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651:Nameless Martial Artist ID:NHtkX5P

The top rankings are filled with the players that @489 mentioned...

652:Nameless Light Warrior ID:bgtmtUN

It's difficult to get in the top rankings with a weapon made half-heartedly...

653:Nameless Mage ID:Eyg4WUD

I was slightly hoping to get into the rankings, but it seems like it will be impossible...

654:Nameless Archer ID:YxGW4yw

Seems like this category is full of players that started during the game's launch.

As you'd expect, the metal and furnace with special characteristics are hard to use even for the pros.

655:Nameless Mage ID:5wHh3na

There's the possibility that there are pros mixed in there that just haven't publicly stated that they are professionals.

656:Nameless Archer ID:YxGW4yw

We'll get nowhere if we start going down that rabbit hole LOL.

657:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:82ArxmL

Just thinking about what price they'll have once they are displayed in the auction scares me.

658:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:VNxgBhe

For the players, the reward for the event might not even be anything worth mentioning.

659:Nameless Mage ID:jfMFYZB

You are right.

There's even enough disparity in the money players have because of the tournament event.

660:Nameless Archer ID:EGiV5Ls

Usually the high ranking crafters' income will be different from other people after all...

661:Nameless Knight ID:FgSga8e

It's like a mini modern society in here!

662:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Xeir35g

By the way, what happens if you use weapons with different elements at the same time? Are they easy to use?

663:Nameless Light Warrior ID:isWngkC

Nope, it's hard.

Light warriors can dual wield, but if your opponent was able to absorb one of the elements it would be disastrous.

Though there's not many monsters that can do that as far as I know.

664:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:nU8GVRH

You'd leave yourself wide open if you tried to switch weapons mid-battle.

Though there's some charm in wielding two blades with different elements to cover more options, dual wielding is a style that uses two blades to supplement their lack of firepower after all..

665:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Xeir35g

So it'd be bad if you were unable to use one of them suddenly...

666:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:kwNtyGK

More importantly, something like being able to use both fire and water elements at the same time just because it's cool, isn't such a reason good enough!?

667:Nameless Archer ID:EGiV5Ls

Whatever you say, it's not like it'll change what weapons the experts make.

668:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:nU8GVRH

If you have a mage in your party, there's no need for an elemental weapon.

In case you play solo, ideally you'd want to have a weapon of every element.

669:Nameless Light Warrior ID:isWngkC

Non elemental weapons are the safest choice, but go ahead if you like them? Something like that.

670:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Xeir35g

Ah, but if you use these weapons at the same time they deal 1.2x elemental damage.

Or so the Queen said.

671:Nameless Mage ID:5HGn8Jm


672:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Xeir35g

Seems like it's made from metal with high magic conductivity and the gemstones produce some kind of resonance.

They are amazing, the blacksmiths at the top.

673:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:ip8tXsc

Patra-sama's explanation is rather complicated but...I guess it's something like combining multiple special materials?

674:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:isWngkC

I can't understand a single thing...

675:Nameless Archer ID:8TpMNf2

Obviously, they are made with their own special alloy.

676:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:ZU232nD

Even among blacksmiths, they all have their own special characteristics so it's interesting.

Like increasing its power the more its endurance is shaved off.

677:Nameless Knight ID:7Q5D29S

Even among those top class blacksmiths there are those that prefer stability.

Personally, I would recommend Vales, Selene or Masamune.

They are made with both power and endurance.

678:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:fBkg2hn

You are weird for even being able to use weapons made from those three LOL.

679:Nameless Knight ID:7Q5D29S

When it comes to Masamune, that's only my opinion looking at the numbers in the trading BBS.

I don't use Japanese style equipment after all.

680:Nameless Mage ID:smyd4PD

So, a golden hammer is in 3th place huh...

Even though it's the same gold as the others, it feels rather different, I wonder why?

681:Nameless Mage ID:5HGn8Jm

It seems to be a light element one.

682:Nameless Martial Artist ID:Z8izJbt

@680 Maybe it's purely because of its performance? Even to our untrained eyes, its level of quality seems apparent from a single glance...

683:Nameless Knight ID:fRK6NDY

With perfect timing, something you can tell with a single glance has appeared.

Like I thought, a simple katana looks so cool...maybe I should make my avatar look like a samurai...

684:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:ip8tXsc

Isn't this a Tachi?

685:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:nU8GVRH

The blade is roughly 71.3cm long and the curvature is low so it's not a Tachi but an Uchigatana.

This curvature, The engravings on the blade, the radiance, I can't get enough of it...slurp.

686:Nameless Light Warrior ID:x2GmPHs

I-It's a pervert!

687:Nameless Archer ID:sQ6id2a

How do you even get such a correct estimate of its length just from looking at it LOL.

However, being able to carve those inscriptions makes it so elegant.

688:Nameless Mage ID:Kmfjg6p

It's about time for 1st place to be announced.

Guess it won't be long until I say goodbye to all of you.

689:Nameless Archer ID:teuAPwE

I, if I win, I'll buy a horse and go see the Queen...

690:Nameless Archer ID:3LU4ag8

@689 I'll make a salad and wait for you!

691:Nameless Knight ID:FgSga8e

@689 Who was it? The one that left the steak half eaten and left their seat.

692:Nameless Mage ID:5HGn8Jm

Did you make it!?

693:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:fBkg2hn

No he didn't.

Rather, we could just look up which top ranked blacksmiths haven't been called out by now...

694:Nameless Mage ID:smyd4PD

@693 Shhhhh!

695:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:pmgEGw2

It came out while you guys were being dumb, 1st place.

As you'd expect it was Selene...wait, what's with this staff?

696:Nameless Light Warrior ID:5bx38KP

It feels rather lacking.

697:Nameless Mage ID:smyd4PD

It doesn't have a gemstone, which is the most important part of a staff!

698:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:isWngkC

Why is this one in 1st place?

699:Nameless Martial Artist ID:NHtkX5P

No idea...guess we'll have to wait for the Queen to explain.

703:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:isWngkC

Ah, I see.

Now that I think about it, the reward for this event was a gemstone.

704:Nameless Knight ID:xpht4MN

Ooooh!! This is so cool!!

She's so bold!

705:Nameless Archer ID:iPVNgfz

She's quite something for having thought of this.

Exhibiting an incomplete weapon...

706:Nameless Knight ID:QFrp6nx it's something like reading the Queen's personality in order to win?

I can't find any faults with this approach, amazing.

707:Nameless Mage ID:b6CQCcz

I should have submitted an incomplete weapon(´・ω・`).

708:Nameless Light Warrior ID:BhnWEVf

Do you have the confidence that if you submitted an incomplete weapon the Queen would pay attention to it?

709:Nameless Mage ID:b6CQCcz

Not at all!(`・ω・´)

710:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:82ArxmL

Then that's not good LMAO.

So, the staff itself is neat...the carvings and decorations are beautiful, though it's sorta plain.

711:Nameless Archer ID:pMfrfLh

Though I guess our senses might have dulled from seeing so many golden items.

712:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:82ArxmL

I get that LOL.

But this staff is the type that has a beautiful flower blooming on one end right?

I don't think it was made with it's something that the Queen would have been interested in, it's amazing how it took 1st place.

713:Nameless Light Warrior ID:isWngkC

Like I thought, it was probably the challenge to put the gemstone on it that succeeded in picking up her attention.

Obviously, it's not like the staff itself is not well made.

714:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:fBkg2hn

If it went badly, there is the risk of it not even making it into the rankings, it's quite the clever method.

715:Nameless Knight ID:wSS7Z4y

@712 In terms of color, it's silver after all.

Personally, I prefer this type of weapon to the golden ones though LOL.

716:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:t2cdzu5

For the time being, I don't want to see any gold...I feel full just from looking at them.

717:Nameless Martial Artist ID:eZ38kjn

The impression the staff gives is kinda mismatched when you compare it to what's exhibited there.

I can't really picture what kind of person Selene-san is.

718:Nameless Archer ID:8TpMNf2

Masamune in 2nd place is rather easy to understand, anyway, congratulations on 1st place.

Congratulations to those that placed high in the other categories, since I didn't even make it into the rankings, I'll just quietly leave...

719:Nameless Mage ID:smyd4PD

Good work.

There's no need to make another thread right?

720:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:fBkg2hn

Probably not?

If we get close to 900 comments, someone else will do it.

721:Nameless Knight ID:QFrp6nx

I'll come back after taking a look at the other threads, leave it to me.

722:Nameless Heavy Warrior ID:fBkg2hn

@721 Counting on you.

723:Nameless Mage ID:5L4CcB7

This presentation left quite the big impact...ah, the Queen is using the staff.

724:Nameless Shinto Priest ID:ZU232nD

As expected, the staff kinda doesn't suit the Queen.

However, looking at the finished product, I can't voice any complaints.

( ゜д゜)Want it...

725:Nameless Mage ID:smyd4PD

Even if it appears in the auction I have no intention to buy it LOL.

It's definitely going to be expensive...

「Yup, seeing the reactions from other people expected, Selene-san is amazing. She did well to place 1st in such a competitive event.」(Wataru)

「You said it. It was the same with the 1st event, if she wasn't there, we normally wouldn't have been able to be in the event rankings.」(Shuuhei)

「She's been helping us since that time with the greatsword after all. Even in the tournament, if she wasn't there, it would have been highly likely that we didn't advance through the preliminaries.」(Wataru)

「Bringin Selene-dono along is probably the best thing Wacchi has done in TB? I'm looking forward to the next event.」(Shuuhei)

Since this time it was a crafting event, I'm expecting the next one to not be a fighting event but a gathering event.

But, tomorrow is the deadline for auction bidding.

「That being said, seeing Selene-dono being so daring or provocative was quite interesting considering she's usually not like that.」(Shuuhei)

「I don't think so? The fact that she submitted an incomplete staff was her probably her plan to make the Queen want to see more considering she made it without taking into account her tastes...even if she's like that usually, I think she's the type that does her best when she's motivated so I don't believe it was out of character.」(Wataru)

She's the type that becomes really strong once she puts her mind into it, or at least that's what I personally feel after spending time with her.

Though the preparations she needs to make to reach that point probably take much longer compared to other people.

However, having heard that, Shuuhei was looking at me while smirking for some reason.

It's unpleasant.


「...What is it?」(Wataru)

「Well, I was thinking that words coming from a guy that was confessed to by an introverted girl have much more meaning. You sure know her much better compared to me! As expected of you!」(Shuuhei)


Even though he was just guessing, to think that he got that right...

While grinding my right hand I slowly approached Shuuhei's head with it.

I'll make him eat this Iron Claw that I held back from doing yesterday.

「Hiii! Wacchi time out! What was your grip strength again!?」(Shuuhei)


「Gyaaaaa! That's not the grip strength from someone in the cooking club!」(Shuuhei)

Well, that was just a lie to intimidate him.

By the way, it seems like 80kg is round the grip strength you'd need to crush an apple with one hand.

I should be considered average.

「Don't be so noisy. The owner will scold us.」(Wataru)

Like that, just as my hand was going to reach Shuuhei's head...*kalan* *kalan*, the bell on the door rang.

Tsk...I was going to stop anyway but I wanted to keep at it for a bit longer.

This guy is so lucky.


「I-I'm saved.」(Shuuhei)

Since it seems like a group of female tourists came, I reluctantly lowered my hand and put on the apron.

Leaving behind Shuuhei, who placed a hand on his chest, I headed towards the entrance to serve the customers