Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 1 Chapter 6 / Chapters List

6. To meet the unlucky bitch again and kiss her is impossible.

After school on the same day Sharte and I talked about the past.
「Ikuno, what should we do?」
Sitting on the sofa in the clubroom, I together with Aizawa who is facing me have a difficult face.
「One week has passed since we put a poster of member recruitment, yet not a single applicant come, right? I think as it is right now, our club will be in danger......」
U, un.  Certainly. There are only 3 weeks left......」
I thought about the contents of the poster, and Aizawa was in charge of the design. She drew some pretty animals and even colored them, they looked quite real when she finished it. At this moment, a large number of those printings are put on everywhere in the school.
Honestly speaking, this poster strategy will likely announce that I, this club's president, am an otaku, to stand out like that is originally NG, but now everyone in class already know I'm an otaku, I don't need to hide it anymore.
「But I'm surprised. I didn't think Aizawa would cooperate properly like that」
「E, wait, saying thing like that. What do you meanー?」
Without hesitation, Aizawa draws her pretty face over the desk in front of me. 
Iya, I don't mean anything bad! But Aizawa, you joined this club even though you didn't really want to, right? So it's surprising to see you do you best like this」
「A. Perhaps, you are talking about the poster distribution?」
One week ago, I immediately made a poster, everything was good until I had trouble printing them excessively.
Then Aizawa said 「It's wasteful though we print them with great trouble, let's distribute it」 , however 「But Ikuno is weak at something like this, let me do it instead」, in less than 30 minutes she cleared it up without unpleasant face. Aizawa is a beauty so she must be scheming something, however the fact that she helped me did not change.
「Though I already saw it at the side, Aizawa is popular and is being accepted by everyone. As expected, you are amazing」
「W, what are you saying so suddenly......being popular or not. Ikuno was in trouble, so I just wanted to help」
Being praised, Aizawa becomes embarrassed, her face is reddened as she holds the short skirt on her inner thigh.
「Moreover, I asked Ikuno an unreasonable favor to have a date with me, because you fulfilled the request properly, me doing my best for your sake is natural」
Iya, it is, well, it might be so but......」
But, a beautiful girl properly doing something to this point like this girl is not normal. 
Mostly, they will follow the pattern of playing dumb after numerous promises.
I think it was the third year of middle school. I possessed a light novel which was slightly ecchi, and it was discovered by a ill-natured beautiful girl of the same class. She said she would remain silent if I substituted for her one week cleaning duty, I reluctantly did as she said. However, one week after, a rumor of me owning erotic manga was spread in the class. Naturally, I questioned the ill-natured bitch But the words she returned