Chapter 247: Urine / Chapters List

"Jun Hao, I really didn't mean to do it," Lin Zhi said, holding onto the older man's shoulder. "You believe me, don't you?"

"Lin Zhi," Jun Hao sighed. "You divulged my address to the members of the gang. That's the one thing I wanted to keep to myself."

Lin Zhi sighed in frustration. "Why are you even keeping it from them in the first place?"

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Jun Hao raked his fingers through his hair. His home address was one thing he kept from his gang. It wasn't because he was keeping secrets, but it was because he wanted to keep Mei Ling safe...even for a little bit.

Despite Jun Hao being in this dangerous life, he doesn't want Mei Ling to be involved in it in any way.

However, when Lin Zhi was kicked out of his apartment for not paying the rent, Jun Hao was kind enough to bring him into their home.

With one condition—Lin Zhi would never share his real address with their gang.

"But we're prohibited to have secret addresses," Lin Zhi said. "I was just telling the truth. There weren't any bad intentions."

"I know," Jun Hao said, trying to stay calm. "But I was kind enough to let you stay in my home while you could have stayed in this rotten place."

Lin Zhi looked down at the ground, looking somewhat guilty.

Jun Hao sighed in frustration, about to scold Lin Zhi, when Bo Wen suddenly came in.

"Jun Hao, the boss is waiting for you in the basement," he said in a shaky voice, soJun Hao knew that the news had already reached Laohu.

"I'm sorry, Jun Hao," Lin Zhi apologized.

Jun Hao stood up. "It's alright," he said in the end. "Just...don't do it again."


June clicked his tongue when he suddenly remembered that memory.

From the start, Laohu had definitely favored Lin Zhi. How could he have missed that piece of information all this time?

Jun Hao was beaten for hours that day, acquiring scars that would put every man to shame.

That didn't stop the old Jun Hao from having another secret address, though.

Being beaten was bad, but putting Mei Ling at risk was worse.

In the end, he had to rent two properties—a small, shitty apartment in the city where he stayed from time to time and a humble unit located in a gated community that was mostly resided by old, retired couples.

It was quite expensive, but it kept Mei Ling safe.

And as June thought about it, Mei Ling must still be staying there right now.

However, Mei Ling wasn't June's focus right now.

It was Lin Zhi.

June sat alone in his room, trying to come up with something that would have Lin Zhi kicked out of the competition or have him drop out of the debut spot.

June reached out for his phone...

Then, he realized that his old phone, the one he hated so much, was now gone.

You truly don't see an item's importance until it's gone.

It was the key to him exposing Lin Zhi's rigging incident, too.

June stood up from the bed and walked through the hallways. He tried to look for something...anything...when he was suddenly pulled into a small room.

His eyes widened in surprise, and he raised his fist, ready to hit the person who had pulled him inside the janitor's closet.

Mr. Klin squealed, letting June go and covering his body with his arms.

June relaxed when he saw the shining bald head before him.

"Oh," June said. "It's just you."

The janitor sighed in relief when June brought his fist down.

"I almost died," the bald-headed, buff man said.

"Well, to my defense, I thought you meant harm," June said.

Mr. Klin clicked his tongue, turning on the lights.

"And here I am, with good intentions of helping you."

June raised his eyebrows in inquiry.

Mr. Klin let out a deep breath, his aura suddenly turning serious. Then, he looked into June's eyes.

"I heard Lin Zhi...talking to someone."

June's eyebrows furrowed, staying silent as he listened to Mr. Klin's revelation.

"I was cleaning the restroom that day," the Janitor started off. "You know? The one that the security guards use. It was damn filthy. They have bad fucking aims. My work boots were so sticky from the urine that was all over the place..."

"Get to the point," June impatiently said.

"Right," Mr. Klin said. "So, I was all alone when I suddenly started hearing voices—and it's not like the ones I hear at night in my mind when I'm alone in my dark, cold room. The guard's restroom is quite detached from the building, and their ventilation window is quite huge, so I was able to hear it—Lin Zhi's voice, " he said.

"I started watching the show because of you, and I've binged it all. Trust me, I already know the trainees by their voices, so I wasn't mistaken."

"Who was he talking to?" June asked.

"It wasn't clear," Mr. Klin said. "They were speaking in Chinese."

June scoffed softly. So, it was real. He wasn't hallucinating after all.

It was definitely Laohu.

"It was a good thing I still remembered some Chinese words from when I studied it in university. However, there were some things I missed," the Janitor continued.

"One thing was certain, though—he's going to debut in 8th place," Mr. Klin said, looking anxious. "That was the only clear statement I remember. And I wasn't able to record it because my hands were covered in urine."

June sighed in disappointment. He was hoping for this to be their proof.

"However," Mr. Klin quickly added, causing June to look back at him.

"When I was cleaning my closet, I suddenly came across my camera," he said, pointing to the blinking red dot in the corner.

"I forgot about it after you asked me for the clips of those two trainees. But, it was still recording."

June held his breath, hoping for the best.

"And when I went through the footage I've filmed, I realized that I'm a very forgetful person. I forgot to lock my closet multiple times already! I have been drinking these supplements for memory retention, but I guess they're a scam..."

"You're getting off-topic again," June cut him off, amused yet impatient at the same time.

"Right," Mr. Klin chuckled, then he suddenly turned serious, coming closer to June. "Back to what I was saying."

"However, even if I left it close, only one person came into the room," he whispered.

"And it seems like my closet is a magnet for crimes because it just turns out to be Lin Zhi—and his crime of having their song during the Production Mission produced by a professional producer."