Chapter 895: Chaos-level Secret Document! / Chapters List

After the Yellow Emperor finished speaking, not to mention the upper echelons of the human race, even Zhou Zhou was shocked.

Why did he suddenly make this decision?

Now that the Human Race had a little help from him, shouldn't he work hard to increase his strength and expand the Human Race's territory?

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Why did they have to shrink their strength and even retreat into the Primordial World?

Wasn't that cutting off his own future?

"Why!?" Lu Zhen could not help but say.

As the ruler of the strongest empire among the five human empires, "He" was also very confused.

"He" looked at Patriarch Lu and saw him silently shake his head.

Lu Zhen was stunned.

They had already discussed it? This was not a discussion, but a notice without any suspense!?

The others also asked.

Zhou Zhou had wanted to ask too. He was now the Sixth Speaker of the Human Race after all.

However, "He" hesitated for a moment before silently sitting in his seat.

He believed that the Yellow Emperor and company would take the initiative to tell him the reason.

As expected, "They" soon saw His Excellency Yellow Emperor stand up from the seat next to Regal Pangu's. Then, he looked at the human upper echelons with a deep and calm gaze.

When the upper echelons of the human race saw "His" actions, they stopped talking and waited for the Yellow Emperor to explain.

When the Yellow Emperor saw this, he suddenly sighed. Then, with a wave of his right hand, dozens of streams of light flew out of "His" sleeve and landed in front of the higher-ups of the human race, forming a black illusory paper document.

The black illusory paper document was filled with a chaotic aura, and the words 'Chaos Level' were written on it.

"This is a 'chaos-level secret document' that represents the top secret of our human race."

"After you're done reading, you're strictly prohibited from leaking it. Otherwise, you'll be sentenced to death!"

When the Yellow Emperor finished speaking, his tone was filled with killing intent.

The upper echelons of the human race were secretly shocked.

Especially Zhou Zhou.

This was the first time "He" had seen the temperament of the Yellow Emperor. He suddenly became so fierce and full of killing intent.

"We won't divulge it."

The upper echelons of the human race said.

The Yellow Emperor's orders were supreme in the era where Regal Pangu did not appear. No one present, including Zhou Zhou, had the right to refute "Him".

Then, the upper echelons of the human race opened the chaos-level secret document in front of them.

Horror appeared on the faces of the upper echelons of the human race as they read on. At the same time, many people secretly looked at Zhou Zhou, wanting to see how the Sixth Speaker would react.

Then, they saw Zhou Zhou shake his head calmly after closing the Chaos-level secret document.

"I didn't expect the calamity of the human race to be because of me."

At the end of his speech, even though he did not show anything on the surface, he sighed in his heart.

According to the records of this chaos-level secret document, the Sentinels suddenly sent an emergency intelligence report not long ago.

The intelligence report said that not long ago, at least 200 races and factions were about to bring a monstrous army and gather on the High Continent to destroy the human factions that existed on it!

Among these 200-odd races, most of them were of lower-middle-class bloodlines.

However, there was no lack of high-level bloodline races such as the Titans, the Purple Moons, the high-level demons, and the elemental races.

They had brought with them at least 5,000 to 6,000 God Spirits!

In terms of military strength, it was estimated to be close to 500 billion!

Not to mention the other war machines and other trump cards they carried.

Such a terrifying faction was something that even Zhou Zhou and all the human factions in the high continent could not resist if they joined forces!

They would probably not be able to defeat this group of people of foreign races in one round even if they tied up all the Lords in the myriad worlds.

As for the reason why these people of foreign races suddenly wanted to join forces and destroy the human forces in the High Continent, it was very simple.

Everything stemmed from the battle the night before yesterday.

At that time, after he led the God Spirits and the soldiers of the Blazing Sun Kingdom to defeat the allied forces of the Scarlet Army, this matter was only known by the Lords of All Races and the civilizations behind them after a night.

"They" immediately determined that at least at the current stage, no Lord faction of the myriad races should be able to restrain a "behemoth" like Zhou Zhou who had suddenly risen.

As for the civilizations behind the Lords of All Races, they were limited by the supreme agreement and could not attack Zhou Zhou.

Coupled with the fact that they were True God-Tiers, they couldn't descend to the High Continent and personally destroy the Lord of The Blazing Sun.

Therefore, their gazes landed on the human faction behind the Lord of The Blazing Sun.

We can't do anything to you, King of the Blazing Sun.

But was there no way to attack the humans?

You, King of the Blazing Sun, are protected by the Supreme Agreement, but not the rest of the humans!

As long as it was a normal attack between local Lords.

Even if a Divine Kingdom Lord faction led a trillion troops to destroy a small village with only a hundred ordinary life forms, they would not violate the supreme agreement. The Supreme Will would not say anything.

Because that was within the rules of competing for the Lord of All Races!

In reality, he would not tell you ridiculous things like do not bully the weak.

The law of the jungle was the eternal supreme rule of the local Lord faction!

The supreme agreement only protected the Lords of the myriad races from being invaded by local forces!

However, it did not matter how the Lords of All Races and the local Lord factions killed each other.

Hence, the calamity of the human race arrived.

This battle involved more than 200 opposing factions and 5,000 to 6,000 God Spirits. With the current strength of the human race, they naturally could not defeat them at all!

Even if the strength of the human race was increased by ten times, they would not be able to defeat the enemy this time.

Thinking of this, Zhou Zhou and the other higher-ups of the human race understood why the Yellow Emperor had made such a decision.

Where there's life, there's hope.

This was indeed the most likely decision to preserve the human race's strength to the greatest extent under the current circumstances.

Even if this decision involved sacrificing most of the human race's territory, benefits, and even the future.

But at least he could survive at this stage.

"I'll inform my Divine Sword Empire in a while to give up the territory of the Divine Sword Empire and move everyone to the Primordial World through the teleportation array."

Lu Zhen said bitterly after a long silence.

It was unknown how much effort the human race had spent to build the huge Divine Sword Empire to its current scale. Now, just because they heard that the enemy had arrived, they had to abandon the empire that their ancestors had sacrificed their lives to build. It would be a lie to say that Lu Zhen was not heartbroken.

However, no matter how much his heart ached, "He" had no other choice.

"He" had to do this. Otherwise, "His" empire and citizens would be wiped out by the enemy in the near future!

"I will also give the order after the meeting to lead all the Subjects of the Knight Empire to the Primordial World." Ji Yun said in a daze.

"He", who had suddenly lost his knight empire, was also at a loss.

After that, the Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light, Royegar, who was in charge of the Saha Empire, calmly said that he would lead all the Buddhist people to the Primordial World.