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◎ Since it's very warm this winter, we don't have much snow. I would like to see our lady being happy in the snowfield.

Yeah, she liked snow very much.

I won't forget forever how happily she smiled while treading barefoot on the snowfield!

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By the way, I ran into her while she was heading for the crown prince's palace today. Today, her silver hair looked very beautiful and shiny! I wonder what shampoo she used while taking a shower. I think I have to pick up Lina. Does anybody know it?

Hey, dude, she has such fine hair texture that it is shiny even when she washes it with water!

Stupid, that is not the point. Why did she go to the crown prince's palace?

◎ Dang it! That damned cat! You know that cat our lady has with her. Since the cat was wandering in the snowfield, I picked her up to get our lady's praise. But the cat scratched my face and ran away! It hurts!... You guys had better be careful. She is really nasty.

You mean that cat brought by the green-haired guy?

Yes.It's a fierce cat with two faces that resembles her original owner. She looks like our lady, but her temper is so violent!

Have you seen the cat pretending to be meek in front of our lady?

Yes, I have. She was meowing like a kitten and rubbing her body on our lady's legs. But her eyes are sparkling like a beast's. Isn't the cat kin to the tiger anyway? Her eyes are bad!

Was her name Luna? That's a pretty name that doesn't fit that vicious creature.

Watch your language! Are you now doubting our lady's sense of naming the cat?

He is right, man. What's the matter with you?

Who are you, man? Identify yourself! Let's have a duel!

◎ I hear there is a big fuss over our negotiations with the Lisa kingdom.

That's why our lady has to go to the capital so often....I'm sad.

I want to go back to the good old days a few years ago. Right now, she is not only our lady but also everybody's lady.

Have you heard the rumors? The princess of the Lisa kingdom had an affair with her bodyguard.

Ah, that rumor? I heard it already. Well, I hear she was pregnant with his baby, man. She might have been killed if something had gone wrong.

Our lady is also too generous and kind. I hear that she sometimes sends letters and gifts to the princess.

I still can't forget the day that little girl came running with her little feet. She became an adult now... I can't believe my ears!

Ah, I remember it vividly. As I stood right next to the marquis, I could see her cute figure clearly. She grew up so well now... But I like her wearing a dress better.

Well, her posture when she gets dressed in a uniform is also wonderful. She is skinny, so not that curvy. But her uniform goes well on her.

Not curvy? It seems like you are far from a devoted servant of this family. How dare you say that?

Identify yourself, dude! I want to ask for a duel for the sake of her honor!

What the heck? Are you asking for a duel all the time like this?

◎ When I saw her going to the crown prince's banquet, she looked gloomy. My heart was broken.

Why didn't she like her engagement to him so much?

Come to think of it, the crown prince has hardly called her recently. What happened?

Why does she hate him so much? It looks like they are a wonderful couple.

◎ These days, it seems that Marquis Monique is in a very bad mood. Is it because he can't see Sir Monique often?

Well, he only dotes on her daughter! What a fool!

I know who you are.

I want to tell him who you are. I guess you will have to have 100 laps around the training field.

100 laps? We'll all die if we do.

That's why we have to keep it top-secret.

Dang it, it looks like you went crazy because of heat.

What if there is a spy among us?

This diary must be kept secret. If we are caught by the marquis or our lady, we should be ready to get a heavy punishment.

◎ Oh my...even though today is his off day, the marquis went to the palace and returned home very late at night, walking arm in arm with our lady. Just unbelievable!

Well, I can also cross my arms with her! My lady!!!!!!!

I want to be born as a marquis in the next life.

I want to be born as the lady's husband!

What a bullshit, dude! Did you forget it already? She is for all of us!

If there is an opportunity next time, I'm going to cross my arms with her first.

Are you satisfied with that? If I were you, I would go as far as...

Do not insult our pure goddess!

◎ How did he dare touch our lady? I'm going to catch him by even chasing him to hell and "chew" him.

Hey, dude, chewing is too much! Start tearing up his fingers first, then...

Then, cut his wrist and dip it on the sauce deeply before eating him up!

Well, I'm going to tie him to the horse and drag him along.

Aren't you guys too generous? I'm going to put him in a castle dungeon and make him live for 30 years with a slice of bread a day and a sip of water!

How can he make our precious lady bleed!

◎ I've got a scoop that I picked up from a kitchen maid! The marquis seems very satisfied with Sir Carsein. Warning alert issued!

Oh my God, even Carsein!

Well, it's out of the frying pan into the fire.

Anybody who wants to date our lady should tread on us first!

You bet. Well, I'm willing to be trampled on by our lady, of course.

Hey, you're carrying the joke too far! I don't think she would not do it.

But this is really dangerous. The marquis kept that green-haired guy from approaching her until now.

That's true. I've been wondering why the crown prince doesn't see her often these days. Now, Carsein is approaching her?

Goddess, don't leave us!

We need a meeting to cope with this situation! How about forming a group of three and stop him?

That's a good idea. Tell the 2nd Knights Division about this, so we can maintain close coordination for the time being.

◎ The drought is getting worse. It is said that it is not easy to get water these days. I think our lady who went to the summer palace is keeping well in that cool place.

When will the rain come? My cousin, a farmer, says the rice fields were so dried out that they had wide cracks. This is the first time they had such severe droughts. People are whispering that we had droughts because God was angry.

Really? God angry about what?

Well, stop nonsense! Popular sentiment is very bad now. So, don't say anything that can instigate it.

◎ Have you heard the news? It's the latest information from the Imperial Palace. Suddenly a strange woman appeared.

What are you talking about?

I heard it too! Some royal knights saw her. The crown prince also saw her, right?

Oh my...if the crown prince saw her, too, it must be true. What's going on?

◎ The marquis hurriedly headed for the summer palace. Is it related to the dark-haired woman?

I've never seen him so absent-minded before. What is going on?

I have some ominous feelings about his sudden visit. Think about that black hair! How can a woman with black hair be a good sign?

I see. I wonder if God was upset because of her.

◎ Luckily enough, I could enter our lady's room after following the marquis to the palace!

I saw her with that red-haired Carsein! After conveying the message to the marquis, I was coming out when I noticed him. It seemed that he already fell in love with her! I think we had better watch out for him.

What? We were so vigilant but it was in vain?

Man, that green-haired man disappeared, and now we have a strong challenger, Sir Carsein. What a headache!


Well, wouldn't he be better than the crown prince? As you know, he saved her from the recent ambush.

What are you talking about? She is our goddess!

No, he's got a point there. Do any of you want our lady to keep serving as a knight? Sir Casein is qualified enough.

Oh, Goddess, please do not abandon us.

By the way, is she dating the crown prince at all? She has been in a bad mood since she attended the big conference.

Was that the reason why she looked depressed these days?

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