Chapter 876: Victory Is Almost Here / Chapters List

"What a good divine artifact!"

When Zhou Zhou saw this scene, he immediately looked at the Universe Destroying Blade in his hand as if it was a treasure.

In that slash just now, he did not even use any additional Law Skills. He only relied on the destructive power of the True God-Tier Divine Artifacts to destroy this High-Tier Deity-level Elementary God Spirit with his Mid-Tier Deity-level Advance Grade divine artifact as easily as cutting a cake.

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This was a feeling that the Dimensional Blade had never given him!

However, he could also feel that with his current strength, he could only activate the divine artifact law one of the Universe Destroying Blade—Supreme Destroying and the Divine Artifact Law Three—Exterminating the Origin. As for the Divine Artifact Law Two—Universe Fall, "He" was far from being able to use it.

It was estimated that only when "He" became a Low-Tier Deity-level, a Mid-Tier Deity-level or even a High-Tier Deity-level, then "He" could use the strongest divine artifact law of this True God-Tier Advance Grade divine artifact.


At the same time, when the other scarlet God Spirits and scarlet soldiers saw Zhou Zhou kill a High-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit with a single strike, they were completely terrified.

That was a High-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit!

In the hands of this King of the Blazing Sun, he actually died without even being able to withstand a single move.

They were actually facing such a powerful enemy!

If they had known this would happen, they would not have come!

At this moment, they suddenly saw the King of the Blazing Sun. As they gently stroked the Universe Destroying Blade, they looked at the surrounding scarlet God Spirits.

An ominous feeling immediately surfaced in their hearts.

"Oh no!"

A few smart scarlet God Spirits had already given up on their current opponents and turned to escape into the distance.

"Trying to escape?"

Zhou Zhou grinned.

"He" had yet to put away the two True God-Tier methods of "His" Nine Worlds God Demon Dreamfall Array and the Demon Abyss Spiderweb.


Only with "His" approval.

Then, he leisurely flew towards the fleeing scarlet God Spirits.

Soon, he saw the scarlet God Spirits who were helpless against the Nine Worlds Demon God Dreamfall Array.


"Or die!"

Zhou Zhou said calmly to them.

When the seven or eight scarlet God Spirits heard this, some of their eyes revealed hesitation, while others flickered. Some looked at Zhou Zhou with hatred and anger.

"I'd rather die and return to the Crimson Overlord than surrender to a puny human like you." A Mid-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit looked at Zhou Zhou and sneered. "One day, the crown of the Crimson Overlord... Haha..."

Before "He" could finish speaking, he saw a gray saber beam flash past. Then, he saw the head of the Mid-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit fall off. Then, even its head and corpse were put into Zhou Zhou's King's Treasure Box.

"You're about to die. Why are you still talking so much?"

Zhou Zhou said calmly and looked at the other scarlet God Spirits calmly.


"Use whatever methods you have. Don't hide anything!"

"This King of the Blazing Sun has no intention of letting us off!"

A High-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit suddenly roared angrily.

The other God Spirits also reacted and were furious. Then, they took out all kinds of attacks and attacked Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou was stunned for a moment before shaking his head.

"He" indeed wanted to leave behind a few scarlet God Spirits who were willing to surrender and join his territory to become his subordinates.

After all, with the Peaceful Times around, Zhou Zhou did not have to worry about their loyalty even if they were scarlet God Spirits.

However, the High-Tier Deity-level scarlet God Spirit who spoke clearly wanted to pull the other scarlet God Spirits to fight with him. In the end, it directly disrupted his plan.

"Forget it."

"Since I can't subdue you, I'll accept your spoils of war."

Zhou Zhou's body instantly disappeared from the spot.

To his Lord Talent, the King of Loot, in fact, their spoils of war were more valuable than the God Spirits themselves.


A moment later...

Zhou Zhou stored the corpses of these scarlet God Spirits into his King's Treasure Vault one by one, then turned around and flew towards the Galaxy.

He did not plan to interfere too much in the following battle.

After all, to his subordinates, these scarlet God Spirits were worth 90 times their experience.

The promotion energy was no longer useful to him. He would leave these large experience bags for his subordinates to use.

However, it was not like he did not participate in the battle at all.

In the following period of time, he would stay on the Galaxy and control the changes on the entire battlefield according to the information given to him by the endless spider webs of the Demon Abyss!

Once the God Spirits or heroes on his side encountered a life-threatening battle situation, he would use the True God-Tier Advance Grade Law Skill "Infinite Teleportation" that he had just mastered to teleport to the other party's side and save their lives.

Under normal circumstances, the Infinite Teleportation Law Skill of a True God-Tier Advance Grade was enough to be like One Thought Universe. Not only could it teleport to any corner of the current world with a thought, but it was also used extremely frequently. It could even be used almost without intervals.

After Zhou Zhou used the King, his realm could infinitely approach the level of an Elementary Grade True God-Tier.

At this stage of strength, even if "He" couldn't achieve all the effects of the Law Skills of the True God-Tier Advance Grade, it was still very easy to achieve infinite teleportation on a small scale on the current battlefield.

Otherwise, if he turned a blind eye, the Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals in his pocket would probably not be able to revive too many of his God Spirits who had died.

However, after this battle completely ended, these five billion fog monsters should provide him with a large number of Holy Spirit-Tier Faith Divine Crystals.

At that time, even if such a battlefield of the same scale appeared again, Zhou Zhou would not have to worry about not being able to revive completely after the battle.


In the following period of time, the battle between the Lord of the Blazing Sun Kingdom and the allied forces of the Scarlet Army was still in full swing.

However, ever since Occles Zell died, the allied forces of the Scarlet Legion learned of Zhou Zhou's terrifying strength, and their morale began to decrease greatly.

Zhou Zhou had clearly stopped interfering in the battlefield, but their morale was still low. Some of the fog soldiers and scarlet God Spirits even began to escape in all directions.

If Zhou Zhou had not set up the Nine Worlds Demon God Dreamfall Array in advance, they would have really escaped from this battlefield.

After discovering that they were trapped on the battlefield, these fog soldiers and the scarlet God Spirit also knew that they had entered a dead end.

Therefore, "They" began to counterattack crazily against Zhou Zhou's soldiers and God Spirits.

In the beginning, the gods on the Blazing Sun Kingdom's side really could not withstand the attacks of these scarlet God Spirits who had unleashed their full combat strength without any worries.

However, as Zhou Zhou used infinite teleportation and appeared in every corner of the battlefield, defeating these scarlet God Spirits one by one, the outcome of this war involving ten billion soldiers and nearly 200 God Spirits could be said to have been predetermined in advance.

The scales of victory, accompanied by the death of one scarlet God Spirit after another, had slowly and firmly leaned towards the Blazing Sun Kingdom.