Dungeon Defense Volume 1 Chapter 4.1 / Chapters List

Chapter 4 (Part 1)
Chapter 4 – Romantic Deceptive Tactics (Part 1)
▯Weakest Demon Lord, Rank 71st, Dantalian
Empire Calendar: Year 1505, Month 8, Day 15
Dantalian’s Demon Lord Castle
To leave one’s home only leads to trouble.

I declare that that sentence was the truth.

Traditionally, people gained life lessons from biographies of great people.

The one truth I was able to discover from swimming through the history of mankind from time immemorial, was that every incident to ever happen was outside one’s home.

The reason Buddha went through such hardship was because he had run away from home. The reason Caesar was assassinated was because he had uselessly wandered around outside.

The most memorable death was that of philosopher Rene Descartes. This man originally spent his time taking naps, however, his superior had suddenly ordered him to ‘come to work by 5am’, and thus resulted in Rene Descartes dying of overwork. After learning of such historical tragedy, I had come to a conclusion at a young age: Never go outside. Then your safety will be certain.

History scholars would probably gladly give a standing ovation to such a brilliant solution. My name would be forever remembered as the advocate of theory in the history books.

But, I couldn’t be happy.

The world was overflowing with people who begrudged geniuses. It may be possible to impress the history scholars, but to receive the admiration of the public was incredibly difficult. Recently, I had been experiencing my mornings gloomily, like a genius being tragically eaten alive by the jealously and envy of the people……

“Your highness Dantalian.”

The culprit to create this tragedy was Lapis Lazuli.

Ironically, she was my first vassal.

“It is already 11am. Please wake up.”

“Mm, mmm…… is 11am not still the crack of dawn……?”

“This one does not know where to raise an argument first. If this one had to point out one thing then it is that 11am absolutely is not dawn.”

Lapis Lazuli spoke calmly.

This inflexible succubus, representing the people, did her utmost to interfere with my shut-in life. I think she had mistaken that doing so was her duty by fate.

I groaned as if I was a politician being assaulted by the nasty media.

“Who, with what right, said that 11am is not dawn……?”

“Sound common sense decided so.”

I pulled my blanket over my head.

To want to take me away from this comfortable feeling. If this wasn’t an unimaginable violence, then I didn’t know what it was. Not only was that succubus’ period getting worse, but there was a loose screw in her head, I was certain.

“Most people have a mental sickness. Common sense is nothing more than rules that those mental people had arranged on their own. Therefore, rules for a mental hospital. As a unique sane individual, such as myself, I shall not fall to the pressure of those psychopaths……”

“Haa. Your highness has been sleeping for 22 hours now.”

Show some moderation and get up.

Was the small warning I could hear from her voice.

I hugged my pillow even tighter, displaying my will to resist desperately.