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Chapter 279: Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva

Hearing the notification of the female servant, Ya Fei became slightly blank. She immediately turned her head to see Xiao Yan's expression which had instantly become gloomy. Helplessly shaking her head, she softly inquired, "Nalan Yanran?"

"Yes." The female servant respectfully replied.

"Why is she looking for me?" Ya Fei knit her eyebrows together slightly and mumbled softly. She sighed and eyed Xiao Yan, apologizing, "I'm sorry..."

"Go. This is your job. It's not like I will blame you." Xiao Yan smiled. Some of the darkness on his face disappeared as he waved his hand and said.

"You may not want to meet her now, so wait here for a while. After I ask for the reason for her to come, I will see the both of you out." Ya Fei pretty eyes swept across Xiao Yan and the quiet, indifferent Hai Bo Dong and said in a probing manner.

"It's just as well..." After musing for a moment, Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly. The current him indeed did not want to meet that woman so early. Therefore, he did not reject Ya Fei's suggestion at that moment.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had agreed, Ya Fei sighed in relief. Passing by the female servant's side, Ya Fei told her to look after the both of them properly before quickly striding out of the room.

"Do you have some grudge with that Nalan Yanran?" Eyeing the back that had disappeared behind the door, Hai Bo Dong held the teacup which had turned into ice and asked in a somewhat astonished voice.

"Yes." Xiao Yan nodded his head and slowly sat on the chair. His expression was slightly ugly.

"Don't tell me that you going to the Misty Cloud Sect has something to do with her?" As he glanced at Xiao Yan, Hai Bo Dong became startled and he immediately asked in a stunned manner.

This time around, Xiao Yan did not reply and simply sipped his tea. His narrowed eyes contained a faint cold glint.

Eyeing Xiao Yan's manner, Hai Bo Dong knew the answer and did not continue his inquiry. He slowly shook his head. It seemed like he somewhat understood Xiao Yan's intent on heading up to the Misty Cloud Sect. However, he was still somewhat confused as to what that Nalan Yanran lady had done to Xiao Yan. She actually managed to cause this person with extraordinary mental strength to even be willing to form an undesirable relationship with a huge being like the Misty Cloud Sect. It was clear that being in a bad relationship with the Misty Cloud Sect within the Jia Ma Empire was a very foolish thing.

"Oh, that's right. Why are you finding things that can recover Spiritual Strength? Has your Spirit been hurt?" Hai Bo Dong did not continue to get entangled over the matter. Instead, Hai Bo Dong suddenly recalled the thing that Xiao Yan needed earlier and immediately asked doubtfully.

Xiao Yan's eyebrow twitched gently without being noticed. He slowly sip his tea while his heart was swiftly moving. A moment later, he calmly said, "The residual effects caused by that 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame' the last time..."

"Oh, that thing is really too terrifying. It is only reasonable that it had resulted in some residual effects." Hai Bo Dong did not have the slightest doubt after hearing Xiao Yan's words. After all, that 'Angry Buddha Lotus Flame's' strength was really somewhat terrifying. His gaze swept over Xiao Yan's body before he frowned and said, "Is it serious?"

Doing his best to maintain his usual heartbeat, Xiao Yan glanced at Hai Bo Dong and said, "It is not very serious, but it is also not a usual injury. Therefore, I need to search for some unique things that can recover spiritual strength which will enable me to quickly recover."

Hearing this somewhat vague reply from Xiao Yan, Hai Bo Dong pressed his eyebrows together. He tilted his head and eyed the delicate and handsome face where one could not see any emotion. His lips squirmed a little, but he did not say any words. Instead, he nodded slightly, lowered his head and stared at the teacup, becoming silent.

Borrowing the reflection from the water surface of the teacup, Xiao Yan could clearly see Hai Bo Dong's reaction. His hand that was tightly holding the teacup relaxed a little and he slowly sipped the tea. He wet the somewhat dry throat as he let out a long breath in his heart.

Following the two of them becoming silent, the atmosphere in the room became quiet. The female servant that was waiting in one corner was jittery and did not dare to make any noise or interrupt them. She was also extremely careful even when changing tea for the two of them, not daring to create the slightest noise.

The quiet atmosphere persisted for nearly half an hour when a hurried and clear 'click-clack' noise sounded from the door. Immediately, Ya Fei's quiet and elegant body appeared within the sight of the two of them.

"Has she left?" Xiao Yan slowly put down the teacup in his hand and carelessly asked.

"Yes." As she walked into the room, Ya Fei respectfully nodded at Hai Bo Dong, who was holding his teacup. She immediately turned her gaze to Xiao Yan while her long fingers gently tapped on the table. A moment later, she finally said with a smile to Xiao Yan doubtful gaze, "Xiao Yan di-di, do you really need those natural treasures?"

"Yes, I quite need it." Xiao Yan's heart jumped slightly as he nodded. His gaze stared intently at Ya Fei and he softly asked, "Does the auction house have it? As long as you are able to take it out, I can give you a satisfactory price."

"The unique things that can recover Spiritual Strength are extremely rare. Even with the huge flow of goods in our Primer Auction House, we have hardly collected those kind of items." Ya Fei shook her head and helplessly said.

"Then you mean..." Xiao Yan frowned slightly and said.

"Our Primer Auction House indeed does not have those unique items that can recover Spiritual Strength. However, according to what I know, a certain clan in the Jia Ma Sacred City does have a unique plant that is named 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva'. The roots of this kind of plant can be refined into a kind of extremely mysterious liquid substance. This kind of substance is the best ingredient for recovering Spiritual Strength." Ya Fei smiled bitterly as she replied.

"Oh? Really?" Hearing this, a joy instantly swarmed onto Xiao Yan's face. He hurriedly asked, "Which clan?"

A bitter smile surfaced on Ya Fei's pretty face. Her muttering manner appeared somewhat hesitating.

Xiao Yan doubtfully watched this expression of Ya Fei. He was at a loss before he immediately recalled something. At that moment, his expression gradually became gloomy as he said, "Don't tell me it is the Nalan clan?"

"Yes, it is indeed them." Ya Fei helplessly nodded.

"That kind of treasure is something that anyone would properly admire and hide. Even without considering the animosity I have for them, do you think that the Nalan clan would sell that 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva' to me?" Xiao Yan rubbed his forehead and said softly, "Do you want me to go and steal it. If I really have no choice..."

"Who wants you to go and steal? The Nalan clan is one of the three big clans that is equally as famous as our Primer clan. Moreover, a number of the people of the Nalan clan are important people in the empire's military. If one were to talk about the degree of defensive fortification that they have, it would definitely not be weaker than our Primer clan... Although you have the help of Old Mister Hai Bo Dong, attempting to successfully obtain the 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva' from the heavy defenses of the Nalan clan would not be an easy task." Ya Fei looked at Xiao Yan with mock disdain as she said in an annoyed voice, "If you are not careful, and fight to death with them, you may end up destroying the 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva', wouldn't that have wasted your effort?"

"If I can't rob and I can't use normal business transaction, yet I want that 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva'. What should I do?" Xiao Yan frowned slightly and said.

"The old grandfather of the Nalan clan had once fought with an incomparably poisonous rank five Magic Beast, 'Searing Iron Poison Weed', a few years ago. Although he finally managed to kill it, he was unlucky to have the latter inject a poison that caused people to tremble in fear, the famed 'Searing Poison', into his body... Since you are well versed in refining medicine, I think that you should know just how potent this kind of poison is. There have been records of the 'Searing Iron Poison Weed' leaping over its class and poisoning a rank six Magic Beast to death. If it were not for the fact that its numbers are so few that they're almost neglectable, I'm afraid that there would be many strong people in the continent who would change their expression in when talking about such a poison..." Ya Fei smiled and she suddenly began talking about things that had nothing to do with the 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva'.

"That thing is indeed very poisonous... but this does not seem to have much relationship with the 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva', does it?" Hearing the name 'Searing Iron Poison Weed', Xiao Yan's face changed slightly and he immediately shook his head and said.

"Can you hear all that I have to say?" Throwing Xiao Yan another look of mock disdain, Ya Fei continued, "During these last few years, Grandfather Nalan relied on his strong Dou Qi to suppress the poison. However, as he becomes older, the backlash from the poison also become increasingly strong. Half a month ago, the 'Searing Poison' that was hidden in his body completely erupted. Under this kind of eruption, Grandfather Nalan, whose strength is at the Dou Wang class, completely collapsed. Now, the entire Nalan clan is in a total mess as they go everywhere to find an alchemist to save him."

"Finding an alchemist? With Nalan Yanran's relationships, shouldn't she be able to hire Gu He? With his refining ability, what kind of poison can he not cure?" Xiao Yan said faintly.

"She hired him but even Gu He does not have the ability to remove the 'Searing Poison'. Like it's name suggests, that kind of poison hides deep within the bones and even the bone marrow. All medicinal pills would have difficulty completely removing it." Ya Fei shook her head and laughed bitterly.

"Even Gu He doesn't have a solution?" Hearing this, Xiao Yan immediately said with shock.

"Yes." Ya Fei nodded her head and voiced her thought, "Although Gu He did not remove the poison, he had spoken about a method that can work. That is to control a flame, place it into Grandfather Nalan's body and use the high temperature to expel the 'Searing Poison' in it. Unfortunately... there is a very important pre-condition for this. The flame must be a 'Heavenly Flame'..."

"Therefore, the Nalan clan is currently spending a large amount of money to engage those alchemists who possess 'Heavenly Flame'. Unfortunately, they did not gain anything; they have even named a great price that even our Primer clan covets. That's right... within that great price, there is the 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva'." Ya Fei waved her hand.

"Whoever is able to cure Grandfather Nalan will be able to obtain that 'Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva'. Recently, there have been many alchemists who have gone to try. Unfortunately, all of them failed without exception."

"A moment ago, the reason Nalan Yanran came to find me was to ask us, the Primer Auction House, to help them advertise and see if we could find an alchemist who possesses a 'Heavenly Flame'."

"Perhaps you can go and try. After all, that thing that happened back then does not have much relation to Grandfather Nalan. After it happened, he even furiously chased Nalan Yanran out of the house a few times. Although, his actions were not permanent..." Ya Fei watched Xiao Yan and said.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan frowned intently. His finger gently tapped the table as he remained quiet...