Dungeon Defense Volume 1 Chapter 3.3 / Chapters List

Dungeon Defense: Volume 1 – Chapter 3 (Part 3)
Chapter 3 – Faceless Disease (Part 3)
▯Weakest Demon Lord, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 6, Day 20
Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle
“…… Does your highness plan to stay in bed all day today as well?”

“If you think that I’m not doing anything just because I’m lying in bed, then you are heavily mistaken. Despite the way I am, the fate of the universe is being spread out in my head.”

Two months had already passed.

Ever since I had borrowed the gold, I had spent the past 2 months plainly doing things at my leisure. It had already become a daily routine for Lapis Lazuli to come find me and start sighing.

“The piled interest is already no less than 2,000 Libra.”

“Ah, this book is quite enjoyable.”

I was flipping through a book while lying down. The title of the book was .

The reason why I was reading this kind of literature was simple.

The information I had of this world was heavily leaned towards one side.

was a game where you played in the shoes of the human hero. Thanks to that, I may have been knowledgeable about the humans and their society, but I was ridiculously ignorant regarding the demon world.

At most, there was a vampire heroine that falls for the protagonist and thus surrenders to him. But that was it. That heroine never went into details about the demon world.

Well. It just meant that I had to study it on my own.

“Hoh. In this world, for a Demon Lord to attack another Demon Lord, they must have at least sent a declaration of war two times, huh. What a pointless place to stick to formality. Although, it is an impressive mean to prevent war. Hm, hm.”

“If your highness continues to not take any measures like this, your highness will end up bankrupting within 3 months. Please be aware, your highness.”

“I want to eat some ice cream—”


She had probably realize that this side was completely ignoring her.

Lapis Lazuli pressed her forehead with her index finger and thumb. Although her face was still emotionless, I could judge by her mood that she was receiving a lot of stress.

I gave her a bold-faced smile.

“Do not worry. Since all the preparation is already complete.”

“…… My apologies, your highness. Excluding the order that your highness had given this one two months ago, has your highness done anything else?”

“That was all the preparation needed.”

About 50 days ago.

I had made Lapis Lazuli purchase a certain herb in mass. Right now, it was a plant that most people would only look at to be merely a useless piece of greenery. However, I knew the future.

The current date was year 1505 on the Empire calendar.

This summer, an infectious disease will occur and spread across the entire continent.

In the future this disease will be known as the Black Death and spread throughout the continent as the symbol of fear. Nearly 40% of the entire population on the continent will be wiped out, making it so that calling it a nightmare wouldn’t be even remotely close to describing the event. In Dungeon Attack, the game started around