Beautiful Wife And Genius Son Chapter 35 / Chapters List


Days later, William Hill's arm injury healed quickly. Da Tu Li fulfilled her end of the bargain in exchange for Yue Gu Zai releasing Da Fu Li. Bob renegotiated the contract terms for it to be favorable for Ni Sheng. Yue Gu Zai agreed to sign the amended contract.

On the settlement day, Yue Gu Zai, his gang members and Zhen Zhen met Bob at the casino.

In a VIP room in the casino, Yue Gu Zai and Bob signed the amended contract.

'Mr Phil, I hope our collaboration will be successful,' Bob said.

Bob signalled Tina to escort Yue Gu Zai outside.

'Mr Phil, I'll escort your team outside,' Tina said.

Suddenly an explosion was heard outside the VIP room, and the doors and the windows in VIP room were automatically locked.

'Put your guns away,' Bob said to his guards.

'Open the door,' Yue Gu Zai said.

'Not possible,' Tina said. 'The doors are programmed to lock when there is an emergency situation.'

'Where's the master computer in this room?' Cheng Yi asked.

'It's concealed behind the wall over there,' Tina said.

Tina was scared for her life. She also resented why it was Zhen Zhen who Yue Gu Zai was hugging protectively in his arms instead of her.

'There needs to be two people to input the code and disable the doors safely,' Tina said. 'But our in house programmers are absent today.'

Everyone in Bob's camp were scared they would die that day.

'Let me take a look,' Zhen Zhen said.

Cheng Yi's eyes lit up hope. He had forgotten Zhen Zhen was a genius, and a better programmer than he was.

'The master computer isn't a toy for you to play with,' Tina said condescendingly to Zhen Zhen. 'If the two programmers code out of sync for more than three seconds then the doors will automatically explode. Do you want all of us to be buried together?'

Everyone in Bob's camp underestimated Zhen Zhen. They thought she was only Yue Gu Zai's trophy wife.

'Mr Phil, does your wife know anything about programming?' Bob asked.

Yue Gu Zai believed Zhen Zhen and Cheng Yi could save them. But he was angry at everyone from Bob's side for looking down on Zhen Zhen.

'If you have someone else here to input the code with Cheng Yi then ask them to do it,' Zhen Zhen said.

The room was silent. Everyone accepted Zhen Zhen and Cheng Yi were their last hope of escaping alive.

Zhen Zhen and Cheng Yi stood in front of the master computer.

'One, two, three...' Zhen Zhen said.

Zhen Zhen and Cheng Yi used their ten fingers to input the code together.

Everyone else held their breath. Within a minute the doors opened.

'Run!' Yue Gu Zai said.

Tina ran behind Yue Gu Zai who ran while holding Zhen Zhen's hand. Tina was both shocked and jealous of Zhen Zhen's skills.

The VIP room behind everyone exploded.

'Run this way,' Huyen Di said.

Everyone followed the escape route Huyen Di pointed to.

Zhen Zhen silently cried. She couldn't see through the thick smoke. She held onto Yue Gu Zai's hand, and ran with him.

When everyone escaped outside, no one cared about who was their boss and randomly jumped into the cars they prepared for an emergency escape.

Yue Gu Zai, Zhen Zhen, Bob and Tina jumped into the car that Chu Gian was waiting in the driver's seat. Chu Gian stepped on the accelerator and sped away from the casino.

'F'k, there are unmarked cars behind us shooting at us,' Chu Gian said.

'Chu Dian, swap seats with me,' Zhen Zhen said.

'This isn't a toy car,' Tina said.

Zhen Zhen and Chu Dian dismissed Tina's words, and they switched seats.

Zhen Zhen sped faster, and Chu Dian shot the tyres of the unmarked cars behind them.

'Shut your mouth,' Zhen Zhen said to Tina.

Tina couldn't do anything except shut her mouth, and let Zhen Zhen drive.

Zhen Zhen sped enough to scare the passengers in the car. Soon no gun shots were heard. She stopped the car when they were out of the CBD, and she felt her back covered in sweat.


End of Chapter Thirty-Five