Dungeon Defense Volume 1 Chapter 3.2 / Chapters List

Chapter 3 (Part Two)
Chapter 3 – Faceless Disease (Part 2)
Finally, today was the 7th day.

In order to see the results of my week worth of hard work, I looked straight at Lapis Lazuli and muttered in my head.


Soon after, the other person’s stats appeared in mid-air.

Name: Lapis Lazuli

Stamina: E rank
Power: D rank
Defense: F rank

Affection: 2


A sigh came out on its own.

After defeating the party of adventurers I had lost access to all the systems.

I couldn’t see the status of the castle, I couldn’t see the map of the area, and I didn’t have the ability to withdraw and deposit my money as I pleased anymore. Except one thing, I still had access to the function to see the stats and affection of other people.

I could know if the other person truly had an interest towards me…… This was a precious skill. Especially for a person like me whose everything relied on acting and politics.

Lapis Lazuli’s affection was only 2.

If I did not have this ability, then I would have most likely assumed that ‘I’ve gotten on friendly terms with Lapis Lazuli now’. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what emotions lurked underneath that stoic face of hers.

But I was certain now.

This person had a frozen heart.

I was nothing more than an object of business to this succubus girl. The fact that the affection had barely gone up during this entire week proved that. She was a formidable girl.

To get close to her and then use her…… that original plan of mine was disposed of. It failed magnificently.

Regardless, it didn’t mean that all my methods had vanished.

There was a method of handling people who moved with their heads instead of their hearts. I knew exactly what that was.

Except, it was one of the more drastic out of other drastic measures.

If you wanted to hunt a tiger then you had to take up the gun yourself and dive into the mountain. At worst, I had to be prepared to be torn apart by savage beasts. That mental attitude wasn’t something you could simply order at a fast food restaurant and get moments later.

My own resolution.

If I don’t kill them then I’ll be the one to be killed, this kind of thinking was vital.

“Your highness.”

Lapis Lazuli informed me calmly.

“If your highness does not repay the debt and interest or declare bankruptcy, then the Keuncuska firm will have no other choice but to take your highness’ property and body by force.”

“I am a Demon Lord. A person with one of the highest nobility amongst demons. Who could possibly forcefully capture this Demon Lord?

“There are a countless number of supporters for the Keuncuska Firm. Amongst them, there are other Demon Lords like your highness. Rank 5th Demon Lord Marbas and Rank 9th Demon Lord Paimon are included.”

The highest of Demon Lords.

They were people that a rank 71st like me couldn’t possibly face.

“Our firm is famous for being merciless to debtors who fail to make their payments. In the past, there was an incident where Rank 25th Demon Lord Glasyalabolas received a loan of 20,000 Libra and did not pay back the interest for