Battle Emperor Chapter 61 / Chapters List

Chapter 61

In a small valley, the scenery is quite beautiful. The soothing and serene sound of mountain streams. While in one corner, a creature that looks small and cute, Xiao Bai rolled on the ground to play. Once in a while, he will look for small creatures to fight.

Xie Aoyu is standing on top of a stone, his eyes squinted. He looked at the tree trunk on the ground at a distance of about more than 30 meters. His hand is holding a pebble, and then he shook his hand, ready to throw it.


The pebble with a speed that can split the wind, soared forward.

The pebble arched through the air towards the tree trunk and with a very sharp precision it hits the targeted parts. After that it spins and turns back towards Xie Aoyu 's hand, and then he used his other hand to throw the pebble again but this time towards the other direction. His goal is this time he wants to control the pebble and hits both the left and right sides of the tree trunks.


The first hit on the first section was easy.

And then the pebble once more revolves afterward, lightly hits the second section.

The pebble spinning diagonally and flies back to Xie Aoyu's hand.

This is the mystery of the Indefinite Flying Spinning Sword skill.

It can launch continuous attack while it still on the air, and later once more return to the user hand.

"Xiao Bai!"Xie Aoyu shouted. To improve and sharpen his accuracy on target, he needs to training with bigger and harder difficulty than ever.

Xiao Bai got up and rolled on the ground. He takes as many pebbles as he can and throwing them high into the air.

Five-six pebbles thrown into the air.

Xie Aoyu jumped up, and shook his hand to throw a pebble.


That pebble moves with incomparable speed, this time it is moving in a straight-line."PA!" It hit a pebble, then by using the force of impact, it revolves, drawn an arc, "PA" and it hit the second pebble, borrows the strength to revolve once more.

All the pebbles thrown by Xiao Bai have been successfully shot down.

Having practiced for 40-50 days, Xie Aoyu has found a new way to polish his skills. He's using pebbles now instead of weapon.

Ever since pebbles became his main practice tool, the effect is quite good, especially the way he handle the strength. It must be known that it is difficult to control the strength but it is more difficult to control the accuracy of the throw towards the target.

Because it must hit all the other targets in one continuous rotation, and then finally it must return back to your hand.

So, it requires the most perfect combination of the eyesight, the strength, as well as the technique. If the target is moving with speed, he must determine the appropriate position to target through the eyes, and simultaneously launches the continuous rotation attack.

In terms of strength, however, it must be controlled and balanced steadily, because otherwise when he hit the first target, the force of the rotation will render it to be unable to hit the second target, not to mention the power to control it to return back to your hand.

The principle of this Indefinite Flying Spinning Sword technique is its most important characteristics, the long range attack.

"A pebble capable of shooting down 5-6 goal at a time, meaning that if I control three or four sword, I would be able to target more than that, the problem is I need more swords, while the pebbles doesn't have the same strength that I needs, so I can only use the holy sword to attack for now." Xie Aoyu talk to himself.

He draws out the Holy Spirit Sword, shook his hands to start the throwing.


The Holy Sword is moving fast, crushing the hill 10 meters ahead, and then rotates; it turns back into the hands of Xie Aoyu.

This is the long-distance attack method of the Indefinite Flying Spinning Sword.


The Xiao Bai anxious cry resounds.

It looks like a white silhouette was running from the distance.


It is a Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf who come flying from behind them. The roars of this fierce beast is very strong, it shook the whole sky, and the air filled with ice arrows forming from the roars.

Xie Aoyu laughs saying:"What a delicious find."

Recently, Xie Aoyu is just so into practicing, while hunting and cooking is now done by Xiao Bai.Xie Aoyu once even suspected that Xiao Bai has changed towards more human nature , he is now able to cook anything , although it still cannot be compare to Xie Aoyu but still quite delicious.

T/N: You mean a cute, small beast cooking for you? I'm jealous!

They also discovered that the most delicious meat is not the turkey, or the fire rabbit, but the meat of this Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf. The  delicacy of its meat made them to crave for more.

This makes Xiao Bai tries to lure one or two Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf to come.

Xie Aoyu take one step forward, with the holy spirit sword surging up a dou qi , causing a swirling winds to mince the ice arrows , then he launch a kick towards the Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf beast.


At this time, a shriller roars exploding like a thunder breaking a tree.

More than four meters long, with two meters tall, a snow white body belongs to the great majestic looking Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf appeared in the distance, the head is half a meter long; he opens his large mouth, sends out roaring of anger.

"Ice wind Unicorn Wolf King!"Xie Aoyu becomes cautious.

Ordinary Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf is usually on the high level advanced realm, but the Ice Wind Unicorn King is between the lower spirit level and high spirit level. His strength is no doubt strong.

However Xie Aoyu still kicks that Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf; ignore the king before his eyes.


Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf king spout ice arrows, this ice arrows obviously based on the ice wind compound by magic, and with the speed of lightning, striking towards Xie Aoyu's chest.


Xie Aoyu kick the Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf body, making it plunged toward the ice arrows attack and the ice arrows pierced through the body of the poor beast.


The corpse of Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf falls to the ground.

Seeing what have just happened, the king raises his head to send out a wild rage roars.

"Indefinite Flying Spinning Sword!"

The Holy Spirit Sword divide spatially.

And then actually emerges out of thin air, three light resembles the holy sword appears on the left, middle, and right side, spinning, similar to the ordinary flying sword, flies towards that Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf king.

This is the Indefinite Flying Spinning Sword's close combat technique.

It is called Xuan Qi sword.

Based on the records written in the scroll , when this sword techniques practiced at the highest level , the sword can divided into seven sword-shaped light from seven different directions , circling the target , making the target has no room for maneuver or escape.

That wolf has considerable wisdom, when he saw the situation looks unfavorable to him; he launched three ice arrows, and soars to jump to give him more room to act.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A loud sound echoed when all three Ice Arrows and the three light swords collided in the air.

All the arrows were destroyed but not the swords of light. Either in terms of speed or shape, the swords does not seem to be affected at all, and continues to move forward.

"Sou! Sou! Sou!"

The Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf king was stabbed by the three swords of light in the air. Xie Aoyu then shook his hand, launching the Holy Spirit Sword towards the king.

The Holy Spirit Sword flying toward the Ice Wind Unicorn Wolf king and beheaded him, then spun back into Xie Aoyu's hand.

The king's body fell to the ground, with his head.

"Xiao Bai, lets dig in."Xie Aoyu laughs while saying that.

There are two Ice Wind Unicorn Wolves for one man and one beast.

After the meal, Xie Aoyu whispered, "Xiao Bai, how you can eat so much, you've been eating one and a half, half of it is from my share."


Xiao Bai touching his belly, signifying that it is just barely enough.

Xie Aoyu then once more with Xiao Bai, decided that he needs to continue to explore this Hengduan Mountains. From the outside of the small valley, is the view of the endless mountains.

Due to the special nature of this Hengduan Mountain, many evil beasts arise around here, more and more higher level evil beasts. Xie Aoyu has no plans to explore further into the mountains. Areas near the valley have lots of spirit level beasts that appears, so he does not want to bite more than he can chew.

Therefore he then chose to cross the west of the Hengduan Mountain to walk. He walked for several hours, climbed up a mountain; Xie Aoyu intends to take a break, only to see where about a hundred meters away, there is a slim figure, bending over to pick flowers. Even though the distance is one hundred meters apart, he still can smell the exotic scent of her.

"Sister Ziyan!"Xie Aoyu sees that person's shadow, calling her out.

That person is Ziyan, when she sees Xie Aoyu, there is a smile on her face, "It's that kid, as I think who he is?"

"How could I forget when every day all I think and dream of is sister Ziyan." Xie Aoyu is grinning after he said that. Being together with Ziyan,makes  Xie Aoyu relax as if there is no need to think about anything at all.

.There is a light flashes in Ziyan's eyes, "You did not have naughty dreams of me naked, right? "

Her facial expression is full of meaning behind it, intentionally revealing her seductive style. In addition, her words could make anyone minds to be in disarray. Xie Aoyu is no exception; he could feel his lust raised all of sudden.

"Today's weather is really good, and the sunlight is beautiful."Xie Aoyu hurries to change the topic; he does not want to have a boner in front of Ziyan.

Ziyan said with a beautiful smile: "Yes, the weather is very good, but as for the sun, I do not know that the sunlight is that beautiful, hehe ......"