Chapter 4526: Feng Qing Yang of the Langya Sword Pavilion! / Chapters List

On a cliff in the Outer Boundary's Sacred Wind Realm.

A handsome young man dressed in a green robe was surrounded by six people, which were a mix of the young, the old, and the middle-aged. Including the green-clad young man, they were all disciples of the Langya Sword Pavilion, a nearby demi-saint-rank force. Although they were all members of the same force, it was clear based on the situation that they were fighting among themselves.

At this time, an old man looked at the green-clad young man, who was being surrounded, and said with a smirk, "Feng Qing Yang, you're really amazing. You're only an intermediate Supreme God, but you've already comprehended the Sword Dao to the fourth stage. This must be due to a fortuitous encounter, right? Why don't you tell us more about it? You should share it with us brothers."

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The old man and the five people's eyes shone with greed at this moment.

A middle-aged man said with a sneer, "Feng Qing Yang, don't even think about sending a Voice Transmission. It's useless. We've already set up a disruptive Formation here, waiting for you to walk into our trap. No one will come and save you now!"

"You're just an intermediate Supreme God, but the Vice Pavilion Master values you so much... Feng Qing Yang, you're really amazing! Now, why don't you tell us your secret? Tell us how you comprehended the Sword Dao to the fourth stage before you even become an advanced Supreme God."

"Feng Qing Yang, smart people should know how to make the right choice at the right time..."

The green-clad young man was none other than Feng Qing Yang, Duan Ling Tian's master. After leaving the God Defying World for the Outer Boundary, he had been wandering the Outer Boundary. When he was in the vicinity of the Langya Sword Pavilion, he was in the midst of beheading a huge demon when the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion chanced upon him. After witnessing his amazing Sword Dao, the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion invited him to join the Langya Sword Pavilion. At that time, he was just a rudimentary Supreme God, and the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion was a level-four supreme powerhouse.

Although Feng Qing Yang's Sword Dao was at the fourth stage, the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion did not propose to accept him as a disciple. His Sword Dao was also at the fourth stage so he usually interacted with Feng Qing Yang as equals. He, who was unaware that Feng Qing Yang had hidden the extent of his comprehension of the Sword Dao, made progress in his Sword Dao after interacting with Feng Qing Yang, and as a result, his regard for Feng Qing Yang rose higher and higher. He even gathered many precious resources for Feng Qing Yang to raise his cultivation base. For this reason, Feng Qing Yang also quickly broke into the realm of intermediate Supreme Gods. Currently, Feng Qing Yang was not far from breaking into the realm of advanced Supreme Gods.

Feng Qing Yang did not expect his Sword Dao would attract trouble, and he also did not expect these people to think his profound comprehension of the Sword Dao was from a fortuitous encounter. He could not help but wonder if these people were stupid or if jealousy made them stupid. Even if it was true that his comprehension of the Sword Dao was due to a fortuitous encounter, could he share it with others?

'Perhaps, they have no intention of letting me leave today regardless of whether they gain something from me or not...' Feng Qing Yang thought to himself.

Among the six people, Feng Qing Yang found one of them slightly familiar. After a while, he finally realized that the other party was the twin brother of a disciple of the Langya Sword Pavilion, who had sought trouble with him and was executed by the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion as a result.

Faced with the six people, Feng Qing Yang remained calm as he said with a faint smile, "Do you need six advanced Supreme Gods to deal with me, an intermediate Supreme God? You really went all out for me..."

"Feng Qing Yang, if you know what's good for you, you better tell us why your comprehension of the Sword Dao is so profound!" a young man said icily.

Then, a middle-aged man chimed in, "That's right. Feng Qing Yang, if you don't want to die, you better cooperate."

Feng Qing Yang maintained the smile on his face as he said, "It's clear that all of you have no intention of letting me leave alive. After all, if you gain something from me today and let me leave, there'll be consequences to your actions unless you plan to leave the Langya Sword Pavilion. I'm sure you're worried that I'll tell the Vice Pavilion Master about this. Since you're going to kill me anyway, why should I cooperate with you?"

The expressions of the six people changed upon hearing these words.

Finally, the old man gritted his teeth and said threateningly, "Feng Qing Yang, if you cooperate with us, we'll give you a quick death. Otherwise, we'll take our time torturing you before killing you and destroying your soul!"

Feng Qing Yang continued to smile as he said, "Is that so? Then, I'll just wait and see if that happens."

After listening to these words, the six people could no longer hold back and attacked Feng Qing Yang at the same time with the intention to kill. Although he was just an intermediate Supreme God, they did not underestimate him. After all, during his time in the Langya Sword Pavilion, Feng Qing Yang had once defeated an advanced Supreme God.

Faced with the six people who were rushing toward him, Feng Qing Yang sighed and said, "Since you have a death wish, I'll fulfill your wish."

After that, Feng Qing Yang continued to stand still. His green robe fluttered in the air as a fierce energy surged out of his body. In just an instant, the air and the rocks on the cliff turned into thousands of sharp swords before sweeping out toward the six people.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sounds of swords clashing rang in the air continuously. In just a moment, the six people who were just a distance away from Feng Qing Yang suddenly froze. Their eyes turned lifeless before they fell to the ground. Their bodies were riddled with holes after being pierced by countless swords.


Feng Qing Yang flew out, leaving ripples in his wake. Then, he waved his hand slightly.

In the next moment, the six battered corpses were shrouded by an energy before they quickly decayed at a speed visible to the naked eye. It did not take long before they were reduced to ashes that scattered in the wind, leaving no traces behind.

"I've almost completely integrated my law of time with my Sword Dao. Once the integration is complete, my law of time should enter the paramount stage. Apart from me, Feng Qing Yang, is there any intermediate Supreme God who can push the law to the paramount stage with the Sword Dao that's at the seventh stage?"

Feng Qing Yang smiled faintly before he left like a gust of wind and returned to the Langya Sword Pavilion. Until he came to the Outer Boundary, he had no idea that the legacy that he inherited from the Sword of Time was so amazing. Currently, his cultivation base and his law of time were still inferior to those of the Sword of Time. At the same age, the Sword of Time was already a supreme powerhouse. However, his Sword Dao had already surpassed that of the Sword of Time at the same age.

Back then, when the Sword of Time perished, his law of time was already at the paramount stage, and his Sword Dao had just touched the threshold of the seventh stage. Just as his Sword Dao was about to reach the seventh stage, his Heavenly Tribulation, which almost killed him, arrived. At the critical moment, he used the environment of the God Defying World's Asura Hell to his advantage and relied on his Sword Dao to escape. Alas, it took a lot out of him and he never regained his former glory.

"I shouldn't rush to break into the realm of advanced Supreme Gods. Based on the Sword of Time's words, once a Dao of Heaven and Earth reaches the seventh stage and the law reaches the paramount stage, it'll bring about a special Heavenly Tribulation. The strength of the tribulation depends on one's cultivation base. The stronger one is, the more powerful the tribulation will be... After the gap in history, no one has ever comprehended the Four Daos of Heaven and Earth and the laws to the paramount stage at the same time. Even before the historical gap, no supreme powerhouse achieved such a thing, and very few advanced Supreme Gods achieved this feat. Before the gap, most of those who succeeded were below the realm of advanced Supreme Gods..."

Feng Qing Yang was aware of this so he deliberately suppressed his cultivation even though he could have broken into the realm of advanced Supreme Gods. He planned to follow in the footsteps of the cultivators in the past. He wanted to face the special tribulation as an intermediate Supreme God so the power of the tribulation would be reduced. At the same time, it would also lay the foundation for him to become a level-seven supreme powerhouse in the future.

"The Sword of Time only discovered this before he died. It's a pity that those in the Outer Boundary and the Myriad Worlds are unaware of this. Otherwise, there'd be level-seven supreme powerhouses now..." Feng Qing Yang murmured to himself with a sigh.

After a while, Feng Qing Yang finally arrived at the Langya Sword Pavilion. In the pavilion, he was known to be gifted in the Sword Dao and that his comprehension of the law was just ordinary. Everyone knew that he was valued by the Vice Pavilion Master of the Langya Sword Pavilion and benefited from it. Before he had to face the special Heavenly Tribulation, he knew it would be wiser for him to hide his strength and remain inconspicuous.