

No, she had used the wrong adjective again. That's not sly, this wretched man's disdainful of her. Wrong, it should be said that she disdains him.

In short, for the next two days, they did not have any problems with each other. Chen Ruo Yu being a patient and Meng Gu being a doctor. The situation was so harmonious that Chen Ruo Yu thought she was having illusions and suspected that she had gotten some mental damage from being assaulted.

But on the third day, Chen Ruo Yu finally confirmed that it wasreal and that she was still a normal person.

That day, Chen Ruo Yu felt better and dressed in her in-patient outfit, she went downstairs to take a stroll in the garden and sit under the sun. She was calculating the hospitalization expenses that she has incurred, and at the same time contemplating whether she should go and request to be discharged. At that moment, a handsome man in a white coat come over and sat beside her.

Chen Ruo Yu felt slightly uncomfortable and subconsciously moved away. She coughed twice, her mind was in a mess. At this time, Meng Gu started to speak.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I know what you're thinking."

What's she thinking? She's not thinking of anything!

At the moment, she could only think that it would be so nice if she had not met this Mongolian doctor before. Or perhaps, she thought again... after she left the hospital, she will pretend not to know him. Or else, thinking that perhaps... this Mongolian doctor had behaved well for today and the past two days, is he here to say harsh words to her again? This time she must control herself and not embarrass herself. Or maybe, thinking about why it was that whenever she was determined to stay far away from him, she would always end up meeting him again?... Or maybe, thinking...

"Do you need me to inform Gao Yu Lan to come to visit you?"

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu was startled. She was immediately brought back from her wandering thoughts back to the present. "No.., no.." She shook her hands and head at the same time.. "Don't tell her."

After being assaulted and sent to the hospital, this type of incident was better kept from others. It was also best not to let others know about her strange relationship with the Mongolian doctor.

"Chen Ruo Yu, actually, you don't understand me."

"What?" Chen Ruo Yu suspected she had a concussion from the assault and so has problems with her hearing plus comprehension ability, or else why is she unable to make sense of Meng Gu's words.

From knowing what she's thinking,to jumping to Gao Yu Lan and then jumping to understand him. There is no transition between these sentences, no correlation, no link to connect them to make sense.

Chen Ruo Yu raised her arm in a cast and waved it a little.."Dr. Meng, please speak slowly."

Meng Gu grinned, "That night, you held my hand refusing to let go."

She glared at him. Is he trying to toy with her again?

Meng Gu continued with a smile, "You told me a lot of things."

She was not able to sit still any longer... "Goodbye, Dr. Meng."

Meng Gu caught hold of her arm and pulled her back down and continued.."Chen Ruo Yu, I am a person who's straightforward and will tell the person directly to their face if I don't like her or if find her unpleasing to my eyes."

This type of statement is a bit too gentle. He said he tells it to people to their face, yet he does it in a way to cause someone to be embarrassed and now he won't even let me leave. This wretched man does not know what it means to be polite.

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, "I have experienced it before."

"So, talking bad behind others is really not my style."

"Dr. Meng, you don't have to be sarcastic to me again. I know I was in the wrong last time and I have apologized to you."

"I am not talking about you."

This is weird...Chen Ruo Yu titled her head to the side.

"I'm saying, originally there was a girl who seemed to be interested in me. Every three to five days, she would come to the hospital to look for me, even she's not sick, she would still register to consult me. She also invited me to attend friends' gatherings with her, sent me gifts and food. But one day, she suddenly stopped coming and when I met her at the supermarket, she had on an expression that seemed as if I owed her millions of dollars and was cold and indifferent to me."

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded. This wretched man, he really does not give her any face at all.

"I had wondered. Was this girl born with multiples personalities? Does she have the tendency to like new things and disdain the old, suddenly falling out with me and becoming hostile? Two days ago, I only learned that she had heard rumors and was really hurt."

She gritted her teeth. Since he had clearly and directly mentioned it, she did not have to be polite anymore.

"Dr. Meng, you didn't know. That girl was blinded with lard* and didn't understand the situation. She didn't know anything and even created trouble. Now, she regrets what she had done."

**(Lard literally means.. pork fat but here its means.. a person not sensitive to other things except for the feelings in her heart.)**

Her expression made Meng Gu laugh out again.

She frowned, "What's so funny?"

"Being blinded by lard is a serious problem. If she doesn't take care of it, her eyes will become completely blind. This time, just seeking consultation in the psychiatric department is not enough. She needs to seek treatment in ophthalmology department as well. This girl is really pitiful."

"Goodbye...Dr. Meng."

Dr. Meng laughed loudly and held Chen Ruo Yu's arm down again.

"Chen RuoYu, I have not talked to anyone about my evaluation of you. Although my words are bold and straightforward with no restraint, I don't like to make irresponsible remarks about others behind their backs. If there are any words I want to voice out, I will tell you straight to your face."

Suddenly, Meng Gu became serious. Chen Ruo Yu could not help but perk up her ears and listen carefully.

"I'm not suitable for you and you're not serious about me. Love, at first sight, is something that does not happen. Moreover, in the first place, you didn't know whether you should pursue me or Lei Feng. Lei Feng already has a fiancee and that's why you turned your attention to me. So I don't think your endless expression of good feelings for me has any significance. Our social circles, personalities, etc.., don't really match, but because you're Gao Yu Lan's friend and at that time, I was not familiar with you, so I thought it would best to wait for you to understand the situation yourself. Do you understand if I say it in this way?"

Chen RuoYu nodded her head blankly.

Then Meng Gu continued... "Suddenly when you didn't come anymore, I thought it was because you had sorted it out yourself. But that time, when I met you at the supermarket, you avoided me like an enemy. I felt the situation was slightly strange. Later at the cafe when I heard you speaking to your blind date about me, I felt very angry. But looking at it now, I had also misunderstood you too, so, let's discard our past grudges and be friends."

Can we still be friends?

She blinked and continued to nod her head absentmindedly.

Why is it only now that she realizes that he can talk like a human being? So it was her who had misunderstood and thought badly about him....and gotten herself upset?

"Since we're now friends, I still have something to say to you."

What else is there to say? She stared at Meng Gu. Talking too much is not a good virtue for a man, right? She silently picked out a thorn pierced in her heart.. it seems she feels better now.

"Your motive is good, but unfortunately it came from a pig brain. Do you think you're a female invincible King Kong? Do you think you have such a great ability to fight with people? And it was with two big men....if you're really short of RMB3.50, do tell me."

Before she could speak, he had started to scold her.

She blinked and was shocked with her mouth open. Where had the gentleman who had just talked nicely to her gone?

"Do you know that if you had not met a kind person who called the police to save you, you would have ended up worse than this? Did you think of the consequences? Does your client really lack that money? To the point that you need to put your life on the line? You're only selling insurance, why do you want to work yourself to death? There's the police around, there's the court and the client also has his own relatives and friends, are they useless? Do you think they're all dead?"

"That.... that person who saved me, who is he?" She was really negligent, She had not even thanked him.

"Is this the important point? Is this the important point out of everything I told you?" Meng Gu became more furious and roared at her

"You have told me a lot. Who knows what the important point is?" Once he became fierce towards her, she also became angry.

"The point is that you're a stupid woman."

"What's wrong being stupid? What has it got to do with you?" She angrily replied.

"You're so stupid that I feel sorry for you. As a friend, if I don't lead you back to the right track, I would feel very sorry."

"The times when you're sarcastic and scolding other people, why don't you feel sorry?"

"If your inborn IQ is not sufficient, it can only be compensated with restraint." Meng Gu ignored her counter-attack and continued... "Before you do anything, you must first tell yourself not to be impulsive, only then will there be hope in life."

"Hope in life?" Just listen to him talk!

"Don't think I want to control you. If you were not my friend, I wouldn't even bother about you." Meng Gu continued to nag her for the ten minutes.

He cared about her. This realization made Chen Ruo Yu's heart beat erratically.

When one's heart beats too fast, it can also kill.

Even if it does not kill, it would also make someone unresponsive and lose their ability to speak. So she could not refute him and listened to his reprimands for ten minutes. Finally, Dr. Meng flicked her forehead. "I'm patiently and sincerely giving you advice, reasoning with you and here you are giving me a dull expression?"

Chen Ruo Yu continued with her dull expression then rubbed her forehead, got up, turned around and ran off.

In the midst of her jumbled mind, she suddenly realized something terrible.

She likes him!

How horrifying!

What kind of stupid woman would realize her own feelings while being scolded?

Moreover, it was right after he had explicitly rejected her directly to her face, then she realized she likes him.

On one hand, he's an irresponsible uncouth-mouthed thick-skinned Mongolian doctor, and on the other hand, he's the serious, big-hearted Dr. Meng. He simply has a dual personalities and she actually likes him?

It was also after she had understood the disparity between them and after he had seen through her intentions, did she realizes she actually likes him?

She's really sick! Seriously sick!

She felt sad in her heart and cried out at her bad luck.

When one's inborn IQ is insufficient, it can only be compensated with restraint. In order to avoid any further embarrassment and avoid being unable to control herself and carelessly approaching him...Chen Ruo Yu ran away.

Then, she quietly and secretly left the hospital.